What Happened to Naya Rivera In the Lake?

The mystery deepens into the presumed drowning of “Glee” star Naya Rivera. The actress disappeared after renting a boat with her 4-year-old son. Rivera’s social media is filled with loving photos and videos with her son, including a clip in which they sing about how much they love each other. She also posted on social media about the sanctity of life not long ago, writing, “Every day you’re alive is a blessing. Make the most of today and every day you are given. Tomorrow’s not promised.”

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XoraXora Night
XoraXora Night:
Until a body is discovered, I’ll continue to hope that she’s alive.
Raquelle Rose
Raquelle Rose:
She most likely drowned , suicide like this is not common.
It’s weird the way she parked and how she was in a rush- her son could barely catch up. She wasn’t wearing a life jacket? And she left her son alone when she went swimming? I wonder what happened...hopefully she isn’t gone

People found out now that they were BOTH swimming and there were whirlpools and the current was strong but Naya Rivera had enough time to push her son on the boat and Incase your wondering why she parked so horribly is because she was in a rush and was late for her boat.
my only thing is why didn’t she wear the life jacket? not implying anything just thought that was weird
Sean Koontz
Sean Koontz:
Showing the clip of her singing “If I die young” seems a little tasteless
Devon Cooke
Devon Cooke:
Let’s all admit 2020 is the worst year ever
Kaylee Garcia
Kaylee Garcia:
i just have a gut feeling that she was made to do it
Emoan sands
Emoan sands:
They found her body, she’s dead
Bethan Hartley
Bethan Hartley:
To everyone who is saying that this doesn't add up. It kinda doesn't but ill try. I think the reason she didn't wear a life jacket was that she is a strong swimmer, she had swum In this lake before and she might have just forgotten. I also believe/read that she and her son went swimming at the same time not that she left him on that boat alone. He must have got to safety somehow/pulled himself back onto the boat. She could've got stuck on some sort of plant at the bottom or could've experienced some sort of cramp or belly ache. Still to this day I am praying that she is all right and her son will be ok after this traumatic event happened.
Pauline Rose Esteban
Pauline Rose Esteban:
when her son said “mom went swimming” and didn’t come back at that moment suicide is the only thing that came up to my mind. But there could be anything else but poor little boy i’m sure he got scared being left alone

Edit: I took it back, it was not a suicide. She is actually saving her son from drowning. RIP Naya Rivera
Death Kitten
Death Kitten:
They did her dirty with the clip from glee singing “if I die young” at the end of the video.
HasanAmir 11
HasanAmir 11:
why is everyone saying "She is dead lol", is it funny to you all that she died? Shame on you. Have some respect.
Womans Wrestlingfan
Womans Wrestlingfan:
Weird thing is. They all died in there 30’s 2 years apart.
RobloxMinecraftFan 2020
RobloxMinecraftFan 2020:
UPDATE: They found a body. It’s not confirmed if it’s her or not.
UPDATE 2: Its her body. R.I.P. Naya Rivera
Dino Rexy
Dino Rexy:
She’s my favorite character in Glee. Very sad this happened.
poor kid, I hope he has good caring relatives that will take care of him.
Lisa Just Lisa
Lisa Just Lisa:
Why leave her kid on a boat knowing he can fall in surely that's even more weird some not right this whole thing
Neziah KenDoll
Neziah KenDoll:
Omgsh 3 dead glee members 🤦🏾 what if something is haunting them like final destination. PS IM NOT JOKING IM DEADASS
Kris T
Kris T:
She probably suffered a stroke or a heart attack or something that impairs you while being underwater. Hope I'm wrong tho.
I’m just wondering what the glee cast know, That shouldn’t be known. 🧐
Wairimu Rommy
Wairimu Rommy:
2020 is one bad movie! Like when you think it couldn't get any worse, another tragedy happens.
sophia tran
sophia tran:
something is off no mother would never leave their child alone.
Young Fizz
Young Fizz:
R.I.P, she will be really missed, and her child will know his mum died a hero and saved his life
Fdls Fdls
Fdls Fdls:
I have a feeling she committed Suicide
Nancy Hill
Nancy Hill:

