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GKIDS proudly presents the highly-anticipated new film from director Makoto Shinkai and producer Genki Kawamura, the creative team behind the critically-acclaimed, global smash hit Your Name. The summer of his high school freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo, and quickly finds himself pushed to his financial and personal limits. The weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day, as if to suggest his future. He lives his days in isolation, but finally finds work as a writer for a mysterious occult magazine. Then one day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright and strong-willed girl possesses a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky…

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Haseeb Ulhaque
Haseeb Ulhaque:
*Sees visuals* "this is going to be amazing"
*Hears gunshot* "this is going to be emotional"
Prodigy 5
Prodigy 5:
Best line in the movie:
"Dear God, if you truly exist please don't give us anything more and don't take anything from us. Let us be like this forever."
When you're not Japanese so you have no idea wtf they are typing with their cell phones
Chun Wang
Chun Wang:
“your name”: Dating saved the whole villagers .
“Weathering with you”: Dating destroyed whole city.
Justin Fowler
Justin Fowler:
Movies like this make me feel like there is still hope for the world and that life is just more than finding a job and getting paid
Tien Yueh Chang
Tien Yueh Chang:
As a fan of makoto shinkai, I'm sure there will be trains
SÜSHÎL gaming
SÜSHÎL gaming:
Why am i here after watching the movie
Zafry Danish
Zafry Danish:
Hodaka : "This is a story.... only she and i know about..."

Nagi : " am I a joke to you? "
Senna Sims
Senna Sims:
This movie has one disappointing thing.

It ends
How to confess.
UwUslayer 9000
UwUslayer 9000:
Me: doesn’t everything seem a little.. to happy?
*guy pulls out a gun*
Me: ahhh there it is.
Gabriele Costa
Gabriele Costa:
I watched this movie a few weeks ago and let me tell you: just like Your Name, is not the kind of movie you forget about. I started crying 20 minutes into the movie because of how beautiful and artistic everything was and then never stopped. The comedy is on time, the emotions it provides you are so deep that I had a dehydration headache when it was over, and the way Makoto Shinkai uses the surroundings to tell the story is so powerful yet again. If you haven't watched it, do it!
Whidia Shintia
Whidia Shintia:
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айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо
Lona EL
Lona EL:
I started crying when he held the gun and pointed it at the officer and said "Why are you holding me", it felt like he was saying it to the whole world, and when they were falling from the sky and he said "I want you more than any blue sky" I just start bawling. This movie was so beautiful and heartwarming 😭😭 No one can do it better than Japan
Kaga Kouko
Kaga Kouko:
*Confirmed, Aqua is the one responsible for the endless rains and floods..*
first half: omg that’s gonna be such a cute movie ^^
*hears gunshot*
dang what the heck
When you realize that Mitsuha from Your Name is the sales woman selling necklace to Hokada.
El & Jei
El & Jei:
"To build landscapes and wanting to leave heartwarming memories in Tokyo since the city could disappear one day just like Itomori."

- Taki, Kimi No Nawa

Well, Taki was right hehe
I was an emotional rollercoaster watching this, I laughed loudly and cried like crazy throughout the whole movie. I highly recommended it!!!
Still doesn't understand why this masterpiece didn't even nominated at the Academy Awards.....
Vibhu Shukla
Vibhu Shukla:
First half of the trailer
Me: this is gonna be amazing

Me: here we go again....😐
Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon:

