With the 2020/21 Premier League season starting tomorrow, I thought it would be good if I called a few of my friends and got their thoughts on who will the title, who will make the Top 4 and who will be relegated come the end of the campaign.

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Ciaran Carlin:
Harry Pinero:
Mark Goldbridge:




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Itz Jonesy
Itz Jonesy:
Harry is so loyal to his club
Harry: “The transfer window has been so satisfying as a *lifelong Chelsea fan* “
Also Harry: wears spurs,West Ham,Man city,Liverpool,Arsenal,Man United
P Shangzinho
P Shangzinho:
W2S on Football Daily how this channel has blossomed
Pop Pop
Pop Pop:
I swear I see W2S more than my dad. And he doesn’t even upload.
Harry is the most loyal, authentic, hardcore, Chelsea fan on planet earth. 😂
Martin Smith
Martin Smith:
Sancho got a pace downgrade because of how slow he’s moving to United
Padraic Duffy
Padraic Duffy:
W2s loyal as per usual
The Panenka Podcast
The Panenka Podcast:
Wolves 4th from W2S is bold😅
Thanks for having me on lad! Spurs 4th remember this
Caleb Hopkins
Caleb Hopkins:
The Liverpool shirt just looks good and Harry is a professional troll, makes sense he'd be wearing it.
Timothy N
Timothy N:
Life long Chelsea fan, in a Liverpool shirt well in lad
Harry: wears a Liverpool kit
Also Harry: predicts Liverpool to finish 3rd
My epl prediction:
(Ik u don't care)
1.Man city
4.Man utd
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle:
That Utd fan saying Liverpool 4th 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 GAS
Why is Harry wearing a Liverpool top??
gb 777
gb 777:
Why is harry wearing a Liverpool top 💀
"Call up my friends".... we all know Zac paid at least a fiver per min for the phone calls with them
DJ.11 N5
DJ.11 N5:
Will NE looks like Patrick Schick crossed with Alexander Sørloth 😂😂
Naphtali Beinart
Naphtali Beinart:
Spurs: finish top 4, 4 seasons in a row.
Also Spurs: finish 6th 1 season after a poor start.

Everybody's prem predictions: 6th, 5th, 6th, 5th.
Garrett Mercado
Garrett Mercado:
We’re still waiting for Joe’s perspective on the Wembley Cup incident
Elliot Vasilakis's
Elliot Vasilakis's:
3:57 harry dosent even watch football lol
John Higgins
John Higgins:
Harry is so clueless and biased, its a waste even getting him on😂
joel brough
joel brough:
Zac flexing on everyone with his connections 😂
Christian Hanus
Christian Hanus:
I predict a sneaky arsenal 4th place, don’t know why and I’m a Chelsea fan
Original KeystoneCyclone
Original KeystoneCyclone:
So we (Liverpool) are the favourites but so few predict them to retain them
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan:
A few of these people know nothing about football.
Kriday Barcity
Kriday Barcity:
No one:
Harry's reasoning to putting Wolves 4th:Nandos
abdullah hussian
abdullah hussian:
The disrespect towards Liverpool
Jason Yu
Jason Yu:
Not even surprised that harry is wearing a Liverpool kit 😂😂
Andrew Haselden
Andrew Haselden:
"liverpool are one or two injuries away from being bad" has been repeated for the last 3 seasons and we still havent
Joshua Blake
Joshua Blake:
Leeds West Ham and West Brom going down
Footy Universe
Footy Universe:
Whoever sttopted to read this comment god bless you and your family if you don't have a family god bless you 🙏
Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta:
Seeing some deluded arsenal fans predicting a 3rd place for their club on twitter 😃😂
Abel Hailu
Abel Hailu:
I’ve never seen a person wear rivals jerseys like W2S
Jezza Lyon
Jezza Lyon:
Imagine being a Fulham fan watching this
Akib Ahmed
Akib Ahmed:
1. City
2. Liverpool
3. Chelsea
4. United
5. Leicester
6. Spurs
19. West Bom
20. Fulham
Harry is so plastic having arsenal and spurs kits 2 of there rivals I can’t
DanielAdamson 47
DanielAdamson 47:
I love it when people say “a few big injuries to Liverpool and they will have a bad time” that’s obvious about every team 😂 if you take the best players out of any team they will struggle 😂 just look at City last season with Laporte when he was injured
tom brown
tom brown:
i laughed out loud when that guy said spurs 4th
I Get Bank I OSRS
I Get Bank I OSRS:
Harry: idk what im doing tbh
Also Harry: Wolves for 4th
Everyone around Harry who thinks harry knows what hes doing: :O!?
Kriday Barcity
Kriday Barcity:
Props to Football Daily my man got W2S in a video fair play!!
Modaa Twni
Modaa Twni:
Harry is the most loyal chelsea fan by wearing liverpool,man city,spurs,man u and arsenal kits
Eddie Contreras
Eddie Contreras:
“City yeahhh, Liverpool oouu”
Pierre Chng
Pierre Chng:
Ahhhh Harry.....
Will: If Liverpool have one or two injuries.

