Yami’s TRUE POWER and Noelle’s TRAGEDY | Black Clover

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Noelle’s TRAGEDY and Yami’s TRUE POWER! | Black Clover

Today I delve into the latest events in the Black Clover story, including Noelle’s tragic confrontation with Vanica, the fate of Heart Kingdom Queen Loropechika, and the epic showdown between full power Dante and full power Yami.

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100+ komento:

Everybody's gangster until Yami goes all out
Jack James
Jack James:
“Of an ordinary human” even yami lies about his power because we all know in truth yami is some sort of god with the amount of screw you ima just smoke my cigarette attitude this man has
Tim Yin
Tim Yin:
"Evil Female Goku". Couldn't agree more.
Katsu Imagitian
Katsu Imagitian:
Out of the three trios. Noelle actually did the best with Lolopechika. Asta at least got to scratch Dante. I honestly feel bad for how much Yuno and the GD got folded.
SamTheGumMan 117
SamTheGumMan 117:
I would like to see Yami pull out a new technique that separates Dante and his demon maybe. And Vanica out here setting off simp bombs lol
Farold da Trinidade
Farold da Trinidade:
Noelle did well she gives me Asta vibes against Vetto
And now Yami and Dante are finally getting serious
Does Yami even have a full power? He's always pushing past his limits so.....🤔
Once again Black Clover proves that females in Shounen don't have to be damsels in distress, Sakuras, and Rachels. Noelle is showing that she Is strong enough to be on the team
Black Bulls
Black Bulls:
Vanica mention that megicula had a child as a hostage it could be nozel because he's the only one who knows about the curse some say is asta when he was a baby
Noelle has acc become an s tier character in back clover now
“Simp slayer”
Samuel RJP
Samuel RJP:
Yami knows our loud boy Asta is not going to keep kising the floor forever.
Almighty QJ
Almighty QJ:
Considering he fact that she isn’t the MC, I feel like Noelle will come very close to death or even die in the near future or quite possibly Asta might pull out a new power up to save her 🤷‍♂️
I love how in the official translation when Noelle casted her spell, "Point Blank Sea Dragon Roar," the text of Vanica's spell, " Crimson Beast," was on top of the text of Noelle's spell to establish dominance and how overwhelming Vanica is. Nice touch 👌.
QB The King
QB The King:
This chapter was crazy, Vanica said she took a child hostages while fighting Noell mother Acier. Im 95% sure that child was Nozel, 🤔. That would be a crazy plot twist
Something REALLY tells me Loropechika will die....

It's not like they need her alive to bait Noelle.
Jose Marie Consista
Jose Marie Consista:
“Noelle Silva..! A royal family of the clover kingdom..!! AND A PROUD MAGIC KNIGHT OF BLACK BULL!!” Damn that hit hard 🔥🔥🔥 she so proud of her squad 😭😭
a normal guy
a normal guy:
Bruh, we are talking about Yami. We all know that this is not his full power. He can surpass that.
Dusan Banovic
Dusan Banovic:
Harrison Block
Harrison Block:
I really hope that Noelle didn’t receive Undine. Instead, it would be awesome if she could get a Sea Dragon’s Hydra
Tara Love
Tara Love:
God this series keeps getting better and better, can’t wait for the anime to come back
Storm Bringer777
Storm Bringer777:
Dude the hype for the inevitable rematch between Noelle and Vanica is insane. How Vanica told Noelle to become stronger reminds me so much of when Vergil told Dante to heal his wounds and get strong before they fight again in DMC 5. You know the next time they fight, Noelle will be way stronger. This just goes to show you that this war with the Spade Kingdom is gonna be very very long.
Deku & Asta
Deku & Asta:
Noelle about to get another upgrade, I'm calling it
Jean Bond
Jean Bond:
I dont care bout anyone as long as Luck,Leopold,Asta,Yami,Mimosa ,and charmy
are alive idk who really dies
Reynaldo Cordero
Reynaldo Cordero:
I think Noelle is going to unlock her Mother magic. Mercury magic.
Jeffrey Philippe
Jeffrey Philippe:
I like this chapter. Noelle loses, I feel like sometimes the Black Bulls and others win just a bit too much. I think this will be great character development for Noelle and it makes for an interesting story.
Luis Agustin Saravia
Luis Agustin Saravia:
Noelle is slowly making it to my list of favorite female characters , she's awesome. I'm hyped for her rematch (and most likely ,epic revenge moment) against Vanica
outer space gaming
outer space gaming:
Vanica is a more twisted version of luck which I didnt think was possible
the magic spell I think Noelle got, might have been an upgrade to her sea dragon's roar
the mightiest sea dragon of northern myth
water magic: Sea dragon's roar; Jormungandr
Connor Lee
Connor Lee:
I was kinda hoping for the reveal of the Vice-captain of black bulls. I think the vice-captain will play a major role.
Joshua Ponder
Joshua Ponder:
Possible theory: what if the child/children that Vanica had held hostage during her fight with Acier Silva was either Asta,Yuno, or the both of them... because it would explain how both Asta and Yuno arrived at the church at the same time. My reason as why it couldn't have been any of the Silva siblings is because Noelle wasn't even born yet, and while Nozel does seem like the most likable candidate to be the captured child in question. I don't think Acier would've taken Nozel with her on a mission to another kingdom. Lastly, those other two siblings wouldn't have been old enough to go on the journey anyway.
ds etti
ds etti:
My theory: Yami loses because he has to protect the bulls from Dante's attack
Andrew Epps
Andrew Epps:
the heart queen could be watching the fight and she might decide to give Noelle the spirit to help her
εxṭıͷͼ ṭION
εxṭıͷͼ ṭION:
"Ara ara"😂
i watched to many hentai to understand that
Oreon Leach
Oreon Leach:
Damn I thought I was going to be the first person to comment
Ismael Barry
Ismael Barry:
Yami hasn’t lost a battle in Black Clover so far so this might be it but the next chapter will tell.
My only weeb friend was so mad that the last million chapters have been about noelle and was like
"oH nOeLlE iS hAvInG sO mAnY ChaPters ThEy sHoUld hAVe nAmeD iT nOeLlE cLoVeR" I cant wait for him to say "tHeY sHouLd hAVe NamED iT yAMi cLovEr"
Noelle is actually something sakura could never be and it started with her fight with vetto

