What Does an Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection Look Like?

Some people who get sick with COVID-19 don't feel any symptoms of the disease, but what does an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection look like?

Hosted by: Micahel Aranda

CoVID-19 News & Updates playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsNB4peY6C6IQediwz2GzMTNvm_dMzr47

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Dr. Samir Gupta, clinician-scientist at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, personal communication

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It's so weird that you could have the internal damage and abnormal lung scans, but still feel fine.
Connor O'Keeffe
Connor O'Keeffe:
Watched the film contagion the other day and they didn't have anyone actively denying and disobeying the govt measures. I thought it was funny because if they had, it would've been decried as unrealistic because no one is that stupid...or so we thought
Lungs: haaaaalp
Brain: this is fine
And that ladies and gentlemen is why you have to wear a mask, even if you feel fine!
It's not for you, it's for everybody around you.
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano:
Q- How not to get covid?
A- Avoid people.

Say no more.
As a brazilian MD, used to regarding CDC and FDA as trustworthy, considering USA's and Brazil politics polluting the discussion and fact finding, I never expected to one day to use a youtube's channel for kids to help me differentiate where the good science and trustworthy studies are coming from. Keep up the good work, you haven't let me down not even once so far. Thank you.
Thank you SciShow for helping people stay informed and alert without targeting fear and anxiety reactions. There a doctor youtuber by name of Doctor Mike who is constantly encouraging us to stay 'Alert, not Anxious', and I feel like that needs to be a mantra across COVID-19 coverage.
MaxtheOwl nightbirb
MaxtheOwl nightbirb:
Internal organs: help me I'm dying

