What Makes Inuyasha Special - My Hopes For Yashahime

My hopes for Yashahime.Thanks so much for watching!
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The thing with Inuyasha fillers is that you wouldn't even know you were watching fillers because it felt so natural since they were always travelling
Secret of my art
Secret of my art:
InuYasha to me doesn't feel like a Shonen. Yes, there are battles and stuff, but the complexity to the characters' backgrounds and emotions is so deep and touching it completely overthrows the Shonen aspect. The relationships, specially the main love triangle have stuck to me in a different way than other animes will ever have. And when you combine that with the music... Mind blowing 💕
Arga Satria
Arga Satria:
Inuyasha is the best anime ever. The storylines, the characters are the most special to me.
Lavina Piazza
Lavina Piazza:
The music is a big key for me too. If it doesn't hit similarly I'm going to be so disappointed. Also 2000? Lies! I refuse to believe this isn't a 90s anime. I'm too old to debate this in my own mind.
Dan Ameral
Dan Ameral:
“What makes Inuyasha special?”

Will Pat
Will Pat:
Yes! The characters! How "human" and real they seem, makes it so much more meaningful when they overcome the obstacles placed in their way and to see them grow. The music as well is very well done as you said, even the opening and ending themes are awesome.
varsha venugopal
varsha venugopal:
Yes to everything that you've mentioned here! Inuyasha has always held a special place in my heart..not only because it was my first anime and my introduction to anime itself..but for the fact that, in spite of watching many animes since then, none of them has had the same effect that Inuyasha has had on me. The characters are so unforgettable. Like, even Kagura.. despite being on the villain side for almost half of the show..her death was heartbreaking..I remember crying like a baby when I first saw that episode..😭 and even now years later just watching a clip or even listening to the bgm that played during that scene..tears my heart out, man...😭💔
Dammn Deejay
Dammn Deejay:
The characters are so amazing. The storytelling, the music, the tragedy to a lot of these characters backstories and how they handle their suffering, the fact that inuysasha struggles and gets defeated from time to time, he’s never “the best” and I can relate to that. He tries his hardest but sometimes it’s simply not enough..you need friends, family, support..to help you succeed and move forward in life.

The biggest lesson I learned from watching Inuyasha is that bad things always happen to good people, and that death is unfair at times, but that’s ok..but love, kindness, patience and the passage of time, will heal most wounds.

I learned that you cannot do EVERYTHING on your own..you need to humble yourself and ask for help at times, to learn how to rely on others strength and not just your own, to accept criticism and grow from it. Being forced to accept a tragedy and moving on despite the pain..hence with Kikyou and Inuyasha..

