Zendaya and Jacob Elordi aren't hiding their relationship anymore and we totally ship them

The world can’t get enough of HBO’s Euphoria and has a brand new obsession with proving that two of the stars are more than just co-workers.

The drama never ends...Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul break up is teased in season 2 of her MTV show - https://youtu.be/WZ3hzb_4ZnQ

That’s right, Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are the cutest of… besties? We aren’t quite sure what’s really going on between the two, but let’s take a look at all the evidence and see if this is a REAL ship up or just two really hot friends that spend a lot of time together. Let’s dive in!

We're putting together a timeline of a celeb or influencer relationship with fan theories and evidence to determine if they could be a potential couple!

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Produced by: Kelsey Banas and Janeisy Perez
Written by: Arianna Jonae and Kelsey Banas
Edited by: Jane Chow

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Ana Atkins
Ana Atkins:
y'all remember when it was her and tom hollland? ahh the good old days
S Na
S Na:
I hate how she keeps saying “wow they’re just like us” like really *they’re humans too*
4_ever_a_dreamer *
4_ever_a_dreamer *:
She could just be one of those girls who has more male friends then female friends. Tom and now Jacob.
“like a sister” same thing selena said about justin
Amy Shen
Amy Shen:
tom: am i a joke to you?
KiRi sHiMa._.
KiRi sHiMa._.:
Plot twist: tom Dressed up as Jacob and Jacob is in a closet tied up right now so tom could be with zendaya
CEO of hooking up with his lead female co-star
Yikes they can’t hangout or be together in peace 😒
Jasmine Cephas Jones Stan
Jasmine Cephas Jones Stan:
Remember when it was Zendaya and Tom Holland, Jacob Elordi and Joey King
Lxser AnaX
Lxser AnaX:
Tomdaya fans have left the chat ;-;
aria johnson
aria johnson:
I mean they were kissing on the lips. I don’t know about you but I don’t kiss my friends on the lips soooo that should tell you all you need to know regarding if they are together or not.
Jennifer A
Jennifer A:
Sorry but I ship him more with Joey King and I ship her more with Tom Holland 😗✌🏻
Alicia Shaw
Alicia Shaw:
"She's like a sister" lol hunny that's what they always say...
Felicitas Ylva
Felicitas Ylva:
Couldn't Zendaya just have stayed with Tom and Jacob just with Joey?
Thank you
Jwan Mohammed AL-Shirwani
Jwan Mohammed AL-Shirwani:
Tom and joey: am i a joke to u!
Nicole Pang
Nicole Pang:
Random fact: The word “kimono”, literally means a “thing to wear”. Ki is “wear”, and mono is “thing”.
Laniece Jones
Laniece Jones:
I wish joey and Jacob were still dating😭❤
Steph le potato
Steph le potato:
I will never stop shipping Tom and Zendaya. Jacob go away
Erna Hodžić
Erna Hodžić:
I’m still not over Tomdaya
Naby Guly
Naby Guly:
Well, I like Jacob and Joey King more
Rylie Holmes
Rylie Holmes:
When he said “she’s like a sister to me” THATS SO KISSING BOOTH
Breyna Olivis
Breyna Olivis:
Remember it was Jacob and Joey and Zendaya and Tom😭
Emelia H
Emelia H:
Wish it was still Jacob and Joey King ngl ;(
I like jacob and joey (-joecob has left the chat)
Summer Valentine
Summer Valentine:
Where’s the picture of the kiss on the forehead?? & lips lol??
Queen Rina
Queen Rina:
can they ever justt let people be? just saying
Rafa Salonga
Rafa Salonga:
I rewatched Kissing Booth and Far From Home, and guess what, I'm sorta stressed right now. My ships be sinking though, grr.
Diamond James
Diamond James:
So this is nate and rue in an alternate universe
Emma Vestin
Emma Vestin:
Just me that had no idea Noah and Alexis were dating?
Sooner Princess
Sooner Princess:
He can’t fill inTom Holland’s shoes.
Kahliyah Burkhart
Kahliyah Burkhart:
paula b
paula b:
Celebrities really confuse me how many best friends do they got 🥵
Ketly Saint_vil
Ketly Saint_vil:
Who esle wanted Joey King and Jacob Elordi dating back together ????
I don’t ship them. I feel like Jacob is only meant for Joey. Haha.
*Tom Holland left the chat*
JOEY AND JACOB ARE THE ONE!! still love u deya!<3
sᴜɴғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ sᴛᴏʀᴍᴢ
sᴜɴғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ sᴛᴏʀᴍᴢ:
I used to ship Tom and Zendaya (Tomdaya) and seeing these videos kinda breaks my heart a little. I do try to ship them but there is still a part of me that aches when I see them together. They do look like a cute couple though.
kudzai hope chinez
kudzai hope chinez:
This narrator is too extra 🤣🤣🥴
Th Potato
Th Potato:
Who cares if they’re dating or not? It’s their life and they can tell everyone if they want to, no need to make a video about what’s happening with them. 🙄
Jillian Frackenpohl
Jillian Frackenpohl:
I don’t like this 😂 bc everyone or I do I ship him and Joey king they belong together not him and Zendaya
XxLazyQueenxX :D
XxLazyQueenxX :D:
RobloxPlays :3
RobloxPlays :3:
I'm sorry I dont ship them I like him with Joey 🥺🥺🥺
doesn't matter
doesn't matter:
I ship them. I mean she looks so happy so why not?
Lidia Yuzko
Lidia Yuzko:
I love a Jacob Elordi but he keeps dating his costars. Clearly he didn't learn his lesson the first time.
Jada Grant
Jada Grant:
This video just killed all of my ships😑😣
Tr Brown
Tr Brown:
Nope! Can’t ship them, the whole things just seems really off somehow.
Whether they are dating or not IT’S A SHIIIP
fife .k
fife .k:
Wasnt that guy in kissing booth
billie eyelash
billie eyelash:
Jacob looks better with longa hair(on kissingg booth)
Alexis Taylor
Alexis Taylor:
OKay.....Either the person who was responsible for this segment did NOT do their research, or he/she decided to cover up Z and J's relationship because...LMFAAOOO. LIKE HELLOOO??? Where is the pic of Z and J in New York kissing on the lips, and J kissing her on the head?????
xXRebel LightningXx
xXRebel LightningXx:
No one:

