What is Allergic Rhinitis?

Animated Video explaining Allergic Rhinitis.

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100+ komento:

Oh so its called allergic rhinitis, i thought it was called "lifetime curse"
Who’s having Allergic Rhinitis and watching a video of Allergic Rhinitis?
Hate this allergic rhinitis, now people think that I have covid-19.
Charley Diaz
Charley Diaz:
Whenever I wake up in the morning I sneeze like 50 times and my nose drips and my eyes get watery it’s so annoying I deal with it everyday
i really hate this allergy and it affects my sleep at night! cant stop sneezing! its really bothering me.. :(
Aria Blaze
Aria Blaze:
Just remove my nose already
Kyle V.
Kyle V.:
Right now is a really awkward time to be having these issues...
мιlку ωαу ցαlαχу
мιlку ωαу ցαlαχу:
I have this kind of allergy and it affects me every morning and in the evening.
Detonator Gaming
Detonator Gaming:
like if you have Alergy Rhinitis i liked it because i have
Jeston Russel Barcenas
Jeston Russel Barcenas:
I'm allergic to dust and I hate it so much.
Christal Tran
Christal Tran:
man this explains why i sneeze like 70 times in a row after running 2-3miles in PE, my friends think im allergic to running
Jordan Rice
Jordan Rice:
This comment section is like coming home
Khonzinkosi X
Khonzinkosi X:
It's a nightmare to live with, glad to finally understand what it really is
The only time when I don't have this is when im playing sport, other than that I have it forever
Let’s be real here, we all searched this up because there’s water dripping out our noses 😂
Sana Sultana
Sana Sultana:
I'm suffering this from 7yrs nd it makes me irritated , no sleep at all just wiping the nose this makes me feels like better to die
Subodh bende
Subodh bende:
I'm suffering from this allergy every morning.
Prabhu Punk
Prabhu Punk:
i thought i was alone !!!
Nouman khan
Nouman khan:
one of the finnest channel on youtube about Medical Education
My nose is like this from the last 14 15 years. I have been on antihistamine and nasal sprays, they give relief for few hours but doctor said there is no cure and I have to keep taking them. It sucks
Haseeb Rahman
Haseeb Rahman:
allergic rhinits is making it harder for me to sing and has shortened my octave range :(
Zen Lemon
Zen Lemon:
I have allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis and bronchitis ,feel my pain.
Jean-Paul Teitu II
Jean-Paul Teitu II:
This thing is no joke. It can paralyze your lifestyle like an eternal curse. I've been dealing with this since time immemorial 😪
Britney B
Britney B:
IMPORTANT- CONSIDER READING IF YOUR SUFFERING FROM THIS!I know I am late but let me know if what I am about to say is useful, if you are suffering from this please refer to your local GP to get a Skin prick test or a blood test to confirm that you have this condition. Then they would normally provide you with a spray that is prescribed that should make life easier for your nose. On top of that you should: buy a humidifier for your room (which you can buy on Amazon)- as a humidifier will apply moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in parts of the body. And they ease symptoms caused by flu or common cold. Another thing you should consider is buying an anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy mattress protector and anti-allergy duvet which is scientifically proven to reduce allergens and protects against bacteria and dust mites.
Kevin March
Kevin March:
Who’s watching on New Years eve and want to have an allergic rhinitis free for 2020 👋
Mark Deserva
Mark Deserva:
i do have allergic rhinitis and it effects my day to day living that i prefer to die 😭😭😢😢
pollen and dust: why do I hear boss music
0:53 my body is just a big dramatic queen, she overreacting over a pollen and dust 😪

Especially with this pollenful season , tissue= bestfriend
Alyssa’s Other Account
Alyssa’s Other Account:
I only have it laying at sitting down, standing is fine for me anyone else? When I lay in certain positions I can breath as well
Sza Li
Sza Li:
this is my very first time that this happened to me
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster:
thank you i really like this way of teaching for me thank love to see more like this thank you. so much
Whispering Jack
Whispering Jack:
"support us on Pat-tree-on"
Oh I'm sorry I thought you meant Patreon?
KPOPImagines -Trasheu
KPOPImagines -Trasheu:
I cant even talk, because of rhinitis
Y siva kireeti Reddy
Y siva kireeti Reddy:
For me first itching starts at back of tongue then in eyes and in nose later runny nose and watery eyes and lastly shortness of breath😓
Every year this happens to me especially in rainy season
Thank you! Finally I know what I have after so many years. You rock.
Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis:
All thanks to Dr Ayomede on YouTube for helping me gain my health back, God bless you sir
Sana Rangoonwala
Sana Rangoonwala:
I'm drugged I'm telling you! It says on the packet one tablet a day but I have to have another one at night because I can't sleep 😭
Mine goes on all year without my pills morning, noon, afternoon, evening and even night.
Karelys Alvarez
Karelys Alvarez:
I DEFINITELY HAVE THIS i been feeling like this for a whole year i feel awful
Rajput Sachin
Rajput Sachin:
I am suffering with allergy from last 5 years 😢😢
I have this shit allergy since i was a kid. And my doctor said that it is lifetime. 😔
Bettyjayne Posangat
Bettyjayne Posangat:
I am suffering from this every morning and evening. Thank you for the heads up information.
I have this + eczema. Noticed when my allergies go crazy so does my eczema, i hate it!
Why do i get these when i look at my bright phone in the morning
Sam •
Sam •:
I experience all those symptoms after running fast or long period of time.
Your videos are so helpful. THANK YOU!
Talha Doci
Talha Doci:
Im suffering from it right now and it’s 1:40 and I can’t sleep.🤧
We are a friends of the trouple.
Vilaphone Chanthavongsack
Vilaphone Chanthavongsack:
Thank you sir. I learn something new everyday
Armanto Cullhai
Armanto Cullhai:
That’s exactly what i m suffering from now from 12 years , would someone give me and advise how to treat this ,
This is just killing 😢🤧🤧🤧😡
Thank you for the 1ns who updated this video coz at least I found out what I really have and I m suffering from
Rui Alexandre
Rui Alexandre:
Thank you for aproving my subtitles. I may submit some corrections, I've just spotted a few (small) mistakes.
Falaq Iqbal
Falaq Iqbal:
Awesomeness running in the family.
Sabina Haind
Sabina Haind:
I’ve had this for four years and really suffered with all of the symptoms mentioned- anti histamines and nasal spray only worked for a while - finally figured out what triggers mine- refined sugar ... when I avoid refined white/ brown sugar I’m fine - it was hard since sugar is everywhere in the modern diet so had to be disciplined or this literally screws up life ... hope that helps for some of you out there ...
bts_0_ jimin
bts_0_ jimin:
At first I didn't know I had this I just thought I had a long flu but now I know I have Allergic rhinitis
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster:
thank you I have this, all year round so I've been told thank you so very much be well.
lu lu
lu lu:
I’m allergic to everything it seems. This is awful. I’m awaiting immunotherapy
Jkai Avila
Jkai Avila:
Im so depressed in looking for cure for this.. i’ve had this since birth
Lubriant Playz
Lubriant Playz:
I got this by blood from my dad