Movie summary: the power of boners turns Tokyo into Atlantis, the end.
its orangey
its orangey:
"Who cares if we can't see the sunshine? I want you more than any blue sky"
Sandesh Thapa
Sandesh Thapa:
Me -
Before Watching this movie : sad
Seeing it : feels good
After watching this movie : sad ++++
AL Rizo
AL Rizo:
I think this movie shows how wrongly we perceive life. It's not about trying to achieving your goals will result to happiness but embracing life (positive and negative) as it is will lift the burden and even take us further. We humans are too invested to our goals/ambitions (sunshine) that we forgot the reality (rain), that's why Tokyo sunk in water in the end because that's the way it should be. Hina was trying too hard to lift Nagi and later on Hodaka and the other people from life of misery that resulted to her own danger. Later on, Hodaka realized he was asking too much of Hina's help and tried to save her life instead. They both realized that what they are trying to achieve(away from poverty) is not the answer to happiness but embracing the entire experience both good and bad. Keisuke represent's older version Hodaka who failed to realize he's stuck trying to achieve goals, didn't live his life very well, but later on had a redemption.
Anime Tomboy Enthusiast
Anime Tomboy Enthusiast:
Makoto Shinkai is far better at telling a love story than all of Hollywood.
Char Less
Char Less:
It has been a few hours since I watched Weathering With You and Im gonna tell you that it was the most aesthetic moment in my life. I woke up knowing that it still gonna be a another normal day. The weather was very cold and a little rainy. I scrolled down my fb and saw a link of a full movie weathering with you. I was very exited to watch it cause I loved Your Name. So I made myself comfortable and watched the movie. As I lay down to my bed continue watching the movie with the cold and rainy weather, I have never felt so comfortable and felt like I'm on a dream in my life. I never expected that my day would be like this. I fell in love with the movie. Especially at the part when Hokada, Hina and Nagi were walking while it was snowing, while it started to rain massively, the atmosphere was felt like I just entered a dream. Chills entered my spine and all I could think about was that moment. I was like forget everything, just let me be at that moment with my future wife, please, just at that moment where everything is okay. I could never forget that vibe I got just from that scene. As the movie ended I felt like waking up from the best dream of your life. I wanted to watch it again but I feared that vibe I got will never be the same if I watched it again. But I heard my heart screaming to watch it again. And I still felt the vibes from my 1st reaction of the movie and this explain why I love the movie much more than Your Name. This was such a rare moment of my life I wish I could feel like this everysingle day of my worthless life. So thank you for the director for creating such a masterpiece
gO stEp oN a LeGo HahAHiHaHiha!
gO stEp oN a LeGo HahAHiHaHiha!:
In about 10 years later anime Series will have the same quality as this movie
Dark Trainer - Red
Dark Trainer - Red:
2016: Saving the city only for a girl.
2019: Sinking the city only for a girl
2022: Bringing the corona vaccine only for a girl
My theory is that there is going to be a rain girl.

When the old woman [ the fortune woman or something ] was asked by Natsumi and Hodaka , she mentioned about there being a sunshine girl and a rain girl .

Here's exactly what she said :
" Of course , sunshine girls do exist . *And also rain girls .* Sunshine girls are possessed by a fox god . *And rain girls are possessed by a dragon god . Dragon god individuals drink a lot . They yearn for water . They're strong willed and competitive but a bit careless and unreliable .* Fox god individuals are hardworking but too weak hearted to be leaders . Many are beautiful . The weather is off balance now , so more sunshine and rain girls are born . The Gaia homeostasis hypothesis . But , we must be careful . Messing with nature always has a cost . Whoever uses too much weather power , gets spirited away . "

There was a lot of emphasis used on the rain girls and how there needs to be rain girls to maintain a balance among both . So there definitely are rain girls existing out there and it would make sense that the next film would be about the rain girls as at the end of the film , the whole city was flooded , meaning that whoever caused the rain in that city has not stopped yet .
They had us in the first half I’m not gonna lie
the saddest part in this whole ass movie is when he realised, he was the oldest.
LLsMoeGriFak S
LLsMoeGriFak S:
Your name:Safe his girl friend and a town
Weathering :Destroy a city just to safe his girl friend
Rangga Hidayatulloh
Rangga Hidayatulloh:
It's all started from a free BigMac burger
*Best AD ever*
Mark Bonz
Mark Bonz:
Y'all I watched this at Cinema then suddenly it rains.
Aqua Pr
Aqua Pr:
"This is a story... only she and I know about."
The Video: *has 1 120 853 views*
"who cares if we dont see the sunshine anymore,i want you more than any blue sky"
nrqa nrqa
nrqa nrqa:
Weathering With You (2020) in HD f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??21
relax everything is normal
relax everything is normal:
Every second of the movie is a wallpaper
Anali Sema
Anali Sema:
Who else loves the OST of this movie?
*I swear to god if this turn out to be tragic in anyway I will fly to Japan and have some serious Sushi with GKIDS Films' mom.*
devil's girl
devil's girl:
This movie was in the cinemas in Lithuania during my birthday (December 15th) and my mom got tickets for this movie as a birthday present I'm so thankful.
anxious angel
anxious angel:
The beginning: we're so happy!
The guy with a gun: "so anyways i started blasting."
Sino si DAN?
Sino si DAN?:
“Tenki no ko” not means weathering with you it means “child of weather”.
Toy Mage
Toy Mage:
I'm sure I liked Your Name more as a movie but I can't stop thinking about this movie, I watched it ages ago yet it won't leave my mind. I think I'm more attached to Hodaka and the rest of the cast, especially Suga
J Salvetat
J Salvetat:
Ohhh this looks so kind and full of happiness, no drama--
*Gun shot*
Ah shit, here we go again
Alisa Bats
Alisa Bats:
who else got really really emotional + depressed when Your name characters showed up?????