Dammit man..I learned so much from these fictional characters..if there’s a heaven..I hope it can be our interpretation of happiness bc I would spend all my time hanging out with my favorite anime crews
Julimaya Matthews
Julimaya Matthews:
I do hope in Yashahime they can touch your heart with all kinds of emotions like they did in Inuyasha.
For me that's what made me love Inuyasha so much. Even though DBZ is my favorite of all times Inuyasha just have a different spot in my heart that no anime has came close to feeling so raw emotions like this one.
demo game
demo game:
I agree with everything to me that's how i felt
Greyskull Academy
Greyskull Academy:
See that’s what makes me come back to InuYasha over, and over, and over again. The characters, the plot, the story, the MUSIC. I swear I listen to the music every week. This anime had one of the best soundtracks Ive heard. Now in days it’s hard for me to get into an anime because this is basically the plot for many of them: “He’s just some ordinary boy, living an ordinary life until one day he discovers how truly powerful and undefeatable he is”. That and sexual undertones too. It just gets old sometimes.
It's Rumiko Takahashi's magic, her characters are usually so endearing that you see them as old friends. I had this feeling with "Ranma 1/2" even though the plot is less "serious" than Inuyasha's. :)
Hard agree on the music. Inuyasha’s soundtrack is uniquely memorable and evocative. I’m particularly fond of the strings version of “Dearest” from “Among The Twinkling Stars”, that song is a big part of why that final scene hits like a truck.
I LOVE Inu Yasha 🥰, when that Anime first aired here in Germany, there were many girls watching it and reading the manga as well, much more probably then other Shonen anime at that time. So maybe that's one of the reasons, too, that it's an anime that both can enjoy? And definitely that it got female characters, villains, main and side characters that are more than just eye candy. They got their own motivations and emotions that go beyond cheering the main male characters on or being absolutely in love with that guy, and they definitely can hold their own ground, too, they're definitely more of an asset than a hindrance. And YES, those scores were (and still are) absolutely gorgeous 😊
Jasc Random
Jasc Random:
I think one element that made Inuyasha stand out was the contrast between the Sweetness and Romance against all the Visceral Violence and Tragedy.
I grew up watching a lot of animes, but it was Inuyasha that touched me the most and really marked my childhood and my life as a whole, to be honest. I super agree with you in all aspects and I think that what most marks is the story behind, the personality and the development of the characters. When I watch, I get angry, cry, get tense, everything! No other anime has done this to me. It's amazing.
PS: I never got to finish watching all the episodes and I'm doing it now during the quarantine. While it takes me a while to watch because I don't want it to end, I am really looking forward to seeing how the story will continue in Yashahime.
xs_ fox
xs_ fox:
I saw Inuyasha first when i was 11 or 12. I really fell in love with the characters, the story and music. Seriously it is still my favorite show of all time. I love everything about it. I have all DVDs, over 700 Pictures on my phone of the series, collect the Manga, try to get my hands on a real sword that looks like Tessaiga and want a tattoo of Inuyasha and Kagome.
Inuyasha like Fairy Tail put a lot of emphasis on the characters interpersonal relationships and conflicts. Often those taking more billing(screen time) than the battles themselves.
That, along with narratively strong female characters are why these two series not surprisingly have a much larger female fanbase than the typical battle shonnen.
Cordelia Langdon
Cordelia Langdon:
My hope is that Yashahime respects its predecessor's legacy and, in time, will be able to stand on its own as a well-beloved sequel whose characters are just as loved as the original ones. Many sequels tend to fall short or fail to meet people's expectations, and I definitely don't want to see that happen to Yashahime. From what I've seen, the people in charge of Yashahime seem to be passionate about this project, so here's hoping it goes on to be a great show!
Erza Sakurashi
Erza Sakurashi:
That is what I miss in Yashahime. The girls are allready strong, their characters are all related, so their isn't the romantic part, the music is pretty okayish, the opening and ending are good too but damn...the characters...I see where Towa is comming from but I feel a bit out of touch with Setsuna and Moroha. Like I am not sure about why they are like that, what their motives are...also Sango and Miroku had their funny, sometimes romantic dynamic, Inuyasha and Kagome had their speciall dynamic and everyone of them had their pain and storys...but with Yashahime...like I really want to know more about Sango and Mirokus son and Kohaku. Also maybe let the girls have some interesting dynamic and develope their powers. Let them struggle and express how they feel. Also explain the origins of the rainbow pearls...they feel so random. I really wish for that.
Myung Kou Kang
Myung Kou Kang:
Yes! How the characters were never overpowered, over the top or such made them relatable and sympathetic. Their struggles and motivations were more real and understandable. They didn’t recover from wounds or injuries instantly, but even InuYasha had to take days to heal at one point. Their fears, anger, love, hope, and all that were more grounded. The fact they had no chosen one, or something along those lines made it the show even better than others.

