What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is one of the most common refractive errors found in eyes today. Dr. Teske from The Eye Doctors of New Tampa explains what it is and how it's treated. Astigmatism can be corrected with glasses, and in most cases people with astigmatism can wear contact lenses too!


The Eye Doctors of New Tampa
19070 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL

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King Rthur
King Rthur:
i thought everyone saw those lines in lights lmao
Angel Garach
Angel Garach:
I have it in both eyes, I suffer from lots of headaches
Hitodeman Hitodemon
Hitodeman Hitodemon:
I have astigmatism in both eyes
Arash snai
Arash snai:
he looks like the doctor in the Lost TV series
Dylan Martinez
Dylan Martinez:
I have an astigmatism in both eyes
Destiny Star
Destiny Star:
I love the way he explains it. It’s so gentle and knowledgeable as oppose to a professor lecturing in class. I can’t explain it but the way he says it makes me excited to learn more lol
a normal person
a normal person:
I thought I had a parasite making my eyes wierd I was gonna cry xD
Melanie Ortiz
Melanie Ortiz:
During my eye exam today, I found out that I now have astigmatism in my right eye in addition to nearsightedness in both of my eyes. It’s new glasses and prescription sunglasses for me.
Matthew Caughey
Matthew Caughey:
What I want to know is how come it wasn’t a problem when I was younger
I have it I’m both eyes. I can still see fine. Just difficult to read at long distances
Katy Donado
Katy Donado:
Yet here i am not being able to tolerate my astigmatism💀😭
Camie Lenocker
Camie Lenocker:
This is very nice to lnow, as i have this in both eyes. Thank you.
Mary Konopasek
Mary Konopasek:
I have astigmatism from the removal of cataracts when I was born...booo!!!
Sandra Salas
Sandra Salas:
I have it on one eye and i wear glasses. I am getting new a new pair in 9 days (3-13-18)
Hixy0114 ©®
Hixy0114 ©®:
My cornea thinned and it caused it to make my eye into a cone shape I used to hate it but i don't care anymore
I Sometimes Get The Feeling Of Fainting For A Few Seconds And My Eyesight Gets Blurred For A Moment.
Safa Boussada
Safa Boussada:
witch are better, plastic or glass contacts, please ?
Marit S
Marit S:
Cool. I'm now bringing an egg to my oral exam.
Glaze96 AJ
Glaze96 AJ:
i have this, in my left eye
Iha Jadhav
Iha Jadhav:
I’m 8 yrs old
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson:
I'm nearsighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other and both eyes have astigmatism 😅😅
I just installed a red dot optic on my rifle and it’s all blurry. I searched the internet, and evidently a lot of people find they have astigmatisms this way. People even leave negative reviews until they find out the problem is in their eyes, not the gun sight.
Now I get to spend more money and by a holographic optic! Lol, watch me have the same problem probably.
Blake lol
Blake lol:
I thought everyone had this
foxxy slimezzz
foxxy slimezzz:
I have astigmatism in my left eye, I'm weak in my left eye as well
can astigmatism cause double vision or "ghost sight"?
a little double line above the original picture but u can see through it.
when I close 1 eyes it's still there, I believe it's called monocular diplopia. I have seen several eye doctors and had a MRI scan.
They all say everything looks normal but 1 eye has a little cone shape.
Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta:
Thank you for the information
Iha Jadhav
Iha Jadhav:
Both eyes
foxxy slimezzz
foxxy slimezzz:
i have longsightedness
JayBirdMus IC
JayBirdMus IC:
My doctor told me it couldn't be corrected by glasses
Laura Rizo
Laura Rizo:
Hi I have a question is it normal that astigmatism inted of being horizontal is vertival!? Or why is that!?
Aneeqa Unda
Aneeqa Unda:
Im nearsighted.
I see lines
Martell Tha Cool
Martell Tha Cool:
I got astigmatism a few days ago
I have a slight astigmatism on both of my eyes.
I have astigmatism in both eyes..
Biggobang Jenkins
Biggobang Jenkins:
Who’s here from that twitter post
Karen Amore
Karen Amore:
I have astigmatism and do I have to wear my glasses everytime?
Iha Jadhav
Iha Jadhav:
I have it too
The Colourful Bear
The Colourful Bear:
I have it in both eyes and a lazy eye
Elijah Ersando
Elijah Ersando:
I have it on my left eye
Jinell Ashley Derit
Jinell Ashley Derit:
i have astigmatism in right eye-
GatorFusion // Mist Walker anims
GatorFusion // Mist Walker anims:
I have astigmatism in one eye
I think I have Astigmatism, should I tell my parents?
Sandra Salas
Sandra Salas:
I have it on one eye and i wear glasses. I am getting a new pair in 9 days (3-13-18)
Monika Talja
Monika Talja:
I have astigmatism
Ariyahna Cornish
Ariyahna Cornish:
Me football shaped eye or eyes whatever
Nayyar Optical
Nayyar Optical:
My name is Amalkrishna from INDIA , kerala,trivandrum of old 15
I Have High Astigmatism , I am so worried
Camie Lenocker
Camie Lenocker:
Mine has progressed to the point of swelling, pain, fever and nausea. I need surgery.
Doug H. in VA
Doug H. in VA:
so if it is so ordinary and can be corrected in Glasses lenses... why have I been to 5 different optometrists in the capital of Virginia and NOT gotten a prescription that resolves astigmatism in my right eye ? If an optometrist has tried more than once to get it right, are they not sworn to say when they are stumped?
ankita gosai
ankita gosai:
Hello doctor, I got swollen one eye.. and the one eye looking lilbit bigger and protruded lil than the normal eye... Dr said it is due to some allergies..and I had that Treatment but not recovered after that. Even then Treatment of infection done and given Amoxicillin 5 days. But still it is there. Thyroid reports also normal.. what should do now??
Muna Jama'
Muna Jama':
Keratoconus corneal transplants success rate
DP Nation
DP Nation:
so . does having asrigmatisme affcat ur eyes............i mean like i proabley have it .but when i do the visual acuity . i do it well
Kit Ideduce
Kit Ideduce:
wait.....you mean people don't see the lines 0_0 I thought everyone saw these things what 0_0
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
Can this be cured without glasses or contacts. I don't want glasses or contacts but I can't get LASIK because of the flap. PRK has a too long of a recovery time. What can I get?
Drake Atlas
Drake Atlas:
Can this heal?
I have astigmatism, does anyone here see like a ghost image of the original image specially when that particular object has light colors or being shined with light and it's in a dark background..like I see it as double but not that strong, my optometrist said it was due to overuse of gadgets, is anyone like this?
Mushy Kush
Mushy Kush:
Do glasses actually correct it? Like if once it's healed can I stop wearing glasses?
Master Herobrine
Master Herobrine:
I have myopia and astigmatism ,congratulation
tendour juicy
tendour juicy:
I have a astigmatism
It's not an aigg it's an egg.
zyra C
zyra C:
I have really bad astigmatism in both eyes
Jeanbawi Prevost
Jeanbawi Prevost:
I have myopia on both eyes. Is it better that astigmatism ?,
The True Chez
The True Chez:
I have autism as well
I'm a Boxer who wants to join the British Army and I plan to get PRK but, I have bad eye sight, and astigmatism in one eye, will this affect my Boxing career or my army career? Can I still get PRK perfectly fine and if so does the army pay for it?
I guess the only way to know if you have astigmatism is with an eye exam correct?
Allen R
Allen R:
Can this be cured? thank you...