මගේ පියා ඔහුගේ වීදුරුව තුළට ගසාගෙන යද්දී එය ඉවතට විසිවී ගියේය හෙක්ටයා
Dimitroula K.
Dimitroula K.:
The picture she took with her son was so beautiful but disturbing as well, knowing it would be the last. Very very sad....
The fact that she was walking in a hurry with her son behind her makes me think she was running from something or someone. They probably killed her....
Starrynight edits
Starrynight edits:
R. I. P naya, fly high in heaven, I was so upset when they announced her body was found. Playing the clip of her singing if I die young is a but tasteless though.
denise diaz velazquez
denise diaz velazquez:
Someone did something to her how can she just disappear, I don’t believe that she will just leave her son alone
Sisters Life
Sisters Life:
Something is off they way she parked her car and had a bunch of a stuff??.. Running or hurrying?? She had no life jacket but her son did... Hopefully this wasn't a suicide
Soapy Spaghetti
Soapy Spaghetti:
i wonder how her baby mustve felt sitting on the boat alone , knowing his mom didnt come back
Trisha Escototo
Trisha Escototo:
its a bit weird that she went on a yacht with HER SON and surrounded BY WATER and she WENT SWIMMING but then she DROWNED🤔
Destiny Valdez
Destiny Valdez:
I’m sorry but we don’t know if she’s goneThe only thing we’re gonna do now is pray she’s not gone we know that
அவானி உயர்ந்தது
அவானி உயர்ந்தது:
By the looks of her car’s parked she might have been distraught and committed suicide
Me: 2020 couldn’t get any worse
2020: I am not done yet
Why wasn’t she wearing a life vest only the child? Something just seems off about the whole thing. Edit: It’s not just that one fact that makes it seem off to me and all is my PERSONAL OPINION.
update: they found a corpse....
Curiosity & Cuddles
Curiosity & Cuddles:
RIP Angel in Heaven <3
Im finding......

Who TF asked???
ItsAll TooBeautiful
ItsAll TooBeautiful:
If he saw her drown (swimming and ‘not come back’) why would he fall asleep after?
Pete2 So
Pete2 So:
This story is just haunting, the fact that she went on a trip by her self and her child. And how she just disappears while swimming 😳
Stitch Gaming
Stitch Gaming:
One of the worst parts is we will never fully know what happened to Naya. Rest In Peace Angel
Bella Alderete
Bella Alderete:
Its sus how actors in the show she is in have died and she is the third one
First of all prayers for her son that must be traumatizing I hope he’ll be Ight But second of all it sounds like a suicide I hate to say it but everything points to it being that like when she said gravity keeps pulling me under but suicide or not this is a huge tragedy

