What if Southeast Asia became a Single Country? (ASEAN Unification Alternate History)

What if Southeast Asia became a single country? Today we're going to discuss what it would look like if the nations of ASEAN united and became a single unified country, as a sort of hypothetical thought experiment.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on this hypothetical scenario, what the name of the nation would be, what the capital would be and whether you would support this movement if you are a Southeast Asian. Thanks for watching.

Videos of mine referenced:
Who were the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL4lUFUzBtQ&t=26s


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Aulia Majid
Aulia Majid:
it will became a country with the most toxic player in every online games
Moses Mooses
Moses Mooses:
Well we hate eachother mutually

But attack one of us everyone will go up to you :v


Helm Kreuz
Helm Kreuz:
ASEAN: *United as One Country*
China: *Chuckle "I'm in Danger"*
US: *"Wait, that's illegal"*
We’re The *Rice* Family And *THE COCOPALM FAMILYYYY*
atarotato atarotato
atarotato atarotato:
ASEAN: *hates on each other*

Philippines: I love all of you guys uwu
Hunter Tran
Hunter Tran:
That would practically 50% of the kpop fan in the world
Phanatic _
Phanatic _:
So to make things simple from all the comments in this comment section,

Southeast Asia countries are like siblings, who fight and hate each other but we still have to be together because we need each other for political and economic purposes.
Butterfly Life
Butterfly Life:
South east asia become one country?!

*Looks at comment section*

Yeah maybe not.
ton ton
ton ton:
As a Filipino I guess I wouldn't agree that ASEAN will just be a one country✌️We all have our own culture beliefs traditions and so on but however we still have some similarities ❤️️ But as a Filipino I am very much thankful that our neighboring countries are having such agreements to unite and help each other ❤️️❤️️❤️️Love to all South East Asians
hazim hamid
hazim hamid:
If Asean became a large country:

1) Asean will be ranked as the country with the most islands in the world
2) political crisis may lead to vulnerability towards foreign power, more likely China or Russia
3) ethnic or religion genocide might happen
4) economic growth is slower
5) illiteracy rate increases

Honestly, it's best for us to just be ourselves
Kenneth Perlado
Kenneth Perlado:
Legend says that Southeast Asia was once a peaceful country with various ethnic groups working together for the benefit of all people. But that all changed when the fire nation attacked.
joe joe ?
joe joe ?:
It means more rice!!!

Also it's a group of the United Rice Of the World
Juanito Ubando
Juanito Ubando:
ASEAN in this comment : We hate each other!
Filipino in comment : We loves everyone!
Other ASEAN : Overproud?
Fact: comment section is more interesting than the video.
Ziera Syahrim
Ziera Syahrim:
We just like other typical sibling...hating, arguing...but deep in our heart we care for each other
LDx Trop!X
LDx Trop!X:
Toxic players combined 😂
Thee Paradox
Thee Paradox:
If that happened, I think we Filipinos would be discriminated greatly because we're the only catholic country in the south east.
Darth Guilder
Darth Guilder:
That country could be called Asea and the people would be called Asean just to screw with people.
H A Y L E Y F O R E V E R:
I love how duterte is almost always the odd one out in every international meetings
Natashark dodo
Natashark dodo:
This particular comment section just simply potray why we can never be unite as a one single country

I mean literally thou :)
Harry Young
Harry Young:
I can't imagine the whole South East Asia being one single country.
Armia Ibanez
Armia Ibanez:
Indonesia: hold my comodo dragon.
Malaysia: hold ma Tiger.
And other holds.
East Timor: Hold my pants.
grace gain
grace gain:
Hello neighbors... From Philippines... Pahingi naman ng ulam Jan haha..
Arvie Vlog
Arvie Vlog:
SEA countries: I Hate Each Other!!!

Philippines: I love you all

SEA Countries: Overproud?

