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16 Minute Yoga For Flexibility! Make space and cultivate flexibility so that you can be available and open for life’s tasks and opportunities with more ease and joy.

Stretch your body, ground your energy, let go of stress and Find What Feels Good.

I love hearing from you! Let me now how you are feeling down below!


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Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene:
I often hear from people that they cannot do yoga because they are not flexible enough.
But being flexible is really the art of being open and available.
Open and available to what is current and present.
It’s an inside job, this… space… making.
We can start with the body but remember what the great yoga guides have shown us…
The body is a metaphor.
And I am no expert, but I suspect… there is a lot to balance and uncover.
This week we meditate on flexibility as conscious openness.
Booyah. Enjoy!
Louis Pride
Louis Pride:
Who else is trying to become flexible during quarantine?
M.A. Logan
M.A. Logan:
I love a good sequence that doesn't involve downward dog every 5 seconds.
Buteo Buteo
Buteo Buteo:
Anyone trying to be flexible in 2020?
Scarlett Anguiano Oslapas
Scarlett Anguiano Oslapas:
My cat was sitting on my lap at the beginning, and when Benji walked offscreen she got up and looked behind my laptop to see where he went!
Caroline ASMR
Caroline ASMR:
This is a great one :)
A Lochetto
A Lochetto:
This has been a rough 2 weeks for me. My mom has Covid19 and pnuemonia. She is not going to recover. After days of being away from my yoga practice, this morning I decided it was time to get back to it. If ever there was a time where I need to stay in the moment, it is now. Thank you Adriene ~namaste xoxo Tell the people you love that you love them.
Jerald La Madrid
Jerald La Madrid:
Update: I have been doing this everyday for the past month and a half and I feel amazing. It's increased my flexibility and helped my lower back pain.
Ranveer Gulati
Ranveer Gulati:
Being an indian I feel proud that so many people around the globe are doing yoga 😊
Wet Socks
Wet Socks:
What the.. that felt like 2 minutes.
Tori Clarke
Tori Clarke:
This routine makes my back sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies
Jerald La Madrid
Jerald La Madrid:
Update: Adriene, I just checked my calendar and realized this is my 365th day completing "Yoga for Flexibility". I appreciate you and Benji this past year. I will probably branch out and try more of your yoga routines soon. Thanks!
Lea K.
Lea K.:
hello why did i feel like crying in the end? is this a sign of emotional flexibility? 😂
Bro other flexibility videos hurt but this makes me sleepy... explain
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock:
“You can’t control everything, you don’t control everything”
I needed that.
ya girl
ya girl:
This year in school was rough. I felt lonely and felt not worthy. With the help of your videos and support from my close ones, I now feel so connected with the earth and myself. Self love, inner peace, and positive energy. Sending you positive energy always and forever.
Iverson Paul Alay
Iverson Paul Alay:
Doing yoga in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine... Might continue even after😁 thank you for the yoga😁
My quarantine has become 6 hours of sitting in front of my laptop for school, then ~40 minutes of exercising with Chloe Ting instead of extra fries high cholesterol eating then whatever time I have left is either crying or yoga
zee hakim
zee hakim:
who else is here to do yoga during covid-19 lockdown? haha
tjo tjo
tjo tjo:
Doing this while going through really lonely times. By the end i was so optimistic things will get better . Thanks .
"I'm not flexible enough to do yoga"
yo, yoga is the ART of *BECOMING* flexible-you aren't a yogi master on your first try XD
Fitrah Ramadhany
Fitrah Ramadhany:
Who is with me doing the Calendar for December 2019?😍🧘🏻‍♀️ I am from Indonesia!🧚🏻‍♀️
Zara Ahmed
Zara Ahmed:
I was doing this stretch and my dad walked in and subconsciously followed ur breathing commands 😂
keith parham
keith parham:
Before I found your channel I couldn’t even get into a crisscross applesauce position lol. Your videos have been helping me become better mentally and physically🙏🏾
Flavia Epure
Flavia Epure:
Can't believe I did this and it only felt like 5 minutes!!
Inês G.