Brain: ya'll hear something?
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
If Covid-19 had visibly horrifying symptoms like the Bubonic plague does, nobody would be protesting wearing masks.
Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández
Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández:
Can we vote for SciShows coverage of Covid-19 information to be the best of 2020 in all forms of media? How do we make this happen? Who do we talk to?
Jad Attia
Jad Attia:
Basically we really don't know much yet after half a year about Covid 19.
All things short: we don’t know actually anything 🤷‍♂️
I tested positive for the virus early July. With me, I never had a fever but I did have a persistent dry cough, yet I took that as my allergies. Then there was a little bit more confusion and fatigue than normal but I took that as my 'fog' that comes in and the fatigues from my medications and having fibromyalgia. Then I had on and off chest pain, but during that time I also had cysts on my breasts that had become larger. Then I had to take a Covid test due to an upcoming surgery and that's when I found out I was positive. For the past few weeks I have been doing ok except for the chest pains. After I spoke to my doctor about it she told me to start taking advil to help with the inflammation. The day after I started taking it my chest pain subsided (like today!). However, now I don't know if I am still contagious or not and my kids have had to stay in other places while I've been in isolation. I could hardly find anything on answers to whether I was still contagious or not. I mean what if my recent test comes back positive again, does that still mean I am contagious after over 3 weeks of first test? It's definitely been frustrating trying to find solid information with what to do when you are infected. I am really grateful though that my cough and chest pains are gone, I was really getting scared. I tell you, for those who think this is a political scheme or hoax, you just wait till it hits you or your family members. Trust me, you will regret not wearing your mask and social distancing.
Sabrina Dorn
Sabrina Dorn:
September 2019 I had pneumonia, December 2019 had pneumonia again, June 2020 diagnosed with bronchitis now tested again for covid and sent home to quarantine. I’m so over all this I just want to be healthy again.
This is what happened to my friend who felt totally fine cuz she was asymptomatic so she went home to meet with her parents (aged ~50) and gave it to them. Her mom had a severe case where she couldn't breathe and her dad had been hospitalised since 2 months now.
Even if the virus doesn't affect you, you have to be careful so you can take care of the people you love.
Fetish Artist
Fetish Artist:
I'd also say some asymptomatic patients may be people "toughing it out." Mild symptoms in Los Angeles such as shortness of breath and coughing could easily be mistaken for reactions to our crappy air quality. There's a lot we gloss over when under stress too, like headaches, and fatigue.
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger:
Stay safe everyone, wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid large groups 😲
Lungs: hey, how ya doin well I’m doin just fine I lied I’m dying inside 🙃
So much for that one dude’s claim that 99% of Covid-19 cases are _totally_ harmless.
Ryan Ambrose
Ryan Ambrose:
Look at the way the virus infects the CD4 and CD8 t cells.
Ramshackle Alex
Ramshackle Alex:
Damn, Michael's Covid hair is cute
Merriellen Roselette
Merriellen Roselette:
His hair is so luscious today.
Or well, on the 7th. :)
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson:
I’ve been wondering about this! If symptoms are an extreme immune response then what happens if our immune system isn’t responding?
I'm baffled at the people throwing covid partys to get infected on purpose smh
Pancake Circus
Pancake Circus:
Covid-19 hasn’t been around a whole year.
I can’t imagine what the long term effects will be.
iron man
iron man:
If you are not sick , it doesn't means you are not sick .😂
All of us have corona
I love this guy's voice. It's calm and soothing.
Hannah Pereira
Hannah Pereira:
When they've figured out the whole COVID thing, I need a whole Cells at Work movie about COVID19.
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson:
Thats a kinda scary thought! You feel totally fine but your lungs are getting beaten up by this virus 😱
Dee B
Dee B:
Lungs: *chuckles im in danger*
Brain: *nothing to see here*
pessimistic ideas
pessimistic ideas:
Thank you for keeping us informed. I have thyroid cancer & am absolutely terrified of getting covid-19. This is a subject that I've been wondering about, but just couldn't find any clear info about it anywhere.
Success Habits
Success Habits:
You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think - so follow guidelines and stay home to stay safe. take care of your friends and family.
god bless you guys😘
If they aren't showing symptoms, does that mean their body is taking more damage? I thought symptoms were often a form a defense against infection?
Nobodies Human
Nobodies Human:
Me: boss I'm taking a leave today.
Boss: why
Me: I have headache boss
Boss: does it hurt a lot?
Me: no boss, it's asymptomatic.
Phil Drewett
Phil Drewett:
We need more T cell studies. Some have been released as pre-prints and results seem to be showing that T cell responses appear to be more enduring indicating a certain level of immunity. More that a 2nd infection would be milder rather than full sterilising immunity which is unlikely in the context of coronaviruses where duration of immunity appears to be correlating with severity of disease.
Phil Drewett
Phil Drewett:
We need well funded longitudinal studies which look at a whole range of things. RT-PCR, infectivity assays from nasal and throat swabs. Infectious assays from the same. Also tests on Sputum, Urine and stool. So Elisa and Plaque Assays for antibodies in serum for IgM, IgG and IgA. Also mucosal antibodies particularly secretory IgA. T cell responses too using a whole range of peptide pools. Also evidence should be found for memory B and memory T cells. This should be done on people who are serious, mild and severe and follow up periodically over time. It is a hell of a lot of work and might require coordination across several institutions and would require significant funding and coordination. There are too many small scale studies using different tests and methodologies which are hard to directly compare. I understand there is a rush to get results out into the community but the quality of studies is not high as a result. They should agree on and establish a protocol and then recruit experts in each field together with a large willing cohort.
I love how apolitical *Sci Show* is.

You guys always point out all the salient points and relevant facts. And you don't shy away from discussing problems and shortcomings of what we think we know. You guys are never premature about this stuff and I really respect that.
Will Lewis
Will Lewis:
We need this to be over so homeboy can get a haircut 💇‍♂️

