Weathering With You (2020) - Official U.S. Trailer | English Sub

The summer of his high school freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo, and quickly finds himself pushed to his financial and personal limits. The weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day, as if to suggest his future. He lives his days in isolation, but finally finds work as a writer for a mysterious occult magazine. Then one day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright and strong-willed girl possesses a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky…

GKIDS proudly presents the highly-anticipated new film from director Makoto Shinkai and producer Genki Kawamura, the creative team behind the critically-acclaimed, global smash hit Your Name.

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To Americans who are dying to watch this, you’ll love it
ritizzes animations
ritizzes animations:
Normal people: The subtitles are too fast!
Me an Anime fan: reading the subtitles and the comments at the same time
Americans : its not out here yet :(

Americans that live in Japan : im sorry is this some kind of peasent joke im too rich to understand?
darlyn daluraya
darlyn daluraya:
Your Name: finding love despite of the challenges.

Weathering with You: fighting for love despite of the consequences
Me realizing that the movie's been out at my country since August:
Kail Ani
Kail Ani:
Who else in America is crying that this movie isn't out yet for us...
Best Anime Movies so far:

1. Weathering With You
2. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas
3. Your Name
4. Silent Voice
5. Spirit Away
6. Totoro
Makoto Shinnkai: The only one who can beat me is me
"From the people that made you cry with "A silent voice" and "Your name.""
Celery Chan
Celery Chan:
How to say I Love You in anime

Kimi no nawa: “your name please”

Weathering with you: “ who cares if we can’t see any sunshine, i want you more than any blue sky..”

Hello world: “even if the world is destroyed, i want to see you again..”
Bruh Momentus
Bruh Momentus:
Shinkai: **Exists**

Also Shinkai: _I'm about to outdo this man's movie_

Also Also Shinkai: *Not so fast, buckaroo*
talia b.
talia b.:
this gave me the most incredible chills holy SHIT
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh:
I've never been turned on by watching rain before this film
Keagan’s World
Keagan’s World:
Your Name already hit me really hard, can’t imagine what this will do to me
I_Am_Asian_But_It_Doesnt_Mean_Im_Better_Than_You !
I_Am_Asian_But_It_Doesnt_Mean_Im_Better_Than_You !:
This is giving me Kimi no nawa vibes which is bad..
*Since my room is flooding of tears.*
Oh boy I can’t wait to watch it “legally” 😅
Even now, 8 months after I watched this in the cinemas, just watching this trailer and thinking about it gave me the feels.
Jose Nino
Jose Nino:
It is always better to watch it in japanese audio because you feel the emotions. Original audio is always the best
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear:
Am i the only one who gets goosebumps everytime isee this trailer hear grand escape
You all forgetting about one movie..!
:- "When marnie was there". 😭
Isabella Favreau
Isabella Favreau:
Just saw it in theaters, it was so amazing.
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta:
This is more a spoiler than a trailer.
A Normal Platypus
A Normal Platypus:
When Hina has the command block: /weather clear
Melian Playz
Melian Playz:
I wonder if the comet from “Your Name” gave her the ability to control the weather...
fred fred
fred fred:
Half way through I thought they were playing your name clips
Hears Radwimps making a sad song for another makoto Shinkai movie

Me in tears: Ah shit here we go again
miss unicorn
miss unicorn:
Since the comments said there are spoilers I won’t watch the trailer but I’m DEFINITELY gonna watch the movie cuz there’s a feeling inside me which tells me to watch it.
I was in the movie theater watch sonic release

A lot of teenagers and adults with kids

Then the trailer of this movie pop out

At the start of the trailer everyone was like talking and ignoring
I actually got kinda shock

Rarely see a trailer from a animated Japanese movie

But when 0:48 - 1:00

The whole theater was silent
I look around everyone was looking with eyes of awe

More when 0:55 hit

The song fits so well

This is why I love anime ... it bring a rare moment of beauty and lovely art (both drawn, story , music and character development)