Inês G.:
I'm doing this for the calendar of December 2019 and it's being such a gentle start of the month, great to oppose the stress of the festive season. Thanks Adriene for sharing 🙏
Chayse Taphorn
Chayse Taphorn:
I've watched and done this so many times I feel like I'm actually teaching it. I love this video soooo much!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Julia Leonetti
Julia Leonetti:
I smiled so big when I opened this video tonight - I went off the calendar and tended to some tingly toes and fingers - it's been a long day on my feet and a busy day! This is just what I needed. I loved when you said at the beginning that YES, going to a class and holding poses will help with flexibility but this method can do that too and instead which is a great teacher moment on your part - different methods! This week I had a grade 5 student tell me that they didn't want to do a project the way I assigned it because there were too many steps and too much work - they said they can do the same work with less steps. I told them that yes, their method could be great but my method could be great too.
Long story short instead of stopping and changing - we can often add to our already existing practices.
Thank you as always - much love.
<3 Namaste <3
Elizabeth Austin
Elizabeth Austin:
I am a dancer, and I started doing this with my friend every day since we are at home, and we wake up to do yoga over FaceTime.
Today was my first day of completing this video. I’m not flexible at all, but I’m hoping that if I do this everyday... maybe I can improve my flexibility. Thank you!!
Eryn Ann Millman
Eryn Ann Millman:
Since I was 10 years old in dance class, I'd wanted to be flexible like the other girls, but was always just frustrated. Now fast forward 13 years- I have been practicing with a few of your flexibility and deep stretch videos almost every day for only 6 weeks since lockdown began, and I am already seeing soo much progress in my flexibility and fitness. I have never been this flexible in my life, I never thought it was possible. And this is only the beginning. Thank you so much for teaching me control, space, and patience for my body that I have never, ever had, and never thought I would. Thank you for shining your light to the world, and teaching us to love ourselves. Much love.
Grace Law
Grace Law:
I have cerebral palsy, which is important because my muscles stretch out a lot less and get tighter a lot quicker than an able-bodied person's. My hip flexors are like steel cables. My knees turn in when I sit. I am completely, 100% not flexible. And I still do yoga five times a week because it eases my symptoms and allows me to function optimally. So to people who say they can't do yoga because they're "not flexible enough", you don't get flexible overnight, and you don't even need to BE particularly flexible. All you have to do is be who you are and have an open mind.
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith:
"flexible in your mind" thank you. I needed to hear this today.
Katrina Neal
Katrina Neal:
Today is the second time I thought I was starting one class in the series, and it ended up being another class. Of course, it was just what I needed. Appreciate the magic in life.
Eunri Kim
Eunri Kim:
no one:
Adriene: Let's do some yoga stuff, blah blah
me: *looking at the dog in lovely eyes and smiling (awwwwwwwwwwww)
I've been doing this every time before I work out, this really really helps
For everybody that is here for the February 2020 KISS journey, YOU GOT THIS! <3 xx from the Netherlands
Carlos Ernesto De La Rosa García
Carlos Ernesto De La Rosa García:
I just LOVE your Channel!! It always feels like 5 minutes, incredibly relaxing and useful. Thank you so much for your love <3
Guadalupe Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez:
Thank you so much for this Yoga Flexibility Adriene, I feel positive and more stretched, again, thank you
Linda Leone
Linda Leone:
Thank you for following two days of, for me, intensive yoga with this lovely practice. Just the thing to keep me coming back for more.
Nostalgic : vid that started me on my yoga journey
Suyash Bhawsar
Suyash Bhawsar:
5:50 I can do that with my legs straight and parallel to the ground while head slightly touched to the ground.
Since i'm homeschooled, i have to do something for P.E (physical Education), and my mom was asking me what i wanted to do for p.e. i said "well, i could just do Yoga with Adriene," and she nodded and said ok! today i came to this video to help with my flexibility (i'm sorta flexible, but not that much). I really enjoy this!! thank you!!

also, you earned a new subscriber <3
Nadia Nanette
Nadia Nanette:
So I'm happy to report, I am a ton more flexible than when I first did this video. It really filled me with so much joy which is funny since this months theme is.... Joy! Ha. Thank you for always making yoga enjoyable. Namaste 🧘🏻‍♀️🥰🙏🏻
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor:
that did not even feel like 16 mins omgg that was soo good
Kathy Manelis
Kathy Manelis:
I’ve been doing this stretching practice, alternating with Adriene’s lower back practice, every day for the past 2+ years. It’s wonderful! I’m more flexible and have less pain.
Samantha Hazel Music
Samantha Hazel Music:
"The light in me recognises the light in you."