I sneezed all the time and sometimes too much it’s annoying
Thanks for the video ❤️❤️
Malu Bmz
Malu Bmz:
This is really awsome ... pls upload more and more topics especially important topics
Joey 03kill
Joey 03kill:
I sneezed so much the other day I lost my voice.
This is so debilitating. And I sneezed 5 times while typing this.
love this video. its so simple to understand, thanks a lot!!!!
Really enjoyed this video, great quality, simple explanation!-thank you
Elizabeth Asibiri
Elizabeth Asibiri:
I really suffer when I get contact with dust it come in the morning and evening. As at now......😩
Prasanna Lenin
Prasanna Lenin:
Thank you, easy understandable steps. You are a Good hearted doctor
Nafii Cat
Nafii Cat:
I'm here cause I've been sneezing for almost 3 days 🤧
Lmao I thought I have covid19
kev in
kev in:
So this explains my frequent sneezing and eye itching and watering
Shabeeb Ahmed
Shabeeb Ahmed:
I have this from 2 months and when its identified medicines are working... you will go to depression due to this... symptoms may vary..
I suffer from these and it sucks 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Deva Hafiatun
Deva Hafiatun:
This is very very annoying, I am super fed up with this allergy 😔 Anyone from Mumbai knows a good allergy doctor?
Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun:
Best video ever about.......
Max Lee
Max Lee:
Anyone here feel itchy in eyes once lie down on bed?
Jess flow
Jess flow:
Thank you for the info.
I really hate smokes from cigarettes. It causes me soooooo itchy nose, sneeze and teary eye.. This burden my everydays doing 😔
I got allergy every other day..
sometime i get it in morning and it last for whole day or even week 🙁
Oh god, I hope this don’t happen when I go to the academy. After just doing a 1.5 mile run.
Tomas Serrano
Tomas Serrano:
I Have A Severe Case Which I Am Allergic To Friggin’ Cold Weather. Help 😭
Funny (and sad 😭) how I found the comment section with same sentiments all over the years.

I always feel it is a curse with no cure. I have switched from different anti-histamines and nasal sprays but damn nothing totally works. Most annoying part I learned my pattern, more or less once a week. That affects my behavior, since I anticipate its occurrence, I ironically become happy when I have it on a not so important day. For example on a Sunday, when I know I have meetings/work to deliver on Monday 😅
I just wanna taste my food :(
Angelica Alcala
Angelica Alcala:
Are itchy sinuses part of the symptoms as well? They make me feel as if I have to sneeze every 5 minutes! 😩
Marvie Marquez
Marvie Marquez:
Oh why I came here cuz thts my problems every morning
jd b.pandapatan
jd b.pandapatan:
Watching this makes me sneeze
Matt Jevah
Matt Jevah:
This what always bothering me, finally found ya! Ughhhhh
Francine Morales
Francine Morales:
Thank you so much for making this video. I have had this condition for 16 years and learning how it affects my sinus is very beneficial. Please keep making more videos
McGraw Patrick
McGraw Patrick:
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Been having this since HS
Abhiram P Lal
Abhiram P Lal:
All my doctors say I have allergy but when I took an allergy test it was negative...the only symptom I now have is nasal congestion for almost 2 years....allergist said that it's non allergic rhinitis...can you make a video like this explaining non allergic rhinitis please.
sakshi gupta
sakshi gupta:
very informative.
thenursing class
thenursing class:
very helpful.THANK YOU
Tahera Jabeen
Tahera Jabeen:
I just loved the presentation and it helped me to understand my problem well
Ahnaf Atif
Ahnaf Atif:
It's like nasal orgasm, MY NOSE ITCHES LIKE CRAZY, with all the other symptoms as well.
kittu burmi
kittu burmi:
It welcomes itself whenever it wants to 🤧🤧
Nihad Ahmed
Nihad Ahmed:
This perfectly explained
This year my allergy was so severe because I'm in a different city now. It depends on where you are yes... I thought I'm dying till i read the comments and see so many people going through the same shit. Thank you for not making me feel alone! 😭
mohamed rimshadpcs
mohamed rimshadpcs:
Am allergic to dust and fragrance soaps, changing soap resolved sneezing after taking a bath
I just got diagnosed by this and goddamn its annoying
Aafreen JH
Aafreen JH:
Very informative....I suffered from this a lot.