What Are Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases? | NewsMo | Shiv Aroor

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said that 80% of COVID-19 cases are Asymptomatic. But what does ‘Asymptomatic’ really mean?
A case is considered asymptomatic if a patient is a carrier for a disease or an infection in their body but never develops any symptoms.
Mostly younger patients with a good immunity system like children & adults may not show symptoms and are asymptomatic. Watch the video to know more.
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24 komento:

Dark Angel
Dark Angel:
They don’t just show no symptoms, their natural immunity kills the virus like it’s just a cold.
shuvodip Dutta
shuvodip Dutta:
That means it is getting started immune in our body
Mr.Right Thinker
Mr.Right Thinker:
Asymptomatic ? So the worry ends . Afterall Allopathy is all about making you Asymptomatic .
Some Ignorant Doctars and Ignorant Media are Brainwashing people to get more panic.
There is nothing to worry if you follow the lockdown rules.
And Medicines are there , Treatments are there .And maximum people are Recovering than dieing remember it.
DALIT Namo Nama
DALIT Namo Nama:
Could anyone trace the missing donation money given to PM CARES, PM RELIEF FUND AND WORLD'S BANKS FUND. Poor and state Govts. are desperately waiting for it.
vishal rao
vishal rao:
what the hell, only 35 to 40% are asymptomatic, change your thumbnail.
Insight Curiosity.
Insight Curiosity.:
80% that's a lot.
Eha Angh
Eha Angh:
Can with dedact asymptomatic with thermometer?..
Harsha vardhan
Harsha vardhan:
Then how about us we too dont have any symptoms do we need a test.
Then means its gone to stage 3...
Raya Karapurkar
Raya Karapurkar:
So it means rapid covid-19 testing kit is useless. So just deport the testing kit to china
Uriel Shangpliang
Uriel Shangpliang:
If you really want to know how asymptomatic cv-19 came to the radar , just check out david icke explanation about cv-19 . I know people might say its just conspiracy but at this point in time just allow your mind to go outside the box .
Ranjan Soni
Ranjan Soni:
How to find coroa without symptoms
sandnes2504 Rama
sandnes2504 Rama:
Cut-out china in all aspects.
Trade, imports..perhaps..exports.., tourism..and even cultrual.
Else..Ch-orona...will stay ever, .
Dalbir Singh
Dalbir Singh:
कोरोना अब बीमारी नहीं बिज़नेस बन गयी है ! मरीज के खाते मैं पैसे देना शुरू कर दो कोरोना 1 महीने मैं काबू और 2-3 महीने मैं खत्म कर दिये जाने की आधिकारिक पुष्टि कर डी जाएगी
p.g.gajendra babu
p.g.gajendra babu:
Vaccine and testing like South Korea are the only way to defeat this virus. Lockdown is not a permanent solution. But this foolish (90%) politicians who acted like ox will never understand this.
divyendra ankam
divyendra ankam:
this one statement is enough to prove that this virus is a man made virus originated ina lab . each and every naturally originated virus when they attack any person they will definitely show symptoms with out showing symptoms they don't spread to other people but this virus is spreading from person to person from asymptomatic this single point is enough to show it is a lab originated virus
Mary Alfred
Mary Alfred:
For how long does a person remain asymptomatic
Dimpy Kaur
Dimpy Kaur:
To fir kiya krna chahiye
Dalbir Singh
Dalbir Singh:
हाहाहा हाहाहा मल्टीनेशनल biggest कोरोना स्कैम के slipper cells
Bala Koduri
Bala Koduri:
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
The testing is fake the virus is fake it’s just another bad flu season get real people
If your scared lock yourself up
If you show no symptoms you don’t have it Einstein
Indians r by nature immune to viral diseases. Asymtomatic patients can spread the infection to closer people. So at home also keep social distancing.😊
Thank god, Indian's immune system is very strong, because we are consuming 🐄 mutter from thousands of years. The best vaccine of corona virus.