The trailer for the new show so far seems to following the format of the original so far, but we need to see if it stays that way. Also, many hope that the old cast don’t overshadow the new cast too much. That’s the reason why most sequels to other anime falls flat. Hopefully that this sequel will focus on the new cast and the old cast are cameos or guides for the new.
Itza Takahashi
Itza Takahashi:
Already saw first epi gonna be good setup
I agree. The characters were the reason I loved and adored this show and why its one of my favourite animes of all times. I just hope that there is that same love and development in the characters
nora nishikawa
nora nishikawa:
I agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve been watching Inuyasha since I was 12 as well so this is like 2007-2008 for me. I’m so excited for YashaHime can’t wait to watch the first episode.
Right as you played Naraku's theme, I instantly got chills. The music is really something else.
Raven Dark
Raven Dark:
Inuyasha was my first anime and I rewatched it so many times . I even read most of the manga . It will always be my favorite anime - Manga . I love all the characters and the story as well .
Klarissa Du
Klarissa Du:
O man you hit the nail on the head! The character interactions and the feudal era lore is what I love about Inuyasha the most. It held a high standard for me at the time. I'm glad you noticed the music too, it's definitely an underrated component in film and shows to be honest! Though I'm critical about a few points of the seasons and fillers, I love this show so much regardless and it's most definitely has a special place in my heart. Thanks for all the Inuyasha content so far, it's reminded me of how much I love this show! Looking forward to Yashahime too!
I JUST watched it (Yashahime), and I wanna scream this unholy screech of excitement, buuut it’s like, 6 AM and I don’t wanna wake up everyone else-
soline bassit
soline bassit:
Totally! Nobody understands me and nobody knows Inuyasha as much as the rest of the shows, I admit, naruto was really good but Inuyasha is more powerful to me because it is so relatable and you just love how the characters are fictional and yet so real, in naruto, you just feel like it's all too much suffering and evil and loneliness and you try to find hope in that and to use your power for good and that's amazing but not as much as Inuyasha's ideas about love, friendship, wishes and character development. In Naruto I felt like the series got to where it needed to go when Naruto became friends with Kurama and the actual end was when he battled sasuke but it felt really drawn out
I love how this channel was recommended to me. I totally agree with everything you said! I’m so excited.
You are so right about this, especially the whole "chosen one" thing that so many stories, not just anime, are guilty off. I liked that they would lose sometimes. I liked that they struggled because it made their victories all the sweeter.

My fiance hates Inuyahaa and refuses to watch any more of it because he said Inuyasha was too weak. His favorite anime is SAO which I hate for the opposing reason. I can't stand Kiroto because he always comes out on top and masters literally everything. I never genuinlly felt like he could lose a fight or had reall stakes. In season 2 there was a part where I thought he might actually not be good at something and liked it because it meant he had a flaw, but on his second try he immediately mastered it better than anyone else. Ironically enough, Kiritos perfection was not only his flaw, but made him entirely unlikable to me.
S Valentin
S Valentin:
Yea I pretty much agree with your points made. I want to see a well thought out story that brings everything together, hoping they didn't get too risky by killing off main characters.
Also your choice to use bleach as an example of favored animes of the 2000s instead of yu yu Hakusho is a poor choice but ill forgive it
Jared Reisinger
Jared Reisinger:
It was so great at times in mixed action and had comedy at moments to like Inuyasha and shippo bickering and then it would switch Focus like very next episode they would be killing them very strong demon or that same episode
Azazura Azura
