What Naya Rivera's Son Remembers Before She Disappeared

The news that former Glee star Naya Rivera is missing and feared dead after disappearing from a boat in California has shaken the world.

According to the Associated Press, the 33-year-old Rivera vanished from Lake Piru in Ventura County on the evening of July 8, 2020.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department is doing everything they can to find Rivera in what has become, according to a spokesperson, a quote, "search and recovery operation." They have deployed helicopters, drones and dive teams in a continuing effort to locate the singer and actress, but fear the worst.

A spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff's department told The Wrap,

"We believe a tragic accident happened and she may have lost her life in the lake."

Rivera went to the lake, which has since been closed off to the public, on the afternoon of July 8, and rented a boat with her 4-year-old son, Josey. According to the Ventura County Sheriff, both were seen going out on the lake together. But about three hours after they departed, after the boat was due to be returned, the boat was found drifting with only the child on board.

According to the Sheriff's office, Josey is safe and in good health as the search for his mother continues.

Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Eric Buschow shared some heartbreaking details about what Naya Rivera's son, Josey, was able to tell them about the moments before his mother went missing.

Buschow told Us Weekly that at the time the boat was discovered, the child was wearing a life vest. An adult life vest was also found on the boat. Buschow said,

"The son said they were in the water swimming together. He came up and got back up on the boat, but she did not. He was found on the boat by a passerby. He was found fast asleep on the boat by himself."

Buschow went on to state that all indications pointed to Rivera's disappearance being a case of an accidental drowning.

Naya Rivera, who played Santana Lopez on Glee and also starred in the Step Up: High Water TV series, shares Josey with ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, whom she was married to until 2018.

In her 2016 memoir, Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera called her son, quote, "my greatest success, and I will never do any better than him." Our hopes go out to Naya Rivera and our hearts are with her son, Josey.


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Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift:
Update: Naya Rivera's body was found on 7/13/20. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends following this tragedy.
Isabel Gonzalez
Isabel Gonzalez:
It’s a miracle they found her son
Tyrae Harrison
Tyrae Harrison:

