[World Premiere] FIRST DRIVE -2021 Hyundai Santa Fe is HERE! Better than your 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe?

So, glad i can give you FIRST DRIVE on this 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe. Let’s find out if this new Hyundai Santa Fe is better than your 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe. Our tester Hyundai Santa Fe came with 2.2L Diesel mated to 8 speed Wet type DCT and it also had AWD system. Now it’s got button type gear selector.

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100+ komento:

*Love the new redesign of thís car but how is it compare to Sorento Kia ?*
Your mastery of the English language is improving! Thanks for the informative reviews!
Justin Seah
Justin Seah:
If only the santa fe had the new sorento's interior - immediate win
One thing I like about Hyundai/Kia is that they could distinctly design their respective beautiful lineup using the same platform, drivetrain & engine Kudos Hyundai/Kia A-1 review, AP
Adam Williams
Adam Williams:
It’s so beautiful in that white exterior & that dark interior 😍😍😍 it’s a winner. Definitely would pick this over a Mercedes or Volvo. Also, I actually like the wheel design
Mohammed Radhi
Mohammed Radhi:
What’s the estimated price for it ? , and i wanted to know , can we get it pre order and shipped ? , thank you for the review , you are amazing
lav glides gh
lav glides gh:
I love Hyundai n genesis, even though they're of same
5abi Gabroo
5abi Gabroo:
Moving Santa with remote 😄sold me
Youtuber Yung
Youtuber Yung:
To me his face just look like the front grill of the santa fe...
Эльдар Зайнуллин
Эльдар Зайнуллин:
Мне нравится! , уменя гранд сантафе тоже отличная машинка 130000 проехал все до сих пор идеально , у новой думаю так же все будет отлично
Mdor al heen
Mdor al heen:
During your experience, which is stronger Santafia or Serento 🔥🔥🔥
I absolutely love the looks of this new Sants Fe, in fact to be honest, looks more interesting than the Sorento, but it is WAY better value for money than the VW tiguan or Skoda Kodiaq.
You're testing this like a sports car! :)
Tremann Salh
Tremann Salh:
can you also compare the new 2021 Kia Sorento to this new Hyundai Santa Fe. PLEASE.
2.5t for the United States too I hope? I'm guessing the US model will get the 2.5 n/a 4cyl as the base engine
Carlos Nuckols
Carlos Nuckols:
You where right, the Santa Fe looks way better in person.
aradhana Singh
aradhana Singh:
I would pick the Sorento instead of this 🔥👍👍👍👍
Wow! Fantástico apresentation, greetings from Curitiba City, Brasil.
Luis Enrique Quispe Vasquez
Luis Enrique Quispe Vasquez:
No entendí nada de lo que dijiste porque no se hablar inglés pero un like 👍👍👍
Ana Anna
Ana Anna:
Super 👍👍👍👍👍Реально Круто 👍👍👍👍💫💫
MR jagat sraw
MR jagat sraw:
Can you kindly make a video for kia Sorento 2021 vs Hyundai santa fe 2021 comparison please. I'm from Melbourne Australia. We don't have both models yet but I'm intrusted to see what's the difference in third row seating.
Mud Prince
Mud Prince:
New santafe has new Hyundai HVAC anti-dust Air conditioning technology yet?
Srchangwaytogo C.
Srchangwaytogo C.:
You got me at second 5 when noticed the 60fps. Subbed!
Natalie Tr
Natalie Tr:
Luv watching your reviews, hope the Santa Fe come to US very soon, can't wait to own this one!! Thanks for the video!!
James K
James K:
Great review. Btw he sound like he’d be good a teacher, the way he says, “Okay guys!”, “Okay” and “right guys” throughout the video. His voice is very pleasant. 😁
Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh:
It's like every 6-8 months Hyundai brings in new shape n model , I was looking into the 2019 one and now this one will be coming out...
I love your reviews. Straight to the point, and very informative. I laugh every time you speed through corners. You put the hammer down. Keep up the great work. Always a pleasure to watch.
Great exterior design. Even Second and third row looks interesting. First row is lit. Wheel rim looks a bit gimmicky. Love the running light. Grill got bigger(obviously). Overall great improvement. Hyundai needs to be praised more for thier effort.
Chan Jung
Chan Jung:
thanks for the amazing video, how was the seats? was it on the hard-sporty side or was it more of comfy-luxury side?
S A:
Thanks for the review! You're smile while driving said it all 😊
​​​​​ I have a previous-previous year Santa Fe, but this ticks all the boxes for me, can't wait to test drive it.
Jayan Kozhikote
Jayan Kozhikote:
Greetings from India. Good review mate. 👍👍👍 . Any idea when the face lifted Tuscon getting launched in Korea?
Omar Eleter
Omar Eleter:
I like the way you have added to the way you’re presenting your reviews with the added screen takes between scenes. Great job 👍🏻

