What Elon Musk's 42,000 Satellites Could Do To Earth

Over the next few decades, Elon Musk is hoping to send 42,000 Starlink satellites to space. With these satellites, SpaceX hopes to bring high-speed satellite internet to every corner of the world. But experts worry it may come at a hefty cost, blocking astronomers' views and potentially space exploration for decades.

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What Elon Musk's 42,000 Satellites Could Do To Earth

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potatomato :p
potatomato :p:
So elon wants us to play raid shadow legends with no lag. Good guy.
DeJion Andrews
DeJion Andrews:
If he can get this working over South America, and Africa, and then work with government officials to subsidize it for citizens, then this could make him the richest man on earth whilst also incredibly increasing the growth of those continents collective economies, education, work sectors etc
Navin Rahman
Navin Rahman:
That’s a lot of satellites
Jonathan F
Jonathan F:
Geez, just make a dyson sphere around the sun already.
Pinoy Boi
Pinoy Boi:
Aliens studying about Earth: What are those floaty thingies and why are there 42 thousand of them?
Habib Aghasafari
Habib Aghasafari:
You forgetting that in altitudes of 200 to 400 km any debry will experience strong atmospheric drag and will fall down and burn in the atmosphere within a few years. Not decades or centuries.
Do your research right before spreading misinformation.
30 seconds in and already so much crap wrong info. Literally can't watch this.
Mandelbrot Set
Mandelbrot Set:
This is a very misleading video full of exaggeration and misleading graphics aimed at people who have no idea of the immense size of space or for that matter the planet.
Witch Vulgar
Witch Vulgar:
1% of 42k is 420

Elon Musk has smoked weed before

Coincidence? I think not!
Will Frank
Will Frank:
There are 8 billion people and we don't "coat" the earth. Stop with this alarmist crap. Even 100k satellites would only cover a fraction of a percent of the sky.
Aryaman Mehra
Aryaman Mehra:
When people woh don’t know the topic make video about that topic. Idiots.
With all this satellite competitions over earth. I wonder why they're don't also create a plan to clean up the space debris.
Jeff Hodgson
Jeff Hodgson:
To the point 100000 satellites in casing the Earth what block is from ever getting into space I can't see that being a viable reason. There is about 250000 people living in my City and if everyone drives a car and you took those cars and spread them around the world I have a feeling you very hard for them to hit each other. Now there's something like 250,000 cars on a 2d Road Network where in space you have the option of 3D movement making it much harder to hit each other and vast amount of room for spacecraft and other satellites to manoeuvre. I know scientists and these are just random thoughts BTW
these satellites all have de orbiting functions when they reach their life span. and will be burned 100% on re-entry to earth. these guys just made a video without even looking ther official website starlink.com where they explain everything. such disappointment uhhh. i just lost all of my trust on this channel.
If someone doing good for peoples, some people will find more failures than advantages
I can only imagine how ancient this will be in the far distant future with broader more intelligent minds....it's like horse riders mail vs.morse code telegraph vs.telephone vs. texting to get a message across. There will always be a consequence as well.
So what they're saying I can have perfect ping while on an Airplane?
Baraka Andrew
Baraka Andrew:
That video of space debris is used everywhere, it's very exaggerated, the earth is so huge compared to 42k satellites. In a real scale you won't even see them.
Jonathan Plackett
Jonathan Plackett:
4:02 Love that they felt the need to clarify that star trek cloaking devices don't actually exist.
Lucas Freitas
Lucas Freitas:
yeah, but cant they observe space from satelites itselfs or ISS? Aren't those space companies and organizations the most apt to do such cosmos researchs?
Sfs rocket lab
Sfs rocket lab:
This has made me quit watching tech insider

