Winnie Harlow's Afterparty Beauty Look — Just in Time for Fashion Week | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Model Winnie Harlow shares her New York Fashion Week getting ready routine—along with her recipe for a homemade mask.

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Winnie Harlow's Afterparty Beauty Look — Just in Time for Fashion Week | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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H&M Science
H&M Science:
She’s so beautiful like her whole face shape is symmetrical
nasni koledin
nasni koledin:
I guess everyone forgot about her horrible personality on ANTM
Ricc Lee
Ricc Lee:
She is absolutely physically gorgeous, too bad her inner beauty is not.
Melody Voss
Melody Voss:
I showed my 11 yr old son your video & he said “What?!...Oh, Wow.....” (he just paused & kept watching) then he said “That is SO COOL! Her skin is so COOL! ” He had a huge smile on his face.
cook ies
cook ies:
Who else came here only to see how she puts her foundation on ?
roxanne S
roxanne S:
I love how God creates us in different shapes and colors. To see one of his creations in this woman's beautiful skin uniqueness blows my mind. The creation of God is beautiful and she is beautiful. I love her skin !
Elisa van de Vorst
Elisa van de Vorst:
No one:

Not even a soul:

Not even a ghost:

Winnie: aplies a mask with a FoRk!!??
I have vitiligo too and Winnie is one of the reason i have confidence in my skin and stopped putting makeup over it.
Because of people like you, Michael Jackson's condition is much more understood
Zendaya next please, I've been asking for soooo long 😭
Manorma classes
Manorma classes:
She is inspiration for all those girls who are loosing their confidence because of vitiligo & she is very beautiful
Spongebob _stan
Spongebob _stan:
I like how most of her products aren’t expensive like other celebs
Wierd Bang
Wierd Bang:
The fact she can cover it up but doesn’t makes me feel more confident
Bella Palla
Bella Palla:
"You have to protect yourself no matter what job you're in."
Yes girl preach
Ebonee Scott
Ebonee Scott:
Use me as a: WE NEED ZENDAYA NEXT button 😭♥️
Mariana Rodrigues
Mariana Rodrigues:
I love how she talks about her skin breaking out while literally having the clearest and most beautiful skin ever...
Ava Aldridge
Ava Aldridge:
I have vitiligo on one side of my face around my eye, and this is honestly so helpful lol. I look up to her since she’s the first model with the same skin condition I do😁
Anira Seraug
Anira Seraug:
her vitiligo on her arms and hands is gorgeous. because it is so symetrical. idk it just wow
I love her strong personality despite her skin issue. Shes still who she is and shes a proud strong beautiful woman people envy that, everyone loves to bring up antm, and judge her for being her, as if they were perfect little angels themselves. Oh well
Sentient Void
Sentient Void:
she has like the most perfect cupids bow
Larissa Karski
Larissa Karski:
She’s the first person I’ve ever seen who puts a face mask on with a fork .... kinda here for it tho
sarah stone
sarah stone:
God knew she would be beautiful with either shade of skin, so he combined them! beautiful like His rainbows!
Kim Coco
Kim Coco:
As a girl who doesn't do makeup a lot, I'm always fascinated by all those layers applied on the skin 0_0
"I don't conture"
*starts conturing*
Queen Jay
Queen Jay:
My cousin Shanya has vitiligo and she has one white hand and one black hand and has been faking a relationship for a year now(by taking hand holding pictures)- if thats not iconic I don’t know what is. (Edit) Shanya is asexual by the way and boys fetishize it so she does this so guys stop hitting on her and being gross.
Sara Saiti
Sara Saiti:
She's the definition of pretty on the outside, ugly in the inside.
Kim Coco
Kim Coco:
Also she has beautiful eyes, they're so deep it kinda looks like pearl * - *
lily quesadilla
lily quesadilla:
When you see her use a metal fork to mix the clay mask🤦🏾‍♀️
Congratulations, it won’t do anything now
Ruth Bright
Ruth Bright:
*She’s so gorgeous and unique. I can’t get over it—*
Mia Francesca
Mia Francesca:
Please make one of these videos with Blake Lively!!!
Robin Miller
Robin Miller:
I love how she used a fork to apply the mask lol... get you a fan brush, or even a foundation brush to apply it girl

She is GORGEOUS though!!!!
Chela M
Chela M:
Regardless of vitiligo, I don't really see the hype about her "model look"
Ayumi 可愛い
Ayumi 可愛い:
i'm SUPER happy she doesn't try to hide her condition - many people do - be yourself, you're beautiful how you are!
prinny tills
prinny tills:
im literally dying at how perfect her lips and brows are like😍
Winnie: “ I don’t want to over exfoliate my skin”

