When Woo Do-hwan meets Woo Do-hwan | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 7 [ENG SUB]

Whether you’re the cute, satoori-speaking Woo Do-hwan or the chic and straightlaced Woo Do-hwan, you’re still getting scolded by Kim Go-eun. Now sit down!

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100+ komento:

Congratulations to woo do hwan for having the best chemistry with woo do hwan 😂
Why does it feels like Tae Eul is a mom scolding her twins while Lee Gon is like a typical husband "You can do it,honey." while chilling on the couch?
Haniah Syariatika
Haniah Syariatika:
It feels like yeong is daddy’s boy and eun seup is mommy’s little muckhin 😂
bia tsuki
bia tsuki:
woo do hwan should win *best supporting actor* . He is so good in this drama 👍
Tae Eul : "Both of you sit down"

Jo Young : **looks at Lee Gon with puppy eyes** "Dad.."

Lee Gon : **Nod** "Just obey what mom said, son"
Luce jean louis
Luce jean louis:
Woo Do hwan in black is how i think i look and act like, then Woo do hwan 2 is what everyone else sees🤣🤣
Nur Aina
Nur Aina:
Queen Bee
Queen Bee:
*Best chemistry:* Woo do Hwan & Woo do Hwan
*Best couple:* Woo do Hwan & Woo do Hwan
*Best Actor:* Woo do Hwan

Damn, one makes me want to protect him w my life & one makes me want to be protected instead
soft N
soft N:
Minho sitting on the couch like "i dont exist here, please ignore me" because he obviously is the one to blame
joyce jimenez
joyce jimenez:
If you dont understand the story, for sure youll hate it and want it to be finished.
But if you understood the story youll love it until the end...
Some hate this drama because their only thinking of the romance between the two lead stars and not the story. Kudos to the director, scrip writer and all the stars their bring justice to the story just hoping its not a tragic ending.
Ariana M
Ariana M:
IN THIS DRAMA, EVERY SECOND MATTERS. You have to keep your eyes wide-opened. You have to keep your brain always working. You have to carefully listen to every single dialogue. Once again, this drama has its every second matters. 👏🏿
Ainnia Adnan
Ainnia Adnan:
jung tae ul - mom
lee gon - dad
yeong - oldest son
eun sup - youngest son

happy family 😂😂😂😂
Yssa Ermitanio
Yssa Ermitanio:
But can we stop a second and appreciate Woo Do Hwan's acting? Damn the duality, he was just there and make us completely believe that it's two actors yet it's just him <3
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
*"Do you a have death wish, I'm talking to both of you"- Eul*
Gon's just remain quiet with a proud face. Damn! I just love how he look at her listen to the whole conversation. Like That's MY GIRL
Athena Bocobo
Athena Bocobo:
I think this drama's rating is lower than what we expected because people watch it more in Netflix and other websites than in televisions (SBS itself). But many people in our country loves this drama so much and we will continue watching till the end ❤
eun sup is that smol bean that you just wanna protect at all costs because he's too pure for this world 🥺💕
The question is...who should I ship Nari with? 😫
Maisarah Aina
Maisarah Aina:
This scene was like
-Go Eun mommy comes in
-Go Eun mommy saw her two opposites character twins Do Hwan fighting
-Min Ho the irresponsible father just smiles knowing his wifey settles it all😂😂😂😂😂😂💓💓💓💓
- Go Eun mommy telling her twins to sit down
- Weirdly Jo Young listens HAHAHAHAHAHA
- Of course, Eun Seob listens GAHHAHAGAGAG
- Min Ho daddy to his wifey, lets go on a date

