What Makes the New Hermes Bike Worth $11,200?

Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) --- Luxury-goods maker Hermes is expanding beyond scarves and handbags... Today, it's launching an $11,200 bike, targeting wealthy consumers who want to meander about town. Bloomberg met with the designer and the man behind the project in Paris. (Source: Bloomberg)

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What a joke, you can literally build this exact same bike WITH MUCH BETTER COMPONENTS for under 4K, and that is being generous
Diana K
Diana K:
Too expensive
Léo Bellavance
Léo Bellavance:
$11,200.00 and they couldn't give their client a good fit?!? look at those bent knees!
Newton Cazzaro
Newton Cazzaro:
$11000,00 ? Thanks I rather buy a brand new CBR 1000 cc in America.
Peter Baskind
Peter Baskind:
“We found out that weight was a major issue for a bike.” See? You can tell these are bike experts. I understand that their design process also uncovered that ROUND is the best shape for a wheel, and that pedals were very important in the overall riding experience.

I totally want pretentious fashion designers building my bikes. And I want mechanical engineers designing my suits.
christopher m.
christopher m.:
get them
Jeff The Ripper
Jeff The Ripper:
Oh guys cmon! I rather just paint my bike and put a hermes logo on it and sell it online. Easy money isn't it 😅
Steven Jusuf
Steven Jusuf:
Pick it up and run.
these guys are living in the 80's....the music, the praise of hydraulic disc brake and carbon fiber, and the cheesy acting of the riders waving really convinces me they are stuck in the 80's and the price reflects it.
Shannon Trainer
Shannon Trainer:
$11,200 For a Dutch bike???
how many did they make?
GamingWith Ian
GamingWith Ian:
Just buy a road bike or if you like trails buy a full squish mtb wtf. That kind of money i could buy a race spec enduro bike and also gear