Justine Harper
Justine Harper:
Santana's voice was always my favorite. This is so sad. I feel so heartbroken for her little boy
Abigail Marie
Abigail Marie:
This is so awful, so many of the actors from Glee have passed, I feel so terrible for her son💔
luis delgado
luis delgado:
Something about her just drowning seems a little off
"If I die young" was my one of favorite song. Now, I cry whenever I listen to the song...
They found her today, may god bless her child and may she rest in peace 🌹
Marco Polo
Marco Polo:
She was confirmed dead this morning.
Rest in peace Naya. ❤️
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Very very suspicious
Lauren Hempel
Lauren Hempel:
And we lost another legend. Rest In Peace Naya, you’ll be missed. 💔
Sakura Blossom
Sakura Blossom:
I don’t think she would had left her son..
Amina Salamova
Amina Salamova:
poor mom.. she loved her son sm but she died and her son cant see her anymore rlly sad...
I Hope She Gets Found Alive . Let’s All Pray . ❤️❤️❤️
*There's something weird about this story, there needs to be a serious investigation* 🥺❤
aromaticdavid Carlena Johnson
aromaticdavid Carlena Johnson:
0:52 I think almost every pontoon boat has a motor and if u gonna show pic u need to say it has motor
dqmelio %
dqmelio %:
My she rest in peace Naya 🕊️💔
*SophieGaming* *
*SophieGaming* *:
I can’t believe Santanna, Finn, and Puck died...it makes me so sad..😭😭
Kaylie’s Vlogs
Kaylie’s Vlogs:
Note to self-“never star on glee”
Amy Conway
Amy Conway:
I would be scared to rent that alone with a child .
Abigail Logan
Abigail Logan:
2020 just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it.
Jamila DiCaprio
Jamila DiCaprio:
It bothers me how much she’s referred to just as “the actress “
That gravity under water and that "if i die young" song saying "sink me in a river"... sorry, too much to be coincidences.
CJ Walton
CJ Walton:
This hurts...I've been with her since Family Matters..Lord her son. I pray pray pray for her family and son.
Ashlee Tyler
Ashlee Tyler:
Her last tweet was VERY DISTURBING ..she said live life because you never know when it's going to be your last
Oh no 🤦🏽‍♀️... was following with this news update 😔😢
Analu Joyce’s
Analu Joyce’s:
Its breaking my heart that they can’t find her 😢😭 I hope she’s alive , even if she’s hurt but hope she’s alive for her son 😢😢😣💔
Th Potato
Th Potato:
So many deaths and crazy things happening in 2020 😔
Ruby Xynex
Ruby Xynex:
"If I die young" and that's what happened
this lake has a bad reputation, people shouldn't be allowed to swim there period!
Du Z Tvee
Du Z Tvee:
Why would she go alone with just a 4 year old anything could happen
Jewish John Amerila
Jewish John Amerila:
Depressed person can't talk their feelings they hide it so much and that's the reason why people commiting wrong decision leading to death.....
Just like me but i overcome my depression be stay happy and strong...
This a sad situation so please be reminded open your problems to someone can help you to avoid that kind of situation
Keep strong
Sub to this puppy
Sub to this puppy:
Awe imagine being the boy, worst feeling ever
we just lost a talented nice actor :(
They recovered her body she’s dead R.I.P. u angle 😭
Super typhoon Haiyan
Super typhoon Haiyan:
This mystery will most likely go unsolved But this is odd it’s weird how she just randomly disappeared but her son was still in the boat....
James Christensen
James Christensen:
lots of the time when i’m on my neighbors boat the adults don’t wear life jackets while they have the kids wear them. they assume they’re good enough swimmers for an emergency
Jesus Arreola
Jesus Arreola:
I used to live around lake piru in Fillmore and I always heard about people drowning at that lake
Kyle Faber
Kyle Faber:
May God bless her always and I pray that she is still alive! Lord help us find Naya! God bless 🙏🏼❤️✝️
AAA Squad Gaming
AAA Squad Gaming:
Guys! Her last tweet was “just the two of us” which was from a song about a father drowning a mother at the bottom of a lake! Credits: @meowimkira from twitter
Kiara Luciano
Kiara Luciano:
i- y'all did not just put a clip of her singing if I die young
Christina 456
Christina 456:
My heart is breaking whenever I think if this. She was so amazing and for her to go like this hurts so bad.
Sam _
Sam _:
this whole case is fishy she’s still alive i‘m sure
Mae Anne Quinto
Mae Anne Quinto:
One of my favorite actress..
I hope she's ok... Let's pray for her..
?? worms ?? makennah
?? worms ?? makennah:
I searched her Instagram. She has suicidal posts. Like how she was in the bathtub, and was talking about how she can’t breathe. And how she love her son so much. She probably committed suicide.
Alex Murray
Alex Murray:
It doesn’t even feel real, I really really hope she’s ok. But it’s starting to not look good
3 Glee cast members dead. Something ain't right here.
Am I the only one thinking from the sentence ...
Is that Brent rivera’s long lost sister that he never talks about
Iha Bharadwaj
Iha Bharadwaj:
they found her body :(

rest in peace angel <3
The clip at 1:24 clearly tells me she committed suicide.
This doesn’t make sense something is off

1.she wasn’t wearing a life vest
2.she went swimming?
3.Her post gravity is pulling me under

I think this ended bad
All wishes go to the family

Just noticed the way she parked her car makes me wonder did she have any alcohol that day after going on the pontoon
Tessa Keith
Tessa Keith:
Now another glee star yes, taken too soon 😭
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu:
They found her dead body. I’m so sad 😭 I’m gonna cry my eyeballs out
Krista Rhodes
Krista Rhodes:
Naya Rivera. Miss you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
††† ScherzyLovaticsfan Forever †††
††† ScherzyLovaticsfan Forever †††:
Nerr Name
Nerr Name:
“The boat like this one was the one used by Naya, It has a motor”
Lolitah Mabaso
Lolitah Mabaso:
I wonder what happened hope she's okay
Shaka Ohana
Shaka Ohana:
So sad. I hope they find her even if she’s already passed. My blessing to her baby boy ❤️
Laura W Jelks
Laura W Jelks:
One-year older than me. I have a child the same age as hers. This tears my heart apart. 💔
Gbhh Bgff
Gbhh Bgff:
I am literally crying right now bec Naya Rivera died but when she died she was a hero to all because before her death she helled
her sun and she was week and disappeared I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry to her family specially her sun she was the hero of the year I hope she sleeps peace and hope for the best for her and her sun and family