Jeong Tae Ra Byte
Jeong Tae Ra Byte:
I can’t believe few haters are telling to end this drama and start the next one already
Only few can understand the beauty of this drama
Can’t believe half of the drama is over 😭😭
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
*"She used to just call me Hey or Mister"-Gon*
Jo's shook and mad face Haha.😂 Especially When Gon hold her hands.
Jo's is freaking done face LMAO🤦
Faith Mamoso
Faith Mamoso:
tae-eul is like a mom, trying to discipline her two grown-up sons who seems like they are still going through puberty by the way they talk to each other HAHAHA lee gon is like a dad, watching from a distance and not interfering with tae-eul's parenting with the two dumdums. it's so cute, my heart.
Raizel Valdez
Raizel Valdez:
THE MOST ICONIC SCENE!!! 😂🙌🏻 Hands up to Woo Do Hwan oppa who nailed these two characters! 😍👏🏻💯
Ariana M
Ariana M:
This drama is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! You KEEP QUESTIONING who is who, what would come next, why the who is doing so, what does that mean, where was it taken places corea or korea, etc!!! Not like other so mainstream drama that would tell you everything from A-Z, this drama is superbbb, you keep guessing what one dialogue means, you try to connect one dialogue to another dialogue, you try to screenshot/capture minor cast scene to get the hint, ah this drama very well-made! I've never found such drama before. And today we start to count the days again till friday, this kind of routine saddens me most.😂😂😂
The part where he was all 'don't kill him, he belongs to the government' cracked me up to the point that I woke up my brothers😂
isly delune
isly delune:
It's one of the best LMH's dramas, everything is good, no cliches, evrthg's original, scenes, colors, scenario, photography, places!
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
Jo *"If it is a problem that we look identical, we can solve it by eliminating one"*

1:02 Tae Eul, Jo and Gon lookin blank face to Eun like *TARGET IS CLEAR* Haha.😂 LMAO🤦 I died with their straight face but Eun's dumbfounded look got me laugh so hard I really lost it.
How we look
Expectations : Yeong
Reality : Eun-sup
scarletz anastasia
scarletz anastasia:
Only intellectuals love this drama 🙋‍♀️ My analyze haters hate to watch complicated drama that need them to think, they just like cheesy typical love-hate romance acting clingy 🤷‍♀️
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
When she told them to sit down and She look at Jo and Jo looks at Gon like *SERIOUSLY* But Gon just nods Haha.😂 He's like *Damn! I'm so done with this* LMAO🤦
maowi neun
maowi neun:
How this episode has low ratings i dont understand. THIS DRAMA IS SO GOOD ALSO THE ARTISTS!! whats wrong with knetz
Luce jean louis
Luce jean louis:
His acting skills are just to perfect😍
Gayath Mano
Gayath Mano:
Give all the awards to wo dohwan for his acting😍
Lets all preach woo do hwan for acting two roles 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Woo DoHwan is amazing for altering everything from the smile and speech pattern to the way he walks and stands. He is AMAZING 🥺❤️🔥
May Anne
May Anne:
I think Yeong and Eun-sup are becoming my favorite characters in the King Eternal Monarch. 😂😄 Woo Do Hwan is a really good actor ❤️
Jamless Jimin
Jamless Jimin:
Eun sup is the most funniest character in this drama, he is making the drama funny
I get the computer graphics are genius and all. And I am a Computer Engineer, but still I don't get it how they edit the scene were Woo Do Hwan (Jo Yeong) holds Woo Do Hwans arm (EunSup).
How could they make the same person overlap so perfectly? What is the techniques name?
I like seeing Tae Eul and Lee Gon who were lecturing their twins who were having a fight 🤣
Moon Ice Dream
Moon Ice Dream:
the scene where the yeong acts like eunsup is soooo funny
Woo do hwan’s back must hurt from carrying this drama.
kanwal wahab
kanwal wahab:
Episode 8 had me in laughing like crazy specially when yeong acts enseop. I love do hwan ❤
Gloria Enyabine
Gloria Enyabine:
The scene where eun-sup said I can't believe I am very handsome and Mr jo told him do you just realized now, eun-sup looks betrayed nobody ever told him he was handsome even with that curly hair.
Gwendo_ Lien
Gwendo_ Lien:
This scene is the best one.🤣 It seems like at 0.15 Kim Go Eun like a mother to her 2 twins boy while Min Ho like father sit on a couch “just listen to your mother.” 🤣
Nurul Fatini
Nurul Fatini:
Woo do hwan is very talented. Like, serious. He is very talented. I love his acting😂
Let me be nobody
Let me be nobody:
No one:

Literally nobody:

Me: I can't believe that ratings of TKEM are low......I mean WHY❓

Fans let us show our power 💪🤩

Views: Are we're joke to you😶

Edit:Who is wishing for bromance🤩
Is it just me🙋
Edit 2: This is really first time getting this much like in just a hour😊🤩.....Thanks everyone😍
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
Gon's just letting her girl Eul handle and settled things on her own. Like he already knows and accept Eul's flaws in dealing with this kind stuffs. Holy cow he's really in love with her. FACT!
La Duchess
La Duchess:
Finally people get to see woo dohwan versatility. Look people, he's that good
hey im stupid
hey im stupid:
This drama is so damn good, the story and plot twist everything are beyond my imagination.. ppl who says its boring idk myb we dont have the same imaginary and understanding skills lmao sorry not sorry and the actors also mostly have 2 dffrnt roles they all so good at acting sorry my english not so good
The funniest moment in the entire kdrama😂 (especially “You never told me I was this handsome!” “No one told you??”)

