We Can't be Romantically Involved. Okay? ..Woo Do Hwan ❤️ Moon Ga Young [Tempted]

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100+ komento:

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky:
If only the drama story just focus on these three.
Phoemela Diamonon
Phoemela Diamonon:
The comments:

20% liking the story
80% liking the three of them and liking the drama without Joy appearance
GO! Go! Zeppeli!
GO! Go! Zeppeli!:
They should have ended up together! Their chemistry is on point!
Chisom Anyanwu
Chisom Anyanwu:
the best thing about this drama was the main dude's lips
xma_ rianxx
xma_ rianxx:
I don’t know if its Joy’s character, the storyline, or her acting. Cuz i felt more chemistry here.
chyunaz hammogu
chyunaz hammogu:
I honestly prefer only the trio in the drama bcs it got too complicated since Joy appeared

Edit : i meant Taehee, the character played by Joy, not Joy herself
Rebecca Tang
Rebecca Tang:
I had the worst second lead syndrome ever throughout this drama.
I’m a reveluv and i dont hate joy but i stop watching this drama when joy’s character appear. It’s not joy’s fault but the drama became uninteresting and unexciting bec of her character. They should have focused on these trio friendship
xoxokon ic
xoxokon ic:
This trio was one of the best things I’ve seen in a Kdrama and it got stomped all over 😭😭😭 can the three of them be in a drama again!!??
June Kim
June Kim:
When she threw the trashbin, I got chills.
aika lee
aika lee:
I've dropped the drama because of Joy's character. No hate to Joy personally though. Lol. I think it was more appealing with only the three of them
eva p.
eva p.:
*The more I think about it, the more I see Nate, Chuck and Blair!*
Tio Yin
Tio Yin:
the first drama which i like the villain more than the protagonist >.<
Anniyah Jackson
Anniyah Jackson:
In conclusion of the comments and experience watching the drama: Joy should’ve never appeared
sophie fotiadou
sophie fotiadou:
"I won't disappear. I'm right next to you" Proceeds to do this exact thing he said he wouldn't later on in the drama. I just can't stand people who neglect their closest friends for a love interest without even trying to keep them by their side
I stopped watching this Kdrama when joy started to get more screen time, the trio had a better storyline ffs
Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles:
I love joy as an idol but not so much as an actor I don’t know what her name is (the girl in the trio) but I would of liked the drama more of it was focused on her and her friends.
It would've been more better if the story only revolved to the three of them. And I'd like a Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young for another drama, their chemistry is soooooo good.
lee lee
lee lee:
Moon Ga Young is beautiful and a fab actress. Her acting chop is way better than most actresses in main role. Please give her a main lead role in future dramas!!!
Khatrina Enriquez
Khatrina Enriquez:
sihyun: I won't leave you
sooji: but you did

I really love this drama
super luck 21649white98
super luck 21649white98:
This was the first drama where I really was rooting for the “villains” not the “protagonists”
Nkechi Nnachetta
Nkechi Nnachetta:
Gosh she would have made an infinitely more interesting protagonist 😩 The story could've been done in a way that Gayoung and her friends get character development along the way and become better people. But no they had to go with the more cliche route.
Cuddly Panda
Cuddly Panda:
I love the casts in this drama, but tbh... This drama pissed me off real good
Kookilena KKK
Kookilena KKK:
7:33 i remember watching this scene, how I replayed so many times because Moon Gayoung was truly amazing... It’s pity she’s not getting more recognized, she has amazing acting skills
I don't want to watch this because they didn't end up together.... sad....
Joy brought a colour to her character that I really really liked. But the drama tanked when she entered. The drama's colour was a tense noir, and she was awkward whenever she tried to keep up with that. Unfortunate.
Jae ianne
Jae ianne:
Can you revised the drama without joy hahahahha I really love the characters of this trio ❤️
Camille Zhou
Camille Zhou:
honestly just these three could’ve made a great drama, but probably bc their friendship as a trio was extremely toxic
Fanboy 2627
Fanboy 2627:
i want an adult comedy drama with these three characters
Ra Ni
Ra Ni:
since exo next door, ive always adored this girl's acting haha 💖
Melissa Rouge
Melissa Rouge:
The trio just had so much chemistry together and their characters were interesting. I love joy but she was overshadowed and the character she played didn’t make the story better.
Minnie Kim
Minnie Kim:
It would have been a perfect drama if it was only about these three
Why did they make us fall in love with this girl and then bring joy over later like really
Mia Amira
Mia Amira:
I don't know why or just only me that want Soo Ji and Si Hyun to be together ? I ship them so much. Hoping for another drama for these two as lead star. Arghhhh again second lead syndrome 🌑
I'm so sick with Joy acting in this drama
the ship that i wanted to sail so hard everything would be nice they fit soooo wellll together I DEMAND ANOTHER DRAMA FOR THIS TWO GREAT ACTORS
niamh gabito
niamh gabito:
time really flew fast when i realized sooji was the same girl with red cheeks on exo next door
mary shaine Thanks
mary shaine Thanks:
I thought i was the only one who don't like joy's character. I wish ga young and doo hwan have new drama and they're the couple
Sakura Sumire
Sakura Sumire:
This series should have had only these 3 characters. That would have made such an interesting plot. Moon ga young deserved to be the lead
Sunny Jane Tamlayen
Sunny Jane Tamlayen:
I don't really like the fact that Joy was here LoL I hate her character
Ppam Gee
Ppam Gee:
I would have watched this one if Moon Ga Young was paired with Woo Do Hwan... but when I went and watched the last episode [ep 32]... I was confused why there was another woman [Joy, is it?]... tsk, tsk, the chemistry on the first supposed couple was ***fire*** such a waste they inserted another character which didn't have that chemistry at all...
Kpop Crackhead
Kpop Crackhead:
Man, this trio right here makes me feel lonely as hell💀
Nina Btob
Nina Btob:
People say if Joy didnt appear it wouldve been better but from what i see, though they have been thick and thin it was nothing more than a pact. A pact to keep each other safe. Im not saying their chemistry isnt great but the concept and theme of this drama was about lies and twisted love. Joy had be to in this drama to create that theme. Lets just hope the three gets into an different drama with a different concept instead blaming Joy(her character).😊
yun cohi
yun cohi:

*not talking abt Joy but Taehee character
7:26 This scene actually sums up everything. Although Shi Hyun chose Tae Hee, the moment he heard Soo Ji's name, he found out that she was in a bad situation, and he didn't care about Tae Hee and ran to Soo Ji. He didn't even explain to Tae Hee about where or who he was going to. I don't think Shi Hyun really loved Tae Hee. He always gave Soo Ji the most value. Even though he said he was in love with another woman, he told Soo Ji, " I'm with you, you're not alone. " Tae Hee never saw Shi Hyun's weakness against Soo Ji. Shi Hyun's priority was always Soo Ji, and that never changed.
Ameena Macud
Ameena Macud:
sooji or gayoung had chemistry with both do hwan and min jae. the reason why the trio gained so much respect. the three's chemistry all in all was a fan favorite, probably the only reasob why i managed to watch the drama in anticipation of seeing their scenes together. the producer could've just scrapped the original one and made a story and plot without taehee in it because honeslty the drama was better off without joy's character.

i shipped minjae and gayoung more than the main couple, but do hwan and gayoung could be also a great pair honestly. i hope the three have more projects together!
i hate how the 3 of them is such a perfect cast with so much chemistry from the start but they have to ruin it by adding an unnecessary character tae hee so much so i end up dropping it 😔 would love to see just these 3 growing and figuring out the mess tgt
Aurora Hassan
Aurora Hassan:
The three of them are close friends in real life! They actually knew each other due to meeting in the acting circuit/being in the same company. Moon Gayoung, Wo Dohwan and Kim Min Jae all have excellent talent
Moon Ga Young has all the gorgeous men in kdrama industry but you know what? QUEEN DESERVED.
I preferred these 3 I think a triangle between the 3 of them wouldve been better and if not then just their friendship. Bringing in the other girl kind of killed it for me honestly. The relationship between the 3 was far more interesting
Nghi Nguyễn
Nghi Nguyễn:
This drama would be top rating if its just about the trio
when joy appeared in the drama i stopped watching cause i knew he was gonna end with her :(
Kakafukaka ⟬⟭
Kakafukaka ⟬⟭:
I'm totally upset I already had pictured Moon Ga Young and Wo Do Hwan as a couple and then came Joy and spoiled the whole concept of mine🥺
the trio was extremely interesting.. however.. I had to drop this drama because the spice went bland after joy's character came into play. it was too cringy for me...
The drama I never finished because the second female lead had way more chemistry with the male lead than the female lead did. *sigh* Maybe I should finish it at some point.
I honestly stop watching this drama because it was too confusing for me since joy appeared..
Esther Huang
Esther Huang:
This is a good story itself, I don't know why they put in the love thing with Taehee. It just made things more complicated
Esdiani sugiona
Esdiani sugiona:
I like her since I first saw her in “find me in your memory” if i’m not mistaken
something about someone
something about someone:
I totally drop it at chapter three bc i alredy knew he would stick to Tae Hee, and i had just fell for Soo Ji, maybe was Moon acting (she became my goddess after this) but i really think Soo Ji gotted such a deep story, and i totally understood her so i wasn't feeling like watching her world come down in pieces
obviously you can't count how many i love them
obviously you can't count how many i love them:
i actually just want these two to be couple since i watch this drama,but the ending really make me going crazy when i know that they did'nt end up together
hafsahanaan A mohamed
hafsahanaan A mohamed:
i was literally enjoying the film but when joy joined I was really sad no hate tho
I love her since "EXO NEXT DOOR"
Jehanne Sto. Domingo
Jehanne Sto. Domingo:
I sooo wanted to watch this drama because it's based on "Dangerous Liasons", which is one of my favorite movies. "Cruel Intentions" too, another movie based off it...
And these 3 look so very good together...
But I've never seen a single episode of this for one reason alone: Joy.

