Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review

The Mi 10T Pro is a smartphone that's easy to get excited about. It's got top-shelf hardware for a midrange price and it might even be one of the best deals this year. Join us as we take a look into its top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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[video timestamps/chapters]
0:00 Intro
0:50 6.67'' IPS LCD screen, 144Hz refresh rate
2:13 Stereo speakers and speaker test
2:50 Storage options
3:01 Side-mounted fingerprint scanner
3:34 Software and UI
4:13 Snapdragon 865 performance
4:32 Battery (5000mAh) life and charging test (33W)
5:03 Camera specs
5:17 Daylight photos image quality
6:34 Low-light image quality
7:08 Selfie image quality
7:18 Video quality
8:29 Conclusion

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JoLee Dain
JoLee Dain:
GSMARENA is my first pick when checking for specs. 💯
How many snartphone you release ?
Xiaomi: yes
Jefe Muga
Jefe Muga:
can't wait until entry level phones are equal to this. at the rate we're going, maybe 5 years time or so?
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega:
All of the people on this comments talks about the lcd display like... dude, as long as it has a snapdragon 865 and 144hz at an affordable price... it doesnt matter
Carlo A
Carlo A:
XIAOMI / REDMI release new phones almost every month 😅
The comparison for Charging Test will be better presented like this:

Charging duration: *30 minutes*

Poco F2 Pro > *2820* (of 4700 mAh, 60%)
Xiaomi MI 10T Pro > *3050* (of 5000 mAh, 61%)
Realme X50 Pro 5G > *3990* (of 4200 mAh, 95%)
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh:
7:30 The trick is... 🤣 I lost it.
mayonmi khangrah
mayonmi khangrah:
We are not ready for 8k in a smartphone, storage baby...
I really like how you you split your video into portions congrats keep the good work up
Shahar Rosner
Shahar Rosner:
What about the video review of the galaxy fe? Still waiting..
Addline Sumith
Addline Sumith:
I didn't know that robot voice was from a real person
davit Katamadze
davit Katamadze:
Did mi10t pro score 118h in endurance test using 144hz?
Miguel Ojera
Miguel Ojera:
Well a perfect phone doesn't exist anyway. Nice review though 👌
Xiaomi:releases 4 phones
Demetris C
Demetris C:
Watching this review from my Redmi 4X (LineageOS 16)
z matic
z matic:
I still prefer a headphone Jack and a removable micro SD card.
But if I would like to buy a smartphone without a removable micro SD card and without a headphone jack.
Then this would have been my preference for the time being.
Nelson II Salazar
Nelson II Salazar:
OMG! MEMC?! I loved increasing the frames on my videos. Anime at 60fps is just way better than the default. The last phone I knew had this was the old Mediatek ones. Time to buy a new phone.
Chac Mool
Chac Mool:
Nah...I am keeping my F2 Pro... Not enough here to make me jump ship...
Arpan Guria
Arpan Guria:
Will there be a review for the Mi 10T? I'm curious about the 64MP main cam
Ewin Moginda
Ewin Moginda:
Good review but mi 10 pro is still on my mind.
Rick anders
Rick anders:
headphonejack and a good DAC with an oled screen would do the trick for me. missing out on that is a bummer.
Prozak Prozak
Prozak Prozak:
May I know SAR value? It supposed to be indicated in the brochure from the box.
Bright Knight
Bright Knight:
i just came to see where it stands in the xiaomi lineup! whether it's an upgrade for mi10 pro or what?! but you didn't mention :(
Chrizz Jagget
Chrizz Jagget:
8k videorecording and no expandable storage?? 🤔
Patrick T
Patrick T:
In my country,
Mi10t pro = 500usd
Mi10t= 400usd