no one ?? ok.
Farilzi Abiyyu
Farilzi Abiyyu:
(August 2020)?
"I Wish I Could Forget About this Movie So I Can Watch it Again" 😭😭😭
she smiles .
she smiles .:
This movie is beyond AMAZING and has the best soundtracks by far
"Awesome" the way you guys connected the story to ancient Japanese culture and God's . The end scene where the boy tries to find the whether girl,until he finds her , couldn't even blink my eyes for a sec , breath stoping , every moment is heart touching and emotional. "To the entire movie cast you guys are awesome"
AngeLoveR Anime
AngeLoveR Anime:
Me: I bet this'll have a happy ending :)
*Hears gun*
Sad ending: Hello old friend :)
Hugo Horváth
Hugo Horváth:
Why this anime is so pure and innocent man and even that couple. Thats another dimension i think.
2016 Is literally the greatest year for anime fans
Your name
A silent voice
In this corner of the world
All these classics at once mehnn😍
Arcel Pascua
Arcel Pascua:
"Who cares if we can't see any Sunshine? I want you more than any blue sky".😭♥️
Raditya 29
Raditya 29:
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Rwy'n hun gezondheidstoestand
verhinder ze respectievelijk
het was te dichtbij
dicht bij elkaar
Mensile Cabal? Al giorno d'oggi, tuttavia, si e olturasizbi?
*if this movie will end up heartbreaking and sad, I'm suing someone*
Hate me all you want, this has a much satisfying ending than Your Name
Chazxlex godk
Chazxlex godk:
Your :Find destiny for love
Weathering :Fight destiny for love
with you
spandan Bhattarai
spandan Bhattarai:
My fiends: We have never seen you crying. Wow! You can control your feelings so well
Crying after watching a 2 minute video
Tshim Muaj
Tshim Muaj:
I know they won’t do this but I want to see a main character or other main characters from the new anime movie that’s going to be made by Makoto Shinkai that saw the previous characters lives from TGOF, Your Name, and weathering with you from a 3rd person view like he was at the back of the main scenes like the stair scene with Mitsuha and Taki and another character seeing another one from TGOF and the main character seeing some important scenes from Weathering With You just my fantasy but wish it could happen so it could give us some more insight and more information of what happened at those scenes and who knows maybe do something about the main character wanting love or trying to find his or her missing piece, partner cause of him or her seeing those scenes from the other characters.
ani a
ani a:
It feels strangely nostalgic even though it didn't come out yet lol
IZ Deuls
IZ Deuls:
I'm crying when she know hina is younger than him huhu. Nagi senpai lol 😂😂😂😂
iEATS fairiesALIVE
iEATS fairiesALIVE:
"yeah right they flooded the entire city"

Uhm..this movie? Is about what is supposed to be..i just love makoto and hes ambiguous mind..

The old guy at the temple "this weather? Not normal? Whats not normal about this?"

The old lady at the end (takis relative)
"Did you know tokyo was once a bay?nature just returned it the way it is.,its just the way things are so,its ok.."