That one sentence made me feel far less lonely. Thank you, Adrienne 😊
"Remembering and understanding that surrender is important and we do not control everything." Thanks Adriene as always 💕
Fher Alvarez
Fher Alvarez:
Adriene: Be jelly-like
Me: That's the problem😭😂🐷
That mental image of wagging my tail was so amusing that I smiled and wagged my imaginary tail! Now it won't stop wagging 😂
your friendly neighborhood slytherpuff
your friendly neighborhood slytherpuff:
that was actually one of the best stretches i’ve had in a while
Bhasin Aanya
Bhasin Aanya:
POV: You came to the video cause your school assigned it during online learning
Hattie S
Hattie S:
Is anyone else so inflexible that it takes all of their strength and willpower just to sit crosslegged with a straight back :(
why would you say that
why would you say that:
I do this everyday for a week now, and have seen such a great improvement in my flexibility and overall flow! thank you so much Adriene!
Genesis 20:17
So Abraham prayed unto God: and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maidservants; and they bare children.
chaise schuiteman
chaise schuiteman:
Better than any drug.. thank you for helping me reset and feel loved 🥰 I am loved lol 😆 🙏 namaste
Liz Beardmore
Liz Beardmore:
This is one of my 'go to' videos! Easing out tight, sore muscles - especially before bed - is awesome. I did this last night, then had a wonderful sleep! Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟
That is a beautiful dog
Maheen Shaiq
Maheen Shaiq:
What a beautiful practice! I'm going to use this as my cool down after the gym because my hamstrings have been really tight. So glad to get back to yoga and have Adriene welcome me back
Shez . N
Shez . N:
With Coronavirus locking down Paris, I finally have time to work on my flexibility. These videos are perfect. Thanks
Lea Jacobsen
Lea Jacobsen:
*KISS - day 52/365:*
Doing a switch today because I don’t have the mental energy for a 50-minute full practise. This was just what I needed.💕 Namaste.🧘🏼‍♀️
Heidi Welli
Heidi Welli:
Such a yummy practice this one, thank you Adriene 💗🙏
My yoga mat is the toast and I am the jelly!
Soothing Sounds for the Soul
Soothing Sounds for the Soul:
I do this video every week to maintain the flexibility I've earned through years of yoga. Thank you for sharing this! Cheers.
This was the calmest and the most relaxing yoga class in my life! Thank you
Afra Gulener
Afra Gulener:
Isn't this the best practice on June's calendar! The light in me recognizes the light in you! Namaste Adriene💕
Kayla Jankowski
Kayla Jankowski:
That was lovely 💕💕 trying to become more flexible each day in more ways than 1!
Megan Kinsey
Megan Kinsey:
When I first started doing this I couldn’t do any of it, now after doing it everyday for two weeks I can do it all very easily
Crawdad Holiday
Crawdad Holiday:
This was perfect for me today, thank you Adriene!
Ana Santos
Ana Santos:
Recently started yoga and your videos help me so much, physically, mentally and spiritually! I’ve been watching this video in specific everyday and every time you say “The light in me recognizes the light in you” I feel as I am a star floating through space, just pure energy. Thank you for being you🤍🧚🏼‍♀️
I love these videos because I have 2 little Blue Heelers that hang out with me on the mat as well haha. Super calming for all of us during this time
A. K. Caggiano
A. K. Caggiano:
This one goes so quickly and feels so good! 😘
Michael Trevathan
Michael Trevathan:
I have been making life changes over the past few years and cut drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other toxic vices from my life completely. I recently took up body building and I am realizing how important it is to be healthy spiritually as well as physically. I have been wanting to try Yoga for some time and I stumbled upon your videos this morning. I just wanted to say thank you for providing another positive outlet for people like me to relieve stress and find peace. I am very grateful for these videos.
Preeti Menon
Preeti Menon:
Hi Adrien loved this session, needed something like this where the the transition are smooth no hurrying up. Really a calming and yet a great stretching session. Almost all my parts have become stiff due no physical activity. Feeling good about finding u. Planning to do the 30 days yoga session. Thanks
Kudos to Adriene for still hearting comments more than a year later ❤️✨🥰
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson:
I also had a lovely assistant- my cat was laying on my chest from the stirrups up until well after the video ended.
Tonia Creative Earth
Tonia Creative Earth:
Tighter than I thought! Especially the hamstrings and even the arms ! I have a little trouble breathing deeply when I am also trying to “engage my core strength”. I feel so much more centred, thanks to this practice. Thank goodness!! 😅 Bliss ! 🙏🌟
Brit'nee Supernal
Brit'nee Supernal:
I do this after my 10-15 minute workout.I feel absolutely amazing after I finish.
