What Harry Potter Is Up To At 40 Years Old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY! Here's What Harry And The Gang Have Been Up To Since The Deathly Hallows
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Happy Birthday Harry Potter! Mr. Potter turns 40 on July 31, 2020, so we’re celebrating his big milestone with a glimpse into what his life is like all those years after the “Harry Potter” books came to an end. J.K. Rowling gave us some fascinating insight into what happened next for Harry and the crew in the Epilogue of the final book, and we got to see it on screen in the “19 years later” scene at the end of “The Deathly Hallows”. But what else has happened in Harry’s life, and in the lives of Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley, for that matter? We delve into where they’re at in 2020, catching up on their families, love lives and careers.

Of course, Harry’s 11th birthday was about as exciting as they come, when Hagrid told him he was a wizard. But we reckon his 40th is a big deal too. With famous character birthdays like this, we don’t have to speculate, as the author herself has spilled so many interesting extra details in the years since the book series ended. And after the ending we hear about the main characters’ careers at the Ministry of Magic, plus the characters’ kids. Hit play to learn all about Albus Potter, James Potter and Lily Potter, Harry’s three children. Give this video a big thumbs up to wish the Boy Who Lived a very happy birthday, and hit that subscribe button to be the first to hear about the latest videos on TheThings. Thanks for watching!

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Please dont forget to wish Harry Potter a happy 40th birthday❤⚡⚡⚡
rajeev singh
rajeev singh:
Birthday of Daniel Radcliffe 23 July

Birthday of Harry Potter 31st July
Nigel Marvin
Nigel Marvin:
Well, Harry and company in 2020 are trying to stay safe in their houses because of Covid. Hogwarts had cancelled classes and sent everyone home in early to mid-march.
Shanie Poo
Shanie Poo:
40 years, and I’m only 19. I loved the movies and my mom loved the books. I grew with Harry Potter.
Anna-Maria The Dramione Unicorn
Anna-Maria The Dramione Unicorn:
I legit made a cake for Harry and Neville's b-day!
No kidding
Chase Hedges67
Chase Hedges67:
What Harry Potter Is Up To At 40 Years Old? Sitting at home and sipping tea.
Happy birthday!!!harry potter!
Jenna Ellis
Jenna Ellis:
R.I.P.. Lupin and Tonks and we miss you
Henry Wayne
Henry Wayne:
Me initially: O.K. Let’s check this out
After a minute: Ugh! “The Cursed Child”, more like The Book That Must Not Be Named
SG_ Studïøs
SG_ Studïøs:
My mom turned 40 today she was born when Harry was born
Jenna Riddle
Jenna Riddle:
🎶Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Harry, Happy Birthday to you!!!🎶

Harry Potter is now celebrating his 40th Birthday, that's so very amazing, I can't believe it! I've always been a very big # one fan of Harry Potter! It's been such an honor to celebrate Harry Potter's 40th Birthday today! Harry Potter is the very best wizard in Hogwarts! ⚡⚡⚡
it’s really been that long—
Aashitha A. R.
Aashitha A. R.:
No views, 8 comments....
YouTube is drunk again
Brawlstar Skull
Brawlstar Skull:
Why didn’t Harry name one of his two kids name after Cedric diggory
shahyn isha
shahyn isha:
Who else noticed that they changed their profile pic. ❤️❤️❤️
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un:
Happy birthday, by the way *yer a wizard*
Blondy R.
Blondy R.:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 HARRY POTTER ❤️❤️I’ve been in love with Harry Potter since I’ve watch the first movie my sister is in love with Harry Potter and we watched all the movies like 1 million times
Stephany Chirino
Stephany Chirino:
Rereading Harry Potter for the 4th time (on book 5)
Pascale Kanati
Pascale Kanati:
Happy 40th Birthday Harry Potter!! Wow harry is 40 and I'm only 9! But LOVE harry potter the series of course!! I've watched the movies twice and I've read all the books once, but I've read hp philosophers stone, hp chamber of secrets and hp prisoner of azkaban twice. Now ik up to the fourth one and I started reading it for the second time literally on Harry's birthday! 😂😂
Lane Howard
Lane Howard:
Jennifer Sandoval
Jennifer Sandoval:
If anybody says first I will use my wand and spell
chacha dionisio
chacha dionisio:
I miss Harry Potter omg the times I cried cause of dobby the times I was annoyed by Cho and Draco and me smiling over ginny and Harry now that's memories..
Happy Birthday to Harry james Potter "the boy who lived !" put your butterbeer up in the air 🍻 you turn 40 wow!!
Cheetah 10
Cheetah 10:
happy birthday harry potter my dad loved the books so i grew up with him kindof
cuauhtemoc Villa
cuauhtemoc Villa:
Even though it's rare, you do have couples who've known each other since childhood. My mother in law is my mom's childhood friend and her daughter is now my wife. I've known my wife since we were pretty much born. Funny how life works.
Hana Guérin
Hana Guérin:
Lily Luna Potter was named after Lily and Lupin. “Luna” means moon or moony. It’s great that it also sounds like they named her after Luna though.

