WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WITH REM! - Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 1 - Rich Reaction

I have been waiting so long for this!
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0:00 Intro
2:04 reaction and commentary
12:45 Review and Analysis

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AJ Rich
AJ Rich:
Im so glad this season has finally started! Check out this show and all my other shows early and uncut over on patreon.com/ajrich123
David Romig
David Romig:
“His restart is they-already-forgot.” This explains the blank note. Rem would have likely wrote the note to the mansion, and if her name was eaten, the note would have appeared blank. But, this means Lye ate her name and memories before the battle with Petelguese and the cultists even started. Even if Subaru could go back to his previous “save”, it was already too late.
Nothing Yet Everything
Nothing Yet Everything:
when rem got her memory's stolen you could see a split second of her having a child with subaru i think its from a spin off novel where they got a family im not sure
L B:
I do like the dynamic switch up we are getting here. What gets established in 1x18 as Subaru’s starting line is Emilia as the goal and Rem as his rock and foundation. As long as he has those two, Subaru can do anything. Here, Rem is now the goal with Emilia as his biggest supporter. This gives us the much needed opportunity to flesh out Emilia as a character and to have Subaru develop without Rem’s support.
Finally!! This is masterpiece! Lets go!
Also, is it just me? Or does anyone else keep forgetting that Felis is a guy?
António Paixão
António Paixão:
Did you watch the Movie of Emila's backstory?
Actually the reason cause we had to wait 4 years is beacuse they thought that Re:Zero would never be so popular, so it was like "we do one season and that's it". But for they surprise it became what it is today, so they put the second season right after the other projects they had planned before.
I was expecting that Ley's voice would be creepier but I like it as it is

Rem fans gettin REMoved from subaru and emilia.... Let EMT rise again!
Jn liew
Jn liew:
As someone who has, from the start, been Team EMT, I am immensely happy about the Emilia-Subaru interaction at the end.
Emilia had the lap-pillow moment, which was the major point that sold EMT for me.
There were 2 OVA movies (whose Blurays) were individually released last year and earlier this year, btw.
Have you watched them?
The first is Memory Snow (1 hr), the second Frozen Bond (1.5 hrs).
Also, I remember you making a MAL list late last year, there seems to not be a link to it?
Josue Roberto
Josue Roberto:
I dunno man they killed the Whale but none of the people the Whale consummed came back
The incarnation of the thirst for knowledge
The incarnation of the thirst for knowledge:
Bruh if you're talking material to adapt re zero has plenty
They got a dozen side story that can be adapted into movies
The light novel is about to finish arc 6 which is what i assume would be adapted into season 4
They also have multiple spin off which are not cannon but it will still make people go insane
Warg Lord
Warg Lord:
Warg Lord
Warg Lord:
Pls react next to Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken when u the time have :3
I´m just glad my Rem is still alive. Was very worried. Now kick some ass, Subaru.
Let this not distract you from the fact that I Love Emilia.

I've never really cared much for Rem, honestly. She's a good support but I don't just joke when I say I prefer Ram > Rem. It's not like it's a character archetype I don't like either. Maybe part of it is how absurd the fanbase is about the situation, but I've never felt compelled by her relative to Emilia, especially with Emilia's backstory.

Felix < Felt < Rem < Julius < Roswaal < Beako < Reinhardt < Ram < Emilia < Wilhelm < Puck < Subaru < Savepoint Guy™
Risk Gamer
Risk Gamer:
Season 2 start: Lets delete Rem from our memory. Wait, who's Rem anyway. Let the suffering begin
The confusing part about 5:39
Does this mean the Rem Route is canon or just that Gluttony can eat the Fourth Wall?
Soul Striker
Soul Striker:
You're saying killing the people who did it will undo it but magic in Re zero isn't the same with other fantasy. For example Puck being the great spirit of fire even though he uses ice, that's because fire attribute in this show means controlling the temperature so if you possess the fire attribute you can use fire and ice
This show is so good! Can't wait to see your reactions to the entire season! Every character is so good and the story is amazing, absolutely love it. Emilia has always been my favourite from early on (and that position was completely solidified by the movie OVAs) but I love all the characters and Rem is a close 2nd, can't wait for the Subaru harem lol.
António Paixão
António Paixão:
RIP *sloth if* . They just straight up wiped the best of story out of existence along whit Rem's history
Garadin GaaraDean
Garadin GaaraDean:
Welcome to the First Ep of "Re;Suffer"...
Ice Cake
Ice Cake:
12:46 "He's the king of going through shit" that was supposed by be a serious sad moment but your comment made me laugh so much. Your awesome AJ!
Finally seeing the ending of this episode in animation, really hurts the feelings. 😢👍🏼
Oh good it's the next attack on titan season.
Only took what, 4 years this time?

