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H&M HAUL + TRY ON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqYUf-ugYRA&list=UUdEIS0yrfYTjOSCZ_rEdU7g

PREVIOUS WHAT I WORE IN A WEEK VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cYTYFWG6A8&list=PLzzVWIG-xSQzSWHVOu2rPaSJbwzc4ojqP

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Earrings: https://rstyle.me/+rgfH72sLBnzo9SNJzwmcDQ

(similar) Cardigans:
1. https://rstyle.me/+GrC5KWX5_q0Pw2XNYBYDTg
2. https://rstyle.me/+3ulriA6Q8pNoN-8a-QkuEg

Bikini Top: https://rstyle.me/+xn5av7CBjoFyUgC4ebGQ9w

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Body: https://go.zara/3jOHxEI

Linen Shorts: https://rstyle.me/+kPa5F27crrHSFG47RVP3-Q

YSL Sandals: https://rstyle.me/+UUVAFHja9SzR7adtyKkPSQ

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- F.A.Q -

SKIN CARE ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eqeOo5Ng54

HAIR CARE ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO1_iN5KtqI&t=1572s

MAKEUP ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZjcB08wrvo

LATEST LIFE UPDATE (for most common personal questions): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDtQqLsyUqg


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Carolina Fernandes
Carolina Fernandes:
I guess you just came up with the most amazing term... ZAUL
Omg you look so good Suzie! Share some tips on your weight loss pls
Nicole C
Nicole C:
Thank you for always linking everything in the description!! 💖
rosita reeder
rosita reeder:
doctor: “you have 23 minutes and 34 seconds left to live”

Yvonne Yang
Yvonne Yang:
Yes, please share the recommended strapless to go along with the Zara bodysuit!
Aziza BNZRD:
Heyyyy miss youuuu uuuuh this weeeek off felt like a month for me hh. Hope ur doing well 💋 much much love ❤️. Aziza from Algeria 🇩🇿
Yaaaay, so glad you’re back! And your fashion videos are my faves 😊 You look gorgeous btw 💜
Emma Brwn
Emma Brwn:
I following now since I guess 2 1/3 years 😍 and I’m mostly every video from you :) and wow your body looks amazing - it’s so cool to seeing you “growing”
Greetings from Germany 🌹
hani nb
hani nb:
Oh my god you are 5 2’? I totally thought you are much much taller :)) Glad to found another beautiful petite girl with a great style!
Diane Carroll
Diane Carroll:
Thanks. You and Ryan have kept me going through lockdown with your lovely and genuine vibe. Loved your house move. Now have to go and buy All Saints fragrance online 😭
Dominika Kovacova
Dominika Kovacova:
you look fantastic ♥
Lian Wallington
Lian Wallington:
Yay, missed your videos the last week felt so long!
Fle Msi
Fle Msi:
It’s seems like You grew into a kind, happy, down to earth, healthy and beautiful inside and out woman :) your videos are so enjoyable and calming lately it leaves a smile on my face watching them! <3
Makeupswatch Fan
Makeupswatch Fan:
Welcome back, and such cute outfits 💕💕
Amy Kirchner
Amy Kirchner:
new look has a great pair of super high waisted leggings that are great
Loved this video Suzie! I love your attention to detail with each outfit and you explain everything so beautifully 👗😍
And yes please to a makeup tutorial 👍😉💕xx
Jessica Rivera
Jessica Rivera:
keep on slaying ;") & posting more vids!
Ellen Vlogs
Ellen Vlogs:
Every time you do one of these, I HAVE to pick up some pieces because they literally look so great on you. Picked up 2 of the Zara dresses and can’t wait to try them on!! ❤️
Maidacrazy21 Ryan
Maidacrazy21 Ryan:
You look stunning everything was just so cute on you your skin is looking so good makeup just perfect.stay safe stay beautiful ❤️
Oooh love the teal Zara dress, Greek goddess vibes💜
Dakota Klasky
Dakota Klasky:
So happy you’re back to uploading!
Emma 09
Emma 09:
I can't stop looking at the tan! What tan is that? 😍
Makeup tutorial? Of course! Always! 💋
P S:
Yes to a makeup tutorial!
Timmy Singh
Timmy Singh:
Love your makeup pls share a video especially the second day one.Eye makeup on point xx
Laura Kilgannon
Laura Kilgannon:
Have you tried the TALA leggings, they super comfy and flattering! They are really high-waisted and such you in nicely, also sustainabe
Alyson Johnson
Alyson Johnson:
Love the body con dresses. Such a basic but look so nice. U always look nice 😁🥰
Tadeja Katan
Tadeja Katan:
Hey, where do you buy your ear piercings? 😍
Lisa Golding
Lisa Golding:
Ahhh missed you hope you had a nice week off x
I did enjoy it. Your sense of style is always amazing. You’re absolutely my fave. Looking forward to the next one already!
Lovely Suz!! Always loving the content. Noticing how impressive your brows are recently. Any updates on what you’ve been doing from grooming to make up would be aces. Have a great week babe. X
Rose Nguyen
Rose Nguyen:
best leggings are from Stax!
Your style and figure are the best! Hope you enjoyed your time off xxx
Hello 👋🏼 Have I missed the link for the strapless bra (under the body)? I can’t find it here or on instagram. 🤔😁
Lieve Troch
Lieve Troch:
Random remark but your nails look so healthy and pretty! x
Michelle Shaw
Michelle Shaw:
They have fab cycle short sets on miss pap if your looking for something cheap i av a few myself xx
shareen k.
shareen k.:
Love your channel and you. Great how you use your "gym" leggings and shorts for everyday. You need a black pair of Lulu lemon Aligns honestly nothing can beat them you will love (if you haven't tried).
Double Vanilla
Double Vanilla:
makeup tutorial yessss plsssss =]
Marcella Lazzarino
Marcella Lazzarino:
Hello , you are so beautifull ... 😁But which lipstick in this video one do you use ? Thanks 😘
where is your phone case from?
hani nb
hani nb:
Can I ask what size is your &other stories short?
Lisa Tay
Lisa Tay:
Love these videos!
Lorna Becker
Lorna Becker:
Hi Suzi 👋🏻 which one of your videos has your latest tanning routine please? X
Maja L.
Maja L.:
Do you plan closet clear out?
Teresa S
Teresa S:
Everything looks so lovely on you! Please do more Zara Hauls and simple makeup looks ❤️🥰
It seems like you've lost a lot of weight !!! you look good❤️ for the hair I think a chin length bob would look great on you😍
Cake Lover
Cake Lover:
Your legs are beautiful
H R2
H R2:
😀 x
Jillian Nelson
Jillian Nelson:
Would LOVE to see a jewelry collection of yours!
Aurélie Jenna
Aurélie Jenna:
marcos gomes
marcos gomes:
Lisa K
Lisa K:
If your leggins start to shed/bobble, you could buy a debobbler, it‘s a lot cheaper and saves you from buying new stuff too early. (And its SOOO satisfying :D)
My fave workout leggins are the Victorias Secret Knockout ones for winter (super thick and with pockets) and Amazon ones (I think the brand is Along Bay) for summer (also with pockets).
And thanks for this haul while being bloated. It’s relatable and we can see if the clothes work with a bloated stomach. These black leggins look like they were designed for pregnant women to show off the belly 😅