What is COVID-19?

https://cancercenter.com/covid19 Did you know that the coronavirus is named for the crown-like appearance of spiked proteins visible on the virus’ surface? Or that symptoms of COVID-19 typically appear in the back of the throat? Or that the virus follows a specific pathway once it enters the body? Watch this animated video for a clear, crisp explanation of the novel coronavirus and to see instructive visualizations of how COVID-19 enters, spreads and affects the body. For cancer-specific information on COVID-19, read the CancerCenter360 blog: https://www.cancercenter.com/community/blog?Category=COVID-19

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legend 2k
legend 2k:
I had the virus before and I survived
Hi, I'm doing a presentation at the Bio Africa Convention this year speaking on nanotechnology diagnostics. Please could I use your video to explain the virus to the people. Thank you in advance.
Loving Caring Kindness Forever
Loving Caring Kindness Forever:
I'm praying for healing for all cancer patients. Amen. amen.
Ninjax Team
Ninjax Team:
Jayson Balingao Vlogs
Jayson Balingao Vlogs:
hello. Can I have permission to utilize this video for my students? It would be of good help to inform our learners. Thank you in advance.
I would like to add captions in Spanish so that more people can have access to this information
Mr. Kelowna
Mr. Kelowna:
Get this thing cured already
Lewis Goldsberry
Lewis Goldsberry:
This ain't got nothing do with the flu & cancer
Adhitya Cahyo
Adhitya Cahyo:
I love your 3d modeler.
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris:
What's an anterbody?
Dan Penn
Dan Penn:
Don't you know you don't touch a kings crown
pooja atulkar
pooja atulkar:
Nice information
Where does the fluid that fills the avioli come from?