Why Studio Ghibli Movies Feel Like a Dream

back with another studio ghibli video! ☁️ i could talk about ghibli for days (but i think you know that already). let me know if you'd like me to talk about more aspects of ghibli movies! I didn't even mention the music/score which is such an important part of those films as well. what is you favorite ghibli movie, or one that makes you feel like you're watching a beautiful dream? for me it's, of course, spirited away directed by hayao miyazaki (my favorite film in the world)! ?? hope you guys enjoy this one, as much as i enjoyed making it!

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Amina Grcic
Amina Grcic:
For me it's all the movies, but Howl's Moving Castle is what has the most "dreamy" vibes
iconic jade
iconic jade:
i'm obsessed with all of them but there's something about kiki's delivery service that just hits me
Pratistha Bhatta
Pratistha Bhatta:
"you can't remember your name?"
-no, but for some reasons I remember yours.
Ikaro _woth
Ikaro _woth:
Even tho Whisper of the Heart doesn't have any fantastical elements outside Shizuku's book, it's the one that makes me feel the more dreamy. There's something about her everyday life, her cute little romance and her journey to write her book that feels so magical to me without having any magical aspect really. I think it's a really underrated ghibli movie, the majority of people think it's boring because it's not a fantasy one, but I think it's one of the best ever made cause it doesn't need those magical elements to feel dreamy
selvi Onelove
selvi Onelove:
I like ghibli Movies because there is no Social Media , no Phones... They are all living in the Moment
Consol Cano Morató
Consol Cano Morató:
One of the ideas Princess Mononoke expresses is that nothing is 100% bad or 100% good, it was my first movie and I can't describe my feelings when I watch this movie.
Howl's moving castle has always stood out to me. I've always oddly identified with howl he's dramatic, overly emotional, cowardly but he's always trying to do his best for others and still has a very good heart :)
A Kristina
A Kristina:
For me Ghibli movies are a form of escape from my busy city. Its like everything is slowing down and that I can reconnect with my inner child again. When I watch them I imagine my futur home, surrounding by grass, trees, a little garden, sweet animals and children running around. This is why my favorite scene for sure is in my Neighbor's Totoro when the trees start to grow really fast in the garden
Juliette Raymond
Juliette Raymond:
lady eboshi isn’t evil at all really, she’s only the antagonist of this very specific story because her goals go against the protagonists’. she’s the good guy of her own story and she doesn’t WANT to hurt anyone for the sake of doing so, she just wants what’s best for her people
great video and analysis!!! ghibli's magic "systems" are so open, unruled and unstructured (in a good way)...when you usually watch western fantasy films, fantasy aspects are normally very layered, categorized... take harry potter for example!! yet, ghibli's openness leaves room for wonder, for the viewer to put their own feelings and emotions and meanings to the mix... it's what makes them special :)
TyCena Royalty
TyCena Royalty:
Can’t way to have kids so I can make them watch all these movies
Shay Gordoni
Shay Gordoni:
nausicaa of the valley of the wind is so underrated, it’s such a magical movie!
We all live inside a (Ghibli) dream...
Caroline Rolama
Caroline Rolama:
I’m right now rewatch a Ghibli movies and see them as old person it’s so different. I’m so amazed how deep and beautiful these cartoons. Especially I love how much attention is paid to nature, environment problems and relationships between girl and boy (not romance, but support and care as friends)🥺💖✨
Ana Pau Chacón
Ana Pau Chacón:
I love all Ghibli movies but Howl's Moving Castle just makes me feel something so magical and dreamy I cannot describe. Every element of this movie is perfectly placed to make us feel all the magic of the story, as well as every character and the imagery of the movie.
I grew up watching spirited away and it never failed to make me cry to this day
Michael Moran
Michael Moran:
I would ass "lightness" to the list. The music is light and airy. The characters feel light, even Totoro who is heavy has a lightness. The colors used are light, they are not deeply saturated, although very distinct shades. Edges are soft, and there are always things that are up in the air as part of the story.
tamsin sylvie
tamsin sylvie:
Would you mind doing a Studio Ghibli movie for Myers Briggs personality types? It would be a lot of work, so I understand if not 🥰❤️
Luz Perras
Luz Perras:
Kiki’s Flying Delivery was my first film and the flying with the Soaring song is so iconic and dreamy to me! Flying, traveling, talking cat companion, cute bakery 🧁, I can go on why I find Kiki’s world so dreamy ⭐️
Nina itsthisnina
Nina itsthisnina:
Loved what you said about not all female leads having to be strong...
I feel like that's being neglected these days and it's really important
Deniz Kayalı
Deniz Kayalı:
This is one of the most wholesome videos/analyses I've seen. Also, ironically, I felt intense nostalgia as you described the characters and the feelings they give. Thank you!
Melany Ordoñez
Melany Ordoñez:
I started watching Studio Ghibli's movies because of the way you described them. And I really really love them now, they're just so magical and full of little details... thank you so much for talking about everything with love and kindness 🌸
Excellent topic Monika, My Neighbor Totoro is definitely like a dream
My personal top three are spirited away, from up on poppy hill and howl's moving castle
Studio Ghibli creates a unique vibe and atmosphere, the movies are comforting and leave one feeling happy and inspired 👼
I love your little insights on studio ghibli, i've discovered their work just recently
Love from germany!
There's something about Castle in the Sky that hits me the most in the heart, but I can't determine what... Probably this magical introduction I like to replay multiple times ?
Olivia Broussard
Olivia Broussard:
The music in howls moving castle puts me in that dream state💜🎼
When I was in elementary school I didn't have a lot of friends, and I was being bullied, I wasn't having a good time. But I had a Friend 2 years older than me, and every time I went to her house we would watch some ghibli movie, specially Totoro. Those are probably my happiest moments of that time. That's why these movies are so important and nostalgic to me. Sadly our friendship broke up because of an argument that our moms had, but every time I watch a ghibli movie, I remember happy childhood moments.