Jk thank you for the video 🙏
Marc-André Servant
Marc-André Servant:
Lungs: Help I have worsening pneumonia
Organs: Help we're getting less oxygen
Brain: Everything is fine
Sw1ft Gaeta
Sw1ft Gaeta:
Damn, there goes my hopes of becoming another Ellie...
Lukas Stratmann
Lukas Stratmann:
Aw, now the sources are only a difficult-to-navigate list of links again. I appreciate very much that you cite sources at all, but with naming titles, authors, and years, as well as maybe timestamps, I wouldn't have to click on each and every one of those links to find what I'm looking for. Grouping the links with some headings under one of your other recent videos seemed like a decent compromise
jlce pcmc
jlce pcmc:
Me after finding out I might be asymptomatic: 👁👄👁
Matthew Jay
Matthew Jay:
I have a very hard time believing any study coming out of China. They’re all about face-saving.
MC Square
MC Square:
There’s been at least one confirmed case of Coronavirus re-infection:

Katheeja Silmiya
Katheeja Silmiya:
I was asymptomatic as well, everyone in the household had symptoms except for me. I knew i was Covid +ve only after i was tested or else i wouldn't have known. I feel alright except for the fatigue from time to time.
Insignificant Other
Insignificant Other:
Asymptomatic can be applied to any virus or disease.
my question would be... has any asymptomatic patient died from covid19? If no, how come? And why is their immune system not as responsive as other patients? Perhaps... if we figured out what defuses the reaction on asymptomatic patients, we could try and give others a medication that causes a similar effect?!
Okay, it seems that the absence of symptoms doesn't correlate to an absence of harm... asymptomatic patients could have damaged organs but they're unaware of it...
in short, this sucks!
Cameron Herdman
Cameron Herdman:
I learned something new in this about fans that I didn’t think of before. Thank you for this. I can use this in my workplace!
Brucey in the sky With diamonds
Brucey in the sky With diamonds:
The amount of contradictory information on covid is enough to make your head explode.
It is indeed a very, very cleaver Virus. It seems to be able to disable any thoughts or scientific evidence currently held on it very quickly.! My thoughts are that we as a global population will not see the back of this beast in the near, or distant future. That, is really annoying.
dean mushtuk
dean mushtuk:
This is a very basic overview of virology and immunology in relation to this pandemic that for some bizarre reason are not being discussed by the scientific mainstream. There are likely dozens if not hundreds of corona virus antibody immunity's in all of us right now from historic past pandemic outbreaks. Right now in present time there are 7 corona viruses circulating the globe that nobody really even knows exist by virulence dilution from our internal immune defense mechanisms and antigenic shift (mutations). (This is also precisely the reason why there has never before in history been an effective vaccine for a cor/virus, the virulence is invariably weakened and the spike and surface proteins will have altered multiple times by the Ribosome's error prone replication system inside the cells nucleus long before any vaccine has time to be developed and tested). Even though SARS-cov-2 is considered a novel virus, our immune system recognize cov19 at least in a partial RNA sequencing and the foreign invader is usually snuffed with relative ease and commonality. In microgenetics terms by definition there are no such things as a totally novel and independently genetically coded virus, they all share similar RNA sequencing and hijacked and borrowed protein micromachinery. This is precisely why Sars-cov-2 goes undetected and is completely benign and harmless in the vast majority of the populations infections because there is partial antibody T-Cell memorization recall recognition occurring with almost everyone across the globe, making the virulence malignancy very weak within the healthy population. The problems only really occur with corona as with flu virus infections when the immune system is damaged or isn't working properly from immunity degradation in very old people or people with severe chronic comorbidity's or other immunocomromise diseases.
Oooh liking the long hair!
You want a good laugh? Just imagine all the people who can’t understand this who still think it’s pointless to wear a mask and try to point out “scientific” facts to support their point.
Well, good thing that our Commander in Chief just withdrew the funding for testing.
Rayhan S
Rayhan S:
I was asymptomatic, while my father had mild symptoms. Although I didn’t feel any significant discomfort but As I am now out of quarantine I feel very reduced stamina
Sam Lair
Sam Lair:
3 relevant truths:
>the Covid virus is highly contagious
>CO2 is a greenhouse gas
>every human has a soul/spirit.
Note: Denial is not a viable option.

Comment regarding Covid:
‘Asymptomatic’ doesn’t mean you don’t have it & can’t transmit it.
If dosed with a minimal viral load, a healthy person will likely be asymptomatic. If, during the window of infectiousness, they then provide a good dose to someone who’s obese, elderly, etcetera, then this will cause unnecessary suffering. Being an unwitting spreader doesn’t make one innocent.

