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This video addresses the question: What is Philosophy? This discusses the meaning of philosophy, which includes its etymological and traditional definition. It also presents the four major branches of philosophy, namely, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, and Ethics.

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King Rodriguez
King Rodriguez:
This helped so much. Since online classes are harder, this really helps a lot and i love the music. Very calming and gives my head peace and I can actually understand.
NShitty Stan
NShitty Stan:
I love the background noise , it helps me understand well
Romieleth Espillardo
Romieleth Espillardo:
Watching this vid is much more better than me reading my modules (and not learning lol) hehe. This will definitely help me in my exam. Kudos!
In this day and age it’s very difficult to find somebody whom is willing to discuss profound philosophical questions. It’s almost as if we have been taught to ridicule such questions and in fact I’d go as far to say that I have seen fear in the eyes of a lot of people when it comes to philosophical questions. From my experience people in general don’t seem to sit in awe at the spectacular world and life we live in any more. Instead they get afraid and turn a blind eye. I am laughed at and thought of as a fool or an outcast simply because I would like to discuss and ponder subjects such as ‘why am I conscious?’
A vast majority of people these days would much rather discuss and ponder what will happen on the next episode of love island. I feel alienated.

I firmly believe that if we all pondered the big questions and had the freedom to openly discuss them without prejudice then we would discover so much more about our selves and the universe we live in.
Alle Ford
Alle Ford:
I cant believe that you dont have many subscribers . I mean , this thing is amazing!
Pretty Bırd
Pretty Bırd:
I'm beginning to like Philosophy now. Thank you very much indeed! ❤
Jegz Datar
Jegz Datar:
new subscriber here! helped me a lot in accomplishing my activities :) thank you so much! I really do hope you continue helping other students in accomplishing their tasks in Philosophy, just like me. <3
Imagine being sent this. Jokes aside, we were sent this for additional studies, cheers!
Naveed Ullah
Naveed Ullah:
Out standing.teach simple and easy word .good explanation. V.good in lectures hear on this topic till yet.
Victor Prado
Victor Prado:
This year will be my first year of teaching Philosophy. This video will be a great help for me. Thank you
Adriana de Oliveira
Adriana de Oliveira:
Amazing. Thanks a lot.
Franklin Tirambulo
Franklin Tirambulo:
Thank you very much it really helps 😍😍😍
Sining Tadhana
Sining Tadhana:
Based on my knowledge, philosophy is divided into three fields of areas of inquiry or branches while logic serves as a philosophical tool for reasoning and making good arguments when tackling, dealing with ideas, and doing philosophy. The branches are epistemology (the philosophy of knowledge), metaphysics (the philosophy of the origin and nature of being and existence and concepts beyond physical), and value theory (the philosophy of values) which are further divided into ethics (moral and social and or political values) and aesthetics (values of beauty, the beautiful, and art). :) Also, theodicy for me is just one point of view, perspective, theory, or idea under the broader study of philosophy of religion which is a branch on its own but can be identified with metaphysics. Philosophy of religion is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of God, God's existence, the problem of evil, God's attributes, concepts of faith and belief, and philosophical concepts on religion, etc.
Sometimes she sounds like Lisa Su from AMD XD
Coleen Andoy
Coleen Andoy:
i love the edit! how was it made? I LOVEEEEEE PHILOSOPHY NOW!! Thank you so much
kunu behera
kunu behera:
Thanks madam after seen all the videos . I have sprouted in my mind to crack nta net exam
Legesse Dana
Legesse Dana:
Thank You! Watching your videos made me even more interested in Philosophy. Good Job! Keep it up!
Wilfredo DJ Martin IV
Wilfredo DJ Martin IV:
Thank you for this video! I’m a new teacher of philosophy of the human person and this helped me a lot so I could teach better! ❤️
Bairulla Kisshan
Bairulla Kisshan:
Thank your for your videos,.. I learn more about philosophy.