I'm sorry for my english. And have good day (´・ᴗ・ ' )
Emily Grubbs
Emily Grubbs:
Ghibli movies tend to have scenes that some may say are too long or boring but those scenes always bring me peace and inspiration! Ghibli movies are very dreamlike and its what makes them so whimsical! Great video!
I thought I was the only one who felt like I was dreaming when I watched a Ghibli movie 🤭✨
Shay Gordoni
Shay Gordoni:
Man I wish my dreams was like Ghibli, they’re just scary and weird..
Eva Chu
Eva Chu:
My ultimate favorite is Kiki's delivery service, there's just something very close and personal to me in there, the experiences of Kiki remind me of things I cannot describe. The way she has to fly far away and create her life somewhere else for a long time, how Kiki tries her best to deliver the supplies, even though rain is pouring and she has other things to attend to. I especially loved the scene where Kiki helped granny bake the pie for the snobby grandkid, it just shows that she is different from the spoiled kids, that she cares and appreciates all the little things. Theres a scene where Kiki meets up with artist Ursula once again and takes a trip with her to regain her flying abilities, I think it was such a reliefing scene, becouse the atmosphere felt so warm, yet so surreal. I also love that the animation was made in a 1950's manner, the vintage elements are so ethereal. When Kiki was bored sitting and working at the bakery, all she had to do was watch the view from the window, and occasionally noticed people going by there, like the fancy lady who was a designer, as Kiki mentioned how she would want to be more like her. Also she was quiet on the scene where I noticed a girl with a big hat and flowy long summer dress, hopping on on a motorscooter and driving off with some boy. I don't know why but I really enjoy these things that happen outside of the main characters world, things that the viewer gets to see which are totally unrelated to the story itself, but more to portray something more that is happening behind the scenes, so there's all the room to reimagine the world how you want to see it. Anyways, I could write a whole book about each Ghibli movie, but I don't have the patience 'nor need to write all of that, as many people have ideas of their own :)
Ruta Milewski
Ruta Milewski:
My favorite movie of all time Whisper of the Heart definitely makes me feel like I'm in a dream in some way even though there aren't necessarily any fantasy elements in it. Idk there's just something so beautifully intimate about taking us the viewer into the beautiful imagination of her book and just the wonderful magical things and places she finds in her day-to-day life. Shizuku is just such an amazing character and I look up to her so so much. She helps remind me to look for the magical things in life and that the stories in books are truly amazing. My favorite Ghibli girl ❤️. Also ngl but I lowkey teared up watching this video bc of the way that you described these movies was absolutely spot on. I just have such an emotional attachment with all of these movies as I was growing up :').
Esra Torun
Esra Torun:
the first ghibli film that i saw was grave of the fireflies, cried so hard. then howl's moving castle which is the first that i saw from miyazaki, i felt the magic firstly in this. but in these days my favourite is kiki's delivery service cause kiki is so similar to me idk maybe cause i'm aquarius lol.
Sun and Her flowers
Sun and Her flowers:
I really like kiki. The lesson in that movie is so deep like how hard it is to achieve ur dreams or to look for something that u really want to do and to find urself and ur passion in life. I really love it and also whisper of the heart❤️
Now that International students have to leave the country, what are you going to be doing :( I hope you are doing well Monica 🥺🧡
I wish I had that little stuffed totoro toy. It's sooooo adorable.
tamsin sylvie
tamsin sylvie:
Every time I watch one they just inspire me and make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. :)
Kathleen Cayabyab
Kathleen Cayabyab:
Yaayy an anime movie list 😁