Vanessa Morris
Vanessa Morris:
Finally found my way back to this one I missed last month and it was well needed thank u Adriene for picking this video much love to you and benji and everyone, Namaste Everyone and goodnight 💞💗💓💖❤🙏
Victoria Hilke
Victoria Hilke:
You have given my mom and I a routine to follow every morning. We talk about how sweet your personality is and how we can feel your energy through the screen. Thankyou for all that you do! Send love to Benji from my mama and I!!
Courtney-Jade de Jongh
Courtney-Jade de Jongh:
This is one of my all time favourite practices that I love to come back to time and time and time again. I completely stopped my practice when I moved just about 9 months ago but this was exactly what I needed after a poor night's sleep and all the stress.
r.o s.e
r.o s.e:
I've been watching Adriene for about 5 months now and always return to this video, I've always had problems with tight hamstrings with yoga poses and this has helped in so many ways. 🙏 especially rn when things are slighty uncertain I can always rely on yoga 💟
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams:
The time went by sooo fast. Best stretch I've gotten in a long time! Definitely subscribing
Tarnie Laska-Wolfe
Tarnie Laska-Wolfe:
Day 53- needing the flexibility of the mind today and learning to let go of needing to be flexible on the matt 🧘🏻‍♀️
Cansu Cicegim Yurekli Gorur
Cansu Cicegim Yurekli Gorur:
I am making this practise since the very beginning. Every time I experience this I feel amazing. Thank you Adriene ❤️
Marie-Louise Sessions
Marie-Louise Sessions:
Loved this practice, def has the feel good factor! B-)
Max Bass
Max Bass:
I just did this and I feel incredible. Thank you!
Billy Garcia
Billy Garcia:
I legit almost fell asleep while doing this 14:50
Rebeca Hernandez
Rebeca Hernandez:
Holaaaa, Adrienne, love this stretch, helped me a lot.... I've been practicing yoga with you for the past 40, days, started with the 30 day challenge, now I choose the ones I think will help me, but since I started with you my body has noticed the changes and that's awesome, some pains are gone. Am 64 years old, but don't look my age, jejejeje. And my flexibility has improved more, cause through my life I have been exercising, which has been good. Now I am getting the discipline I need for everything and being consistent. Love you precious, and thank you so much for sharing your experience. Namaste. God bless you.🙋🏻😘🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻🎉
the sandbar kids
the sandbar kids:
My pe teacher recommended this channel for me and m glad she did, Adrian thank you so much for helping me I will always come back to this channel. I feel calm. Thank you 🥰
Cristy Creates
Cristy Creates:
My "come to" every morning.. Then I pick two of my favorites, and there's many! Thank you Adriene 🌼 🙏🏽🤗
Amie Cicre
Amie Cicre:
When you don't feel like doing yoga, this is the yoga to do! Stretches you and gives you the sense of accomplishment. Thank you, Adrienne!
<3 Thank you so much for this lovely practice. I'm doing it few times a week and it's one of my favorite ways to calm down in the evening. I love your words, your gentleness, and you always reminding us that we are not only connected to you by practicing with you, but also to all those people watching all over the world, maybe the same second I am. I love this thought.
Katrina Calice
Katrina Calice:
That was so great my friend, just what I needed to move and refresh, stretch and feel good! Thank you! 😊
Ronda D'Oliveira
Ronda D'Oliveira:
😘 just one word: ahhhhh!
regine riviere
regine riviere:
You make my day Adrienne, Every morning I start with the daily yoga practice from the monthly calender. So I start my day happy and midfull! Thank you for your positive energy!
Synergy12 session
Synergy12 session:
This stretch changed my day! I feel so relaxed and I indeed am closer in understanding surrender. Thank you Adriene and especially everyone who are also on their own unique journeys.
Andi Katona
Andi Katona:
"Lift the corners of your mouth"
"The light in me recognizes the light in you."

These sentences are so you, Adriene! Thank you for everything you have given us!
Rose Brown
Rose Brown:
Wow I needed this. When you said "the light in me recognizes the light in you" I almost started crying. I'm going to write that everywhere around my room. Everyone who sees this, have a great day. xoxo namaste.
Sharlon Solome
Sharlon Solome:
Thank you for this short but sweet yummy practice.
Feeling grateful 🙏🏾
Namaste ✨