Zendaya & Jacob Batalon on 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' | MTV News

Zendaya (HBO's Euphoria) and Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: Homecoming) talk with MTV News’s Josh Horowitz about 'Spider-Man: Far From Home', MJ in the MCU, trusting Tom Holland with secrets, and the dangers of superhero masks.

1:05 What's the best way to annoy Tom Holland?
1:54 Romance in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'
2:33 The development of MJ and Peter
3:36 The character of MJ
5:48 Tom Holland spoiling 'Infinity War' & 'Endgame'
8:52 Villains in the Spider-Man movies
9:41 Do Zendaya & Jacob envy Tom Holland?
11:30 Working on 'Dune' & 'Greatest Showman' sequel?
12:33 Zendaya & Jacob on 'Euphoria'

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Elizabeth Avren
Elizabeth Avren:
This was such a chill interview and the questions are refreshing
Catherine Du
Catherine Du:
YAY ZENDAYA AND JACOB PRESS WITHOUT TOM :D we can finally appreciate this underrated friendship!
taylor mitchell
taylor mitchell:
i love tom with all my heart but it’s nice to have an interview with this underrated friendship
Ma Ting Chiu
Ma Ting Chiu:
I love this interviews cause Jacob can speak a lot more and we can find out how cool he is.
deven white
deven white:
I would watch a spinoff tv show of the adventures of MJ and Ned
zendaya looking comfortable jumped out the bed straight into an interview
Reine NI
Reine NI:
Wow Zendaya and Jacob are such good friends for caring about Tom In the suit. 10:04
Viktoria Hegelund
Viktoria Hegelund:
So no one’s gonna talk about Z’s shoes matching her fashionable pajamas?
nadia ibrahim
nadia ibrahim:
the fact that they care so much about him and actually THOUGHT about that is so cute. we stan.
Matteo Gagliardi
Matteo Gagliardi:
The one person who fame will never consume is Jacob Batalon. The dude is chill
Las Cubiertas Delanteras
Las Cubiertas Delanteras:
Man it was great to see Jacob Batalon really out of his shell in this interview, he's hilarious 😂 I do think Tom Holland is great but I feel like the interviewers always focus on Tom when he's there and probably edit it to have more Tom Holland but Jacob is funny af man

Edit: spelling
camellia 19
camellia 19:
12:34 😂😂😂
Jacob:I’m so busy
Jacob:I’m so.....
Zendaya: sooo bUlLsHiT! 😂😂
cool fun girl
cool fun girl:
what an AMAZING interview!!!!
1. heard more about the trios strong friendship
2. zendaya says she gets really scared for tom
3. its just so cute hearing how close they are
4. even timothee chalamet is mentioned and zendaya talks about him
5. z and jacob finally get the attention they deserve
Miranda Rivero Castillo
Miranda Rivero Castillo:
6:50 i love how Z’s refering to Tom like he’s a little kid “if he gets too excited, he’ll wanna share it” 🤣🤣
Seeing this interview makes you realize how much tom talks. We barely get to hear these two speak, that's why this interview is refreshing.
Edit: People think I'm bashing tom, I'm not. I understand that he's the main character. I just notice that even in interviews where a question is directed to all three, Z and Jacob don't get to talk as much. It's just nice to see them do that here.
Andrea Ochoa
Andrea Ochoa:
I love how in the beginning they’re making fun of Tom
Emma Clare
Emma Clare:
Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet in a movie together how did I not know about this....I'm literally gonna die not to be dramatic
Zendaya's outifit is when you have to be at a fashion show at 8.00 but be in bed by 8.30
Purple Sus
Purple Sus:
Tom isn't even in this interview but yet he still managed to make it into the first question 😂