kirito kitzugaya
kirito kitzugaya:
Well the contents of this channel : 30 % facts 60% theory and 10 % straight to the point 😑
Jordan Hassell
Jordan Hassell:
"Simp Slayer" teehee 😂
Just Some Guy with a Blue PFP.
Just Some Guy with a Blue PFP.:
Me: Vanica is the best girl-

Vanica: Get ready to be blown.
Deandre Campbell
Deandre Campbell:
Of course noelle getting a power up her mermaid form was just a part of her valakrie dress she is probarley getting a advanced attack spell that can rival caption and since she is upset and in rage there are four scenario one she has demon blood two she is getting the water spirit 3 she is getting a attack spell four her magic goes crazy
tawfiq habib
tawfiq habib:
We all know that Yami isn’t fighting seriously yet because he still has a cigarette in his mouth
Samuel Easton
Samuel Easton:
8:09 the ultimate simp slayer 😂😂💯
BANANA Invasion
BANANA Invasion:
Lmao what I think is that yami’s gonna get destroyed for the first bit than he’lI be getting a new spell, basically something more powerful than the dimensional slash, maybe something universal lmao
rt. Sniperbro
rt. Sniperbro:
Yami needs his own show
Dajour Freeman
Dajour Freeman:
I think maybe this will be her ascendence to the arcane stage
The Packing Pacjack
The Packing Pacjack:
Me: Noell is an evil version of “Kenny”😲

My friend: from South Park?🤔

Me: no, from Bleach.😁

My friend: Bleach? 🤔😨

Ichachi Zaracki: Hey! 😈
gaming tips
gaming tips:
Seems like we won't be seeing Asta and Yuno's development for a long while
Samuel Easton
Samuel Easton:
The fact Yami still has something up his sleeve is crazy but I wonder how full power wizard king when he was older would do I think Yami is on his lv or stronger then he was which also makes me think that when the wizard king grows older he will be stronger then he previously was what you guys think🤔🤔🤔🤔
Is Yami the second strongest next to Julius because he is a total badass

If Julius was still an adult he would be unstoppable
Jose Eugenio
Jose Eugenio:
6:54 that's a lot of damage we can fix that with flex tape
Dakota Nugent
Dakota Nugent:
AnimeUproar I think the Yami can't win BUT I feel like Asta will wake up and either have the demon controlling him, or Asta and his demon make a deal so Asta can use the power of his demon to its fullest (the deal I think he would strike is Asta uses the full power of his demon in combat and in turn, Asta lets his demon gloat over the more powerful demons of the dark triad bc they were defeated by a lower demon)
yousef ring
yousef ring:
First one letts goo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Abdou Mokeddem
Abdou Mokeddem:
I realy realy wich noelle doesn't get undine cuz that would be just a temporary power up
anime symp
anime symp:
If Dante uses his full demon power asta can imagine what he can do really with his devil help and then both of them are going do a brofist and then they both can kick Dante and Lucifer's ass.
Zaedelle Nicascio
Zaedelle Nicascio:
Just like what I told anime balls deep... That lolopechka will loose the battle and noelle inherit the water spirit.. The three of them... Asta, noelle and yuno will be the Team 7😁
RAF 123
RAF 123:
Man I wish that there was an escannor in black clover to beat down on these demons.
Andrew Ngo
Andrew Ngo:
im just tryna see who the vice captain is
10:42 why does luck look like that
Crimson Black
Crimson Black:
I am scared but intrigued by yami's wrath and wish this demon dead at his hand
Flaming Ace
Flaming Ace:
Asta and yuno: I'm gonna become the wizard king

