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Emphysema is a chronic medical condition (most often caused by smoking and air pollution) where lung tissue is damaged and traps air inside the lung. Learn how shortness of breath, persistent cough, and wheezing are common symptoms of this condition and why they occur in emphysema. Created by Amy Fan.

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L Duranceau
L Duranceau:
You took something very complicated and simplified it in a way we can all understand. Thank you for the superb effort.
666 Horsepower
666 Horsepower:
Actually theyre pink because of polycythemia , which means excessive erythrocytes(red blood cells). Their bodies make more because of chronic hypoxia
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza:
Love your voice, thank you for t his
Estella Barros
Estella Barros:
You are so good!!!
I just love you
Thank you so much
E G:
Such a good explanation, thank you!
Amir Nehme
Amir Nehme:
Thank you.
Emphysema Bootcamp
Emphysema Bootcamp:
Good explanation.
Pouya Bandegi
Pouya Bandegi:
Very well done!
Why is it so hard to find this kind of Instructors in Medical school, hmmm??? 🤔🤔🤔
Matt Denney
Matt Denney:
Great job. Thanks.
Abdullah Al-Haj
Abdullah Al-Haj:
What is bulla or bleb in the lung and how is it related to emphysema?
Syed Moris
Syed Moris:
I think it becomes barrel shaped as the person has to continuously use his thorasic muscles. so the anterior diameter gets increased and that is exactly what barrel shaped chest is. Also I have heard that the diaphragm becomes flattened.

Pursed lips

When the velocity of air increases the pressure gets decreased when learnt this in physics as the roof of the houses would fly away in severe storm as the pressure would get decreased outside and the pressure inside the house would remain same the roof would be pushed towards lower pressure and it would just fly away.

What happens here is that the person has expire slowly so air doesn't rush out really fast and the decreased pressure lets the bronchioles collapse. so the person purses his mouth and breathes out through a rather small opening.

If you dont want to worry about physics just keep in mind that in all obstructive lung diseases expiration is tough so the person wants to expires really slowly.

Why is it more difficult to expire in obstructive lung disorders and inspiration is rather easy?

as during expiration chest squeeze in and further compress the airways so the persons wants to make the expire really nice and slow.

but while inspiration the chest increses in size so the obstruction is less of a problem?
Miguel Sampaio Peliteiro
Miguel Sampaio Peliteiro:
In fact, yes there is hyperinflation of the lungs in order to breathe but pacients are asthenic, as showed in the Netter book. They end up being skinny, and not barrel-like (these would be the blue boaters - chronic bronchitis).
Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy
Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy:
Emphezema water pik cleansing of lungs enter through body like cleansing of colon
Fit For Flogging
Fit For Flogging:
Why all these videos talking about emphysema are Bob Ross videos?

I don't have a issue just find it strange.
great video,very helpful..
Brennan Cumberbatch
Brennan Cumberbatch:
A very well done vid...I learned alot. Much thanks
2020 anyone hello
Iqra Shaikh
Iqra Shaikh:
Just wanna add, pursed lip breathing occurs only during expiration because in emphysema, this is only expiration which is difficult and labored due to loss of recoil!
Sam De La Cruz
Sam De La Cruz:
Dinesh Raja
Dinesh Raja:
Thank you:)
Vickie J. Wanto
Vickie J. Wanto:
Thank you. Your drawings are excellent!
Kanika Manchanda
Kanika Manchanda:
Thank you! SO helpful
I don't fully understand the door metaphor at the end around 9:37. Is this right?:
- The healthy lungs' door is always open (good)
- The unhealthy lungs' door is prone to closing, but less likely to "slam shut" if you inhale slowly (and a closed door is bad)
Leonard Piercy
Leonard Piercy:
I was taken to hospital six months ago with chest pains and diagnosed with emphysema, sarcoidosis and pneumonia. Been in hospital 5 times since with it all and they have told me to expect to need hospitalization every winter from now on. Whatched this video, can't believe that's what's going on inside me. Horrifying. And even more horrifying are my odds of pulling through if I catch the Covid-19 virus.

I started smoking at 11 (older boys at army cadets got me into it) and stopped at 36. I'm now 39 and there are 80 year olds who are fitter than I am. I can't even transfer my laundry from the basket to the washing machine without needing to stop for a breather afterwards.

Old Guys Rock!!
Old Guys Rock!!:
My 72 year old mother in law has been diagnosed with emphysema. She is a smoker and is in denial and refuses to stop smoking. In just a few months, her energy level has diminished tremendously. She had a very high pitched dry smokers cough for years, but the cough has changed to a deep liquid phlegm filled cough. She is out of breath all the time and is becoming less active for obvious reasons. Because she is in denial, treatments like using oxygen, are not an option because she refuses to use it. Sad, yes! Frustration watching her health deteriorate. But watching the stages of her cough change and constantly being out of breath and having to lean on counters to catch her breath, is a study in how fast the emphysema is attacking her body. Her doc gave her 3 years a year ago. I figure that is about right.
Loose Ozzy Political Punting
Loose Ozzy Political Punting:
this is terrifying
No0oni Independent
No0oni Independent:
Thanx alot
Bestof Anime
Bestof Anime:
I'm 25 years old and i've been to the doctors about 20 times in relation to my breathing problems and not 1 of those times did any of those doctors think of Emphysema, i gave them these exact symptoms and not 1 of them tried testing for it, Ever since i was 6 years old i thought i was being weak because i wasn't trying hard enough to breath, when i would run marathons i would think i wasn't trying hard enough and that everyone went through what i went through with not being able to breath and feeling like i was going to die.

Detection of Emphysema needs to be enforced because this has plagued me in my life for so long.
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva:
Good video
Christopher Lozano
Christopher Lozano:
you said there are only 2.5 million alveoli, but that wrong by at least two orders of magnitude. Isn't it more like 250 million alveoli per primary lobule?
O C:
Video is OK, but you seem to go off on tangents talking about irrelative things, such as inspiratory drive.
very very bad explained.
Stephen Fiore
Stephen Fiore:
.......... Excellent.......... (assuming your telling the real story.....).....
X X:
Chronic doesn't mean it happens over a long period of time. Chronic means the disease isn't temporary but permanent. A bronchitis is just a seasonal disease that usually goes away in a few days. A chronic bronchitis stays for life.
Suresh Choudhary
Suresh Choudhary:
Please don't use black background it's irritated