Yes there a lot negativity in anime community

But this film
This scene I noted
The reaction it gave to other in that theater

It just makes me appreciate the concept of what anime and the people who made it
Marriex Monton
Marriex Monton:
Just watched the movie and I must say it was like a crying smibg kind of way the plot was so good and may we praise upon Makoto shinkai
For creating weathering with you 0and my favorite your name
Your Name: Saving a city for a girl

Weathering wIth You: drowning a city for a girl
John Clyde Page hodaka&hina
John Clyde Page hodaka&hina:
Its the top 7 most grossing anime film in the world and it was 2019 a week since it what released now it's 2020 imagine if corona virus ends what it will be
Edit the first anime film that was released in India and it was request by 50k high school students
Tushar Dabi
Tushar Dabi:
I really got mad when my friend said it is a normal movie
starryjm _
starryjm _:
This movie is absolutely amazing. I love how they had Mitsuha and Taki from Your Name, in this film as well. I almost cried seeing them again.
When this movie came out, I was in Japan, and remembered seeing posters of it all around the convient stores, and all around the Ginza area in Tokyo. NOW IM LIKE, SHOULD’VE WATCHED IT WHEN I WAS THERE!! AAUUGGHHHH!😭😭😭
Leafeon Boy
Leafeon Boy:
This madman Shinkai is at it again, trying to outdo himself
2020年ってことは、未だ外国では公開されてない感じか…Everyone enjoy!!
Mikhael Lawrence Abbas
Mikhael Lawrence Abbas:
I will be really happy if the movie is already relaesed even I'm watching a trailer I felt like crying I hope it will be relaesed now
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof:
Me: *reading comments after the anime*
Comments: the subtitle is too fast!
Me: Nani? No it’s not!
My dad: yes it is
Me: you’re a noob and I’m an anime goddess!
I’m Crying Because of the Song! 😭🥺✨
marwa hammoudi
marwa hammoudi:
I think that's the most attractive trailer of all i've watched till now

And the most spoiling one too
suga always sss
suga always sss:
the fact that theyre just 15 and 16 make me feel so lonely wtf 😂😭
Harshal Patil
Harshal Patil:
Seriously...? The original trailer is way better than this, it's because they create interst and suspense, and here they ruined all of it.☹️
Kyliee _
Kyliee _:
My heart 💔😭 I'm excited to watch this !
since the first trailer, the music made me goosebumps
Farhan Zahoor
Farhan Zahoor:
Your name was a complete and utter masterpiece... Ull never see a movie like it ever... this movie was great... but not on that level....
Kritika Khadka
Kritika Khadka:
Already watched and this movie is wow l love Japan really so much mainly anime made by them hope to visit Japan once in my lifetime☺️☺️😍😍
Ahmad Bin Talib
Ahmad Bin Talib:
I came here after watching "Your Name" to cure my tears from that movie 😭
Justin Tz
Justin Tz:
Looks like I'm gonna be needing some tissues.
hoshitteoki 。
hoshitteoki 。:
didn’t realized that i was actually holding my breath during the whole vid HDHSHSHSHS
Zachary Reaper
Zachary Reaper:
There are people who haven't seen this masterpiece??
Von Sigh
Von Sigh:
To all you never regret watching this movie 🥺😭😭
devil's girl
devil's girl:
This movie was in the cinemas in Lithuania during my birthday (December 15th) and my mom got tickets for this movie as a birthday present I'm so thankful.
pamela lejeune
pamela lejeune:
A silent voice, your name, and now this. I need to move to Japan
Dango Anime
Dango Anime:
So excited to watch .⛅
excited all anime in.2020🌟 😍
December 7 2019 ⚘
Lord El-Melloi II
Lord El-Melloi II:
Immanuel Williams
Immanuel Williams:
There is an out of control teen sleeping inside every old person and that intensely passionate person will wake up if you watch this movie. One of the best anime movies I have ever watched.
Flymoolah man 27
Flymoolah man 27:
I want to watch it, I fear the heartache it will give me when I see it, someone help, I need some comforting comments about this movie
alex perez
alex perez:
Japan's biggest hit of the year.