(I've watched all of em' tho ;-;)
원우s u n f l o w e r
원우s u n f l o w e r:
Great timing! I've been into studio ghibli films lately.
I saw the instagram story you posted about a month ago when you first started working on this! It was worth the wait, great video!
Letícia vieira
Letícia vieira:
Spirited away really feels like a dream to me because I watched it when I was very young (I think I was 6 years old) and I never had saw anything like this animation before! And when I watched it, it was late at night, so I thought for a long time that I was dreaming! It was really weird when I realized it was a real movie!
Sabina Hope
Sabina Hope:
Kiki's Delivery Service is definitely the one that brings me a lot of those feelings mentioned ✨
Sophie Ligaya dela Cruz
Sophie Ligaya dela Cruz:
I’ve had such a resurgence of Ghibli lately. Studio Ghibli movies make me feel so warm and at home, even when they are tragic or sad. Great video! 💖💖💖
I think these movies are so great because of how they capture a moment, which in-turn, reminds us when everything was interesting as a kid.
Like, how Mai and Satuki observe the acorns. My sister and I did that as kids where we were just FASCINATED with them. And to adults, they were just acorns. And when it comes to magic, I think Studio Ghibli makes it into a moment where you might be like “I wish I could just walk on air and then I could get to where I want to go faster” and then does exactly that in a film. Same with world building “I wish there was a place I could go when I’m scared, or to get away from reality” and then they do that. They’re all strangely relatable in that sense. They take those sensation that you would only share with a close friend, and apply them.
La S
La S:
When I was little, I searched for a castle in the clouds and thought there was a fairy in the forest. And I don't think they were all fantasy.
Because my niece believes in Totoro. I think this is the magic that should be inherited.

Hayao Miyazaki will soon be 80 years old.
When I see his work, I feel like a hometown that doesn't exist anywhere.
And Miyazaki will probably leave this world in the not too distant future. But I want him to stay in this world forever.
ponyo definitely mades me feel like that !! (and all of them, honestly) also, i think nostalgia is just the perfect word to describe any ghibli movie
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons:
My neighbor totoro being my first ever movie, it would have to be my favorite ghibli movie. However I have recently seen a pretty unknown or at least not very talked about movie that i have absolutely fallen in love with. This movie is Lupin the third castle of cagliostro. Being Miyazaki san's first movie way back in 1979 even then the magic that would become ghibli is present. It is a must watch in my book. On a unrelated note, a show that Ive recently watched is the famous Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is a must watch, the first half being a fun mecha high school anime with interesting characters and a great story, the second half completly switches things up becoming a psycho-horror show about the human nature and introspection. Cannot recommend it enough, a masterpiece by miyazakis pupil Hideaki Anno.
I love how they make the creepy looking old ppl as good hearted ppl unlike other movies
Richa Mishra
Richa Mishra:
I loved this soooooo much wow you just put my feelings into words perfectly.. I have to say for me Howls Moving Castle really gets me every time, I think it's the soundtrack but I feel like I've heard it before? It reminds me of something so beautifu; <3
Iris Rose
Iris Rose:
I've recently started watching them by your suggestion. I'm really glad I came across your video. I've almost watched them all. For me, spirited away will always have a special place in my heart. Ty monika.
The way you explain Ghibli movies is so perfect and beautiful.
wonja querencia
wonja querencia:
Studio Ghibli movies makes me have this feeling that I’ve never been able to put words on, but you just did it for me an explained EXACTLY how I feel. My favourite movie is Kiki’s Delivery Service, that movie just hits different 🥺
zineb Houkaik
zineb Houkaik:
It's hard to choose which one is my favorite but I really love Howl's moving castle...
i love all of them, idk but the secret world of arietty is so underrated and its my favourite that just brings back sm nostalgia from tinker bell which used to be my favourite
Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez
Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez:
I think the music is a huge part of why these movies are so dreamy 😍 Joe Hisaishi did an amazing job! I went to his concert in San Jose a few years ago and it was amazing!
Read the title and was like: sounds like a perfect video 🥺 I'm in love with studio ghibli movies, I'm even getting a tattoo related to my favourite 🤍 Ok tbh I know I'll get more and more over time haha
Shazmeen Tandel
Shazmeen Tandel:
I really like all the ghibli movies...😀