Azazura Azura:
having seen ep 1. im happy. it looks and feels like inuyasha to me. also Moroha is soo inuyasha's daughter.. she just like her dad :3
Babygirl Shae
Babygirl Shae:
I'm looking forward to the fight scenes of course. With Moroha and the Setsuna being basically their father's female clone I feel it should be very interesting. Especially since Sesshomaru and Inuyasha always fought or argued when they met so I hope their relationship is equally as funny.
tyris Austin
tyris Austin:
I think that the music maybe just right considering today's the day.
Cody Shi
Cody Shi:
I agree, and that’s one of the reason why I like this anime.
Dammn Deejay
Dammn Deejay:
Also, to be honest...although I LOVE Kikyou, I never considered her to actually be real after her death. Even though she’s still around which is a tragedy in itself, I always considered her as the guilt that lingers in Inuyashas heart. That no matter how hard he tries to move on and put the past behind him, the one person he loved the most stays at the forefront of his mind. His first love. And thus her guilt haunts him, like a ghost from his past that he simply cannot forget or get rid of..her soul finding peace would be the only way to make her finally accept her fate
Bookworm Gamer
Bookworm Gamer:
The characters from the show Inuyasha were more real in terms of how they interacted amongst each other and of their common goal of defeating a demon they all had connections to. Even Shippo had a non indirect connection. Cause if Naraku hadn't done what he did to Inuyasha and Kikyo then the jewel wouldn't have appeared inside a reincarnated Kagome the jewel wouldn't be back in the feudal era and then shattered by accident by a novice of the bow and arrow. The shattered shards of the jewel wouldn't have attracted other demons and Shippo's father may have lived a little longer then when the thunder demons killed him making Shippo an orphan. Side note the emotions for the characters were also something that made them special cause you felt for them as their journey progressed.
I re-watch inuyasha last month and realized that it was a different anime from the others.
Priince 86
Priince 86:
What, we are getting a sequel! 😱 can't wait. Nothing will ever be as good as Inuyasha but at least I hope it lives up to the original series standards.
Evilyn Nanami
Evilyn Nanami:
You learn to love ALL of the characters even if they didn't play the biggest part in the show like Hojo and Koga. And even the villains I loved Kagura and Kanna so much. I'm mean they were all just the best and thats why there will never be any anime as good as Inuyasha😭
Nina Script
Nina Script:
I was living my best life watching inuyasha on adult swim 😅, thanks for the video!!!! Can't wait for the next!
karen sorrell
karen sorrell:
I am so glad you said you were just happy to be getting anything because that is exactly how I feel. I had given up on ever having my fav anime get a sequel. But now I have watched the firs t ep and could not be happier.
Alexandra DiGiacomo
Alexandra DiGiacomo:
Oh they plan on giving us a nice story, look how it started out! Inuyasha was and always will be my favourite <3 I swear I've watched the series over 100 times in my life
Brittany Harrison
Brittany Harrison:
Top Tier Music Indeed! Sesshomaru's theme song is BOMB too!!
Jen Watson
Jen Watson:
I was in my 20s when I started watching Inuyasha, an Bleach! Just haph to say I'm going to be really 😑😫if they eliminat the original characters! 😢🤞
Jolt X
Jolt X:
I feel the same. inuyasha is not the best anime I watched - I still prefer naruto and bleach in terms of characters, background stories and battles - but its just the most special. it has something about it that no other anime has
I started watching Inuyasha when I was about 13. I'm 29 now. It was the first anime (well, aside from the Kanto-specific Pokémon) that I became totally and completely obsessed with. I had all kinds of merch you could think of and my mom spent too much money on all those damn DVDs that only had 3 episodes each. The people that worked at Suncoast Video (oof that's been gone for a while) knew to expect us on release date for those DVDs lol. I was even week-to-week with the manga on a fan site.