Inspiration Bliss
Inspiration Bliss:
You are amazing, PHILO-notes. I have been following your Channel and always looking forward to your uploads. I enjoyed your videos and learned from them so much. You truly inspire me, especially that you are gaining more views and subscribers in a very short period of time. In fact, I created a Youtube Channel because I got inspired by you. It's not a Philosophy Channel though. It's an inspirational channel, but with a strong philosophical bent. Most of the videos I made are about attaining success in life, but my approach is philosophical in nature. Inspired by the question on the existence of evil and suffering that you introduced in this video, I made a video on "Why Did God Allow Suffering?". I hope you can provide me with constructive criticism so I can improve my next videos. Keep making amazing videos, PHILO-notes.

If it's fine with you, please check this video: "Why did God Allow Us to Suffer": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrJOG1NGh-8
Well explained! :)))
Spencer Fernando Lebotse
Spencer Fernando Lebotse:
I believe I've experienced a small part of God.
Kate Magistrado
Kate Magistrado:
Augustinian Journal
Augustinian Journal:
Thanks PHILO-notes for presenting a very simplified yet substantive discussion on the meaning of philosophy. This is very helpful to beginners. Keep it up!
Pratibha Srivastava
Pratibha Srivastava:
Hello ma'am! You are doing a great job 👍 this video decribes Philosophy and its branches so clearly and systematically. In your video the content, synchronization, accent, visibility- everything is perfect. Thank you so much!
Nico Javinal
Nico Javinal:
watching this vid was really a lot easier to undertand than in the class haha thanks!! ♥️
Marjorie Jusay
Marjorie Jusay:
Hello can i use this video in my class? I will make sure to give all the credits to your channel. Thank you!
Vipin Pandey Manuvadi
Vipin Pandey Manuvadi:
Your video help me a lot to understand philosophy..... 🤗🤗
ya girl amber
ya girl amber:
i’m too high for this
Akshar cooking
Akshar cooking:
I would love to marry you
Jas Mack
Jas Mack:
Thank you that was very informative I will be back to learn more.
Selly Riansyah
Selly Riansyah:
I can find the answer for basic questions in philosophy from Qur'an,
J V:
Thanku so much that all questions are come to my mind and when i thinking deeply some time my friends and cousins keeps me telling that why you go so deeply you can't think too deeply they called me i am physique why you keep too much burden on your mind and but ineglect them and eager to search from Google,books .Even my some matured friends i felt very relaxed when i talked to them.You know how relax i feel when i saw your videos...Thanks🙏
s Selamat
s Selamat:
I am always puzzled by this subject. But I thought the basic idea behind Philosophy was well explained here, and laid out for the layman like myself.
I found it extremely interesting. And that ethereal background music helped too.
It has been a good session and I plan to study the subject as something new. Thank you very much.
lerrwy bee
lerrwy bee:
Thank you for this!
Rosanna Sandoval
Rosanna Sandoval:
What does love of wisdom mean?
A.R.Rajeev Ramakrishnan
A.R.Rajeev Ramakrishnan:
Rising even above knowledge, what within the form, Of the one who knows, as equally without, radiant shines, To that core, with the eyes five restrainted within, Again and again prostrating in adoration, one should chant .

Permeating the knowledge which brilliantly shines
at once within and without the knower
is the karu;to that ,with the five senses withheld ,
prostrate again and again with devotion and chant .
Abdo Bary
Abdo Bary:
This is so fantastic .. i m grateful to you.. i can t believe how much i ve become interested in philisophy.. eventhough i had once been taught to avoid it .. i m free now.. "only the educated are free" .. thanks.
Pitambar Acharya
Pitambar Acharya:
Very informative and motivating presentation. Salute from Nepal.
Reyson Alaguena
Reyson Alaguena:
Hi philo, I would like to say thank you about this video, but can I have question about the branches of philosophy? Why aesthetic is not included? Thank you!
Maraming salamat. :)
Jeffry Ocay
Jeffry Ocay:
Thanks heaps. This greatly helps.
Jazzer Andre Tejada
Jazzer Andre Tejada:
sino nan dito para sa module?
חבר את הירח
חבר את הירח:
I have been reading philosophy for years but this only video just make me understand a lot of more about philosophy and life in general. Thanks.