I was hysterically laughing my ass off my dad thought something happened to me in my room😂
Aqsa Khalid
Aqsa Khalid:
Ep 8 this drama became better and better.... More interesting and interesting ....on fire....
Brandon vethanayagam
Brandon vethanayagam:
Am I the only who thinks that Jo Yeong (Kingdom of Corea) & Myung Na Ri (Republic of Korea) are endgame???!!! ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥
do kyungsoo was in happy feet
do kyungsoo was in happy feet:
This drama will have the same reaction as Weightlifting Fairy as it had low ratings as well. Mark my words. Those haters don't have that wild imagination to understand the beauty of this drama.
What’s the point of living if u don’t stan EXO?
What’s the point of living if u don’t stan EXO?:
Now that I finished ep8 I feel like Captain Jo is gonna fall for Nari in Korea world. She seems to be his type.
emily chan
emily chan:
Woo Do Hwan is the highlight in this entire kdrama and I think he is a good actor to hold two roles with two different personalities.

I am still surprised and feeling amazed to the way he speaks as Jo Eun Sup. Don't think other Korean actors can speak that fast.

Woo Do Hwan, you are a good actor and I look forward to your next kdrama.
Cherry Apple
Cherry Apple:
Can’t wait to see LeeEul interview 🤭😔

Plus : I try to not care abt the rating but it’s make me sad 😔
M k
M k:
the King Father are watching the 3
the Queen wife scolding the twins
after the two parent's go for a date.
whataaaaa a happy family! 😂😂
Woo Do Waa Shining moment here are epic. great actor
Eliminate one and they all look at him lol 😂
Brandon vethanayagam
Brandon vethanayagam:
It's pretty funny & obvious that no one hesitated to eliminate Eun-sup!!!
Nafilah Syamlan
Nafilah Syamlan:
Tae eul like a mom scolding their twin children..
what kind of woman doesn't have an axe?
what kind of woman doesn't have an axe?:
2 Woo dohwan is seriously the only best thing in this shoe
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
Jo's has always wear a straight face but everytime he got whipped by Gon and Eun Haha.😂 I can't help it. But to laugh. he look so hilarious always left speechless.
Woo do Hwan is seriously saving this show. He’s the best part of it lol.
Tae Kim
Tae Kim:
*Team Mr. Jo all the way!* He acts cold but you can tell he is a fluff ball ❤ He is just very protective of his majesty his one and only BFF :')
I don't know why they don't like this drama, maybe because it doesn't merely focus on romance.

