What is Serotonin? - One Minute Medical School

Serotonin is one of the critical neurotransmitters involved in mood and anxiety regulation, and it is a target of many psychiatric drugs. So, what is it, where does it come from, and what does it do?

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Elizabeth Brammer
Elizabeth Brammer:
I didn't really understand this. But then again, I have no medical background. I think a "serotonin for dummies" is what I need.
Lizbeth Najera
Lizbeth Najera:
Serotonin: molecule. Regulates intestinal movement, mood, memory & sleep! & falling in love 😍..
2 minute video TRIGGERED
Megan- Wham-Wake Megan Up B4 U GoGo
Megan- Wham-Wake Megan Up B4 U GoGo:
80s music gives me serotonin
I have no background in medicine, but years of experience in watching university courses on double speed, so I actually understood a good chunk lol.
Expanding Minds
Expanding Minds:
So 5 - hydroxytryptamine is in the same family as 5 Meo dimethyltryptamine
bing kurger
bing kurger:
That was freaking awesome!
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter:
Sincere thanks for your videos. With regards to tryptophan, it is my understanding that it is not found in greater quantities in turkey meat relative to other forms of meat. The phenomenon of postprandial somnolence is somewhat more complex, with many hypotheses having been posited. The one pertaining to tryptophan is actually related to insulin release following carbohydrate ingestion, which facilitates the uptake of leucine, isoleucine and valine into skeletal muscle, leaving a disproportionately high ratio of tryptophan:other BCAAs in the bloodstream. The LAT1 transporter at the blood-brain barrier, normally transporting all BCAAs, therefore has comparatively more tryptophan substrate, increasing its uptake into CSF, escalating raphe nuclei serotonin synthesis and subsequent pineal conversion to melotonin (a hormone key to the circadian rhythm, darkness anticipation and, ergo, somnolence). Keep up the good work, as your current viewing figures will continue to expand.
It's converted to 5-hydroxytryptophan to serotonin (metabolized by MAO) and also metabolized to 5-HIAA)

So its' metabolized to both?
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt:
learned processing format and preference immersion
Serotonin Feel
Serotonin Feel:
I came, I saw, I conquered
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt:
I prefer to fix but I am very ferocious, temperamental, and my hormones are aggressive but my temperament is very mild and restrained.
Sammy Ariel
Sammy Ariel:
Seratonin increases vascular tone? That totally explains why some SSRI's help people with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome!
came looking for serotonin, didnt work out
X. Y.
X. Y.:
Just what i was looking for
Times up! You're passed a minute.
i had to check my playback speed
Gisele Villares
Gisele Villares:
David Andrews
David Andrews:
Yet again .... nice!
Mighty YoungSir
Mighty YoungSir:
does any find this topic as important??
Raqib Zaman
Raqib Zaman:
Very nice video! I think I'll use it in my article :D
why would 5HT be decreased in the phase of falling in love?
Nicholas Lowell
Nicholas Lowell:
Sources please?
Deb K
Deb K:
What does serotonin have to do with migraines? Does it wax and wane, causing migraines when it is low? Is low serotonin during a migraine the reason people get GI problems (nausea, vomiting, slow peristalsis)? Thanks.
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez:
did a 5 year old draw this out?
V M:
Does people understand your accent normally?? I don't understand it and also you made it so Complicated !!!!!!!