Dante and zenon: our we wrong or did you both get your asses kicked😂😂😂😂😂
Richard Gale
Richard Gale:
Tabata needs to calm down. Noelle was practically naked this whole chapter. Where'd her clothes go, did she throw the somewhere?
Notifications squad
Can’t explain how heat Black clover is right now!!
Animebase Line
Animebase Line:
Where is our boy Magna, I need to know where he is!!!
Ian B
Ian B:
I’m gonna jump on the train and say Yami was an MC before cause this man is legit the only person who is alone putting up a serious fight against top tier devil users.
Almost to 1 mil, let's go guys.
michael crandle
michael crandle:
Looks like something good happening in Black Clover 😎
Jason Bradley
Jason Bradley:
It's been a minute since yami's been in the manga
Luisito Pahanel
Luisito Pahanel:
Asta be like, I will be the Magic empeROR!!!!! Let's GoGo!!!
Sad Loli
Sad Loli:
Yami Stops Smoking Everybody starts Running♡
Raphael Tioco
Raphael Tioco:
Just started watching Black Clover yesterday, I’m on episode 30 rn. How far is this?
Ilyas Mohamed Ainan
Ilyas Mohamed Ainan:
Yo Vanica really has the Hisoka vibe "I'm lettin you live so that later I get more fun by wooping your stronger ass" LMAO😂😂
Yami raising some death flags for Asta chara development.
Michael Key
Michael Key:
Some one is going to help him. The one that drains magic power. He's going to help him. Or the cat.
JAM & bread
JAM & bread:
Noelle probably gets a water spirit of her own I hope it's a big ass dragon 🤩
Dewana B
Dewana B:
The fact that Yami's grimoire is a 3 leaf clover mkes it more amazing
Joshua Baatjes
Joshua Baatjes:
I get the feeling that Dante is gonna beat Yami since hes supposed to be the strongest of the dark triad even strong enough to scare luck and that's never happened before.
Jeremiah Walker
Jeremiah Walker:
Wait a minute I thought the dark triad need a arcane stage mage so why didn’t she take Nero with her
Sjubair Ahemed
Sjubair Ahemed:
i was just wandering which grimoire every dark triad had when they dont have devil power ....it was noticeable that every grimoire has special power as its ratings.
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell:
Btw, the 4 landscape panels depict that were moving away from one part of the country and then heading to the other area where Dante and Yami are. Most people are confused about those panels.
Have u guys realize they haven't showed magna and z yet tbh i feel like they probably got the best time skip power up
Aka-gami Shanks
Aka-gami Shanks:
Writer its time to have julius showing his one and only magic right now
Kha’lil Martinez
Kha’lil Martinez:
When’s the Yami spin off coming
No Intro Needed
No Intro Needed:
Am I the only one seeing Noelle in thumbnail that represents much like Asta's popular wallpaper.?
vijin nagaraj
vijin nagaraj:
I feel Dante's devil will manifest in yami after defeating Dante, turning him the final villian. That would be an awesome twist
Tony Loc
Tony Loc:
I feel like Dante’s gonna borderline kill Yami next chapter.
Willie Burch jr
Willie Burch jr:
Asta gonna give Yami some devil's power to boost his dark magic then pushes past his limits
Yami: we become good people
All people became gangster
Vibe Raider
Vibe Raider:
I do hope they explore an overbearing angel realm too, loving black clover so far 👍🏿
The Whole Taco
The Whole Taco:
Hear me out, what If Dante was actually second strongest and the dude who beat down yuno is actually the real powerhouse 👀
Yes No
Yes No:
You know how some scientists say that there are infinite parallel universes or something along the lines of that, well then that means that characters from your favorite anime do actually exist.
Voice Luckan
Voice Luckan:
Can’t wait for Yami to go all out again. Some Equinox dimension tearing coming up. Also I’m digging this new mermaid Noelle, Vanica will regret letting them go
Jayveon Dixson
Jayveon Dixson:
If Asta can use Anti Magic to cut Dante Chest then Yami will kill Him for good.
That was quick 😂
Maverick Carreon
Maverick Carreon:
Now, I'm afraid on what gonna happen with Yami as the Dark Triad seems to give the main trio personal grudges. What else could make Asta mad in this situation?
Je’Quan Gold
Je’Quan Gold:
I feel like Noel unlocked the upgraded version of sea dragon roar
John Smith
John Smith:
i swear if noelle beats megicula girl that would be the biggest plot armor moment