Also I would 1000% be down to watch The Adventures of MJ and Ned
The way Z choked up when saying Tom was with her at the movies 11:08
Katelynn Keiser
Katelynn Keiser:
They’re all wearing the power puff girls character colors! 😂
Faiz Hashmi
Faiz Hashmi:
0:40 i thought he said spider-man far from homecoming
ashlee thompson
ashlee thompson:
zendaya looks so good!
Mary Serrao
Mary Serrao:
When the interviewer at 10:59 went iwouldnajucuekajgzudandsee I felt that
Rococo Jones
Rococo Jones:
ah, this interview is like a cup of fresh cold water
Why didnt you guys call me
Ryan Lamont
Ryan Lamont:
We stan the Friends-of-Spider-Man! More interviews of Zendaya and Jacob together, please!
suvi owens
suvi owens:
aww Z at 10:13 :')) scared for the safety of tom. I have to stan
It’s obvious that zendaya adores Tom. She also totally does not want a Gwen Stacey, lol!
Lee H
Lee H:
I love Jacob more and more after every interview I watch. And that laugh, his spirit is so good.
Kaitlyn Mack
Kaitlyn Mack:
This was such a great interview and it seemed like so much fun
suvi owens
suvi owens:
11:10 they went to see their own movie together, what a cute date night idea lmaoo
Cocoo Sus
Cocoo Sus:
That's a great interview
alexis craig
alexis craig:
10:02 legit the cutest thing ever omg🥺🥰
Sarah Cole
Sarah Cole:
This is the best duo I didn't know I needed. You can tell they're good friends
Toast MC
Toast MC:
If tom replaced Jacob in this vid u know what the media would say.....

Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White:
I love this interview. I feel like Z and Jacob are actually really comfortable and their guard is down. It's really nice to see!
Yula Gunn
Yula Gunn:
This interview is so chill. I love Jacob and Zendaya gosh they’re such cool people!
ifee ngwu
ifee ngwu:
the fact that zendaya is a rdj stan is so funny to me
Chrishawn Mendevans
Chrishawn Mendevans:
I feel like this is my first time watching a celebrity interview without getting cringed. 👏👏👏 to the interviewer
do not disturb
do not disturb:
i love jacob with all my heart ugh
Vivi JD
Vivi JD:
pEopLe! Get over it! Z and Tom are F R I E N D S. I ship em too, but they said it’s annoying so I think we should calm down a bit 😂
Emily Brown
Emily Brown:
josh's interviews are the only ones that dont make me uncomfortable watching them love u 1!111!!!!!11!
Jacob seems like the chillest dude ever. Love him!
Out Of All Interviews, This Is The One Where They Were Chilling The Most & I LOVE It
david harrison
david harrison:
man jacob is just like everyones good mate from school or a neighbour. seems hella normal and so not about that celebrity life.
Julia Eandy
Julia Eandy:
Aww at 10:02 Zendaya worried about tom😍😍😍❤❤❤😘😘👫👫💞💞✌✌😍😍❤❤❤❤
Jill Kealling
Jill Kealling:
When you get really famous, you can wear pyjamas to an interview.
Nau Fal
Nau Fal:
10:02 zendaya being the protective girlfriend that she is 🥰
Horse Hay
Horse Hay:
Also is it really a spoiler is Ned is *literally* the Hobgoblin in the comics? I really wouldn't be surprised if it happened...
A.E. Jabbour
A.E. Jabbour:
Fantastic interview. Great questions and everyone clearly had fun. And my god Zendaya is so beautiful. This movie is going to be wonderful.
eliza holland
eliza holland:
0:24 is so slick...damn
Ashley Amador
Ashley Amador:
I genuinely loved this interview the friendship they have though yes 🥺🥰
420 Texan
420 Texan:
They look like brother & sister.
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia:
idk what she's wearing but i'm in love. zendaya ur doing great sweetie <3
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie:
Okay so zendaya girl where did you get your OUTFIT? And heels!?
They actually give me best friend vibes
9:57 - That's Sweet, Zendaya, She's Worried About Tom.
Rhea Nathan
Rhea Nathan:
This is a really great interview, everyones so chill and having a good time, some fun questions
Max Marriott
Max Marriott:

Sorry I got excited
This is probably one of the best ffh interviews
Callie G
Callie G:
aw z was so herself and open in this. good to see
karla aceves
karla aceves:
I cant wait till the movie comes out 😁
Zendaya rocking it hard with the high school spirit week Pajama day look! She could wear anything and look amazing. Zendaya I aspire to be you
This was such a fun interview! Lol even without Tom here, it felt like he was. The interviewer was so great at keeping such a casual yet informative atmosphere for both Z and Jacob.
Elias Crooker
Elias Crooker:
That'd be sick if Ned becomes Hobgoblin in the future.
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones:
Great interview
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones:
Can’t wait comes out tomorrow
Luz Brisa
Luz Brisa:
Omg Zendaya is so beautiful ❤
Christina Myers
Christina Myers:
Wait wait wait. They shot some of “Dune” already and there’s no actual trailer yet?!?
MNisa Tto
MNisa Tto:
Why isn’t anyone talking about that he said “Spider-Man far from homecoming” at the beginning😂
Forget Gwen Stacy for now, we've seen an lot of versions of her. Bring in a Felicia Hardly in film 3 or 4. We've had only one or 2 movies versions of her with very small parts in the other films. That opens up the link between her dad/grandfather/great grandfather being present at Captains America's birth and being a unaware crininal working for hydra, a burger and then Felicia becoming Black Kat. If they go with something sinilar to the 90's animated series story it could be great.
Mofz TheBestE750
Mofz TheBestE750:
Zendaya like:
It's only real when I'm involved
Kalani Payne
Kalani Payne:
I like this interviewer, he’s really calm, he’s not actively trying to get them to spill secrets or spoilers that they obviously can’t tell, and he’s not trying to ask them about their personal lives. Well done.
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
these two could pass for brother and sister tbh
Alina Razi
Alina Razi:
Zendaya literally snuck into a theater for FFH today lol, in Paris
Jemezie Eriator
Jemezie Eriator:
This is a fun interview with zendaya and Jacob
Elma McCarthy
Elma McCarthy:
Yo did she say that she and Tom went to see Spiderman Homecoming together?
That almost sounds like........ A DATE!
This is the first out of many of the interviews I've watched that I replayed at least 5 times
angel loria
angel loria:
this is THE best ffh interview and quite ironic that the main character isn't even in it skskdk BUT YK Z AND JACOB ARE JUST SO FUNNY TOGETHER
Zendaya is such a great actress! I think of two completely different people when seeing her on The Greatest Showman then playing MJ in Spiderman
So Zendaya could’ve been MJ or Liz. I’m glad she’s MJ because seeing her in only one movie and not seeing the dynamic Tom and Zendaya friendship would’ve been catastrophic.
These two give off a friendship vibe but when it’s Tom and Zendaya they give off flirty vibes. Not sure if it’s just me.
Forum Desai
Forum Desai:
Tom Holland and Zendaya or Timotheé Chamelot and Zendaya
I appreciate that they want to bring Gwen Stacy back but honestly? I LOVE GWEN STACY AS MILES MORALES LOVE INTEREST *period* if there’s going to be a SPIDER VERSE live action that would be cool. (If you’re going to ask me who’s actor I want to play as Miles & Gwen? It was Caleb Mclaughlin & Mackenzie Foy)
Raj Kittur
Raj Kittur:
Ned & MJ have good bonding!!! Like this duo.
Honestly I’m hoping she’s Ariel
Mofz TheBestE750
Mofz TheBestE750:
13:04 Jacobs’ laugh-
Windy City Baseball
Windy City Baseball:
6:44 - Zendaya explains that Tom can keep serious stuff a secret...

In other words,

Zendaya explains that Tom can keep their relationship a secret... XD
Mofz TheBestE750
Mofz TheBestE750:
they ganged up on him like af
2:08 she sounded Australian for a sec
Gabriel P
Gabriel P:
@MTV News I would love to see a version of Hobgoblin in the MCU. I don´t care if it is the Ned Leeds version (who was the Hobgoblin for a while in the comics), the classic Kingsley version, or what... xDxD
Jasmine McCluney
Jasmine McCluney:
Where in the world is Carmen

Anastasija 1111111
Anastasija 1111111:
I think that Josh is one of my favourite interviewers ever...
Panot Serysyah Zamila
Panot Serysyah Zamila:
Wait. wait. Wait. Did Z just confirmed that she would be in Dune with Timothee Chalamat?????
nadia ibrahim
nadia ibrahim:
loves of my life period
Holly Francis
Holly Francis:
María José Rodriguez
María José Rodriguez:
zendaya is KILLING IT. are you kidding? she has played the romantic interests of zac efron, tom holland, AND NOW TIMOTHEE CHALAMET. I’M NOT OKAY.
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye:
JC Prince
JC Prince:
was she talking about MJ and Peter or Herself and Tom ;D
charles montvna
charles montvna:
Jacobs laugh gives me life