what's the name of this song?

the correct answer is uhhhh they all have the exact same melody but that's okay

Thank you so much for watching!

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hey guys back in 2014 i started writing down the names of all the songs that had this exact same melody and it turned into this video thanks for watching love you x
I believe the song is called Darude Sandstorm..
REM LOSING MY RELIGION that's what I've been trying to think of for hours now
Luka Mrse
Luka Mrse:
Seth is basicly just showing what 20 yrs in academic music study can do.

Edit: Woah, now this blew way bigger than I imagined 🤣(Thank you!)
By Legions Hand
By Legions Hand:
Someone: How many instruments do you play?
Seth Everman: YES
o ye thats the one
Orange Orange
Orange Orange:
It took me 5 minutes but I think I found the instrument to that one stringed rectangle it’s called a psalmodicon (psalmodikon or salmodikon) is typically a single-stringed musical instrument, developed in Scandinavia for simplifying music in churches and schools, and providing an alternative to the fiddle for sacred music. (Via Wikipedia)
the funny
the funny:
I was thinking of "What's new Scooby-Doo" the entire time
Cade Rowland
Cade Rowland:
Dude I got to be kidding me, that’s easy. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X smh
ZAPtron Gamer
ZAPtron Gamer:
This man be whipping out the dulcimer.
Chill Beatz
Chill Beatz:
This man can play any instrument thrown at him
Ricardo Khoury
Ricardo Khoury:
Friend: you can copy my homework but change it a bit.

The homework :
꧁ ExotixCya!!YT UwU ꧂ mas del 0% mira este canal Bv
꧁ ExotixCya!!YT UwU ꧂ mas del 0% mira este canal Bv:
The name of this song: "Ho Hey"
ᴢ̵ ᴀ̵ x̵ कर्म
ᴢ̵ ᴀ̵ x̵ कर्म:
SethEverman don't have an instrument, instruments have SethEverman
Saint John
Saint John:
This guy looks like a confused thumb
i have decided to become copyright claimed
Still can’t comprehend on how he can play a doritos at 0:41
"losing my religion" entered the chat
Im Badyz
Im Badyz:
Fun Fact:
When counting on english, your lips won't close completely untill you've come to 1 million.
it’s ‘passenger - let her go’
that’s the only correct answer
Kris Doyle
Kris Doyle:
6 years well spent, Seth.
I thought it was "London bridge is falling down.."
Also the beginning of "California Dreamin" (when they say "all the leaves are brown...")
Me: "How many instruments do you have?"

Seth: "Yes"
I thought of “All the leaves are brown...” in California Dreamin by The Mamas & The Papas
I don' understand, Ah'm just a cowboy
I don' understand, Ah'm just a cowboy:
This man doesn't have these instruments piled in his home, he simply spawns them in depending on his current mood
**Seth Everman posts that one melody and gets fifty copyright claims from fifty different artists**
Ally Dazy
Ally Dazy:
I thought it was "london bridge is falling down" ;-;
Carlos Uvalle
Carlos Uvalle:
"Nada más nació se lo comio su papá, su hermanito zeus le fue a salvar"
Blank Head
Blank Head:
You’d be surprised how common that song is in the mid west...
This guy just casually exposed more than 5 pop songs in under a minute lmao
petike nvák
petike nvák:
i first taught it was doom eternal's THe only thingg they fear is u
mari gold
mari gold:
nah man this is the song of discovery from the legend of zelda spirit tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EeHtn44i-I
"Icon of Sin - Opening to Hell" - Doom 2 OST, Bobby Prince
I would like a accordion cover for 'Ho Hey" ngl
slow your roll
slow your roll:
This guy really just pops in whenever he wants and I'm here for it
Should've said no by Taylor Swift also starts like that
IAm Beats
IAm Beats:
I know this song, this is " *The bald guy* " from Billie Everman!
Felix Svan
Felix Svan:
Never knew I needed some Ho Hey after watching this!
Fée de Sylvestre
Fée de Sylvestre:
I legit thought the song was going to be 'London Bridge'.
FeiCaSh Comenta
FeiCaSh Comenta:
The rest of the world: uses Shazam

Seth Everman: clones himself
Hard bass is Bad ass
Hard bass is Bad ass:
He looked like an angry thumb that was soaked in water for too long
Dima K.
Dima K.:
Also: R.E.M. - Losing my religion! You should include
"The Beatles - No Reply" too
TheDestroyer TK
TheDestroyer TK:
There is also “dreams” by fleetwoodmac
"What's the name of this song?"
There is only one correct answer:
Darude - Sandstorm
Not_a _fanboy
Not_a _fanboy:
My god, I thought that this was going to be one of those Darude - Sandstorm jokes like back in the day.
probably the best cover i've ever heard, waiting for full version
Ninja Jutsu Style
Ninja Jutsu Style:
Teacher: What instrument would you like to play