a truly flagship killer.
Mike A
Mike A:
It's only 13990 baht in Thailand which includes the mi band 5, mi tv stick, earbuds and some other goodies. That's 380 euro
Notification gesture drop is a ios feature and look. I was expecting better cameras due to the big cam module and lens.
patrick irisari
patrick irisari:
Wish you'd also consider reviewing Huawei Nova 7 5g
Tarsh Swarnkar
Tarsh Swarnkar:
J . Shawn
J . Shawn:
Need your help, pls reply my comment. I want to buy a new phone but idk which one to choose. Mi 10 5G or Mi 10t pro?
there’s still ad in the UI ?
Robert Mrki
Robert Mrki:
Have this device optical zoom?thanks
Being Adu
Being Adu:
WhT about recording videos at 60fps?
FH Rasel
FH Rasel:
good review
Наверное первая камера у Xiaomi которая будет тянуть без GCAM.
Deepak Omase
Deepak Omase:
Definitely worth buying. I trust none other than gsmarena reviews. Thank you
Lau Kar Wei
Lau Kar Wei:
Does 10T Pro come with built in Remote Control?
Ahmad Dzaky
Ahmad Dzaky:
Me : LCD Display is Deal Breaker for me
My Wallet and Bank account : NO.. You Stupid Poor Liar..
💖 for timestamps 👍
Pakcik Miramar_47
Pakcik Miramar_47:
pretty voice..
edwin pepito
edwin pepito:
Planning to sell my mi note 10 lite but the lcd nahhh 🤦 im good
Dary David
Dary David:
I start to love this phone
A Frank
A Frank:
LCD .... ooops I'm out !
SupaFanOf SBG
SupaFanOf SBG:
Must be fun owning all them phones if i had it like that i would bought all of them too lmao
Jay Sheth
Jay Sheth:
🔥 I like you Review .... Please do for .. Samsung tab A7
Natso Progamer
Natso Progamer:
poco x3 or mi 10t pro for gaming, anyone can recommen?
Zahin Zeck
Zahin Zeck:
watching this on my mi 10t pro.PERFECT smartphone 2020!
can you put always on display?
Philips Tranc
Philips Tranc:
Review xiaomi mi 10t lite 5g please
LCD is a big NO for me....
Nahid Jh
Nahid Jh:
Pls do a review of the s20 fe...
Luis Pedro
Luis Pedro:
Just realized you are set on Bulgaria?
habin das
habin das:
Please . Mention about slow motion videos in all reviews.
Ge P
Ge P:
can you put an sim card extender for more storage?
Chair Happy
Chair Happy:
Will this phone be an ID 10T?
Than "sharpening" effect in 8K video is horrible to my eye. Is like to force the sharp effect in lightroom. I don't like it at all.
Yahiya Hussain
Yahiya Hussain:
Hey guys do we have ads in this model??
Should have been amoled with 90hz screen
Yotsaphon Sopha
Yotsaphon Sopha:
MI 10t pro and S10 lite Which's better and Which are you recommend
Should I get one of theese instead of my Mi Note 10? I am disstatisfied with both camera and processor speed, its not responsive
gibriel noel cadungog
gibriel noel cadungog:
This video is so organize it deserves a triple like..
Ariel Alonzo
Ariel Alonzo:
When and where can this phone be bought?
Notification squad 😀😀😀
Rex Sales
Rex Sales:
Doesnt come with wireless charging?
Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve
Sebastian Pacheco Monsalve:
What about wireless charging guys?
C-Fu Syamz Channel
C-Fu Syamz Channel:
Andrei GB
Andrei GB:
this ore Pocof2pro ?
how is this LCD panel compared to mi 10 pro OLED?
Jerrmin Rangwani
Jerrmin Rangwani:
Xiomi Android not so polish?
Haris Bekkam
Haris Bekkam:
brother i like your explaning
Price is too high... K30 Ultra costs only 300 Euro and has 120hz amoled. Why is the chin so big?
Mang Kanor
Mang Kanor:
I dont know whu frankie tech is ranting when in fact this channel said it right that its a trash lcd display
I want a mi 10 ultra but it's only available in China >.<
price of the phone?
Wan Ori
Wan Ori:
What music video he played at 2:00?
Von Esguerra
Von Esguerra:
Mi10T pro or Poco F2 pro? I cant decide.
What is the maximum Watts it can charge with?
Super Cool
Super Cool:
should've named it a Xiaomi Detective pro
(Mi 10T => Meitantei)
jere mar
jere mar:
Does it have so many bloatware and ads sir?
Raul Espinoza
Raul Espinoza:
This phone cost $510 USD on eBay right now..... Tempting
Please review mi 10 t pro vs OnePlus 8t
Miqa Malik
Miqa Malik:
Meldrick 1997
Meldrick 1997:
No high touch sampling rate?
missu bwesee
missu bwesee:
no amoled
Chirag Pipaliya
Chirag Pipaliya:
Xiaomi can give 90hz SAmoled instead of lcd ....
endaime26 _
endaime26 _:
Is the front cam pop up type just like its predecessor?
Paul Zahid
Paul Zahid:
Which game was that?
Yudi Santoso
Yudi Santoso:
Hopefully it will enter officially in Indonesia
ChenYoung Sim
ChenYoung Sim:
Can anyone please teach me how to change to super earth/super mars live wallpaper in this phone??
Utama Raj Nathan
Utama Raj Nathan:
Does it have call recorder as standard..?
i prefer LCD in some ways.
no black smear and Black crush. important for those use consume media in bed
Yenny Yew
Yenny Yew:
I only care about if ghosting happened like poco X3...
I have my mi9t pro never lags no issue charges fine. Ill wait for a better one :)
Cricketing Trends
Cricketing Trends:
what place is this in the camera test?
Michal Sadloň
Michal Sadloň:
Top shelf phone for Midrange price? 600€? Midrange price? Lol
Prabal Saha
Prabal Saha:
first comment
Daniel E
Daniel E:
So Mi10t pro or Regular Mi10

Preference loud speaker quality,volume,camera quality and display quality?

Also does 90hz vs 144hz is a significant jump?
U H89
U H89:
Great Slow-Motion comparison between 60 and 144 Hz. I am sure, I do neighter want or need 144 Hz. 👍

Really poor camera for a flagship grade SD865.

118hours of battery life is not bad but not good either... 5000mAh.
varun singh
varun singh:
I am a user from Apple, OnePlus and I am using at the moment 7t pro. After all different usage of phones I am very much profound that at the end of the day we need a good ram and for sure a very promising camera because I like to take pictures, When I travel importantly. I can not render any bad quality in photos therefore my interest will incline towards this device as it is offering a very good practical mobile camera with other different aspects