So much disinformation
Cyclo the great
Cyclo the great:
astronomers in the next decade or so: LETS PLAY THE GAME IS THAT A PLANET OR A STARLINK SATELLITE!
Luis Licas
Luis Licas:
Lmao isnt this like WALL E
thrissur kerala
thrissur kerala:
Why does this gives me a vibe of geostorm movie😂
brain fog
brain fog:
Sounds like the ISPS are scared but that's there fault for not digging a trench and running cable or fiber out to rural areas.
0:26 pepe spotted
John Doe
John Doe:
Half the world still does not have Internet geographically or population wise?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😶
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
Humans already pollute s seas & oceans ... Let's make space also polluted 😂 ....
Gonna take 5 more Elon musks in our future before we reach the same fate as the movie wall-e
I’ve seen a couple of the satellite trains. The first time I was with someone, and they got to a certain point, and then disappeared. We had no idea what we had just seen!
Alberto da Silva
Alberto da Silva:
Sensational and misleading video.
At ~500km, they de-orbit quickly - have to use the thrusters to keep them in orbit.
Search for planets best done from space telescopes.
I live in Africa and access to internet is much more important than amateur astronomy.
Has anybody seen the episode of Stargate Sg1 where Daniel Jackson uses Goa'uld technology to create satellites to protect the earth from invasion?
Press Kevin To Continue
Press Kevin To Continue:
2100: Ah back in my day I could see stars
Calvin Wellman
Calvin Wellman:
Hmmm that’s almost as many satellites as my brain cells
E. Arnold A.
E. Arnold A.:
There's a way to fix the fact that I'm watching this video at 144p, and astronomers of all people aret rying to prevent that????
Tawing dela Rama
Tawing dela Rama:
I've read the comments that theirs a lot of misinformation in this video.
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh:
the real question is what are going to do with internet
Rajesh Panchumarthi
Rajesh Panchumarthi:
I’m waiting for him to make glasses called Edith that can let anyone access those satellites
Regarding Kessler Syndrome hysteria: These satellites orbit close enough to the Earth's atmosphere that drag will cause them to de-orbit on their own before they can hit other satellites and cause a cascade. These Starlink satellites literally can't stay up WITHOUT constant push from the ionic thrusters with which they are equipped. Finally, A COLLISION DOES NOT IMPART ENOUGH DELTA-V TO RAISE THE ORBIT OF THE DEBRIS, FULL STOP. IT CANNOT ESCALATE OUTSIDE THIS SHELL. It is physically impossible.
David Motyka
David Motyka:
Self-destructing satellites that leave no debris.
Meteor: *Hits a satellite and causes a chain reaction*
World: Thats a lotta damage!

Read more
S A N J E E V:
I love Elon Musk but I‘m not much sure about his this particular project.
Shawn Weil
Shawn Weil:
It's an amazing idea and will help us when we merge with ai... hopefully 😂 problem is the techs not there we need to be capable to have the satalites to move out the way or closer together to make an opening for space exploration 💯
King Watson
King Watson:
As if we have ever "thwarted" or have the existing plans to do so to neo!
Prianshu Gowala
Prianshu Gowala:
I think he knows that people can't live without internet. So he decided to rule the world with his internet facilities.
Someone just fire up a big net that trap all that debris, this might be a dope gig
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez:
2:14 "not to scale"
Of course not because the Earth is flat...
Okay for real, who edits this video? Why do we keep changing voices every 4 words?
You don't need to use 100% of the footage you got from an interview.
Dirk Tween
Dirk Tween:
Astronomy Observations ?

It would be possible (likely) to observe
OVER 90% of the space sphere, from Earth, at any specific point in time.

>>.Space expands in 3 dimensions,,
of any point, producing a sphere.

Can observe over 90% of all space,
by direction, at any time !