New Santa Fe looks really good! Liking it.
johann trader135
johann trader135:
Great review! Can i please ask what the background track is? It's great!
Excellent video once again! Thank you... 2 questions
1 -Any word when it will be available in Australia
2 - Does it have wired or wireless Apple Carplay / Android Auto?
Manh Tri Tran
Manh Tri Tran:
Thank you for always instantly updating first reviews. Love your work!
I've one just like that in Korea. Very brand new one. Amazing SUV. Good to go with it anywhere. Thanks for the good explains.
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Vargas:
Go Hyundai hybrid SUVs go... cool
Ben S
Ben S:
Looks great. Would be my top pick unless Tuscon is as nice. Do you know when the new Tuscon comes out? This suv always reminds me of the BMW X5 for a lot lot less. It's a very underrated SUV. Hope it gets a 2.5 L though or 2.5 L turbo.
Hendra Kurniawan
Hendra Kurniawan:
Have you tried in full speed? I wonder about the top speed on this car anyway
C N:
2021 Santa Fe or 2021 Sorento?
Richard Shelton
Richard Shelton:
Looks like another home-run by Kia. I love your reviews! Thank you!
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah:
Is it a Front Longitudinal RWD machine?
How about the Kia Sedona, is it also Front Longitudinal RWD?
Joe Bullington
Joe Bullington:
This was my first time to your channel. I enjoyed your review very much and have subscribed. I look forward to watching more of your videos. Be well and be safe.
Home run car and thanks for the great video! And yes, I'm already subscribed, lol
Thomas C
Thomas C:
Great review, thank you. When will you review the 2.5L turbo engine version as well as publish a more detailed review of the 2021 Santa Fe? Cheers.
Cool design, however they keep on changing the look so drastically every year or so is not going to be good from a brand stand point .
Saeed Mirzalimov
Saeed Mirzalimov:
You know, only because of your video test drive. I am in love in this car! So and I going to buy this model! Whaling for petrol 2.5. So if you have any info when this coming please let me know! Thank you
Always like your reviews, thanks for this.
A couple of questions:
1) I think I may have missed it - does it have matrix led headlights?
2) any information on a diesel particulate filter?

