Yang Se-jong, Woo Do-hwan, and Seolhyun play Jenga [ENG SUB]

Yang Se-jong, Woo Do-hwan, and Seolhyun of MY COUNTRY: THE NEW AGE may be super serious in the drama, but check out their unexpected charms as they play Jenga. Bonus: Aegyo from the loser ?

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The Swoon
The Swoon:
Somebody help Yang Se-jong at 3:01! 😆
Brooke Zanetti
Brooke Zanetti:
I can listen to Woo Do Hwan speaking for the rest of my life.
Kokoro T
Kokoro T:
Woo do hwan is literally the most beautiful person in the planet.
Brianna Bingham
Brianna Bingham:
the fact that her foundation matches her neck i am living
Heidi L.
Heidi L.:
Everyone talks about Woo Do Hwan but who else is a Yang Se Jong fan! He is adorable.
I feel like im the only one here for seolhyun lol
Nina Bahar
Nina Bahar:
Yang sejong really out here being the cutest 27 years old man ever
Puteri Balqis
Puteri Balqis:
Did I just replay it 3 times just to see Do Hwan’s reaction when the Jenga fell? Yes, yes I did. 6:08 you’re welcome
Seolhyun is so cute when she smiles her whole set of teeth showss just like the emoji😁😁😁😁😁
ιndrιcaвlυrrмyιѕ X
ιndrιcaвlυrrмyιѕ X:
This kdrama is soooooo underrated. Why is it not receiving enough views and merit???!!! The ost is incredible! The plot is amazing and the actors and actresses deserve more recognition!!!
Kimberly Ong
Kimberly Ong:
6:09 i see eunsup's character in dohwan's body
Heidi L.
Heidi L.:
Yang Se Jong gets shy so easily when he is complimented and it is so cute!
Woo Dohwan is so sweet .... his acting, his voice, his visual... he's perfect
Danti Audry
Danti Audry:
Ahh... woo do hwan's voice melting me softly...
Do hwan: you were really good at this seolhyun
Seolhyun : i'm not that good. It only seems like that because of you two

Kathy Ly
Kathy Ly:
I've had a huge crush on Woo Do Hwan for years now, but Yang Se Jong....oh my gawd this man's personality is totally my type. The light to my soul lol
im sorry but i ship se jong and woo do hwan together more than anything. this bromance is so real look at him blush 2:37
Summer fouad
Summer fouad:
Any body here obsessed over those two handsome young actors who excelled in my country drama ?? I love the drama and loved them so much after the devastating finale
tota toto
tota toto:
I wish se-jong dream to play a detective drama with Do-hwan come true soon. I don't want to wait until he turn forties. That's long time.
Sotus monster
Sotus monster:
The fact that woo do hwan actually became a soldier in the King eternal monarch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
nadyku N
nadyku N:
I love how sejong call WDH 'dohwani' while he said seolhyunsshi. And the way they talked to each other all I can see are hwi and seon ho conversation. Sejong~a would you mind if Dohwan as vampire and not criminal?
I could literally listen to Do Hwan's voice all day
Jennifer BL
Jennifer BL:
Woo Do Hwan is one of the most talented actors - he is amazing to watch!
Sassy bre
Sassy bre:
Woo DoHwan is definitely manly. He has sweet sexy eyes. His smile is sweet too. I sound like a super fan girl. lol
Hana aaa
Hana aaa:
Woo Do Hwan is sooo handsome. And Yang Se Jong is sooo cuteeee
lindana rocks
lindana rocks:
Woo Do Hwan is so handsome. And his voice is ❤ But I am a Yang Se Jong fan. He is a really good actor. I have seen a few of his dramas but Temperature of love and Duel are my favorites. He is really good with different roles. Also he is so adorable. Look at him! 😍😍😍
dohwan is baby i wanna cry hes so cute wtf
Twinkle Joy Star
Twinkle Joy Star:
mocha fairy
mocha fairy:
woo do hwan need to be the male lead in the next drama. i really want him to act in a romcom, he is so good in king eternal monarch
Teki Hruaii
Teki Hruaii:
Woo Do Hwan is so so so Handsome... His pure looks and "i am drowning in his" voice... His beauty is on a whole different level...
madre fakre
madre fakre:
The guy on the right has sexy voice
So ironic - Seolhyun's favorite series is "Thirteen reasons why"...
Liz Est
Liz Est:
Seolhyun is so beautiful and kind, i love the way she talks and is
Seolhyun is very powerful girl! I love her!
These two are like children sometimes XD so cute!
Yang Se Jong is so cute ldhjeh I just love his voice it's so soothing. I think he's one of the best actors right now and I hope he will get more recognition!!!
