Zaha Hadid Architects

This film shows some of the people and projects of Zaha Hadid Architects.

It aims to convey the ideas and ambitions behind our work. Some of our academic design research, with students from AADRL and Vienna University of Applied Arts, is also featured.

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The return of the Fountainhead. Simply Amazing.
Builders and subcontractors must hate these guys.
Mj Santillan
Mj Santillan:
She's my biggest inspiration as a female student of architecture and she will forever be. RIP Zaha. You definitely made your mark in the world.
Wardo X
Wardo X:
I will beat Zaha one day, meanwhile I'll keep learning maths ;D
Sad loss to the world. I hope the team of architects at Zaha Hadid continue her legacy.
Hope one day I make my ideas
Cetrulo Trifecta
Cetrulo Trifecta:
Zoheyra Bent BoRouis
Zoheyra Bent BoRouis:
She left us way too soon. I hope, wish, pray someone like her comes to pick up where she left, whether it is in ZHA or elsewhere. In any case, best of luck ZHA. Thank you for sharing.
Zeljko Serdar
Zeljko Serdar:
...she's borrow dream into real world
and combine art, architecture, science
into the iconic sign of the place...
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - leonardo da vinci
Gunesh Elizade
Gunesh Elizade:
my home is street away from Haydar Aliyev center and when i go there i feel like i am in the 2050`s :D
Nav B0T
Nav B0T:
I'm just waiting for the inevitable news of SpaceX partnering with Zaha Hadid's Architects

That will be a game changer for rich people :P
Yue kai
Yue kai:
The girl who graduated from alien professors
Arin Adams
Arin Adams:
She was more than just an architect, she was a artist. RIP.
1:13 Whoever made this video must've rushed making this video. How does Zaha Hadid Architects have staff from North Korea?
Eric Tyle
Eric Tyle:
The 'computer' made this practice. I remember regularly passing her Clerkenwell office door in the mid 1980s, solitary, locked shut with no commissions. And look at what has been achieved.
Nav B0T
Nav B0T:
"An architect's dream is an engineer's nightmare"
Some of their projects are extraordinarily beautiful, but most I find too "alien" to my likings...
Rest in peace Zaha. You are my inspiration and will continue to be so until I die. Thanks for everything.
Jonathan O
Jonathan O:
Very interesting buildings. As a guy who is on the owner of real estate, I see maintenance hell, not very utilitarian, but incredible looking buildings and probably a real pleasure to experience in person. The mad genius who put these in motion will be missed.
All her buildings are so great
MS HADID may you rest in peace and be rewarded for your contribution to humanity - you were an icon ,a tower , a glittering, mesmerising star of unequalled vision ,intel[ectual
prowess and a supreme master of applied arts in virtually every field that was graced by your presence - superlatives do not do you justice - i am humbly, not easily impressed but was left awestruck and dumbfounded at the scope and sheer genius of your work i thank our creator for having blessed you so that we could be blessed by your efforts and to inspire future generations to strive to reach the stellar heights you reached respect and sincere thanks to you MS HADID
Vivian Gagliani
Vivian Gagliani:
resurrect her!!!!
Bhavana Menon
Bhavana Menon:
My inspiration... Most admired Architect.... A great lady with amazing creation powers.... makes me feel so ambitious... Thank you. Hope I could meet you one day.
Ralph Sayah
Ralph Sayah:
I think you're the only one that would make me want to say one day, while outside my country, that I'm an Arab architect... May your legacy live forever genius Zaha...
François Bay
François Bay:
RIP Zaha Hadid a great woman an architect genius!
KokChin Yong
KokChin Yong:
What a huge loss to the world, RIP.
Hussam W. Aziz
Hussam W. Aziz:
We are Proud of you..... Now God bless you...
maryam ali
maryam ali:
Rest in peace Zaha
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed:
الله يرحمك يازاها حديد
Davidson Vincent
Davidson Vincent:
This is truly amazing!
Mejed Mdimagh
Mejed Mdimagh:
depressing too :p hhh
Sumiah M.
Sumiah M.:
Wow, I 'm so inspired right now. RIP Zaha
amit dev
amit dev:
*the art of the artist*
*the creation of the creator* 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Wow...that is a packed office. They do good projects though. One might think they would have a bit more breathing room given the notoriety.
Super Tarsier
Super Tarsier:
you should make skateparks
Querido Mies
Querido Mies:
"anything is possible"
Jani Glez
Jani Glez:
Congratulations to the great ZHA work team.