So the meaning of that We filipinos like Loving and Caring each other forgeting sabah and other issue to get unmind the negative posture of the world i hope other nationality being like how hospitalize people of the replublic of the Philippines
Tbh, ASEAN member states have this sibling rivalries that is what you called Love/Hate relationship but then we unite when it comes to other foreign intervention. Fight one of us and everyone will be ready to rescue.

We love to be kept being separated and enjoy our own cultures yet we are tolerant and understands each other and that's what makes our region unique. Brothers for life.
Don't merge into 1 country, just make ASEAN like EU. ASEAN has flag, has constitution in it. But no currency, if we have same currency like EU which is "Euro". The western will be stressed out😂.

Maybe ours will be "Archipelago Currency"😂.
In the eyes of a south east asian, this would be bad just think about he corruption
Patriotism: *_im bout to end this mans whole career_*
Alasan id
Alasan id:
What on earth!
I busy to read the comment section than see the whole video's point. Lol
Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage:
Yeah, it's called Majapahit, man. We've done that in the past...
zayar Lin Htet
zayar Lin Htet:
"USA" -united states of Asia, sound nice right ?
Jade Alphae
Jade Alphae:
Empire of the SEA!
MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox
MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox:
South East Asians cannot be United.... Trust me I've been there

Too much pride over their countries
Adobo Burger
Adobo Burger:
lol. It would be cool tho, so that we cam easily beat china

-Regards from Philippines
Damar Hendrik
Damar Hendrik:
Southeast Asia: Sometimes too much proud to our country, sometimes we hate each other, sometimes we need help each other.

Because, we have the same ancestors
just look at Indonesia, the size it self almost half the ASEAN ( maybe, kinda )
this 1 country still strugling from separatism
This is the example from just 1 country.
it almost make 4-5 more member for ASEAN.

the Imagination was too high for ASEAN unification
Andreas James
Andreas James:

United Federation of Southeast Asia

Capital: Singapore
Nestor Gorospe
Nestor Gorospe:
ASEAN: *hates each others*

Philippines: nah fam, we don't do that here.
Yoga Andoyo Aji
Yoga Andoyo Aji:
If south east asia become one country :
Singapore (silicon valley)
Bangkok, thailand (las vegas)
Java island (Washington DC)
Kuala lumpur, malaysia (new york)
Philiphine (naval home base)
Vietnam (ground force home base)
Central Borneo island (air force home base)
Maluku island ( area 51)
Nusa tenggara - east timor (texas)
West papua (grand canyon, nevada)
West sumatera (Hollywood)
East malaysia (boston)
AR Yu:
If Filipinoes will name that new country they will call it.. "Kapulo-puluan kagalang galangan Kapuluan ng Timog ng Perlas ng Silangan... Hahahaha. Please dont assign Filipino for the naming.... hahaha
Federation is more suitable for ASEAN than union
Asep Muhamad Yusup
Asep Muhamad Yusup:
gadjah mada in his grave : did i just hear unification??
just joking.
Cocoa Cats
Cocoa Cats:
Thats very unlikely. We south east asians hates each other. Take indonesia and malaysia for example. Came from the same roots but still argue about foods origins.
alina bintang
alina bintang:
AS Indonesian, big giant.. NO..
ASEAN is enough, brotherhood in south east Asia..
Respect each others people in region..
Living in harmony..
New World order is devils
iTs nOt u iTs mE
iTs nOt u iTs mE:
Dio Joestar
Dio Joestar:
When borders start talking in Asean

China: ✌●_●👂
If you think about when you turn it upside down it looks like the Philippines but waay bigger
Anjing Gansing
Anjing Gansing:
Lolol it's very unlikely that the southeast asian countries would merge