Also, real talk now, am I the only one getting Gilgamesh vibes from the Greed archbishop? Dunno why. He just feel like he'd be that condescending type.
Aj:death is so easy in this world
Jojo:hold my tequila
This was a good character episode, we got some very good scenes with Rem, Crusch (?), Subaru, Felis and Emilia. Especiallt Subaru's suicide and Felis' breakdown were such great moments
Baka Pierre
Baka Pierre:
I wonder if he's hype for solo leveling to come back next month?
Omni Chris
Omni Chris:
They freakin nailed this first episode imo.
Finally! I love your reactions.

I want to see people cry xd
Soul Striker
Soul Striker:
They did the same thing with the first ep of S1
Noah Steetle
Noah Steetle:
Oh boy I cant wait for the end of the first half of season 2 and have to wait forever for the next part.
Sekai ANIME:
rem has no soul

subaru : here we go again
The Niribu
The Niribu:
Arc 4 is suuuper long I’m not sure how they’ll put everything in
love your stuff!
This is my opinion.I like Emilia more because Subaru fell in love with Emilia the moment he saw here,but Emilia didn’t get the chances to understand him much because she didn’t even know why Subaru does good things to the in the first place until the last ep of season 1.Rem got more chances to help Subaru,but Emilia
didn’t get any chances because of the royal selection + Roswaal was holding her back.I think Emilia need to step up here to show that she can support him like Rem does, and also it’s confirmed that Subaru loves Emilia more than Rem,and also Emilia will love him some time in the future.Rem got the easy way to Subaru’s heart(I really feel bad for Emilia)
I'm so excited for this season
how did u upload this video on fullscreen without gettinf copyright ~
Hitoshi Tadashi
Hitoshi Tadashi:
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
op 2 is out now give me the reaction rn,
Michael Kim
Michael Kim:
bino -just bino
bino -just bino:
great reaction looking forward to more re zero
Mīćhæł Pīņəß
Mīćhæł Pīņəß:
They nerfed Rem goddamn
Szabolcs Nemes
Szabolcs Nemes:
Re zero is famous for longer eps and skipping openings and endings to have time to give more details. So i guess this season will be the same as season 1 in that way, bcs the team is almost the same who worked on s1
R.I.P best girl Rem😢
Yavor Georgiev
Yavor Georgiev:
Yeah... poor Subaru got spawned on a hardcore difficulty but with a respawn mod
still cant believe this is happening
take a closer look
Boris Chupetlovsky
Boris Chupetlovsky:
What happened in this episode
This is the only show where I have no idea whose side I'm on, Rem or Emilia
You are fast as hell lmao
Devansh Pruthi
Devansh Pruthi:
Anthony Thomas Jr.
Anthony Thomas Jr.:
Awesome video!
Season 2 is da bomb!
Aaron Navarro
Aaron Navarro:
Nice reaction
Portalmaster 9
Portalmaster 9:
You remember the letter Subaru sent to Emilia, it was blank because Rem was the one who wrote it. That’s how far back that attack took place.
Callum Boyle
Callum Boyle:
Yo ah plz do more unordinary I love your channel and love your reactions
Saroojan Vasanthakumar
Saroojan Vasanthakumar:
who is rem?
how did crush get his hand back btw ?
Good video! ! !
Philippos Weeb GR
Philippos Weeb GR:
I love Emilia
Boruch Sorscher
Boruch Sorscher:
T T:
Who's rem
i hope we get an OVA of Rem If SubaruxRem
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado:
I don't think it's as simple as killing Gluttony to get Rem's name back. It didn't work when they killed the white whale, people who were taken by the white whale are still forgotten. Even is he some how gets her name back she may still have memory loss and not know Subaru at all. He might have to choose between getting her name back or memories you never know
Hidetaka Miyazaki
Hidetaka Miyazaki:
emelia is best girl
Christopher Grove
Christopher Grove:
If i had to guess there wasn't an opening because they felt it would be a spoiler. We will see if they add it in later.
Andrey SkyZerx
Andrey SkyZerx:
How did Crusch get her hand back?
I'm actually gonna wait for all episodes to get out to binge everything.
Mori Jin the Sun Wukong
Mori Jin the Sun Wukong:
God of Highschool > Re zero