Doja Cat: Hold my drink! 😂
Rachel Murphy
Rachel Murphy:
“ I don’t contour my face” *contours face*
S G:
I love how she owns her condition and shes so comfortable and confident. Beautiful girl ❤
Alexander Tries
Alexander Tries:
Winnie is such a beautiful doll. I can’t look away... 😍🖤
Mikayla 5593
Mikayla 5593:
I envy how she looks so cute without false lashes :>
Alba Panyella
Alba Panyella:
she has the most beautiful lips wtf 😭😭😭😍😍😍
Female Villan deku
Female Villan deku:
17:50 those lips be slaying thooo
I was at my boyfriend house for his party and he said i dont think you wear makeup and i said
cute i beat my face up tho
michelle michelle
michelle michelle:
I told me she so intrusive coolly I am reading her bio .
do not underesand racist but is her natural skin or she made it some how
kaep jjang
kaep jjang:
beauty gurus: uses overpriced brushes to apply masks
Winnie: uses fork like a queen
I love her she is so pretty I WANT her confidence and her pallet is amazing I would use that in like a week 😂😂
Chrisan Vlogs
Chrisan Vlogs:
Omg you're so pretty me,my sisters and my brother talk about you all the time!❤️🔥😍✊
Adele Kader
Adele Kader:
who else's eyes started watering when she did the drops...
Amanda Loftis
Amanda Loftis:
"I'm gonna use this brush that looks like a cat's paw."
jessica prince
jessica prince:
Didn't she make fun of another black celebrities natural hair ?? And everything I've read about her is that she's a pretty sour person. She cute but not that cute....
"In the moment you have to live where you're at." Amen sister.
gonzales hill
gonzales hill:
She’s going to be one of the 5% of actors the will never do drugs.
me: looks absolutely nothing like winnie but uses the same moisturiser and night cream
also me: shocked i don't look as good as her
I love Winnie sm💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 I've been watching "America's next top model" like every single sec!!!!!!!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Mariana Weinrebe
Mariana Weinrebe:
I came here to see how she puts the foundation on, but now I'm just in shock that she applies her face mask with a FORK
michelle michelle
michelle michelle:
I like know it a mask beauty parlour "
a mask babeeeeeee
Ricci Reneé
Ricci Reneé:
you're not supposed to use a METAL fork when u apply the mask that she's applying. it aint good
emma marie
emma marie:
she’s one of my favorite models <3
Icey Savage
Icey Savage:
The most beautiful model I have ever seen 🔥❤️🥰
V K:
Please bring lana del rey to do her make up
Sophia Saldana
Sophia Saldana:
when she did the eye drops my eyes watered and im just sitting here
Apricot’s adventures
Apricot’s adventures:
I’ve fallen in love with you and your openness. What a wonderful girl
mikaylin _sims
mikaylin _sims:
“we don’t wish we can draw it in” ugh yes❤️
I love everything about this video♥️ her personality is so attractive
g g
g g:
She had to give an explanation as to why she was covering her eyelids. She must have been slightly scared of getting backlash for that. It is crazy that these people cannot do anything without getting backlash and being criticised.

But anyway
You’re gorgeous, you go girl!
Stacy Chongloi
Stacy Chongloi:
Shoutout to everybody that skipped through all the parts except where she puts on foundation!😂
Love her tone of Voice - So calming
MH Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic
MH Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic:
Absolutely stunning, beautiful and a complete inspiration. I love how you don’t cover the can teach us all allot 🙌🏾
she’s so pretty!
in a special way ❤️
I absolutely love how Winnie embraces her skin, she's so stunning is every single way
Nay Tae
Nay Tae:
She is really beautiful. The way that she feel great with herself... I really admire her
I love her personality <3 :) She is also incredibly beautiful. <3
Lucy Baumann
Lucy Baumann:
Describing that brush as a “cats paw” is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.
Şule Turgut Balcı
Şule Turgut Balcı:
"So are you black or white?"
Winnie: *yes but no*
Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma:
I can't get over her lips. I mean they look like somebody drew them. They are THAT perfect.
Norhana Mamalinta
Norhana Mamalinta:
She is really beautiful even though she has a white spot?i don't what is that but i really appreciated her unique beauty😍😘
Kirstin Bianca
Kirstin Bianca:
You’re such a sweetheart ❤️
Sam Poche
Sam Poche:
Out here giving Auntie Jackie Aina her love 👏🏾👏🏾
We need Blake Lively next!! Imagine how fun it’d be
Customer Care
Customer Care:
I love how she dosent like to cover her white spots
Aliya Khatun-ali
Aliya Khatun-ali:
14:09 She reminded me of Shay Mitchell at this part of the video
•s h o o k•
•s h o o k•:
Either way she's still pretty and beautiful 🥺
Katelyn Edwards
Katelyn Edwards:
Omg you’re so beautiful 😍 i love your skin! It’s so perfect 👌 no bumps and not too much breakouts!
PeepeePoopoo • 69 years ago
PeepeePoopoo • 69 years ago:
I love her but her past ruined the vibe of this video
Parishmita Rajbongshi
Parishmita Rajbongshi:
She is so pretty ..I love her talking Style ♥️♥️ voice 😚♥️
LeAvEme AlOnE
LeAvEme AlOnE:
I love her personality she seems so cool. Also her lips are like perfect wtf 😍😍
Laura Sepúlveda
Laura Sepúlveda:
I hadn't notice the dark circles around her eyes until now
Aamu Nistala
Aamu Nistala:
Who pretends to be in one of these videos when their doing their skin care routine?
Bogoslav Paunovic
Bogoslav Paunovic:
no hate but I will never forget how ungrateful she was to Tyra banks...
i LOVE her personality!! confident and fun :) proud of you.
Her voice is so soothing, and she’s so beautiful!!
Yasmin Adan
Yasmin Adan:
i dident know you were wearing a wig until you mentioned it
Sham Persaud
Sham Persaud:
Winnie Harlow is so naturally beautiful..I love her.
Joahan Stars
Joahan Stars:
She’s stunning but her attitude isn’t going to cut it 😭😭😭
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis:
Lovely personality, love to see her with foundation for a change,either way, its her personality that shines through, regardless of her looks.
Lady Valmar
Lady Valmar:
She's absolutely lovely! So beautiful!
Liliana Rubio
Liliana Rubio:
She legit used a fork to apply the mask I love her😭😭
Hapsari Pramelia
Hapsari Pramelia:
She's already pretty before she puts the make up on, I'm jealous :")
Tiffany Sung
Tiffany Sung:
Why do I feel like this isn’t how her personality actually is, it all seems so forced.