Because look at the comment section, there's already a war going on
Chloe Bun
Chloe Bun:
This is like how The West can say we all are asians and still only have chinese asians in their mind
I think it would be like North and South Korea, all leaders will simply say "Reunification! (But I'm in charge)"
Mark Nervar
Mark Nervar:
I'd love this to happen. Build stronger relation with ASEAN nations and be like EU. I'm pretty sure no more nation will treat us like before
Jarrod Louis Romero
Jarrod Louis Romero:
NATO: Ah Its Such A Nice Feeling To Be The Best!
ASEAN: Knock Knock, Its Your Victims Come To Bite You Back
Reno Raksi
Reno Raksi:
As an Indonesian, I’m fine if ASEAN unifies but it’s just too unrealistic so I think the main goal shouldn’t target unification but instead make ASEAN more like the EU
Raian Diaz
Raian Diaz:
the elites here in the PH would be so upset if this were to happen hahaha
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf:
Official Language: Malay
Indonesians: *Triggered*

This might be possible once ASEAN nations become more developed though.
“Indonesia has a positive view towards the PRC” well we citizens hate China and support democracy.
Serbian Bean
Serbian Bean:
We can make a religion out of this
I hope it never happens. It's good to have different cultures.
Hafiz Ilmi
Hafiz Ilmi:
Union of SoutheaSteRn
1Billion Subscriber Challange
1Billion Subscriber Challange:
Indonesia: Culture I have more MOOORE!
0:14 i feel akward for duterte
PPPeter Mosalah
PPPeter Mosalah:
hypothetical ASEAN departments/ministries' offices:
* Labor and Foreign Relations - Philippines (excellent export labor system/ofws, warm relations to the west)
* Defense and Interior Affairs - Indonesia (biggest military and biggest country)
* Trade, Finance, Education and Research- Singapore (finance is main industry, vital port hub, best universities)
* Agriculture and Fisheries - Vietnam (cheap rice products and excellent fishing practices)
* Tourism and Health - Thailand (world's most visited city is Bangkok, best hospitals in southeast asia)
* Land, Transport and Infrastructure - Malaysia (mkh berhad and air asia)
* Energy and Muslim Affairs- Brunei (rich oil depot and most islamic country)
* Justice and Security - Myanmar (History of strict enforcement)
* Environment and Sports - Cambodia (preservation of Angkor Wat and growing sports scene)
* Culture and Treasury - Laos (not much influenced by the west and the only landlocked country)
* Court and Congress - Timor Leste (for check and balance of the ASEAN states, esp. Indonesia)
primed salt
primed salt:
"Welcome to the epicenter of toxic cesspool of Gaming! Welcome to SEA!"
Mr. Binary
Mr. Binary:
Then if it happen, where's the capital city? As an Indonesian, i choose the Singapore as a capital city.
PhoMaiQue OK
PhoMaiQue OK:
The comment section already show how toxic we are. We are already king in social media :)
Kim Jong un
Kim Jong un:
Lol this guy just started world war 3

*Look at the comment section*
Applesauce Lord
Applesauce Lord:
I wonder who is watching now when Malaysia and Singapore u know the relationship
Anurag Bhattacharya
Anurag Bhattacharya:
Some self proclaimed time traveller said this unification is going to happen in future. Let's see
9th grade history text used in Indonesia

"The occupation by Japan left many benefits that generated great influences later.

(1) Since Dutch and English were banned, the Indonesian language grew, and
the degree of its usage increased. During the 3.5 years of Japanese military governance, the Indonesian language achieved an incredible level of development.

(2) Japan provided military training to the youths of Indonesia. Japan taught strict disciplines and trained the youths of Indonesia to fight valiantly and to persevere hardships even though bamboo spears and wooden guns were used in the trainings.