Its just makoto shinkais mind..his plot twists have plot twists of their own..
One of the best anime movie since Your Name. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should go ahead and watch it now. Trust me you’ll love it. ❤️
Mc Benji
Mc Benji:
Haha.. Already watched the movie.

How come the trailer give me goosebump again. 😱
Goat Ninja
Goat Ninja:
Me: ok this movie looks like your name but where's the tears??
Me: Ah shit here we go again
Kylemay Lumboy
Kylemay Lumboy:
I watched this so many times and never get tired of it. I always felt butterflies every time I watch this.
i cried watching this movie and i’m crying watching this trailer
federica de vecchi
federica de vecchi:
pls stop comparing this to your name they're so different and unique!! in!! their!! own!! way!!
Brian Yi
Brian Yi:
This was an amazing movie, definitely recommend it if you’re a slice of life kinda person or you like amazing artwork :)
Ryo Bryan Lienardy
Ryo Bryan Lienardy:
Looking forward for this. Honestly the first half of the trailer only remind me of your name but when the gun bang, I know the story will be far different from anything.
Nusrat Moon
Nusrat Moon:
The regrets of *WHY DIDN'T I WATCH IT BEFORE* has no end. I feel sorry to myself.
Everyone in the comments:*Talking about your name(Kimi no na wa)
Me:*Sees every Kimi no na wa comment and start crying"
Who who miss Kimi no na wa!!
Shon Dylan
Shon Dylan:
Why did I just watched this today? T.T
2020 anyone?

A Masterpiece indeed
Chris Vlog
Chris Vlog:
I remember when my brother and his friends watch Weathering With You before the pandemic but man it sure was peaceful back then
me: "oh another makoto shinkai movie"

my heart: "ahh shit, here we go again"
Nintendo Boy
Nintendo Boy:
Just watched this, now I want a Big Mac...
Rohit Patel
Rohit Patel:
The animation is so gorgeous
back door soty
back door soty:
i wanna reset my brain and forget what happend in this movie because i wanna watch it again without knowing whats going to happen.
The animation is BREATHTAKING.
They really put a lot of time into this. Looks really good.
Suddenly two chills went through my body. The whole body shaking. Jesus Christ this BGM is amazing
whoever left that gun did a wonderful role in this anime.
To the boomer who said this was another cartoon show.

*Show this to them*
colin p. grey
colin p. grey:
The girl who sold the ring 💍 is also the gurl from yur name
phil swift is my god
phil swift is my god:
Me: This is oddly familiar
Trailer: From the same people who made the smash hit Your Name
Me: So that's why
junjun Lucino
junjun Lucino:
I just watched this yesterday and as a person who always love the rain, I really "feel" the story.
Hakan Amiru Dzaky
Hakan Amiru Dzaky:
I think she lost her memory, and she don't know she had stand Weather Report
Someone Unknown
Someone Unknown:
**Hears Gunshot**
Me: Here We Go Again
Koko Jelly
Koko Jelly:
I just finished this movie today, idk why but its raining heavily in the evening and as fast as thunder the heavy rain is gone. I think Hina was there...
kacchan's pen
kacchan's pen:
me: awww its so beautiful
* man pulls out a gun *
me: *SHI-*
Drita Ibishi
Drita Ibishi:
These kind of movies make me miss Japan eventhough I have never been there...
"I want you more than any blue sky ☁
The weather can stay crazy forever"
XxSci ShippersxX
XxSci ShippersxX:
They look exactly like from the "Your Name" Anime show
Erika lel
Erika lel:
I loved it when Hodaka always called Nagi "Senpai". The fact that Nagi is younger than Hodaka makes it really funny xDD
Azian Mans
Azian Mans:
Guys when i watched this i cried like a baby it’s so good and it really hit me in the feels when it all happened this is by far my favorite movie ever and it will be a masterpiece i’ll never forget🥺 If you wanna watch i watched it on AnimeKisa.Tv
This is the best anime movie
Aniket Pawar
Aniket Pawar:
I love anime life 💗
Weathering with you🌈🌦
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin:
0:53 the song and this scene still gives me goosebumps and everytime the rain drops float
Me: Closes his eyes and takes a moment to take in that lovely trailer.