Mariane Wakim
Mariane Wakim:
There's something weird in this tragic accident...
Dead or alive, i hope they will find her. It's harder if the family doesn't get closure for what happened ☹️
I hope she’s found and is brought back safely
Monica Lewis
Monica Lewis:
Wht would she be swimming with that child in the lake in the middle or nowhere without a life jacket?? That's odd
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R:
This is so tragic, I feel bad for her son. Hopefully he didn’t witness her struggling for help!
Chinchilla hats
Chinchilla hats:
What a smart little boy that he didn’t get back in the water and try to find her. This is so sad 💔
Natasha Kings
Natasha Kings:
Is it just me or does The situation sounds really sketchy, because why would she randomly just jump into the lake with her four child year old son still in the boat and just disappear. You guys can call me crazy but it just doesn't add up to me personally
Katt Kit
Katt Kit:
I know the chances are low but I really do hope they find her. I really just don't understand or can fathom how this could happen, was there literally no one else on the lake at the time? did she hit her head? how could this happen?
Brandon Fernandez
Brandon Fernandez:
It’s like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries
HER Wonderland
HER Wonderland:
My heart breaks for that poor baby. I can't even begin to imagine what he saw, the horror that he felt when his mother didn't get on the boat with him and how he most likely cried himself to sleep 😔😭💔 Thank God he was found safe! 🙏
Tammy Bettiga
Tammy Bettiga:
Just how did a 4 year old.. get back on the boat, by himself...?
Nikki B.
Nikki B.:
I see so many idiots saying "suicide". Why tf would she take her son to do that? To not only witness that but to be in danger being by himself afterwards? What kind of morons come to that conclusion?!
Christa Karmas
Christa Karmas:
So her child doesn’t seem traumatized. If he saw her drowning or struggling he would NOT have fallen asleep after witnessing his mom dying, and he would have told someone what he saw. Maybe she put him back on the boat because she wanted to keep swimming, but idk why she would leave her 4 year old alone on a boat so she could swim by herself. I also find it weird that they haven’t found her body yet. I wonder if we will ever really know what happened.
Just some Gurl With Red hair
Just some Gurl With Red hair:
Why would she remove her vest and just disappear?
King Of A E S T H E T I C S
King Of A E S T H E T I C S:
They should get that YouTuber who films himself finding stuff while diving to go and look for her.
Two brothers in my town drowned because they weren’t wearing life jackets. Safety should always be first.
Molly Bovio
Molly Bovio:
The whole situation seems odd. I don’t know but I just hope they figure it out. Although she’s presumed dead - I have an undying hope she’s okay.
Swimming in this lake shoulda been banned there is a history of drownings at it
get a hobby
get a hobby:
I dont mean to feed into the conspiracies but she had been positing some 'possibly' cryptic posts on instagram & CCTV of her going to the Lake with her boy that day was a lil suspect in that she was walking way ahead of him & he was trailing behind, not a big deal yeah but compared to her loving words about him all the time, it seemed like her mind was else where, plus the way she parked her car sideways like in a rush or smth, & like everyones saying - this lake is apparently notorious for its accidental drownings, so why go alone with just your baby boy when there is such a risk already, and not wear a life vest at the very least. All in all its a lil off, but till more (concrete) evidence shows up we cant know for sure.
Xela Rosie Vlogs
Xela Rosie Vlogs:
Glee's curse
She’s had a rough few years. I pray this wasn’t deliberate as she took off her life vest or that she was intoxicated. RIP Miss Rivera✨🙏🏻
EI84 Ashlee
EI84 Ashlee:
This is just not sitting rite with me
I pray she is found safe my heart goes out to her family and son 🙏
Neh Sangbong
Neh Sangbong:
My gut keeps telling me that she committed suicide. 😩
Hibaq Ali
Hibaq Ali:
Did somebody give the boy sleeping medicine and kidnap her very scary I hope they find her safe
A “accidental drowning” but her son came back on the boat first.. he aint get up there by himself bruh.
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young:
My question is why would you take a four-year-old without another adult on the water
Birdie Smith
Birdie Smith:
there’s something just super sketch about the whole situation
This is absolutely tragic. Goodness I really hope she is ok even though it doesn’t look good.
hiya sisters
hiya sisters:
her death is a mystery. she could’ve committed suicide, she could’ve drowned, she could’ve been kidnapped. anything is possible at this point. rest in paradise naya🕊
EH CBunny
EH CBunny:
When they say, "buddy up while swimming," they don't mean with a 4-year-old child.
Allure Searles
Allure Searles:
I hope she is found safe soon sad my prayers to naya Rivera's family
Abbie Martinez
Abbie Martinez:
Poor baby boy I can imagine how he sat there waiting for his mommy to come back and fell asleep... ugh as a mother of a sweet little baby boy my heart is breaking into a million pieces. Praying for her son💙
Mary Ann McRae
Mary Ann McRae:
Cady Virina
Cady Virina:
Glee is starting to seem like a cursed show. 3 Glee stars tragically lost. I hope Naya’s family find closure.
Juliano Huerta
Juliano Huerta:
This is so devastating it breaks my heart. I’ve never even seen an episode of glee. As if it mattered. May God keep her.