Demon Slayer: Am I a joke to you?
Anime Pianist Mynodex
Anime Pianist Mynodex:
Am I the only one who recognizes that police officer's voice same as Todoroki from MHA?
Cat Vil
Cat Vil:
0:43 it was that easy, huh?
Jesher Garcinez
Jesher Garcinez:
1:29 The OST here really makes me feel in shivers.
Mohammad Foysal Mahmud
Mohammad Foysal Mahmud:
Japanese anime movies (Your name)&(Tanki no ko )Which anime software has been used in it? Please tell me.
Aisha Siddiqa
Aisha Siddiqa:
From the producers that brought u ur name
Me: iam watching it
Am I the only person to give this trailer a like....? XD

Edit: one week later and STILL no other likes????
Daniel Anomfueme
Daniel Anomfueme:
Came here after watching it and crying
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz:
That part when they were flying with the song grand escape "sugoi I want to watch it again because of that soundtrack".
0:30 the bell does not work
Jayen Shukla
Jayen Shukla:
And yet they couldn't at least do a screening in the UK, that is so so so unfair!!! 😡😡😡😡😡
For some reason when I heard the song that’s playing in the trailer in the movie, I started crying. Probably because it was the scene that was with it. But the song just makes me emotional good lord
They spoiled almost everything in this trailer...
I feel like I've heard this song before, or I'm I trippin
Robin Wright
Robin Wright:
oh god this is gonna make me cry more than kimi no na wa isnt it
why am i crying over a movie i havent even watched
Yep, saw this with my wife on our 10 year anniversary today.
Shadow Snep _
Shadow Snep _:
I dont really care if this trailer spoiles it for me
I just hope that my heart that's completely used to action animes will burst with what ever it shoves down my throut
Aydan tan
Aydan tan:
Seeing this trailer again just always give me chills
That moment I just realized it has been out since September in my country and I missed it
Dragneel Natsu
Dragneel Natsu:
It’s at 1:57 that “Hodaka! Hodaka!” where a tear is guaranteed
• kozyclovers •
• kozyclovers •:
I watched this movie, and I gotta say the soundtrack and plot is awesome man
Anime Pianist Mynodex
Anime Pianist Mynodex:
I am getting these goose bumps just from watching the animation and music its great!
Zoua Xiong
Zoua Xiong:
Man I watched this movie and it made me almost cry though cause she died or something
Jim White
Jim White:
"You're Name" is tagged as "Supernatural" while this one isn't even though this one seems to have more supernatural elements than "You're Name."
I am so lucky, on my flight back from japan i managed to see this movie on the plane, one of the best anime movies ive ever seen hands down
carlos salazar
carlos salazar:
i have read the novel and there is a twist to it, ;-; i wont spoil, but my tears might
She was really a sunshine girl 🥺
I’m glad this isn’t one of those animations with a great story but it ends up being a noodle commercial
those lightnings!!
definitely giving this a watch
John Michael p corpuz
John Michael p corpuz:
•xu ne•
•xu ne•:
Omg I’m excited. This will literally be the best Christmas gift
I can't believe my country got to watch it 3 whole months before america!!
For those who are waiting for it, I can only tell you it's a visually stunning masterpiece with great characters,lots of comic relief and perfectly timed songs. The day I experienced it at the theatre (it was the very 1st time any anime movie had made it to the big screen in our country) was one of the best days of my life.
Kathleen Faye
Kathleen Faye:
me who already watched it: Oh! another trailer
*watches it*
me after: it's the freaking whole movie
Pro tip: WATCH IT IN THE CINEMA !!!!! It's a whole different experience than streaming it online
Ace Prodigy
Ace Prodigy:
My bday is January 20 I’m so lucky that this is coming out before my bday
Ro Mel
Ro Mel:
When mitsuha and taki appeared on screen..

The audience in theatre go wild! 🤣
thisuser isal1en
thisuser isal1en:
Aaaah the feels on rainy days ☕😊

I watched this yestersday, it's fun and shit untl ninions came. 😂😭