As the years went on I got busy with other things and never ended up watching The Final Act. I've been binging the series again off and on for the last few months and I just got to watching TFA for the first time a few days ago. Oh my God. I'm only on episode 13 and I've already cried 3 times. The animation, the breakneck pace, the writing...Holy crap.

Over the last few days I've come to appreciate that I didn't watch TFA when it first aired, because watching it now I have that exact same of feeling of awe and amazement just like I did when I was that young teenage girl and the world was simple.

My feelings for Yashahime are similar too since it's all *completely new* and no one knows where it's going.

Ugh...I could gush for a while about how this show has made me so happy again, especially in the terrible world that is 2020. I've really been enjoying your videos, let me know if you ever need another mind to tap into!
Jasmine Minaj
Jasmine Minaj:
Something I really liked about Final Act was they still kept the old music and I hope they keep it
Claudia Marisol Zepeda Solís
Claudia Marisol Zepeda Solís:
You are so excellent I decided to subscribe with my work account as well!! And I absolutely agree with the character perspective!! Have you ever received professional training with narrative? Because it´s a spot on reason, more so the "hero arc" is not blatantly a punch-in-your-face in inuyasha; so it makes them way more "real" for the audience. My hopes for yashahime are actually kind of ...I´m in a "learning mode" so to speak, I want to see how they take advantage of the many points in their favor. The ones you mentioned in the video, plus how they exploit the melancholy in their older fans to make us remember the old characters as their daughters and sons miss them as much as we do.
Also, I can´t stress enough the 10 years we´ve waited for it, the actual REAL waiting element is so important in the audience ´s feelings, you can take it even as a gold mine; as long as you respect it and don´t "use it against them" so to speak. I.e. the way Game of Thrones last season did.
Something amazing can come up of Yashahime, as well as something awful; so...let´s wait and see. For one, the first chapter was a good re-introduction to this world. :) Good job as always and I really, really congratulate you in the effort you put into editing.
lucy san
lucy san:
Inuyasha had a special place in me since I first watches at age 13 acting like inuyasha and koga at times was fun love your channel my dude keep it up 😂
Kit O
Kit O:
Shout out to Kaoru wada for the music! I believe he is doing the yashahime music as well so I kno I won’t be disappointed!
Inuyasha made me love the japanese folklore also thanks to cleverfully wrote lines, a hint here, a hint there, and the musics... Ohh the musics... So powerful, so evocative, so emotional, the sweet japanese flute, the japanese themes mixed with powerful occidental archestra... So damn perfect.
the music commentary is SO on point. i rewatched the series a month ago and told my sister and she told me “i remember watching it with you but i’d have nightmares afterward because of the music” and i’m positive she meant Naraku’s theme lmao
Amber Birney
Amber Birney:
I’m very much looking forward to this sequel. Should prove good. Ty for keeping us up to date! 🙃
In The Darkness
In The Darkness:
Everything from Inuyasha is very good but for me it's special because of Kikyou!
I REALLY hope these new characters will just as good if not equal to their parents, cuz sometimes whenever a next generation story happens, 9 times of 10, the next generation either disrespects the old or one ups the old with no sense of yeah we honor you guys. That and I hope Moroha gets a good amount of screen time and not just get shafted because she is paired with her cousins who are related to Sesshomaru. Other then that, I agree with the other things you are hoping for and that while I did grew up with a lot of shouen anime, at least Inuyasha had everyone be useful......except for Shippo. Anyway, nice work on this one!
we need the music to be on par for sure. And yes, the characters should direct the story, not the story directing the characters. I'd also love for all the english VA's from the original series to return, including David Kaye as Sesshomaru. He had that perfect voice. He didn't have to shout or yell to seem scary or commanding. His tone was perfection.