Shes most likely dead sadly. I really hope she isn’t. 😔
Candy C
Candy C:
She may have felt comfortable swimming with no vest. But made damn sure her son wore one like any good mom would. She could have caught a strong current and that was that. Not sure why they didn't swim in a pool. God Bless her soul.
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez:
Who tf opened Pandora's box & decided to play jumanji at the same damn time?! 😳 2020 just keeps getting worse and worse
Sha Lo
Sha Lo:
I am wondering if maybe she was trying to commit suicide and take her son with her and later she would have second thoughts and leave the kid on the boat.
Bro this is kinda sus ngl, someone has to have taken her.
Klid Kripton
Klid Kripton:
It was something about Naya, very beautiful woman but always looked sad and her mind was somewhere else. ☹
Iane Howe
Iane Howe:
What mother would leave a 4 year old alone in the water or a boat? Unfortunately something bad happened to her.
Rachel Lalite
Rachel Lalite:
When it comes to Hollywood I'm always suspicious....
Miss P. Buttons
Miss P. Buttons:
What's with Glee actors having such short life spans? This story doesn't add up. Did she not have one single friend or relative come with her and her 4 year old? Who rents a boat like that alone when you have to operate it and watch over a small child?
Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor:
When I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse.
Jose Esteban
Jose Esteban:
Somethings not adding up
Masha Kalinkina
Masha Kalinkina:
I wonder if she hit her head on the prop or back of the boat or something. So awful. She was looking out for his safety. Really heartbreaking.
What a strange and devastating scenario...Prayers for all involved. :(
tick tock tube time
tick tock tube time:
I'm so glad they found her baby boy safe and he wasn't harmed but something is fishy about this I believe she was abducted and it's strange how the police are automatically presuming her dead so fast
Jordann Grigg
Jordann Grigg:
Why would she jump into the water alone leaving her child alone! I don’t believe it! There’s more to this!
Kylie D
Kylie D:
Could she have been kidnapped? I’m just so confused at this point.
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford:
He is only 4 y.o. And fell asleep.
ThisisSarah 81585
ThisisSarah 81585:
Praise God they found her baby in time. That is a miracle. That was her last act of love to him, keeping him safe 💔 PLEASE God let them find her so they can have a proper burial and closure.
Zarya X.
Zarya X.:
Who gave bout to alone mother with small kid???!!!
Some facts :
1. She is used to going to the lake with her son, this is not the first time.
2. People do swim without life jackets.
3. It' s boat, not a cruiseship, going back to the boat is like getting out of a pool.
4. The kid never said that she left him and went swimming, but that they were swimming and didn't get back on the boat.
5. People that drawn often know how to swim.
6. This is not a natural lake, it's a resevoir : an entire forest is underwater.
Hadarah’Asher Bat’YAHUAH! • יחוח
Hadarah’Asher Bat’YAHUAH! • יחוח:
something DEFINITELY seems fishy.
As sorry as I feel for her and her son, she made to many missteps while going on a trip with her son, one thing she needed was another adult with her who could swim, you have be very , very careful when you have your child in tow, young people tend to think old people are to paranoid well so be it , I'm not gonna take any chances when I'm in the company of my small child.
Sammy Fields
Sammy Fields:
Something feels off about her son being asleep.... idk there are definitely details they are keeping from the public.
The Movie Kitchen
The Movie Kitchen:
Its gonna come out. I have a strange feeling this was planned. Mental issues!! Its weird. I think she went with intentions to take both their lives. But could not bring herself to kill that baby. 💁
Cxpxlot Lexz
Cxpxlot Lexz:
I hope shes okay n comes back safe 💔
Carley Herman
Carley Herman:
I’m in South Africa and this case sounds similar to cases of a quarry-turned-waterpark accident in my country. I immediately remembered an interview I watched on an investigative journalism show called Carte Blanche, where they ran investigations on Blue Rock Adventure Park. It is originally a quarry, and now is used for water sports etc and it’s open to the public as well. People rock jump and swim there, they zip line there etc. People of varying swimming abilities (not only bad swimmers) would drown and beginning of 2020 even a Navy diver drowned at Blue Rock. I’m no expert here but please think about this. I googled why it’s dangerous to swim in such places (quarries/ man made structures) and there are videos online that explain why quarries and Marina places are dangerous for swimmers. You could jump in and be swimming with friends safely one moment and the next, one of you aren’t coming up from under the water. Funny thing is, lake piru has had a dark past where drowning is concerned - same as aforementioned example Blue Rock. The management of both marina resorts also say the same thing - that people who are bad swimmers and who swim while intoxicated are the ones who drown. This is not the case. Even a navy diver drowned at Blue Rock this year. If people who can swim are drowning or diving with no coming to the surface again, this shows there is fault with their man made quarries because it’s the structure itself that isn’t safe for people to swim in. How such places are still open - is beyond me! As I said before I’m no expert but people need to shut down these parks because they undermine the victims by saying ‘drowning happens everywhere, it’s not us it’s them’. Please police of USA, don’t let people swim in man made structures.