I have a question: is Lily Luna in Gryffindor or in Ravenclaw? Still haven’t found the exact answer even after extensive research.
Angie Angie
Angie Angie:
I❤️ Harry Potter
NiNa C
NiNa C:
Happy birthday Harry.. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you weren’t created....
Mohamed Abdalle
Mohamed Abdalle:
This is the day I got my first harry potter book since I wasn't old enough to be able to understand and watch the movies or read the books. I didn't even know it was his birthday. Weird how the world works.
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen:
I love these Harry Potter’s birthday moments!
Fictional character or not, DAMMIT WE CAN WISH HIM A HAPPY BLOODY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

(I wonder if Hagrid made him a cake...)
Dancing Cockroaches 2
Dancing Cockroaches 2:
He says a LOT of stuff wrong.
Anam Ibrahim
Anam Ibrahim:
About Lily Luna, I searched her name on Google and it said Luna was meant to resemble Remus Lupin..as he turms into a werewolf at full moon.....
And Dudley and Harry were good friends ( i think, i read the book, it was a loong time ago, i mightve forgotten, so i could be wrong) and the book statee that they were good friends and went to visit eachother occasionally (something the children dread!😂😂😅)
And Hermione, who can forget, Minister for magic considerably making the lives of house elves much better!😆😆😂
I wonder if wizards are having as much 'fun' with COVID as we are...
Ray Bhushan
Ray Bhushan:
my bday is on 31 july so i really feel special when ever the movie comes back'
I saw the post! I wish him the best birthday ever!
lil Dee
lil Dee:
Did anyone realize the way Harry hugged Albus was EXACTLY like how Sirius hugged him... Wish it was more then 3 years...
Jia Berde
Jia Berde:
Hapee Birthdae Harry James Potter!❤
Loads of Love,
A huge fan💖
Sparky Seaweed
Sparky Seaweed:
Harry turned 40, Daniel turned 30... XD
Rokeya Begum
Rokeya Begum:
is it only me or that hermione looks like belle from beauty and the beast movie
For a moment I thought Daniel turned 40.. And a tornado struck my head... I spent the last minutes just surfing the net like an idiot😅😅😅😂😂😂

[He turned 31😙😙{ 2019}]
Hannah Ahmed
Hannah Ahmed:
kris murphy
kris murphy:
Happy birthday Harry Potter everyone will and does remember you we will never forget you you are everyone's hero to
Sadhbh Corr
Sadhbh Corr:
I miss the golden trio, Dumbledore's Army!
I would love if they remade the Harry Potter movies! The special effects would be even better!
Bridget Hursh
Bridget Hursh:
Happy birthday Harry Potter, i grew up watching this and I loved the movies and so did my brother
madhusmita rout
madhusmita rout:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!!!!!! did you know that dracos birthday already passed
ave saves
ave saves:
I love harry Potter the movies
Aaradhya Jain
Aaradhya Jain:
I couldn't see harry's scar in the final scene🤔
Frédérique play’s roblox
Frédérique play’s roblox:
At the end from 2020 their wil be a new harry potter!
Flower Pop Friends
Flower Pop Friends:
Happy birthday Harry Potter!! Dont worry im gonna watch the full series ):v { I only watched like 2? Of them? Atleast when I was 8 or 7.. Idk
Ditsha Gangulee
Ditsha Gangulee:
Happy Birthday Harry Potter! 🎉🎈🎂🎁🍰🥳
Trinity Grimsey
Trinity Grimsey:
He says Auror like it's spelt...
I say Auror like Aura...
How do u guys say it?
Pika- Cat :3
Pika- Cat :3:
🌟Happy birthday Harry potter!🎂
Captain Junior
Captain Junior:
Meera Sameh
Meera Sameh:
The Things: What Harry Potter is up to at 40 years old
Me:What is Harry Potter doing in Quarantine
Dinesh Mirchandani
Dinesh Mirchandani:
🎈Happy birthday Harry Potter, May life treat with love and respect! Hope your doing a zoom with Ron and hermione!🎈
Aye Shadeii
Aye Shadeii:
I'm accidentally early lol whoops
Cat Girl
Cat Girl:
The characters I miss the most are Sirius Black and Dumbledor!
he didnt name one of his child after remus :(
Max Rohrbacher productions
Max Rohrbacher productions:
Allistor moody 40 years later: because of Voldemort ...... dead
Hahahahahahahhahahaha😂😂😂😂😂 what am I saying
HAPPY B-DAY POTTER (aka Danial Radcliff)
Sweet Devil
Sweet Devil:


s c a r
Aistė Juršaitė
Aistė Juršaitė:
Happy birthday Potter!💖💖💖💖
TheThing: What Harry Potter is up to at 40 years old