Sometimes I just cannot decided which are my top 5 favs...😁😅
Andreea Allie
Andreea Allie:
I remember watching ghibli's movie on disney where there was like idk something like special saturday where there will be ghibli's movie every saturday and i think spirited away was my 1st ghibli's movie and then 2nd was howl's moving castle. I can't stop watching the other ghibli's movies. Totoro really caught my attention because they way the family live in a simple life at those time really makes me feels like "oh i wish i was in those times". I thought i watch enough ghibli's movies until netflix had contract with studio ghibli's. I was the most excited and have been watching almost all of ghibli's movie. I think sprited away and howl's moving castle are most of people 1st ghibli's movie they watched. And when you watch it, you would be obsess with the other movie as well.
tanya's inspirations
tanya's inspirations:
ayelen diaz
ayelen diaz:
ghibli movies are my safe place, whenever I feel overwhelmed by life I watch a film and it just makes me appreciate the little things in life more
Harper Gamble
Harper Gamble:
my neighbor totoro definitely makes me feel like i'm in a dream.
Ponyo is my favorite Ghibli's movie. It felt magical and like a dream from the beginning to the end, I was mesmerized by every single detail, it's a movie that always makes me feel happy.
Lilla My
Lilla My:
I love the Ghibli movies, especially Princess Mononke, My neighbour Totoro and Kikis Delivery express! But I must say that Spirited Away really hits home, it’s my all time favourite!
do you have any thoughts on aya and the witch, the first fully cgi ghibli movie?
M.S. Scott Author
M.S. Scott Author:
“Magic realism - Wikipedia
Magic realism, (also known as magical realism or marvelous realism) is a style of fiction and literary genre that paints a realistic view of the modern world while also adding magical elements.”

I had researched this term for books but have never thought to apply it to movies. Your video is spot on, and your voice and tone make it soothing to listen to 🖤
Avelina Creates
Avelina Creates:
hi! i love watching your videos so much! i have an idea for a series you could maybe do. it could be your favorite movies form the 80s the 90s and other decades! also i just want to say that your movie reccomendation videos are super interesting and helpful! :):):)
Ahh~ I love your videos so much!! You can really tell how passionate you are about Studio Ghibli movies, I would love to watch more related content from you! Everything you said really resonates with me. Studio Ghibli movies always make me feel nostalgic for some reason, maybe it is the dream like quality! I totally agree on the humanity~ thing, I think the fact that the directors/writers are able to make us feel connected to the characters through little moments like you pointed out, really makes the movies so special to watch for children and adults!
муза без ривена
муза без ривена:
its fantactic!!!! amayzing!!! perfect!!and just magic!
Kalea Gilchrist
Kalea Gilchrist:
They art and story in these movies are so beautiful and cozy! 😊☺️
Yaaaay I coudln't wait for this ! I've been binging Ghibli movies 💓 love youuuuuu
Yeah, that’s the question i’ve been asking myself for my whole life
Jenavieve B
Jenavieve B:
Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle have to be my favorite Studio Ghibli films!
Wyatt Marchuk
Wyatt Marchuk:
i started crying at the beginning of this and couldn't stop. just lovely, thank you.
Intan Nisita
Intan Nisita:
For me is princess momoke because all of them and howl's moving castle 🤗😘
omi quelsie
omi quelsie:
me: its just a movie, it cant hurt me
grave of the fireflies: hey-
me: *bawls my eyes out*
Chihiro is a strong female character, it’s just in the west a lot of “strong female characters” are just women with toxic masculinity traits which makes them very unlikeable.

Chihiro, especially in the second half of the movie, shows that she was brave, hardworking, decisive, cares a lot about her friends, and most importantly, was kind. She cried a lot and was always scared, but she still listened to Haku and did her best to get a job in the inn. And when everyone else abandoned Haku and thought badly of him, she was the one who chose to stick by him and helped him undo his mistake. I watched Ghibli movies growing up and their female characters are what I look up to as a young girl. You are right that they are flawed and relatable and that’s what makes them such good character and role model as well.

