White House Advisor Hope Hicks Tests Positive For COVID-19

Hope Hicks, one of President Donald Trump's top advisors, tested positive for the coronavirus just days after traveling with him on Air Force One; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.

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Sam Fresh
Sam Fresh:
Trump tomorrow: Hope who? Never heard of her 🤷‍♂️
"Members of the military and law enforcement just want to come over and hug and kiss us because we done such a wonderful job for them." Yeah, right.
Leslley Scotte
Leslley Scotte:
How convenient that he now needs to quarantine for 2 weeks.
Paul Archibald
Paul Archibald:
Awwwwwwwwww. "It is what it is"
Abdul Razak Abdul Majid
Abdul Razak Abdul Majid:
I thought Hope Hicks already left White House.
saundra goehner
saundra goehner:
Stupid excuse to not debate..
Settings Showroom
Settings Showroom:
Air force 1 super spreader extravaganza!
if it ain't foreign it's borin
if it ain't foreign it's borin:
If she drinks bleach she'll be fine
So Trump has tested positive. Are we all on the same page here?
He does not believe in covid nor quarentines. This is all some PR recovery stunt. He’ll come back boasting over how healthy he is and undermining the virus 🦠 to push for immediate reopening.
Trump "COVID who? I don't recall meeting them. Heard of them. They said a lot of nice things and a lot of bad things frankly."
LaVerne Woodward
LaVerne Woodward:
Need that HCQ with Z-Pack.
Charley G
Charley G:
I thought he gets results within 5-10 mins? Hmmmmm. I dont think I've ever seen her with a mask on! Maybe we will all get lucky and he will forget who he is.
one question. why is he going into quarantine for a "hoax virus?" 🤔 make up your mind donald. 🙄

edit: donald trump has tested positive for covid.

donald trumps comments on covid
march 4th 2020
with fox news:
"...so if, you know, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work. some of them go to work, but they get better."

why go into quarantine and "sit around" if you can still work and "get better"? hope hicks working side by side with trump shouldn't be an issue, right?

208,000+ people have died in the u.s. and millions more globally but it's no longer "it is what it is" anymore because it's at his front door. let me guess, will he going to go on his sympathy tour now?
Sleek S
Sleek S:
No worries it will MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR 🤷‍♂️ I think Trump is being a hoax after that awful debate.
Anthony City
Anthony City:
Trump immediately crushed 2 pills of hydroxychloroquine and snorted them off of the Resolute desk in the Oval Office🙇🏼‍♂️
let me find out he trying to find a way to copout on the next debate
Time for a Trump Covid-19 Super Spreader Rally..?
Melvin Ray Spence III
Melvin Ray Spence III:
but remember people we doing a wonderful job though
SilverStacker Wisconsin
SilverStacker Wisconsin:
all he has to do is claim he doesn't know what covid is, never heard of it, but it is being investigated and he will give a comment about it in 2 weeks immediately following his health plan.....don't test and disavow ever knowing about it and it will just go away like magic
cassie dwyer
cassie dwyer:
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy! 🤞
They definitely all have facial syphilis
Stance Lives Matter.
Stance Lives Matter.:
I just HOPE he signed that second stimulus 🤣
Eric Acha
Eric Acha:
Jose Bocanegra
Jose Bocanegra:
Probably got it from one of those disease-infested reporters in the White House press corps loitering around for leaks.
Tee Kash
Tee Kash:
It would be Poetic justice if Trump gets covid during the elections 😊
tanja Cole
tanja Cole:
Does Trump just get up and start talking 🤣I love his way of explanations 🤣
DanBrain Ev
DanBrain Ev:
Zombie virus dont get bit
Thank you Hope Hicks! 💙😁💙
Budget Fabrication
Budget Fabrication:
Karma must have been stuck in traffic.... glad she finally showed up.
Ironic how on literally all Fox News YouTube videos comments are conveniently turned off. Egg on face much?
iris wood
iris wood:
Never Takes ah Break.👦🏿
Barbara Roberts
Barbara Roberts:
trump just announced that HE HAS TESTED POSTIVE FOR CV-19!
T V:
Hope Hicks thank you for your service
Daleel El-Noor
Daleel El-Noor:
Yooooo, all of those megasized Maga rallies and not wearing masks LOL
we also need military medical treatment!
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens:
It is what it is eh. You lay down with dogs,you get covid.
His advisor hoped that Hicks would test positive for COVID-19?
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi:
Keep Hope alive ...

