Yoo Ah In is smiling like a proud dad [Home Alone Ep 351]

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Home Alone is a reality show that portrays everyday lives of your favorite celebrities in the most intimate setting. The show invites the viewers to their homes, enabling them to closely observe their lives. From time to time, the stars of Home Alone have special gatherings as members of “Rainbow Club”, where each member is a friendly neighbor to one another as a fellow single dweller of the house. With Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Han Hye Jin, and Lee Si Eon as the hosts, they observe the lives of celebrities with various occupations, including actors and actresses, top models, athletes, comedians, and so on. Although the gender, lifestyle, personality, and many other attributes are all different, they all have this one thing in common. It's that they all live alone.

GENRE: Variety
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2017
MAIN CAST: Park Na Rae, Kian84, Sung Hoon, Lee Si Eon

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48 komento:

now i knew it was possible to raise cats without its fur being everywhere...
Rina Goodenough
Rina Goodenough:
Bruh why do i only heard him breathing ...i think the mic is too close💀
Faxanna xane
Faxanna xane:
Gosh i can't believe there're people who keep hating on him. I mean, look at him.
You can not to be fond/like on someone. But to say/write bad things? They're the real devil.
I am confident in saying that Yoo Ah In is that Korean actor whose filmography has no holes. Each project of his is brilliant, not only for his superb acting but for the production in general. His ability to choose a project that is not only beautifully written but is also compelling and has great societal impact makes his portfolio far greater than any of his co-A listers today.

So, just a tip, if you want to watch something magnificent, choose any Yoo Ah In film or drama and you’re surely in for a treat.
Raven Queen
Raven Queen:
The Sphynx cat is a very expensive breed
So he sure has the money
I wasn't fond of Sphynx Cats but watching this made me change my mind. They're so cute
lol in the movie he is still home alone
Resha Limbu
Resha Limbu:
How can someone live in a big house alone..yoo ah in must feel lonely
Kay T
Kay T:
Love the way he looks at his babies!!! 💕💕 Hope he stays healthy and takes care of himself as well!
natasha rostova
natasha rostova:
Owwww they are so beautiful 💚❤️
C Lalthantluangi
C Lalthantluangi:
He is so proud of his babies
I am so whipped for Ah In, is he even real, I can't-
Piachun Newmai
Piachun Newmai:
Oppa I really felt in love with you😘the way you laugh.i remember your drama Secret love affair when you says you even fall for your teacher feet,like you l felt for your walking style too From Nagaland(Northeast India)
;;ɘɿoɔʏɒk 04
;;ɘɿoɔʏɒk 04:
2:02 it's so real, my cat does the same thing haha, he walks with us like he's a dog
Sappho Manitto
Sappho Manitto:
When you feel like you're being love by your cat but the truth is they are just after of your food or snacks lmao! I feel that!
bro i like it❤❤❤ *5O2Q*
Irene Reyes
Irene Reyes:
I love you my idol Yoo Ah In💖🙌
Yel low
Yel low:
He’s a cat person. I like him more now
Not everyone can be a cat person
carpe geeem
carpe geeem:
I'm eating while watching this so I can feel like I'm part of their family. It doesn't matter if I'm his wife or a cat too in my imagination
Suraya Zailani
Suraya Zailani:
Ah in is like me easily breathing so hard...it can be reason of high colestrol..and it can cause heart attack....so i hope him will stay fit and well 👍👍
Jon Vaden
Jon Vaden:
Love Yoo Ah In! Love him even more seeing him interact with his 2 cats 🐈 🐈!
Irene Reyes
Irene Reyes:
Have a gf don't be home alone it's happy to share love with someone 😊
Can you please bring youngjae from GOT7 to the show he really love it and wants to be on it 🙏🏼
Sabrina Batista
Sabrina Batista:
I watch a lot of dramas and Yoo Ah In is the best actor in Korea, I hope to see him acting with Kim Go Eun.
Once I'm rich I'm going to take care of the same breed of cats
Anu Pradeep
Anu Pradeep:
Wait, isn't Dobby (or Dobi) the name of the elf in Harry Potter ?!
im not really fond of furless cats tho but i like the way yoo ah in take care of them and his house is great hahaha
I didn’t know yoo ah-in is a cat person 😍
Rujet14 Main
Rujet14 Main:
The cats without fur is 1 in a million according to one guy who owns them.... very rare....
Łï Bręń :
Łï Bręń ::
He sounds like asthmatic. I just watched the throne and I heard him whizzed the part where he escaped from the rice box.
Angel Dd
Angel Dd:
Он такой лапочка 😭😭😭
Dina kassila syarifah
Dina kassila syarifah:
Memang paling lucu kalo kucing kt lagi di kasih snak 😄kucing sy juga gt pas dikasih snak nya diri gitu sama kayak minta sembari usap2 tangganya ,kayak gantungan nekochan dr jepang ,,,trus suka ngikutin kt kalo snak nya habis ,,,
conte tomeck
conte tomeck:
can someone please tell him to be checked for sleep apnea it tired when he weak up and is breathing is not normal if one of is friend see this let him know he need to check is hart is out of breath to fast lol i was a nurse
Ruka Park
Ruka Park:
I love cats (I have four), but those without fur are the only ones which I don't like. No matter how much one cost I do not want one. I only like fur babies
Nabila Putri Ramadhini
Nabila Putri Ramadhini:
Cuteness overloaad
احلى الصداقة والاخوة مع اكسو
احلى الصداقة والاخوة مع اكسو:
우주 최고의 배우, 신이 당신을 기꺼이 보호하여 최고 수준에 도달하고 집에 머물기를 바랍니다.
laysla maria
laysla maria:
where can i watch full episode?
Achiara Rascal
Achiara Rascal:
I want that kind of cat because of him.
Siti Najihah
Siti Najihah:
He is like bobby plus little bit of taeyang's dad smile
Riya Binu
Riya Binu:
It is sad that you disguise even your cats
Rhituja Mallick
Rhituja Mallick:
Poor Dobi didn't get a snack...
Boy With luv
Boy With luv:
Leneha Junsu
Leneha Junsu:
So cute
makayla waters
makayla waters:
I think he was from burning.
So can anyone tell me if the friend killed his girlfriend and he killed him because of it or not? I watched the movie a long time ago and still wonder if it was in his head or if the guy really did kill her.
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez:
He is a great actor I love his dramas.
blergh srsly duhh
blergh srsly duhh:
no offense but why he breathe so hard? does he have asthma or anything?
nadzirjamal Asyouknowhim
nadzirjamal Asyouknowhim:
Am I the only one who finds hairless cats (hairless anythings, really) creepy af? They look like they’re ready for the oven, just have to knock them out
Fatima Zahra
Fatima Zahra:
Just ewwww