What is an Oligarchy?

Oligarch is a term which is thrown about quite often these days but do you know what an oligarch is? Or where the term comes from? Well stick around to find out.

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Well... Actually
Well... Actually:
No joke if you know facts about oligarchs or any good shows about them let me know! I have been watching a pile of them on YouTube lately! - Btw if interested in translating the show click here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCLzELCDHdDfPaJSZ-BJTawA&tab=2
Ivan Penna
Ivan Penna:
What do you call a goverment ruled by an owl?

An OWLigarchy
Who wants to know what an oligarch is at 3 in the morning?

Me: Oh, boy, 3 am!
• William •
• William •:
What does it mean if something is "municipal" and what is a "municipality"
Rimantas Bucelis
Rimantas Bucelis:
Hahah this is way too funny you got it all from Wikipedia like dude you're reading word for word out there
Chai r
Chai r:
Hello there.
i always see your videos very early without notifications
Oliver 'Ava' Meyer
Oliver 'Ava' Meyer:
Actually, rule of the few might be a bit too literal. Oligarchies are typically negative. The positive term is aristocracy: "excellent" + "power, rule".

Also Plato was the one to define basic forms of government, Aristotle was a student of his. Might have expanded upon it, but the source is Plato. :P
Brad Baker
Brad Baker:
This is an inaccurate video.
Miguel Oros
Miguel Oros:
Oligarchy is really hard to say.
Haha Rome 2
this channel is great!
Ferdinand Delidlum
Ferdinand Delidlum:
Stickaroind tu foind ute🤣🤣🤣
Gacha Ash
Gacha Ash:
PLEASE!!!! tell me about like what rights should people have in an oligarchy?
Macky Cabangon
Macky Cabangon:
550th View, 62nd Like
Cesar Delacruz
Cesar Delacruz:
Boi 👏🏼👋🏽
What's the difference between an oligarchy and an aristocracy?
what is a viceroy and a viceroyalty?
What is the music for this video?
I've heard that Sparta was an Oligarchy too ....
Praetorian Rex
Praetorian Rex:
Do you reply to comments?
Dab Man
Dab Man:
Chose this vid cuz the fun looking bird
Asmus Aner storm
Asmus Aner storm:
Jason Coffin
Jason Coffin:
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
anthony dela cruz lim
anthony dela cruz lim:
for me oligarchy has nothing really care to an entire poor people
Brooks Love
Brooks Love:
America is an oligarchy too
Timmy The 4th Grader
Timmy The 4th Grader:
Great video
This would be a lot easier to hear and take seriously without that inappropriate music . . .
the u.s is an oligarchy, one that everyone is comfortable with.
Francisco Lisbona
Francisco Lisbona:
not good
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide:
Putin defines it as anyone with a billion dollars or challenges his right to rule .anyone able to finance campains of a
Rival canadote is threat to putin.
His great plain even helped him first take the biggest media network away for free .
h 7
h 7:
republics = oligarchy
Matrix Hacker
Matrix Hacker:
So America is an oligarchy. #Bernie2020
wahgafshshs fasfahgagaah
wahgafshshs fasfahgagaah:
Fascısm is better than oligarchy
The EU is basically an old-fashioned Oligarchy right now, then. An un-elected body of officials who "represent" their nations / people, and rule without the people's consent. What was once an economical union turned into a political one, which now wants to govern all of Europe and raise an EU army. GG.
What is an oligarchy? Easy - the USA. :D
Mr. Black
Mr. Black:
The System of White Supremacy is an Oligarchy...
This made zero sense. It sounded like you were describing a monarchy. Rule passed down in families.