Gomez and Matip are out and they still smacked Chelsea
At an end
At an end:
Who the hell is mighty blues

Chelsea?? Cause he said city first
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan:
Nice to see Ciaran back.
Brendan Cummins
Brendan Cummins:
with the title and thumbnail, had you told me this was a ChrisMD video I would've believed you
Imad Ahmed
Imad Ahmed:
Chelsea ain’t getting nowhere near the top 2. Now with Thiago and Jota Liverpool could win it. Them or Man City. Now ones getting anywhere the near the untouchables. Now ur place Chelsea and Man United.
Selma Beljur
Selma Beljur:
Everyone City gonna win
city lost to norwich
seeing harry in a liverpool kit . (PRETENDS TO BE SHOCKED)
W2S on football daily AMAZING
Louis Stones
Louis Stones:
We are gonna win the title this season, COYB 💙
Philip Williams
Philip Williams:
4:52 lmao
Harry at a Justin Bieber plastic level at this rate😂
Lad Jose
Lad Jose:
Harry surely is the most loyal Chelsea fan out there :)
Aditya Kumar Jha
Aditya Kumar Jha:
Just glad to see Ciaran 😍
Jacob Salter
Jacob Salter:
love to see ciaran back on fd
Ayaan 137
Ayaan 137:
Willne ❤
Gatman N Robbin’
Gatman N Robbin’:
Hello mate 🤨
Harjot Raju
Harjot Raju:
Utd at 6th 😅
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh:
A moment of glimpse of A Plastic fan
Dimitar Iliev
Dimitar Iliev:
Am I alone in thinking that the constant jump cuts and lack of table visualization made this painful to watch.
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
Chelsea 💙 1st
Luke Ward
Luke Ward:
I’m sorry but the subtle flex in ‘some of my friends’ was simply brilliant
Aadil Subedi
Aadil Subedi:
Harry wearing a Liverpool shirt when he supports Chelsea 🤯
TikTok is A disease
TikTok is A disease:
0:00 you get a good kiss from Zac
Luan Van Eeden
Luan Van Eeden:
Liverpool 4ht? Pinero you mad? YNWA Liverpool 1st
Dave DO
Dave DO:
Seeing the madlad Harry (W2S) on my favourite football channel, what a time to be alive
Samuel Thomas - Bars3nal
Samuel Thomas - Bars3nal:
Seeing this a couple weeks later spurs are on ropes
22 Abz
22 Abz:
Thogdan is the only logical person on here 😂
Ooh getting mark goldbridge up the class
isaac howie
isaac howie:
wills injury argument doesn’t work any more :)
Me yd
Me yd:
Football daily collab with my usual YouTubers 😍
Adam Kassem
Adam Kassem:
This video’s a banger 👍
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass:
lots of people doubting liverpool again, gives us more reason to prove everyone wrong again! ynwa ❤️
TalkL.F.C madT.V
TalkL.F.C madT.V:
Whose watching after Thiago?
Max Miller
Max Miller:
George memeulous on football daily what is going on
Liverpool 4th? 😂😂😂😂
Laser 12
Laser 12:
harry's the most loyal man i've ever seen
Reece Robson
Reece Robson:
9:42 we finished 11th what drugs is he on
Dev Singh
Dev Singh:
Harry:my dad supports west Brom
Me:hmmmmmm could this mean he's a west Brom fan
Big man Djellab got them connections 👏👏
Liverpool all the way
Harry’s just taking the piss at this point 🤣🤣🤣
Alex Huang
Alex Huang:
Was never expecting to see Harry in a fd video.
mark alonso
mark alonso:
I no longer need my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
louis B
louis B:
#wildpredictions. mr Jeleb you ready!! top 8 clubs being less than 10 points from one another come the end of the season. and also i mean this Window WOW could potentially be considered the best and most competitive window we have seen specially if you look at the top half clubs ,good sensable exciting moves and all that after a pandemic. #bestleugueglobaly la Liga has some catching up to do, prem buying best most exciting youngster and barca want wijnildum :/
Henry l
Henry l:
5:20 liverpool 4th? is he joking
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna:
This deluded Manchester United guy thinks they're going to finish in top 2.
United will finish 6th and sack Ole.
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas:
Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, United, Leicester... Villa, West Brom, Fulham
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra:
mendy incoming
EB 98
EB 98:
Mark thinks all 3 promoted teams will go down. When does that ever happen😂😂
Omar Sahibzada
Omar Sahibzada:
how in tf is city getting 3rd WHAT!!!
Alberto Tellez
Alberto Tellez:
Man I need a bit more diversity in these videos tho...
just ajm
just ajm:
Liv, chel, utd/city, ars, spurs.....
Savi Sosa
Savi Sosa:
It is SOOOOO depressing being a Fulham fan 😫🤦🏾‍♂️
Chris JV08
Chris JV08:
Breaking News W2s has switched loyalties again
Hakob Vardanyan
Hakob Vardanyan:
This year is gonna be the same as the 13/14 season
CJF Football
CJF Football:
harry has now worn at least 4 different prem clubs shirts now.True loyalty mate