Me: praying this was a publicity stunt to keep Tom and Zendaya's relationship quiet
Kailyn Mabon
Kailyn Mabon:
They dont fit to me
Elaina christou
Elaina christou:
Is it just me thats wants jacob and joey king to date again😥❤❤ yes i know it was a movie but in the movie it looked so real wich makes think they are ment for eachother 💕
Athina T.
Athina T.:
Joey King in one interview said:"We made people think that we broke up because they don't leave us alone'' so Jacob and Zendaya are really just friends...
Destiny Lopez Diaz
Destiny Lopez Diaz:
tbh i don't really ship but they I'm not gonna judge but one thing is that I ship joey king wit him 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kenzie MEM
Kenzie MEM:
What about tom holland and zendya
Peyton Phipps
Peyton Phipps:
nah tomdaya stays strong😭
Baby Carrot
Baby Carrot:
No I don't ship them because I miss Tom Holland and zendaya being together
Ines Kami
Ines Kami:
NOT trying to hate they are dating i mean i like Zendaya but Jacob & Joey were the CUTEST
Sasha Augusto
Sasha Augusto:
They might not be even dating like... Y'all never heard of friendship? Hanging out ,hugging and traveling, like doesn't necessarily mean they're in romantic relationship, but in friendly relationship. Which is pretty cool, and also sometimes is better not to mix things up cause it might ruin a great friendship.
No stop, jacob and joey forever. 💕🥺🤧✨
Lmaoo..imagine he was dating Zendaya’s personal assistant, Darnell😭😭😭
mickey mouse
mickey mouse:
I know we all have our own ships but let's just all support zendaya and jacob! <3
Samara Ahmed
Samara Ahmed:
sara 01
sara 01:
They Made a better cuople he and Joey King 😢
M A U R E E N:
well remember last time jacob elordi said “she’s like a sister to me” and ended up being her girlfriend(kissing booth 1)
athanasia_ blink
athanasia_ blink:
I hate when she sais "they're just like us"