Also I can't remember the theme's title, but it's this big build up of strings when Inuyasha and Kagome reunite or embrace. Especially in the first movie in the snow as they connect through the tree and he hugs her. That music... fricking CHILLS every time, especially when combined with his words: "I need you with me, Kagome. Haven't you realized that yet?"
Khaleesi Laura
Khaleesi Laura:
Naruto bleach and inuyasha where my main 3 animes as well as kenshin I still look at fanmade artwork now because it's great memories
Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown:
I just watched it and its SO good! I love it!!
The music is the thing that makes the scenes and characters stick. I wonder what are the Inuyasha OSTs that people can't forget after all these years hahaha
More more I’m reminded how important good music is to anime and damn if this music isn’t good I hope yashahime has great music too
Shonen Ouji
Shonen Ouji:
Hopefully this new cast will have their own great chemistry.
You're always on point! For me I just love everything about Inuyasha. 💕
Martine Charles
Martine Charles:
Inuyasha and DragonBall is my favorite shiznit!
However kagome's originally dub actress never acted in the final season of inuyasha so a completely different actress will get the role in the Yashahime dub also Miroku's original Japanese voice actor died like back in 2017.
Ca Mercadejas
Ca Mercadejas:
everything is just balance in this series 💕 it would get heavy then they make it light again and go comedy and so on
Nor Elianis Norkhairani
Nor Elianis Norkhairani:
Inuyasha has and will always be a legendary anime like fullmetal alchemist brotherhood getting an anime side story or sequel to these legendary story is basically heaven to me. And hell yeah, they did it about Sesshomaru's daughter, in which he is my fav character.
Pushing all that away, i wanna say that we need to give more credit for the main character(MC) in Yashahime. We shouldn't let their parent's greatness cover the fact that these trio are the MC. We need to take a step back and remember that inuyasha and kagome are just side-character in Yashahime. Its not wrong to like certain character more, just that i wanted people to give lil more attention to the new character in Yashahime. All in all I hope Yashahime will be as great as Inuyasha.
Lovely Avelino
Lovely Avelino:
I'm 12 year old me agrees with everything!!! Like yassss!!!
Zernonia Kong
Zernonia Kong:
100% nailed it! All of which is why I love Inuyasha so much!!
Kim Navarro
Kim Navarro:
During that time i love naruto and bleach but inuyasha is special. Yes childhood days are so fun and inuyasha finally having a sequel is just makes me so excited but what makes me excited is seeing seshomaru being a major character
Yeah Dawg
Yeah Dawg:
I just miss a bit of the old style animation that got me into inuyasha, this animation style is a bit lack luster like with Dragon ball Super 😞
King of Heroes Gilgamesh
King of Heroes Gilgamesh:
I want to see their version of Oda Nobunaga at the height of his power. The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven who would pave the way for new wartime tactics like the Three-Line Formation.
James L
James L:
who is that buff weird looking anime character on the screen.
Amethyst Z
Amethyst Z:
Thank you for this! You hit the nail on the head, and I have also had troubles describing what makes Inuyasha so special. I almost feel personally connected to the story and characters, because it feels so genuine.
M.J. Vazquez
M.J. Vazquez:
agree a lot with your assessment especially the part that points out a good shoenen donsnt always need the "chosen one "
Jacob Payag
Jacob Payag:
The thing that I loved about Inuyasha aside from characters is the overall story arc. You have time travel, demons fusing with humans, cursed jewelry, and love stories being developed here and there. Not to mention, the music is bomb. Opening themes, character themes, ending themes. Some of the best out there.
Kaitlyn P
Kaitlyn P:
Mariah Sixx
Mariah Sixx:
I love inuyasha, sense ive finished it i been looking for similar anime, do you have recommendations on series to watch? excluding yashahime. greatly appreciated thanks!
daniel poot
daniel poot:
Yeahh so Right, Inuyasha is so special. Yuyu hakusho, bleach inuyasha and dragon ball were the anime tv series I was following when I was a kid, but I only finished dragon ball. Few weeks ago I was wondering what I should rewatch, Yuyu hakusho inuyasha or bleach. I knew inuyasha was not in the same caliber as those two, but there was something in it that captured my interest. And you're right, it was the characters.
Alicia Rowles
Alicia Rowles:
OMG yes this is so true!!!
• alexandangel •
• alexandangel •:
beautiful video!! perfectly describes the things that are so special about Inuyasha!
Dre am
Dre am:
Yeah your right bro when i was kid i like that anime. It is broadcast in the T.V. i was a kid so i fell woo too nice after 7 years i tried to remember what is the name of that anime i researched well and i found it it's called Inuyasha
Xavier deveraux
Xavier deveraux:
the animation stood out, didn't seem rendered, like it was drawn or painted.
renee jean devillena
renee jean devillena:
Love your way of explaining 😊
Yuu Ishigami
Yuu Ishigami:
Yes yes yes!! Its the music!
To me the diverse characters of Inuyasha are like a Japanese version of Lord of The Rings and Dungeons and Dragons type of characters.
You nailed it!
David Maldo
David Maldo:
I'm hoping for new hentai!

Too soon?
Xavier deveraux
Xavier deveraux:
iron reaver, soul stealer !
Stella V.
Stella V.:
In addition to what you said in the video, one of the things that makes Inuyasha special is the fact that anybody, at any age can watch it and enjoy it since you get a really well-written plot with moments of comedy, drama, action, romance, tragedy, suspense, fantasy, and everything perfectly combined with Japanese history and culture.
You watch Inuyasha as a child and you enjoy it. You watch it as an adult and you enjoy it even more.
Jessica Mastny
Jessica Mastny:
I hope they do the same with yashahemeia that did with inuyshia
Andre Vaughn
Andre Vaughn:
Them outros will wake your ass from the dead on a Saturday night...only to be disappointed that u missed the whole episode 😭
loooove all your inuyasha videos! completely agreed with all your points on this one. the characters and the music and 😭 i can never get tired of rewatching this show
Yeah Dawg
Yeah Dawg:
Great video btw 🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏼
Goku Son
Goku Son:
I like everything regarding Inuyasha. Even though some characters were not my fav, I do not hate any of them. I like the whole cast and the fact that Inuyasha And his group are not super powerful.

I have no expectation from Yashahime. I just want to enjoy it and will never compare it to Inuyasha. I know it will become a fav for me. Already I watched the 1rst episode twice and was not disappointed at all.
Ori Bahir
Ori Bahir:
I want to see is Inuyasha reference 😅😽
James Lee
James Lee:
I agree, the characters make this series great. I prefer a small cast of characters than many characters.
I hope to hear more mention of Kikyo.