Comment on “greenhouse effect”:
Our planet would be a solid ball of ice if it weren’t for the greenhouse effect.

Comment about spirituality:
The importance of accepting one’s own divine origin speaks for itself.
Darren Bauer
Darren Bauer:
It's best to avoid getting someone else's snot on you, even if it's not infectious.
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior:
That’s exactly why when you put on a pulse ox, and these folks Sats are in the low 80s and they feel fine....
Tim Haldane
Tim Haldane:
2:16 "One of which was IgG." ...Why? (put my name in bold)
Rhuali -
Rhuali -:
I remember reading an article back in April or May that strength and duration of antibody presence for at least some other coronaviruses correlates with symptom severity- it would be interesting to see studies that include people who have recovered from moderate or severe COVID-19 infections and looks at how their immunity compares to those with milder symptoms.
Small K
Small K:
Suspect everyone at work has had it. Coughing..etc. just wasn’t enough to visit a doctor.
Shannae Darkehart
Shannae Darkehart:
I've seen more than one news report about South Korea's very vigorous tracing program picking up reinfections, but it's difficult to figure out the real story from double translated (Korean to English and Scientist to Layman) information. Have you guys checked that area out at all?
Just look at the protesters.
That's a lot of Boloney! YOU know when you're not feeling right! End of discussion. Problem is that people don't care about others and that is the bottom line.
Lubov Mudrost
Lubov Mudrost:
A relative of mine says he can almost surely help you defeat the virus within a few days (with the help of some lamp.)
foundation buys
foundation buys:
B memory cells is old school. Thats why we dont have antibodies floating about for every infection we ever had
Mausam Ray CHowdhury
Mausam Ray CHowdhury:
Michael's hair length and cute fluffy face convinced me he is practicing quarantine laws effectively.,💛
waris khan
waris khan:
I watched this movie a day
before the covid 19 was revealed by China to the world . Next day when i heard about the covid 19 outspread in China ,I was like😯😯😯😨😨😨
Big Boomer
Big Boomer:
So... I had covid-19 in March, but i still have symptoms, like today I'm short of breath but yesterday i was great!