Of any specific direction,
have no atmosphere distortions !
Chat2 RB240z
Chat2 RB240z:
I just scare it might collapse
McLaren tech
McLaren tech:
Gta online loading time will still be 2 hours....and michael de santa will again say "why did I move here,uhhh forgot,yeah I guess it was the weather"
Cesar Aguilar
Cesar Aguilar:
Well!!! We'll need a lot of company's that clean that future debris.
I think Elon is playing KSP online, so this will solve lagging problems
Je Teodoro
Je Teodoro:
Faltou legenda em.portugues
Flippy Cocktail
Flippy Cocktail:
I wish there’s a ring of satellite like Saturn
Ahamed Rikaz
Ahamed Rikaz:
2035: I look Up, damn Sats all over me
Sounds like a world spy system for the Antichrist in tracking rebels... my opinion
1:06 OH MY GOSH people are still using clips of Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 in videos almost 9 years later! That's awesome! 🤣
Lukas Ritzer
Lukas Ritzer:
Finally I can play Runescape at my grandma’s.
It would make it better, the surface area increases as you move out so even 42 million wouldn't really do much blocking the sky as they have filters.
Nilofar A
Nilofar A:
It's interesting that the narrator had to make it clear that "Startrek invisible tech" doesn't exist today 😂😂
knight toking
knight toking:
I'll have to find a cave if I want to get away from the damn tech tentacles.
Once this is in full force and function what about the ground connections would they become redundant?
Hmmm I see.......All this to download movies from torrent in seconds😅
Tan Barua
Tan Barua:
It's remind me the flim called "GEOSTROM"
is this a reupload or déjà vu? i saw this vid a month ago...
D r I p p
D r I p p:
This is crazy, we better have free internet . It's the trade off for space TRASH debri
Enrique Goyburu
Enrique Goyburu:
Prepare for the The Kessler syndrome!
Ryan McGregor
Ryan McGregor:
I doubt i could even afford one... 😕
Kristopher Leslie
Kristopher Leslie:
Actually cloaking does exist ma’am
So now poor people can starve while watching TikTok
Earth surface area - 510,100,000 km2 /42000 Starlinks = 12145 km2 is the number of satellites per square km that's not that bad lmao
Jean-Paul Teitu II
Jean-Paul Teitu II:
Let me remind you that *S K Y N E T* awakened on August 29
grown kid
grown kid:
Great, now we need a satellite like good ol modems. This guy keeps making life worse by even adding shining satellites to the sky, i better not get interrupted when i am sleeping you chipmunk tailfeather!
James Mark Escorial
James Mark Escorial:
It's like GeoStorm but internet.
Thomas Chrombly
Thomas Chrombly:
So it just occurred to me... Someone is going to try to hack these satellites.
As a matter of fact, entire nations will dedicate entire agencies to it. China will. Iran will. Russia will.
I will create a term for stealing an entire constellation of satellites. Lets call it "SatJacking".
I see pepe the frog 0:26 on the bottom left
Ian Pedlar
Ian Pedlar:
Ahh, Elons Starling network. He's a geniass 😁
Space is so magical so much to take in. Even watch it sometimes and listen to rock music and imagine I fly. Rock bands like deltaparole tool foofighters nirvana and other.
It's between problem finding asteroid or fast porn download 🤣
Awesome. I can't wait for Starlink.
New Player
New Player:
We are going to the moon by 2024, lets just build all the big telescopes there and problem solved
surely this is a good thing tho coz it will help to coat the earth from solar radiation and hopefully help to combat climate change a little bit
Dd_Lulo 004
Dd_Lulo 004:
Deadly asteroids? Aaaa like the one from billions years ago.. Almost forgot, you know a lot of time happens
Edward Molloy
Edward Molloy:
Your being watched inside your home using this technology
VerTi Xx
VerTi Xx:
Pilot:What are those things floating?
Co Pilot:Uhhh I don't know
shoaib qaiser
shoaib qaiser:
God bless elon musk i want internet speed.
Edward Molloy
Edward Molloy:
Your bring watched inside of your home using his technology
Jonathan Pontel
Jonathan Pontel:
So much for star gazing after this we'll all be satellite gazing lol
Gtao loading screen will still be two hours long
First AND last name
First AND last name:
Arguments about Starlink obstructing earth based astronomy are extremely short sighted. The launch infrastructure and slashed launch costs that will be in place when Starlink is complete will be a gargantuan asset to science. Scientists will later enjoy their thousands of tons of space based equipment shortly, nothing to worry about.
Kessler syndrome is also irrelevant at the altitudes of the Starlink constellation.
And once again, a completed Starlink constellation enables undreamt of access to space, with the ability to launch infrastructure that could potentially reverse any Kessler syndrome conditions through orbital clean up. Monitoring for incoming asteroid impacts will also advance lightyears to what we have now.
Starlink should not be at all controversial based on the points brought up in this video. The James Webb space telescope will be nothing compared to what gets launched later.
Starlink will be an overwhelming net positive for humanity. Because NASA will never get the funding from congress to do it themselves.
Søren Markov
Søren Markov:
the asteroids are coming we cant have starlink!!!
Jacob H
Jacob H:
So this was the last decent video from this channel, huh.....
Sneaky Intel Gamer
Sneaky Intel Gamer:
So I can play among us on 2ms ping
910 Anuj
910 Anuj:
What if the rings on Saturn Aren't Rings!!! 👽
John Kaiser
John Kaiser:
Every Good Things have Consequences I guess.
niva zero
niva zero:
astronomees got space based telescopes, why would they need to stare through the atmosphere?
I'm down for it if Elon can figure out a way to get all 40,000 back on ground if you wanted to
That's a bit too much I'd rather improve their efficiency
Lkgpuanimho 0
Lkgpuanimho 0:
He wants to make a Dyson sphere