I have to say the T shaped DRLs are a very cheeky copy of the Volvo Thor lights, just on a different angle!
Martin Kang
Martin Kang:
What about the steering feel? Does it have a good on center feel to it? Or does it feel numb and feels disconnected like most cars with electric steering?
Hyung Park
Hyung Park:
Any idea if the USA version will also have a third row as an option? I like the Palisade but not happy upper trim levels only come with captain chairs. Thanks
Anibal Rivera
Anibal Rivera:
Does the second row has its own way to control the AC like the palisade?
Damn... Hyundai/kia designers needs pay raise for the beautiful car design... 💯 point for the design.....
Lexon 2262
Lexon 2262:
Great presentation 👍 but please use "very very" much less please, it's very very annoying. 😉
pj Julian
pj Julian:
Dang koreans are whipping them Japanese
Awesome review sir
bunga indianadewi
bunga indianadewi:
4:21 how come?
Pavel Riha
Pavel Riha:
Amazing car. Hyundai really knows what to do. So pitty there is not stronger engine 3.0 diesel with 200 kW...it would pass to this car (as well as Kia Sorento) so much!
medomilar Bah
medomilar Bah:
I think I prefer the santafe to the Sorento. Very nice review as always 👍
Yiannis Demetriou
Yiannis Demetriou:
Million dollar question: this one or Sorento! I am confused! Charlie you have driven and seen both! Give us a quick comparison please :)
Happy Robins
Happy Robins:
Yes my good Asian friend, I'm a big fan of your channel. Hyundai and Kia is doing an amazing job with their cars lately 👍👍from 🇨🇦
Aashray Poudel
Aashray Poudel:
Will this car come with all those features in Nepal as well? It would be great! 🇳🇵
Ahlan Habibie
Ahlan Habibie:
Oh man! when will this new santa fe come to Indonesia?
Martín Almonte
Martín Almonte:
New sorento 6speed transmision and the new santafe 8 speed transmision ?
Carlos Nuckols
Carlos Nuckols:
This makes me question is a BMW really better or more luxurious than a Hyundai
We appreciate your reviews and they are definitely improving. If I may offer a suggestion, please try to minimize the wow, whoo, and very very terms. Somehow it seems too promotional and less objective. Thanks again for these great reviews.
chris mawioo
chris mawioo:
Thanks for the review
Fahd Almatriy
Fahd Almatriy:
اشكرك ع معلومات القيمه وانا اتبعك من قديم واتمنا لك حظ موفق هلشان انت 👍
J High
J High:
Those DRL's look like inverted Thors Hammer DRL's from Volvo.
Daksh Gumber
Daksh Gumber:
Hello there,
This is a great video. Thank you for your time. I was wondering if you could put up a video comparing the new 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Turbo Charged and BMW X3 2019 2.0 T please. It would be really helpful.
Beautiful 😍 when will be Launched here in Philippines? Is it Fuel Efficient?
great review..do the 2nd row seats in the santa fe recline and can they be moved forwards / backwards? Also, does it have Heads Up Display?
Charlie Ramirez
Charlie Ramirez:
Another great review! What is your overall impression/comparison against the Palisade?
Rol Rus
Rol Rus:
хорошие видео, только мало уделил внимание торпедной консоли
Cayman West
Cayman West:
Well done review and thanks for evaluating the paddle shifters, a feature very important to me. Hopefully, Hyundai brings the PHEV version to the US in the upcoming model year. In the meantime, keep up the great work.
Damn !!! South Korea is killing it with these vehicles.
Michael Liu
Michael Liu:
0:14 - 777M Subs 😂😂
Luis Benitez
Luis Benitez:
Great video. Is the 3rd row model coming to US? Thank you
Pradhana Rizki Wibowo
Pradhana Rizki Wibowo:
I want this really bad... But still love my DM Santa Fe... Hope will arrive in Indonesia soon...
Saeed Mirzalimov
Saeed Mirzalimov:
Hello it’s beautiful car! Korea is great! When 2.5 turbo is coming?
ابراهيم علي
ابراهيم علي:
I think ther's something wrong with exterior design specialy in the back of the car
Potter People
Potter People:
Nice review. Came upon your channel a couple of months ago and subscribed. Looking forward to more reviews!
Basim Razzo
Basim Razzo:
You just love the word very .lol
You use it so much !
Auto68Plus Phú Quốc
Auto68Plus Phú Quốc:
Very likeable and pleasant personality. Please continue!
Alan Rad
Alan Rad:
Very very nice, very very stable, very very good! 😂
efrain kennedy
efrain kennedy:
How it compares to the new sorento, which one you like the most?
Andri Marchian
Andri Marchian:
Damn ... Nice car with great technology for such car.
Korean car are surely beyond Japanese car these days for cheaper price.
Is it just me or does the front end remind you of Pikachu?
Sijo Francis
Sijo Francis:
I am from India eagerly waiting for this santafe.... can u tell when will it launch in India n about the varient, price??
I have subscribed ur super presentation....
Welcome to India....
Marcelo Reis
Marcelo Reis:
Always the best car reviews...greetings from Brazil!! Big fan of yours...
Ma Ar
Ma Ar:
didn’t know it was a 3 row.
Hanif Nurul
Hanif Nurul:
Thanks for the review. I just subcribed to your channel. Love korean car. I have both first gen sorento and santa fe. Really good and robust car. No doubt, korean quality.
Excellent review. I’m a happy subscriber. I think you do a great job of saying the stuff that really matters. I was liking the Pallisade until you reviewed this guy.
Dheeradj Lachman
Dheeradj Lachman:
Wow nice SUV i like the 2021 version waiting for the video thanks Asian petrol head!! 👌
Shamik Roy
Shamik Roy:
Video is as nice as the car...great job keep it up!
Any news about the variants to be available in the middle east markets?
And when it will be launched?

Thanks & much love.
Kenny Vu
Kenny Vu:
nice car I will get one when they come out ...
Fernando Partida
Fernando Partida:
You need to make a video on the Kia Forte hybrid
m P
m P:
Hyundai/Kia need to make a sport version of this car, I am thinking of getting this car now!
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan:
Be honest....how many speeding tickets have you gotten in your lifetime?! Lol. Boy gets ON IT!
Awesome 👍
Azat Kossumov
Azat Kossumov:
is there a version of santa fe without virtual cockpit?