I talked to a doctor about it and he just shrugged and gave me an Albuterol inhaler... but im concerned about being possibly contagious even though im no longer positive..
Its weirdness 😯
Dylan Peralez
Dylan Peralez:
The Plasma cell produces antibodies, memory cells just become activated quicker since there’s more of them
2:40 "At least among these 74 Peep....."
Jared Richards
Jared Richards:
Thanks Bro! I appreciate the calm voice when talking about important information such as this. You speak very well. Please keep doing what you do!
S J:
What does asymptomatic covid 19 look like.. asymptomatic.
Nicole Newman
Nicole Newman:
No one knows anything yet. I’m srry I love your passion on the subject, but no one knows anything about the virus, how it could re infect, the damage if it does cause, etc. ❤️
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael:
This disease was created in a laboratory and.the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funded its research and development going back into 2018
Amber A.-C
Amber A.-C:
I have thought for months now, that it might be possible, that in asymptomatic patients the virus lies 'dormant' and patients only show symptoms at a period when they are run down or ill with something else. In previous studies, there have been claims that people have caught Covid 19, become ill, recovered and then appear to have to have got reinfected. When this has occurred have they been reinfected with the same virus; caught a new mutated strain of the virus, OR are they not getting rid of the virus at all? In other words, when you have been infected, whether you have symptoms, or not, does the virus remain dormant after a supposed 'recovery' and reactivate when you are stressed, run down or infected with some other, possibly mild ailment? There are other viruses/diseases that do this, so maybe that's what is happening here?
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo:
agree, I have been shedding for a number of weeks, and since April
Ever thought the damaged lungs could be due to chemtrails and our body generates coronavirus to try and expel these toxics through coughing, sneezing, etc???
yappy walling
yappy walling:
WHO confirmed now that Asymptomatic dont spread the virus!
George Robartes
George Robartes:
It is a thing ! I had it in February/March ,it took 4 weeks from start to finish to clear and then a repeat of the full symptoms , after being back in circulation around 7 weeks later , but at a very much reduced discomfort level and it was gone within a week but isolated for 2 . The 2nd bout was much less uncomfortable than the big 3 that circulate annually as there is no runny nose , throbbing head , high temperature fever and reams of tissue paper involved . Just anosmia , slight difficulty in breathing but no hacking cough , and general malaise .
I am 63 with non critical organ health problems and had Asian flu on its second run in 1958 , Hong Kong Flu 10 years later but unfortunately was not exposed to the 2003 coronavirus pandemic to gain immunity from this one . Those who did have exposure to the 2003 infection at low dosage , T cell memory would have identified this coronavirus as hostile and trigger cytotoxin release to kill it and would have had natural immunity as it is shown that the 2003 strain developed T cells with long term memory , just as Asian and Hong Kong flu has ,2 of the big 3 that circulate annually .
Luis Ontanon
Luis Ontanon:
The binary search algorithm was invented to optimize HepB tests
Sing It Up
Sing It Up:
I tested positive for covid-19 but my lungs x-ray was normal my oxygen level in blood was normal why am I accused for covid-19
Kevin Wilt
Kevin Wilt:
Major problem with these studies they're from China which means they're false or we have to assume they're false because the CCP has been lying from day 1
Asymptomatic patients still feel so weird and look so weird hmm 🤔
@SciShow -
Please show the difference between Covid-19 lung scaring & Asbestos lung scaring (if it is visible)
Daaayum Michael! The effects of the pandemic are really starting to show!
Me: Skip 2020.
God: Nah mate.
Siddharth Zaveri
Siddharth Zaveri:
Bro u are so confident and personable ... Loved ur presentation ❤️
Tara Scanlan
Tara Scanlan:
I got a call from my doctor telling me I had a spot on my lung...wonder what it could be...u think maybe covid...??
Cesar Queti
Cesar Queti:
WOW, the math part is very interesting. It would be great to have a video just about that.
Beverly Yeager
Beverly Yeager:
Thanks for the help Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, really lived up to my expectations eradicating herpes
Cyndi Manka
Cyndi Manka:
The 1918 pandemic affected young people. They figured out years later the older folks had been exposed to the virus sometime in their lifetime and had the antibodies to fight it. Memory I guess like you said.
ThirdEyeShine ॐ
ThirdEyeShine ॐ:
Asymptomatic deaths of patients in already dire conditions/circumstances are still counted 😐
Bret Sander
Bret Sander:
Thanks to you all for the continuing and informative videos on this subject. I've found them useful for educating the more dubious deniers.
Crown Jewel
Crown Jewel:
How can one feel fine with lung damage? Wtf it’s allllll too much, too confusing and too crazy!
Juan Jose L
Juan Jose L:
Hey Michael, you're looking good. Keep it awesome buddy.
whoooa... lovin the quarantine hair, Michael <3
Ron Short
Ron Short:
An excellent video. I was one of those who was asymptomatic (early April). The only reason I was tested was due to the fact that others I knew had the infection. I never had any symptoms whatsoever (although there was one evening when I felt slightly flushed). I was told to self-quarantine for two weeks and I extended that self-quarantine for a month simply because of so many unknown transmission factors. Now that Spain is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence (I live outside of Barcelona) I have decided to go ahead again and to stay away from the public for another few weeks. Too much is unknown. While it might be an inconvenience for me to remain at home, if it saves even one life of an older person, it is worth it. Thanks again for a well-researched and informative video.
Ekta. irig
Ekta. irig:
but still there is no actual treatment for covid so either you are symptomatic or not you will have to go through it anyway, even the patients with symptoms will get the symptomatic treatment only which means the lungs will get better with your
immunity only, so make the immune system strong 😐
Dai Maō
Dai Maō:
Those guys are so smart! This is why I subscribed to them.