Random people: *answers randomly and normally*

Me: Gun Akimbo
I am watching this on the 1 August 2020
LiKe Oh MeH GoSh
Shane Beratan
Shane Beratan:
just so you know you clearly didnt pay much attention at the end of the book because harry was 17 therefore in the 19 years later he was 36 however his 40th birthday still wouldve been this year
Angie Angie
Angie Angie:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻🧙‍♂️⚡️👦🏻🧑🏻👓
Brianna Cruz
Brianna Cruz:
Happy birthday Harry Potter of coures i remeber you my mom has all 8 movies of Harry Potter she is a big fan😂
Clout Elfin
Clout Elfin:
I’m so late on this but happy birthday bro! 😂
Rashi Rosenzweig
Rashi Rosenzweig:
I thought that Longbottom married Luna Lovegood.
Serenity Vlogs
Serenity Vlogs:
He’s 8 years older then Tom Felton?!
Charlotte Crudo
Charlotte Crudo:
Happy birthday harry potter❤️❤️
Wish you all the best
pretty cool vids anyways I remember I was about 4 when I saw the first movie lol
Taylor Lynch
Taylor Lynch:
I love my birthday. (Well, me and Harry's)
Sofia Shakirov
Sofia Shakirov:
HAPPY BRIRTH DAY/Also I am watching the movie the 40 time XD
Javier Mendoza Diaz
Javier Mendoza Diaz:
Happy Birthday Harry Pan or I am so obsessed with him
Tanu Jain
Tanu Jain:
I already have Hermione's brains
Brett Diel
Brett Diel:
I LOVE HArry potter books HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂
Jörgen Eriksson
Jörgen Eriksson:
Me who is Harry Potter
Aha i know now
Me clicks on this video and say um
*_¡Hola!... ¿Aún no te llego tu carta? Pues "Hogwarts Unite" Te espera_*

_Acabamos de abrir nuestras puertas..._ *¡¡¡Somos una familia!!!*

🤹‍♀Actividades lindas
🏋🏻Retos y Tareas
🏆Copa de las casas
🧝🏻‍♂🧝🏻‍♀Subasta de elfos
🦹🏻‍♂Grupo de Roll
🎟Guerra de Stickers
*_¡¡Y MUCHO MAS!!_*

*Te invitamos a Formar parte de esta familia*
_Tambien puedes ser prefecto o profesor_
*¡¡Te esperamos!!*

Belinda Enata
Belinda Enata:
albus severus potter is the most horrible name i’ve heard like WHY would he name his child after two abusers bye-
priya khandelwal
priya khandelwal:
Who wants harrys kids generation to be turned into movies
Harrys parents life to be turned into movies 🎥
Bonnie O’Brien
Bonnie O’Brien:
Happy birthdae HARRY POTTER
Eilidh Pop Pie
Eilidh Pop Pie:
Happy magical birth day Harry 🧙‍♂️
My hero is old now ;-;
Btw *Happee Birthdae*
nardalicia arce
nardalicia arce:
Do a video of masterchef judges as hogwarts houses
The whole comment section thinking he’s 40 when he only just turned 31
Julius Scott
Julius Scott:
I want Ron's wuttiched siccls
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American:
Happy birthday Harry. I like your new profile pic
I Can't Belived Harry 40 Years old!
Happy Birthday!💓
Creative Caitlin
Creative Caitlin:
I made a cake like Hagrid's in the first movie!
Joselyn Grey
Joselyn Grey:
Happy 40th Harry Potter! That goes for you too JK Rowling.
Dang it I wanted Drarry to be real 😅😔
Taylor Rae
Taylor Rae:
Harry and I have the same birthday!!!!!!❤💛❤💛plus I'm a proud gryffindor
Evi S
Evi S:
Happy birthday harry 💜

Sorry i'm late but yesterday I already celebrated your birthday ^^
Caitlyn Johansson
Caitlyn Johansson:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harry Potter 😊⚡️🦁❤️
Rafael Laranio
Rafael Laranio:
Happy Birthday HARRY POTTER IM NEW HIIIII IM ALWAYS crying of your movie😥So HAPPY BIRTHDAY😘😍😃
Oleisa Lian Chua
Oleisa Lian Chua:
Happy birthday harry potter!!
Chubby Chaib
Chubby Chaib:
The thing are fun
Zerocryptix •
Zerocryptix •:
I am from Bulgaria, and Bulgaria won?! That's cool.