Aliyah Baiza
Aliyah Baiza:
This is so so tragic it doesn't even feel real it's so heartbreaking anytime I see a picture of her my heart just sinks faster she's such an angel she's so beautiful and she's an amazing mother please god let her be okay 💔🙏
It’s official, Glee is cursed!
Anyone who believes in God or who've experienced near death, knows that if she died, her spirit is now with God and in peace. It's only her loved ones left behind who are suffering and in pain.
They found a body in the lake this afternoon.
Was identified as Ghislaine Maxwell.
I think she put him back on the boat after a little swim and she wanted to swim longer.. a bad call to go swimming leaving the boy alone on the boat
kaitlyn Amira
kaitlyn Amira:
How did she drown if she was able to go swimming with her son without any problems?
Celina Isabel
Celina Isabel:
They need to do bloodwork on him to check if he has any drugs in his system. Not saying Naya gave him any but it could a possibility there was someone else on that boat.
Tatcha Matcha
Tatcha Matcha:
This is so heartbreaking. It must be so traumatizing for her son. 💔
One MercilessMing
One MercilessMing:
People need to realize that "Search and Rescue" and "Search and Recovery" operations are NOT the same thing. Search agencies have scientific guidelines on how long a missing person could remain alive based on weather conditions, environment, time of year, age and health conditions, how/why they went missing, etc. When the guidelines for "Search and Rescue" indicate that the probability is that the victim is deceased, the operation becomes "Search and Recovery". That's hard for the rescuers to take...as well as the loved ones waiting for news, the media, and the public at large.
Connie C.
Connie C.:
Seems strange that this is the second time a mother takes her child out on a boat & drains.
Bernadette Thomas
Bernadette Thomas:
She has committed suicide.
How did a four year old get back in a boat by himself. Something is right
Addicted to Adolphe
Addicted to Adolphe:
This is so eerie and heartbreaking. It makes me feel really sad and hopeless. The panic and anxiety just keeps creeping inside of me for some reason. I really hope she is found, poor baby girl and her son. God be with their family.
Ntsako Pemba Dos Santos Rocha
Ntsako Pemba Dos Santos Rocha:
I don’t get how people say we’re spreading “false hope” when we pray for her to be alive. It’s better for us to stay optimistic than to give up when she could still have a chance of being alive. Maybe she made it to land somewhere. I’d rather stay hopeful.
Anonimia Another
Anonimia Another:
It’s scary as hell the fact that a person can disappear that easily...
Michelle Cini
Michelle Cini:
The title of her final acting credit is now so eerie... High Water.
Baby Bunch
Baby Bunch:
One of my friends went swimming in a lake and he never came back up they thought he left and found him days later trapped under the water by seaweed
sexy mae
sexy mae:
There is a hole is this story , which mother would go to a lake with only her 4 year old son alone, and then 🏊 left your child with life fest on and you don't wear yours , that sound to me like it's stage to look like she went swimming ,could just imagine the effect mentally that this will cause on a child for a life time , if Counciling is not given.
I'm convinced Glee is cursed 😳
I keep hearing employees found the son, and then I hear other visitors on boats found her? Then in a another video the police explained how they found her, and then later in the video they told a whole different story of how they found her. I believe she committed suicide, truly. But who knows
KittenGirl O
KittenGirl O:
Why remove the vest and go on a swim...? How could her son get on the boat? Did she hit her head? Did she trip? Or did she do it on purpose? Or maybe someone was with her and pushed her off?
Andrea Santana
Andrea Santana:
I don’t know you guys, but I would never go on a boat alone with a child. If something happen, there is no one to help the kid. Exactly how happened to her. So sad!
Maci Bao
Maci Bao:
maybe naya attack by something creature
cola baby
cola baby:
im praying that she's okay
gone too long if she would be still alive she would give a alive sign
Genesis Olivarez
Genesis Olivarez:
She prolly had a seizure
lady painter
lady painter:
I have the feeling she's taking that's why they can't find her body" you know how many ppl are missing "??? If she had more ppl with her she wouldn't have been a target" ... Just saying 😒
Goblin Thingz
Goblin Thingz:
Maybe there was something in the water? Like a crocodile or something that might've pulled her in
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang:
First Cory, then Mark, now Naya. The Glee cast is CURSED permanently, and it's simply double the devastation to all the Glee fans out there.
Let's hope she's alive! She's one of my favorite actresses!
Dennis Mitchell
Dennis Mitchell:
In a few days the body will decay enough to bloat and she'll rise to the top and be found. Unless she weighted herself down -
Kathy Weber
Kathy Weber:
So upsetting that shes missing.
Why wasn’t she wearing her life vest?
Ilse just me
Ilse just me:
the glee cast is cursed
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller:
Who in there right mind would let a 4 year old toddler swim in a Lake..