What are they aliens??? They are humans too
Gudvj_ :p
Gudvj_ :p:
Remember when it was zendaya and Tom Holland? I miss them :(
Denise Seay
Denise Seay:
I love that Zendaya finely found a guy who is taller then her. And a good
looking one too They are so cute together. And she looks so happy😊.
Nyamsuren O
Nyamsuren O:
Shipping actors is like movie promotion
Marlo Aydelott
Marlo Aydelott:
Oh yeah they definitely dating.
Ciara Alomia
Ciara Alomia:
Still......Tom and Zendaya❤❤
Alexa Summey
Alexa Summey:
Tom Holland has entered the chat
Maya Rebrab
Maya Rebrab:
That is so sad coz I thought that Joey +Jacob =<3
Amna Khan
Amna Khan:
ISTG Zendaya gets shipped with every male co star-
but i mean im here for it ;)
John Michael Velayo
John Michael Velayo:
I prefer TOMDAYA❤
Janae Thatch
Janae Thatch:
I think Zendaya would look better with Tom Holland
L1ght V
L1ght V:
Tell me why i wish jacob eloridi was zac efron
Mertzy 90
Mertzy 90:
Well f this guy I wanted it to be Tom now I’m pissed
CEO of dating his female costars
Aubrey Davidson
Aubrey Davidson:
Anyone else feel like chloes character in KB2 is portraying his relationship with zendaya? Maybe this is how they got their story line? Or am I crazy? Seems pretty similar!
Patrick Flomo
Patrick Flomo:
Is it just me that Jacobs love to date his costars in The middle of their show and relationship them break up with them after🧐
Rachel Musogota
Rachel Musogota:
Isn’t he the guy who was dating Joey king ? 👀
Sierra Thacker
Sierra Thacker:
Wait what happened to Joey and Jacob im. So confused
Maraia Gabriell
Maraia Gabriell:
They make a cute couple 😍😍😍
Sabella Breeze
Sabella Breeze:
I started crying when she talking about how they might be in a relationship
He is literally my biggest celebrity crush
Jacob elordi is my fave actor
Shanaaz Fredericks
Shanaaz Fredericks:
No. She has to be with tom and he has to be joey. 😂😂
devon 1993
devon 1993:
She my future wife tf
Onyx. ShadowYT
Onyx. ShadowYT:
Tom Holland watching this: 😶” TESSA!! LOVE MEEEEE” 😭😭
remember when Jacob and Joey were dating I miss that.
Hailee Anderson
Hailee Anderson:
Joey and Jacob are better together 🤷🏼‍♀️
4:31 - 4:36 OK BUT *WHERE*
JOEY AND JACOB ARE THE ONE!! still love u deya!<3
JOEY AND JACOB ARE THE ONE!! still love u deya!<3
“she likes the cinema” 😭
Chanel Chloie Silava
Chanel Chloie Silava:
ehhhh for me he looks good with joey kings <3
Nya Fertile
Nya Fertile:
I know she straight, right?
But the rules shipping got be wishing they were together in real life.
Lilli Miller
Lilli Miller:
i do not ship them i'm sorry i really don't but that does not mean i'm going to go hate but......
i do ship Joey King and Jacob Elordi.................
i wish they never broke up they were perfect for each other and they were so happy and cute together. they made the perfect couple on the face of earth but of course it had to end!!!!
Budd Dyzz
Budd Dyzz:
I hate this ship..tom is good one..not jacob ok,jacob kiss his sister...😂