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Lotachukwu Magerate:
Wow,this is cool
I passed by exam in philosophy ,thanks to u
Please where can I get something like this on economics
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abcd kdlp:
Thanks for this!! ❤
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Nicoh Luz:
Thanks for this.
I really enjoy watching your videos. keep them coming.
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Danielle Noble:
I feel drowsy watching the video, not in a bad way, I just get ASMR from her voice, its so relaxing.
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anne abella:
Thankyou so much!!!! Very well explained!!!
I hope it will help me in my exam tomorrow
Ill update you all tomorrow
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Kaan Görmek:
wth with that music?!
Madelyn Marcelino
Madelyn Marcelino:
Philosophy in a nutshell--well done.
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Arthur Sinkala:
Thanks, very helpful. I appreiate it
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Thank you it is a very big help for me to really understand
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Linthoi Chingtham:
Thnk u so much for this vedio💐💐💐💐💐
Akemi Moriartea
Akemi Moriartea:
If God created everything, then who created God?
Kif PH
Kif PH:
Dude I just wanna tell you, ur video is getting watched by our university students. They basically made ur video as a learning material.
Marlyn Cahill
Marlyn Cahill:
Very helpful!
Jhay Anne
Jhay Anne:
Where can i buy books po? If meron
nico nico ni
nico nico ni:
Rahul madkami
Rahul madkami:
I need implication of metaphysics,epistemology & axiology.please
Al Nashra Ansari
Al Nashra Ansari:
Awsome video and very helpful. You are doing a great job
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Han Lee:
Thanks a lot.😙😘
Gary Heart of Arts
Gary Heart of Arts:
Find Love Wisdom will follow Wisdom won't lead you to love. . Some people like to think themselves as philosophers Some philosophers would love all people to be philosophers. I digress
Justine Costillas
Justine Costillas:
Why does philosophy study of all thingss mam
Syntac Gago
Syntac Gago:
Enumarate the different period in philosophy and define each period?
Nick Fury
Nick Fury:
What is the importance of philosophy?
King Zalien
King Zalien:
Can I ask a question? Is philosophy all about reasoning? Or not? Thank you for answering this. It really makes me wonder for a long time now🤣
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Abdalla Duran:
I like to thank you for this video
another great video. thank you.
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Louie Aldrin Pestano:
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thank you !! please upload more ❤️❤️
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Background music name?
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Bat Ka nandito par tinatamad Kaba Mag basa ?? (SAME)
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can provide any ppt for this topic
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they have any philosophy
LT Uni Neptunia
LT Uni Neptunia:
Awesome Video & very helpful
Alexandra Rein TV Vlogs
Alexandra Rein TV Vlogs:
What is the Nature of Human person?
Great 👍
👍👍👍Easy to digest !! Great video
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to the maker of this video thank you so much..currently iam studying in my master in philosophy... this is very helpful.. i subscribe ur page now.. i hope u will add more.. lovelots
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Sheat Baloch:
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maheenkhan khan
maheenkhan khan:
Selly rianseh is basically proponent of Rene Descartes, already enunciated in cartesian dualism
Pratap Chandra Misal
Pratap Chandra Misal:
Excellent presentatio.
Pilosopong Mar
Pilosopong Mar:
very well-said
Rosemarie Lato rre
Rosemarie Lato rre:
hi philo-note, I believe that you guys selling textbooks about IPHM? I would like to purchase your book as my reference in my teaching. Can you give me details about that? thanks you!
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Basharat Hussain HAIDERI:
thank you so much.....much more informative clips.....be continue
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Azumi Tomoyoki:
Love your videos. Can i use this on my class?
maksud safstrom very professional it's nice
maksud safstrom very professional it's nice:
50 thanks
Very nice articulated philosophy
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Yoonki Min:
How about aesthetics? In major branches
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Nice one
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short n sweet notes thanks
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Kenneth Kyle Taer
Kenneth Kyle Taer:
I am a grade 12 student. And I want to become a philosopher, someday
wicked LH
wicked LH:
May libro ba ng tungkol sa philosophy na nakasalin sa Tagalog?
this is me!
this is me!:
Nice lesson 🙂🙂