And while my favourite movie is Kiki’s Delivery Service. Spirited Away was the most dreamy for me. The scene where she was on the train that was running through the water was so dreamy.
pramisha arts
pramisha arts:
Yeah, even me i m obsessed, i even did howls moving castle scene painting recently in my channel and i am so happy with how it turned out, studio ghibli movies are absolute peace to mind
❤️ ❤️
When watching a Studio Ghibli movie or another romantic anime i almost all ways seem to cry inside, mostly in romantic ones it just makes me belive and not lose hope on love, it hepls a lot.
I will never be able to pick a favorite. Each has a unique feeling and memories tied to it. For me there is something special about The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t seen it, but Kaguya just has this beauty in it. The music, the art style, the story; it’s so, so special. It’s also very underrated. Hayao Miyazaki is a genius and there’s no denying it. But Isao Takahata is equally genius I’m another way. I heard a quote from him saying that Miyazaki is a genius and so the expectations are very high. Takahata said that he’s happy he didn’t have that pressure put on him. It allows him to be creative and take more risks in his filmmaking and not worry about putting out a perfect movie. Overall, Ghibli will always have a special place in my heart. To me there is nothing that has that same combination wonder, nostalgia, magic, fantasy, and a dreamlike quality. This is so long but Monika if you see this, thank you for the videos you create. The are beautiful to watch and perfectly describe what we feel when watching these movies❤️
emanuel gautreau
emanuel gautreau:
I just discovered your channel and i got to say it is the first like movie/series/anime channel that i´ve liked and wait...i can´t keep talking in english, it feels weird lol klk dominicano aqui, pero full lo que decia es la verdad, es un contenido bueno y bien hecho, en especial de una paisana, que siempre hay que apoyar jajaja, sigue asi que vas demasiado demasiado bien, hope to see that 1m million plaque soon thoo
Totoro HH
Totoro HH:
I'm 14 now but when I was 3 or 4 I watched Ponyo, The Secret World of Arriety and My Neighbor. Growing up I always thought of them but couldn't fully remember and thought they were a dream, in fifth grade when I was 10, my friend drew a little face and a leaf on her tangerine and said, "Look it's Totoro" and all of a sudden it just hit me, now I am an obsessed weeb and love Ghibli films.

I'm so glad I remembered those movies weren't dreams, I almost didn't click this video but then I remembered everything I just talked about and decided to watch it. 😊
i remember when i used to live in japan as a kid, i watched totoro everyday after school in kindergarten. totoro is indescribable.
Pumpkin Muffin
Pumpkin Muffin:
the train scene in spirited away was my favorite in the whole movie, and it also is probably the most dreamy scene :)
Misha Canlas
Misha Canlas:
Is it just me but there is something about the wind rises and it just hits different for me like I can't explain it , I just feel so connected with the characters idk why.
Ghibli has such beautiful stories, animation, characters and such such amazing voice actors that fit the characters so perfectly, yes ghibli movies do feel like dreams...such amazing dreams that we'll remember forever and hope to show our loved ones so they can come to love and appreciate ghibli too and come to love the colors, characters, the beauty of the movements of the characters cars animals and everything, they all give you such nostalgic feelings like you were there or make you want to be there and physically go on that amazing journey with them and feel at home and laugh and cry with the characters we love
I loved the style and tone of this video; it was like hanging out with a friend. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
Demi Warren
Demi Warren:
I fell in love with spirited away the very first time I watched it. Ever since then I've watched it whenever I can! It's just so magical and will always have a place in my heart
Dis W
Dis W:
So all this time, you english speakers said Ghibli like "jibli" ? My whole life was a lie
AJ Ford
AJ Ford:
I love your videos so much this was such a great analysis!! Been subbed for a while but i’ve been sharing this video around:) keep it up!!
Débora da Silva
Débora da Silva:
"Familiar why is this so familiar
..." 🎶
sophie louise
sophie louise:
the train scene in spirited away just gets me- I wish train journeys were like that in real life hehe
Samantha Castillo
Samantha Castillo:
I never understood the hype until I watched a few of them for the 1st time this summer 😤 they are amazing movies and you can’t really explain how they make you feel!!!
le honyy
le honyy:
I love studio ghibli films ♥ My favorites are Kikis delivery service, howls movimg castle and secret world of arietty ♥♥
san cm
san cm:
Only yesterday is also great.
the ending is so heartfull.
Rihanna Harvey
Rihanna Harvey:
Spirited away always hits me so hard,, the others can't make me as happy as that,,
Markiey Lawrence
Markiey Lawrence:
I watched The Cat Returns when I was young before I even knew what Studio Ghibli movies were but rn my favorite is Kiki's Delivery Service❤️
mires -
mires -:
I am currently watching all the ghibli films and I am loving them! I am watching Howl’s Moving Castle and it feels like what you described
Victoria Roca
Victoria Roca:
lonely .cosplay
lonely .cosplay:
Howls moving castle gives me the best"dreamy and fantasy" vibes it's also my favorite because howl is hot 🌌😂
Golsa Lahooty
Golsa Lahooty:
I love all these movies but when marnie was there and spirited away were my favourites