she's a cutie
Ron Krikorian
Ron Krikorian:
Sell yer stocks!! Greetings from Australia
sir cull
sir cull:
Don't share straws?
Unelected Bureaucrat
Unelected Bureaucrat:
I'd be willing to catch Covid19 from her
randomgamer 9780
randomgamer 9780:
I'm offering her free quarantine at my house. I got a stockpile of Gatorade and cigarettes if we need a break.
Mike Man
Mike Man:
The plan for this years election has already been put in place. You leftist will get exactly what you want. Socialism after riots.
She is so hot
Apollo Desert
Apollo Desert:
Fake news lol 😂 right guys? Guys?
Michael Grant
Michael Grant:
Hope hicks is soooo beautiful
thomas 71
thomas 71:
Not Trump’s girlfriend!
You En
You En:
This changes nothing, he is still unelectable imo
Kevin Kohlman
Kevin Kohlman:
ATTENTION Hope Hicks caught a cold! RED ALERT
It's ok, it will be over by Easter.
sobhan gholamey
sobhan gholamey:
Who could even believe that such a talented adviser could have had a disease in her body?
Tim Lee
Tim Lee:
This shows golden shower transmits the coronavirus, even if performed on AF1.
Robert Mckoy
Robert Mckoy:
tested positive and she still won't wear a mask. Smart lady
D E:
Quarantine is a good preparation for prison
Jerrod Braley
Jerrod Braley:
Hope looks alot like Melania. Wondering if she is having an affair with tRump!
Lisa Trevino
Lisa Trevino:
Hope hicks let her guard down. Whoever she talked to. Must have been the D
Trump: " I like (soldiers) who weren't captured"

I like Presidents who don't get infected.
Philip Robertson III
Philip Robertson III:
Don't wanna wear a mask? Don't wanna social distance? Now it's time for you to face the music
Jason Blake
Jason Blake:
99.99% survival rate
Amoni Scarsayzie
Amoni Scarsayzie:
His recovery will further push the vaccine to convince people that it actually works and imagine how many people have it now due to his rally's and presidential events ....madness
JD MacGyver
JD MacGyver:
Just a theory; could this be a ruse to save Trump, he tests positive, gets sick, resigns and Pence takes over and pardons him.
Carlos M
Carlos M:
Trump and Melania both got it!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith:
Curious George
Curious George:
DO NOT BELIEVE IT ..... IT’S A DISTRACTION from the white supremacy issue
I love TRUMP
Lexo Getti
Lexo Getti:
TRUMP meet Lightning Strike.
ted teddy bear
ted teddy bear:
His wife has it she gave it to everyone not hope liers
Sad to say, but "‪#Mangowanker‬'s COVID" sounds exactly like a Trump-trademark scam to get him non-stop news coverage and pity, and get him out of the next debate.
However, a conspiracy like this will be very hard to contain.
Michael Warzenski
Michael Warzenski:
I wish nothing bad or good for her or trump. I wish nothing for them both at all. They both knew what they were doing by touting no masks no masks. His Tard supporters are also to blame as well!
Hope hicks is such a babe
jr guzman
jr guzman:
She's hot
Leigh Oats
Leigh Oats:
See what happens when you allow yourself to be tested for the presence of the novel coronavirus / SARS-Cov-2 / covid-19 in your body? You catch it! That’s science! Testing causes the disease! More importantly, it causes the numbers to go up! I done high school—well, up to grade seven—so I know what I’m talking about. People say that the president is a dummy. I don’t care. He’s _my_ dummy.
Derek Downs
Derek Downs:
Fake news and fake news and fake virus
Looks like Trump is blaiming hope hicks
C L:
I predicted this 2 months ago. The fake president knows he's going to lose in the election and this is how he will get out of the White House without having to lose. They'll say he has covid and he will disappear till after the election.
how is this 'breaking news' .. the cv is supposed to be so contagious, yet with surprisingly low fatality rate, that everybody and their dog should have it by now..
Teresa Baxter
Teresa Baxter:
It couldn't have happened to a better bunch of idiots, now Trump and Melanie test POSITIVE please don't show up at my daughter's Hospital she is a Registered Nurse and you all don't deserve care.
Let's HOPE Biden and his adulterous wife get it......