Yang SeJong is giving me historic vibes with his hairstyle 😁
Erika Ducusin
Erika Ducusin:
Yang se jong on every of his drama: i’m gonna kill it UGHHHHHHH WHY IS HE ALWAYS SOOO GOOD I LOVE HIM and same with woo do hwan they are the future of kdrama if i must say. They have the range ✨✨✨
Fairuz Zafirah Azhari
Fairuz Zafirah Azhari:
They look people from old century 😂 side effect of the drama😝
Blood lust
Blood lust:
I wish seolhyun was the one who loses this game i want to see her aegyo
Yang Sejeong 🥺🥺 he really is so precious and handsome omg. He reminds me of his character hwi🥰
who else love seolhyun's rectangular smile?
hafsa tahir
hafsa tahir:
Is woo do hwan even human how can someone be sooooooo perfect
everyone talking about woo do hwan’s voice but have you heard yang sejong’s voice in dramas ooooof
This is one of the best drama I have watched
A nice and calming voice of do hwan, a warm and wonderful smile of se jong together with a cute and beutiful seolhyun, what other amazing combination can be there
나의나라 양세종 우도환 설현 최고의 조합인데ㅠㅠㅠ 러브라인도 거의 없고 메이킹도 잘 안 풀어줘서 너무 속상해... 그나마 넷플릭스에서 올려주네ㅠ
La Duchess
La Duchess:
Woo dohwan is a man indeed. The man.
Dan Albert Tv
Dan Albert Tv:
If woo do hwan will have a fanmeet here in the phililpines i'll buy the expensive tix since he's my fav k actor rn
Love Yang Se-Jong, he is so talented and handsome. Seems that Se-jong's hair in the drama was his real hair and Do-hwan wore a wig. Love these two, looks like they could end up as good friends in real life. This video is adorable. She is very pretty and both guys are very handsome.
ahn yujin for president
ahn yujin for president:
I love seolhyun’s laugh she’s so cute 💙
SP Bautista
SP Bautista:
Awww the bromance between Yang Se Jong and Woo Do-Han 🥺 Seulhyun is like a 3rd wheel hahahaha
Leah Bowlby
Leah Bowlby:
Now Woo Do Hwan plays the captain of the Royal Guard in his new drama
설현 얼굴이 너무 작아서 남배우들이 상대적으로 커보이네
와 세종이도 진짜 작은데
Woo Do Hwan is enlisting this July. I miss him already. Wishing him the best of luck. Please stay safe and healthy. We’ll be waiting for his return 💚
Shanna Therese Francisco
Shanna Therese Francisco:
Seolhyun was the only one that smiled when the blocks fell while the men panicked and I find that very funny
Yang Se-jong being so shy at 2:33 as Woo Do Hwan describes is just too adorable and then after when WDH says 'okay' like he's trying to reassure YSJ.
Squeak Squeaken
Squeak Squeaken:
Sejong is literally so beautiful wtf I love his acting too like wow 🤩 his smile can light up a room
All About HallyuWave
All About HallyuWave:
I can't get enough of Yang SeJong these days after seeing him from Dr. Romantic. I'm currently binge watching all his dramas and I find him so manly especially in Temperature Of Love. Let's give him a lot of love. ❤️❤️❤️
Diana L
Diana L:
i swear to god dohwan is one of the prettiest men i have ever seen and that by far
apricot jam is ass
apricot jam is ass:
i don’t know who dohwan is but he looks like the next person to steal my heart
양세종 : 마흔살때 제가 형사로 도환이가 범죄자로 다시 만나서 연기 하고싶어요 .... 미래 영화/드라마 감독님들 이거 꼭 해줘요 ㅠ ㅠ
Nimra Naveed
Nimra Naveed:
The way Dohwan said ‘ok?’ At 2:42-2:44 ....seems like he was going to get paid or something by Sejong for answering the question like that 😂 ....or like they’d struck a deal haha.
Justine Kane
Justine Kane:
Sejong really grew out his hair for this role 💕
I always loved Woo Do Hwan's acting!! So happy to see him, Seolhyun (my fav female idol) and Yang Se Jeong getting along!
Sâmia Oliveira
Sâmia Oliveira:
I swear Dohwan smiles and the room gets brighter
Sejong is so competitive, dowhan is gentle and sweet and I love seolhyun when she resolutely said to sj that “pull it out confidently” as real heejae. Hahaha! i love their chemistry.