His works stand out for:
*Aesthetic cleaning

** I want a building of that quality in Mexico**

Greetings from Chiconcuac State of Mexico.
Thank you for the inspiration
Yusef Mazhar
Yusef Mazhar:
Congratulations for letting us into the throbing heart of this amazing architectural breakthrough
MFA Channel
MFA Channel:
The design building modern and future... As if the building in the year 2032
Daniel Whyatt
Daniel Whyatt:
This stuff looks absolutely amazing. It’s been five years now since this video came out and the stuff looks still extremely groundbreaking. Truly goes to show really that although we’ve got a lot of interesting designs coming out these days, a lot of the great designs never make it to the construction phase and just get lost in the infinite web. There’s probably been far more designs come up with now then there will be in the future that make it to the final product. It’s a dead shame, but also shows great opportunity to rediscover designs that were previously thought to be impractical or impossible that are now most definitely possible thanks to improvements in technology.
Moje Konto
Moje Konto:
Uwielbiam Was! <3
Zombie Raven
Zombie Raven:
One of the few people who deeply expresses through her works on why architects differ from engineers.
Julian Berrones
Julian Berrones:
Thank you for your contribution to architecture & design. You will be dearly missed. RIP.
Lorena CH
Lorena CH:
star wars could be filmed in a zaha building 😘
The Jetsons...
مصطفى رياض عباس
مصطفى رياض عباس:
RIP Zaha😢😢
Abdelhadi FIZAZI
Abdelhadi FIZAZI:
they said that the first inspiration is nature but evry things in nature have a function so what is the function of these strange buildings or it is just pure design
Inspiring stuff, that is the future my friends.
NoFace Virus
NoFace Virus:
One of the best architects of all time she will be remembered and definetely continue to inspire thousands RIP Zaha Hadid
Olive Walker
Olive Walker:
Amazing amazing work. The diverse work force. The office is beautiful. What are those tables and lights in the office! I really love them. I really really love the Futura Table and Lumiy Draftsman LED task lamp. Big big work surface... getting better I hope to do some work like her one day
Interesting how organic architecture actually feels the least organic
Holly Bolly
Holly Bolly:
Rip zaha
Elmi Fahad
Elmi Fahad:
Rip zaha we will always love you.From an immigrant to a living legend.
mahdi boughanmi
mahdi boughanmi:
R.I.P Great Zaha Hadid!
Hope the team will continue in that direction!
Son Valte
Son Valte:
She's such an inspiration to all young architects both male and female. She was one the most beautiful person in world. RIP
Hitesh Hitti
Hitesh Hitti:
amit dev
amit dev:
*The only major feature of Zaha hadid's structure is its ripples* 😐😐😐
reign of depth
reign of depth:
R.I.P Zaha Hadid. =(
Damn! KAPSARC building is amazing.
all the cars regularly overhead are offgasing fumes from curing paint....05:40
Hoping that someday I will be a part of this successful institution! Dream company of architects across the globe 😘
1:14 north Korea
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Sarah:
I'm from Iraq, I love & like zaha so much 💕💕
Mark Maglente
Mark Maglente:
rip what a great architect
Filia mncz
Filia mncz:
love all of her design🖤
iggy labiano
iggy labiano:
rest in peace Zaha. Your legacy will remain forever
Jamie Jobb
Jamie Jobb:
DaeWha Kang is an eloquent spokesman for his team's ideas. Good architecture begets good video!
Veena Sharma
Veena Sharma:
It is fascinating I'm really greatfull to see these and wanna experience the feeling of these incredible art .
Ahmed Al-Shamary
Ahmed Al-Shamary:
Zuha hadid is an iraqi women🇮🇶proud
Looking at your beautiful designs just makes my day. Thank You!
Eda karaçoban
Eda karaçoban:
that's amazing! ı wish ı were there.Great job ,great feeling :)
RIP Zaha Hadid
Ageve mika
Ageve mika:
My inspirations, amazing
there's a huge painting over her covering a whole wall in my school. it's great to walk up the stairs and see her before getting into class.
Daniel Chism
Daniel Chism:
Good afternoon thank you for being beautiful thank you for being wonderful I hope you have a great day. Goodnight.the greatness in you is beautiful
mohamed amine KHELIFI
mohamed amine KHELIFI:
we have to be realy HUMAN before all, to accomplish like a such experiences...
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed:
الله يرحمك يازاها حديد
Denis Thibeault
Denis Thibeault:
Rest in Peace
Thiago Abreu
Thiago Abreu:
Dream job. <3
noa scorpio
noa scorpio:
haji huseyn
haji huseyn:
RİP great ZAHA
garry G Ballard
garry G Ballard:
Bravo !!!
no no
no no:
الله يرحمك ياسيدة المنحنيات انتي ايقونة الهندسة العماره الحديثة .
Mientras que yo soñaba un mundo mejor tu lo construias que en paz descanses Zaha Hadid.
With a continuing call for dynamic innovation, it will be groups like ZahaHadid Architects that will design and build the first colonies on Mars.
That will be a true challenge for vision, innovation, construction and continuing dynamic upgrades.
RIP Zaha Hadid.
Jamie Jobb
Jamie Jobb:
"Animating buildings" ...
Zaha hadid incorporates 3d printing glass and carbon fibre structures transformer architectural phenomenal structures.
Ravinder Kaur
Ravinder Kaur:
I love your designs mam
Hazm Samer
Hazm Samer:
Great acreculturist and woman this is amazing and exceed dreams RIP Zoha
Qannter Melikov
Qannter Melikov:
Bless these people from the bottom of my hearts
Asim Farooq
Asim Farooq:
Very different, bold and Great works. Hats off to the builders/clients who realized her talent and gave her a chance to create such marvelous architecture.
Ali otako
Ali otako:
That's my girl...
derek askari dupont
derek askari dupont:
there is some fear in her design something I can trust.really though ZAha is possible in a lot of terra nova stigmatics from my personal fave "the Beau Arts"
B M:
When i look at this i get the chills, i want to surpass zaha hadid in the future. I like the idea of creating buildings who are inspired by nature forms and at the same time efficiënt to the reffered functionality/goal of the building.
what an inspiring to me....thanks toZHA
Amazing work flow. Be cool to get a glimpse the process.