But this is absolutely a must to watch and I don't want to miss any second of it coz I might miss a very important detail which could solve my questions of the mysteries behind some characters and places.
This is mind boggling to the point where I think it's good that romantic scenes are less important in this case (my opinion). I need more information dialogues to enlighten me from those mysteries more than I need lovelines. But definitely want the main leads to end up happily together.
I need answers but then of course I have to wait episode after episode.
A Torture to my brain due to mysteries and anticipations. T.T
By order of the King: Yeong and Eun Sup needs a SPIN OFF. Stat. ❤️
Dani Sorneo
Dani Sorneo:
Imagine them being a REAL married couple and when they have kids. KGE the wife will look like this scene scolding their kids while LMH just happily sitting and listening to his wife and kids commotion hahhahahah 😂❤️
This just shows you how much of a versatile actor he is! Do Hwan is such a good actor and is really good looking. He’s hilarious but can also be super serious
Xin Liu lovebot
Xin Liu lovebot:
Eun Sup is such a cute bean
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu:
Seriously if Woo Do Hwan doesn't get all of the outstanding actors awards by the end of the year I'd be very disappointed at the grading system. I saw someone else commented on a different video that captures the essence of his performance in this drama: "he has great chemistry with himself" and that, my friends, is the state in life where I want to be.
Vi Oktavia
Vi Oktavia:
Eun seob and jo yeong is the reason why we like quarantine and netflix XD
Prerana Chauhan
Prerana Chauhan:
This show has got me in knots... thinking about what will happen next. The show is like a slow burn. Each and every episode is leading to something big. I really like it. It's different and has my fav actors in it.
Ringleader24 T
Ringleader24 T:
I died when Eun Seop was in shock at how handsome he actually is😂😂like why didnt yall tell him he was handsome?!😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Ojung'a Louisa
Ojung'a Louisa:
Am I the only one who feels like yeong and eunsup their conversations,like woo do hwan had to one up himself all the time😝😝 the shooting must have been hilarious.....
Julianna Wong
Julianna Wong:
Do Hwan is doing an awesome job playing such polar roles!!
Helena Pratiwi
Helena Pratiwi:
I don’t even know where to start, his acting has been amazing since ep 1, he’s so good at portraying emotions through his face and even just his eyes! Starting from ep 7 his scenes keep blowing my mind how he can get into two different roles so well 🤯 I love this drama but his presence makes it even more worth waiting for 😍
Woo Do Hwan is absolutely carrying this drama 😍😍😍😍
I just dont know why the ratings of this are low : (( the heck this is awesome to be watched! I love this!
2 Woo Do Han in one screen shot is priceless. He's killing this dual role!❤👏👏👏❤
He's such a fantastic actor!!! LEgit a die hard fan now for him and his amazing acting skills. The way he switches between both characters has me believing they are two different people! I'm always one to check the differences when it comes to parallel world/doppelganger tropes but his scenes with both characters together are so entertaining!! I hope he continues to get hella cool roles to act in!! (I need to catch up on the other shows he's been in like Save Me, Mad Dog, Tempted, My Country: The New Age(Also loves Seolhyun and Yang Se Jong!!! but Woo Do Hwan's character looks bad ass and i love saeguk dramas, but i got spoiled about the story so i'll watch it soon loool)
Gwaenchana Gwaenchana
Gwaenchana Gwaenchana:
I really applaud Woo Do-hwan for being able to play both characters 😂 When Lee Gon's bodyguard (forget his name oops) imitated Eun Seop (correct me if i got the name wrong), I laughed so hard! 🤣 That was unexpected and SO GOOD!
cr8z-Lil'RN 21
cr8z-Lil'RN 21:
WDH nailed it. I hope he gets credit for his hardwork👏👏👏
Anu Rose
Anu Rose:
Literally the BEST SCENE out of the whole series so far lol
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
When Eul told them *"Both of You, Sit down"*
Eun and Jo's face Be like *WAIT WHAT?* Eun be like a GANGTER MAFIA BOSS here I died. LMFAO🤦
Karen Lisboa
Karen Lisboa:
I'm Just more in love with Woo do hwan right now. For me the best characters of the drama, makes me sigh and laughing at the same time lol... He's doing a great job with both characters. I love this man♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim:
When I see them. Me like: rolling in the floor 😂
Biswajit Baruah
Biswajit Baruah:
this drama is getting more interesting
Min Min
Min Min:
I can just watch woo do hwan talk to himself all episodes I ain't no need this drama anymore. He's just golden.
Fhjsjfnef he better get paid for two roles HAHAHAH
Rachel Na Eun Kim
Rachel Na Eun Kim:
Woo Do-hwan's character portrayals are my fav in this drama, and is pretty much the reason why I'm still watching.
Mope K
Mope K:
I honestly didn't believe yeong and eun seop were the same person. I had to check the cast list again to be convinced.
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
0:55 Gon's face like a proud boyfriend looking and listening to her Mafia Boss be like girlfriend giving orders.
Haha.😂 Freaking Savage Tae Eul
Loving Woo Dohwan since "Save Me"
He is a great actor plus he's serving overflowing visuals🥰❤
this scene had me laughing so hard it took 5 tries and replays before I could see the whole thing . Woo Dohwan is terrific as Yoeng and Eunseob!
This really displays how versatile woo do hwan actually is at acting. It's incredible. The characters are so different, but he portrays them both impeccably! So many kudos to him!
timeywimey 21
timeywimey 21:
This is a group project where Tae Eul is that one friend that sorts everything out, Lee Gon is the one that doesn’t contribute and the twins are the ones that cause a mess 😂😂
Mc Gam
Mc Gam:
Jo's shocking face when Gon *"She just call me Hey, or Mister"*
then hold hands. Eun's face be like *HEAR THAT DO U FREAKING HEAR IT, Crystal clear* She just brightly smile. While Jo is left??????? lmao🤦
Yeong and Eun sup are my favourite couple in this drama 😂
When I was watching the episode I wanted to say like Chandler "Ross Russ, Russ Ross" 😂😂😂😂😂 Woo Do Hwan is the Best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️