Marithe De leon
Marithe De leon:
I can live for woo do whan forever with that smile
Isabella Cortés
Isabella Cortés:
"ok?" WDH is so sweet with YSJ. Love them
Jade and Jordan & family reviews and journey
Jade and Jordan & family reviews and journey:
I’m a Wooh do Hwan fan (hard to spell the name😃) same impression he looks very manly compare to other s. Koreans actors that is almost looks like gays😆😆😆

I wonder if he’s sweet friendly in person🤔🤔
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa Gonzalez:
Wo Do Hwan He is a very talented actor, Mag Dog Save Me etc... my congratulations to the whole cast of my country
From Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱❤❤
Marithe De leon
Marithe De leon:
1:10 do whan whining is life
Adi Tya
Adi Tya:
I see Seolhyun, I click and just keep smiling looking at her
Oya oyaaa
Oya oyaaa:
I'm really bothered by that first block that Do Hwan didn't fill 😶😂
They are all so good looking! Especially Woo Dohwan, he is just so handsome and charming 😊
Listia Supianti
Listia Supianti:
Woo do hwan I Love you , you're my type. and I love Yang se jong personality, he's have a angle heart , I'm watching reality show Coffee Friends and he's such a goodman.
stop fanwar be a good human be kind jisoo kim
stop fanwar be a good human be kind jisoo kim:
Here for *Woo do hwan* ,
Watch *save me* and *the great seducer* they are amazing. Also in *the great seducer red velvet' Joy is the lead actress*
BrightWinic -
BrightWinic -:
WOAHHH that Dude in cream jacket looks hella fine and the next guy with that bun and hair is ON POINT LIKE MANNNNN THEY FINE ASF PERIOD
JHOOOPE’s UnderCut
JHOOOPE’s UnderCut:
Woo Do Hwan is basically Yoo Ah In 🤷🏽‍♀️... he is a bright man too I’m falling hard! 😂
설현은 지금이 진짜 비쥬얼 피크다. 너무 예뻐서 계속 보고싶음.
STARMY is me
STARMY is me:
se-jong and do hwan are so fking adorable i can’t
aina bangtan
aina bangtan:
Im totally blown away by Woo Do Hwan IM CRYING
Nada Kartika
Nada Kartika:
woo dohwan and yang sejong are my favorites in the show! i wonder if they will working together on the same project in the future, because they have a great chemistry
Tanti Irawan
Tanti Irawan:
Why seolhyun is so cuteeee 💖💖💕💕💕💕
Phia mogu1004
Phia mogu1004:
Suzy Q
Suzy Q:
how does do-hwan suit every hairstyle plz
Yang sejong, i watch all of his drama, and believe me, his a good actor
Elsa Tordsson
Elsa Tordsson:
I've never seen a smile as beautiful as Seolhyuns❤️
6:04 Yang Se-jong was so happy when he pulled out the jenga piece but then..
와 ㅋㅋㅋ설현 얼굴 진짜 작네
Acuahasa Bastio
Acuahasa Bastio:
Just finished watching this series on Netflix. I’m so upset and sad the way it finished. After a lifelong of hardship, both ended up dying, why!! Seriously why?????? They deserved happy ending 😔and kudos on excellent performance. But whyyy the death ??? We should be smiling not crying 😢
Funny Lisa
Funny Lisa:
Seolhyun ❤❤❤
Miky M
Miky M:
I adore both Sejong & Do Hwan as i've seen them since their debut days drama and movies,both of the most promising actors of their generation!Looks wise i like them both(DoHwan is pretty handsome and sexy) but Sejong's personality is such a magnet,i find him sooo adorable,just my type...Seolhyun is sooo pretty!
"Seolhyun has willpower stronger than that of anyone else and she can't be swayed easily" wow definitely Woo Do Hwan knows how to read people's mind and it's kind of funny that it looks like she was expecting to hear something else.
Elvia Elvaretta
Elvia Elvaretta:
Sejooong, you're so cute. I know he's really kind person. I'm so happy dohwan mentioned it. You all, jongseolhwan become best friend please 💛
도환오빠 성대에 꿀 발라 놓았나,,,,, 목소리 너무 좋다 진짜ㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤
Do-hwan's voice is so sweet and sexy!!! Can't breathe,,,,,😫💙
icri nunez
icri nunez:
really luv d bromance of woo do hwan & yang se jeong i hope they having another drama together...
Is it bad to be watching this nearly every single day after finishing the drama two weeks ago. I can't get over this trio they're the best!!
Yang Yang
Yang Yang:
I'm here for Yang sejong and seolhyun
3명 다 목소리 진짜 좋다..
Seolhyun 🤩
I just now watched a video from a year ago and Do Hwan said that if he has a chance to meet Se-Jong he thinks they could be friends. How cute is that!