(3) The Dutch disappeared from work places. Japan gave high positions to Indonesians, and assigned important works that require high-level skills and heavy responsibilities."
The Color Blind
The Color Blind:
This is not a good video... Were only a member nation because we need the business from our neighbor, I love my country Philippines
MALEE Beautiful
MALEE Beautiful:
It may be possible in the hundreds of years after I was dead from Thailand.
Hikaru Skins
Hikaru Skins:
i realized that almost in south east asia including me is almost the same faces
Juan De Araro
Juan De Araro:
The Empire of the Ring of 🔥Fire.
Joshua Jimbun
Joshua Jimbun:
We hate each other mutually without discrimination lol.
Juan Santos
Juan Santos:
Honestly, they could probably unite to the threat of China lol
Sape Tah
Sape Tah:
Despite seeing toxic comments, if we ever unite, we can beat Asia. Just saying.
Joseph Eric S. Ilisan
Joseph Eric S. Ilisan:
Proud ASEAN would conquer the world!!!!!
Especially Filipino and Indonesian
Storytime Zombeh
Storytime Zombeh:
South-East Asian empire...

That sounds like a dream...

A dream I want.
Dee Valen
Dee Valen:
Imagine if ASEAN holds a summit for youth, so we can know each other well. To build a better future.
Crazy Jay
Crazy Jay:
GxG Gaming and Guitar
GxG Gaming and Guitar:
They hate each other, imagine if not. Technology will advance real fast and China would be scared to touch the south china sea ever again
lagroyale _
lagroyale _:
everyone talking about politic while me here thingking how the football world will react like seriously how🤣
It would be something like the Soviet Union.
The ASEAN Union. Except without capitalism and communism
Jstn Brnrd
Jstn Brnrd:
This is just "what if" video, many of the comment section are haters of ASEAN
បិជ អីសហៀ
បិជ អីសហៀ:
We can only unite under a common enemy, most likely China🤣🤣

But imagine if there’s an Alien Invasion...
Me looking at comments.

Indonesia: The food is ours
Malaysia: No it's origin is here
Singapore: ......

Love you Asean💙
Explosive Stuff Studios
Explosive Stuff Studios:
Unified ASEAN?: More Rice, More Coconut and Crazy kidz thinking it's the Soviet Union ☭, shouting uraaah and singing the Soyuz anthem.
JL 03
JL 03:
Sending love to all South East Asians out there❤️Love from your brother❤️
Kapa wish!
Kapa wish!:
Asean has a sibling-like relationship, we hate each other but at the same time we help each other lmao
Mohd Mukriz Rahman
Mohd Mukriz Rahman:
SEA countries:so whos the leader?

*Conflict begin*
Alex G
Alex G:
As a Thai Believe me if this happen it would break apart 1 second after unification.
M i k h a i l
M i k h a i l:
Wow, im a 14 yo chinese-italian-dutch fortnite virgin live somewhere in the java island lmao
Hafiz Firliansyah
Hafiz Firliansyah:
Mainland Southeast Asian States:
Maritime Southeast Asian States:
Rifqi Adreansyah
Rifqi Adreansyah:
"What if", what is wrong with you people? 😅
Will S.E.E
Will S.E.E:
I'm from the Philippines, and i don't think a United South East Asia wouldn't work. It would be a massive clusterfuck, too much national pride, cultural and religious differences, territorial disputes, lahat na problema mo maiisip regarding such a topic.

As for my fellow filipinos that seemed to favor unification: Oi! Impossible yan mangyayari dahil mayroon tayong problema dahil sa corruption at poor pa tayo, parang gusto niyo dagdagan pa ang problema para sa atin kung mag-involve pa ng ibang bansa?
VeinBacon ed
VeinBacon ed:
Once you played DOTA2, you'd known the result if SEA becomes one...
The Forgotten History TFH
The Forgotten History TFH:
ASEAN is BRICS partner, they help BRICS to built strong Economies In the world and ANTI DOLLAR systems! ASEAN + BRICS want to Fight EU + NA + NATO
Funtime Foxy 麒麟
Funtime Foxy 麒麟:
Answer : we removed 2 communist countries.
Unknown _
Unknown _:
We will made the biggest scooter gang in the world.. 😂😂