Seth: yes
I believe that song is the intro to the full version of Doom Eternal Main theme song
MarkEz DEZ
MarkEz DEZ:
I was sooooo confident it was “Let her go”.
Hondaru TV
Hondaru TV:
I expected it to be "California Dreaming".
Been trying to find the name of this song for like ever but thanks to the youtube copyright system i can finnaly find the name :)
Youtube: watch this
Me: I watched it like 6 times already
Youtube: *loads gun* did I stutter
Man, I love your work so much. These 40-ish seconds make my entire day sometimes, so, thank you for sharing! I hope you're having a good day.
This is the “pop songs use only four chords” joke but Seth everman
Jonny pipes the young god
Jonny pipes the young god:
I immediately heard "let her go" out of all of these.
Will we ever find out what the instrument is?, Solve the mystery, come on guys. WE CAN DO IT!
Blackiee Chan
Blackiee Chan:
Oh god I found cursed jacksepticeye I must cleanse my soul
I came here from the comments of "What are Words" saying "im here from Seth Everman"
Now make a compilation of lyrics which end with “tonight”
Santino Queddeng
Santino Queddeng:
For Anyone Wondering What is The White Text In 0:43 It Says "screwdriver". Thank Me Later.
I believe it is called “Never Gonna Give You Up”
Caro Lara
Caro Lara:
I’ve watched this video so many times and I just love it more every time I watch it
Dávid Líška
Dávid Líška:
"Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy....."
Cole World
Cole World:
The question should be “What song isn’t this?”
sokin jon
sokin jon:
When you realize that there are no subtitles: What is this place
Aaron S.
Aaron S.:
"they don't know about us" being in here 😭😭
Popular Guy
Popular Guy:
All i hear is sad music,
REM's losing my religion, and passenger's let her go!
John Johny
John Johny:
This literally sound like Map30 of Doom 2
never realized how many songs use that melody
abhinav singh
abhinav singh:
So many artists decided to copy this tune and some of them had the guts to send you the copyright claim..
Olive Ascolane
Olive Ascolane:
I'm playing this video on 2x speed and honestly it feels like life is punching me softly
Ivan Trevisan Wippel
Ivan Trevisan Wippel:
I can feel him staring into my naked soul at 00:40
Ahmad Ayaz Amin
Ahmad Ayaz Amin:
"London Bridge is falling down"
Kyle Pickering
Kyle Pickering:
The pure energy that radiates from this man’s eyes could power a small town
matisekjejpl play games
matisekjejpl play games:
When it finally came to be the lumineers. Me:😍🤩
Der dasMann
Der dasMann:
I need a full version of Ho Hey but the instrument changes every 2 seconds
“Hear the Bells” by Porter Robinson is another one :)
I've listened to Seth's version so many times that upon hearing the original I wonder where the accordion part is
Sefa Emre İlikli
Sefa Emre İlikli:
checking my badge
Dandy Mulianda
Dandy Mulianda:
"I'm the bald guy"
Johnny Pitbull
Johnny Pitbull:
0:38 made me laugh out loud
M Isa
M Isa:
Seth Everman out here trying to get the world record for most Copyright Claim on a single Youtube video
The Raiders
The Raiders:
When is that coming out on spotify?
Channel Gone
Channel Gone:
Seth: "What's the name of this song?"
YouTube: "Your video has been copyright claimed for 'Ho Hey' by the Lumineers"
Seth: "Oh ok thanks"
Artsias A
Artsias A:
How many instruments do you have?
Seth: Yes
Flippy Cocktail
Flippy Cocktail:
0:28 London bridge is......
IAm Beats
IAm Beats:
Me: How many instrument do you have?
Seth: Yes
Kizul Emeraldfire
Kizul Emeraldfire:
When I heard those notes, my first thought was "Aquarium Park, Act 1" from Sonic Colors.
Jason Giovannettone
Jason Giovannettone:
Seth Everman: Tracks individual songs using the same melody for 6+ years to make a 47-second joke video.

Never change, Seth.
A B:
Why my eyes see him always angry mood
Riley Davidson
Riley Davidson:
I would actually love to see you play "hey ho" on an accordion
Spaghetti Knox
Spaghetti Knox:
Bravo. Just bravo. This is beautiful and everybody should see it.
Gonna solve that mysteryyy
iMann iFail
iMann iFail:
We don’t often see you Seth, but when we do.. it’s like christmas has come early.
Ernest CHEUNG:
I thought I have a bad memory at remember song melodies.

Thanks for proving me wrong
Aiden G
Aiden G:
I can see him staring at me even when he has sunglasses on
What’s the name of this song?
Why does this keep popping up in my recommended?

Top 10 questions science still can’t answer
ARM Music
ARM Music:
Damn I found the name of the song I didn’t know, 😂