Hahahah Love this video, though. I would love this kind of close friendship. I'll just imagine the drama revolves around them three. :)
I didnt really like the drama when joy as an actress appeared tho :( idk if its the character , or her acting but yeah.

want to see more of this triooo!!!
I like Dohwan and Joys character together but I wish the show focused on the friendship between the three and the love interests were mainly side characters. Kinda like Harry Potter 😬
chaima kechnaoui
chaima kechnaoui:
The thing about this drama is that it was so good in the first eps !! Like soo goood the soundtrack and directing was so good like a movie so cinematic ! And this trios friendship was so uinque and beautiful in a weird way ! But than Joy appeared and the plot changed ! And i personally found it weird although Joy's character was so strong and beautiful but i just didn't like how complicated the plot between all of them was !!
Army heart ships OFFGUN
Army heart ships OFFGUN:
I wish this three were together at the end,..without any other...
Baby Selma
Baby Selma:
seeing most of the replies are exactly how i feel, i thought i was the weird one lol i dont like the protagonist's character (not the artist herself please) bcs she ruined the dynamics between the three.

lol really thought i was the mean one for liking moon gayoung's character more
It's Me
It's Me:
I can see Lee Sung Kyung in her! Hahahaha. They both are gorgeous. I love them. ❤❤❤
Sophie Tao
Sophie Tao:
even if it was a trio, without joy, i would have liked it

i liked the drama originally too. i don't really care.
pintera 79
pintera 79:
i like joy but compare to this girl moon ga young more pretty and fit as an actress, maybe i will like to watch this drama if joy not appear.
Alina Rose
Alina Rose:
0:01 Me and my boy best friends always do this in front of his "fans" 😑
I love moon ga young in this drama she nailed her role perfectly and her character will do everything to protect her friends.
crd rd
crd rd:
Moon gya young is freaking gorgeous
Sharmin Sweetie
Sharmin Sweetie:
I thought I was the only one who liked the villain. Thank God I'm not alone. Now I can peacefully drop this drama. It's too annoying to watch.. no hate to the actors/actress. I just don't like the story.
Hui Yan
Hui Yan:
if only the drama can focus more on the trio then this drama would be perfect!
kaWaii_ Ara
kaWaii_ Ara:
I nearly cried after knowing that woo do hwan likes joy in tempted
Ricia De andrez
Ricia De andrez:
I tried to watch the drama but always end up in YouTube watching only the three of them. I have nothing against Joy but the drama would have been better without her role/character.
8:17 this is so me when i'm having a mental breakdown
Akisha Andrea Bernal
Akisha Andrea Bernal:
Gosh I was freaking out cause I thought I was the only one who hated the Drama when Joy's character butted in. Good thing I wasn't alone. Moon Ga Yoong deserved to be the lead >:[
I stoped watch this drama bcs joy...wkwkwkw...
Rachel Munkondya
Rachel Munkondya:
The chemistry between these two was 🔥its what drew me in to watch this drama, but I quit on episode 2 the second I discovered Soo Ji wasn't the lead actress.
C Tang
C Tang:
moon ga young is just so pretty
I thought that in the drama they would become a couple so I was disappointed and didn't watch the whole drama. It's just my opinion.
Jel Ly
Jel Ly:
I love Joy but her character here is unnecessary.
Stephane Etienne
Stephane Etienne:
I was kidding too trash bag this scene got me weak 😂😂😂🤣
Proud Army
Proud Army:
If this show was only focused on these three and their love triangle without the female lead, it would've been a masterpiece. Their chemistry is on point and very electrifying. Sad.
Angelica Mae Cruz
Angelica Mae Cruz:
the most heartbreaking friendship for me because of the one girl !!! legit
Crystal Yun
Crystal Yun:
I wish I had a group of friends like them 😭❤️ Everyone I meet ends up ditching me
Charmelle Beatrice
Charmelle Beatrice:
I would love for do hwan and ga young to be the leads of another drama soon huhu
Fangirl Kathniel sone
Fangirl Kathniel sone:
Their chemistry is no joke. 🔥🔥🔥
nadhira asyikin
nadhira asyikin:
This trio is the best. Storyline will be perfect if Joy not involved in this hmmmm
Dua Fatima
Dua Fatima:
That boy is sooo handsome.. like ugh!!!!
Love Petal
Love Petal:
After the rumour,im back to this scene..remind me that they look suit each other 😍😍
Mrs Klav_blink
Mrs Klav_blink:
Instead of watching the whole drama, thanks Kocowa. I love this video. Because i love this three.
Louise Cheng
Louise Cheng:
Didn't finish the drama. Thought Woo Do Hwan & Moon Ga Young are love teams here, I see more chemistry with them than Joy. So disappointed. 🤷‍♀️
Elianne Minaya
Elianne Minaya:
When I started this drama I was recommending it to everyone but now I’m embarrassed. I was convinced this was going to be my favorite drama ugh
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez:
Is this called “Tempted”?
Nisa Nurul Alam
Nisa Nurul Alam:
I need new drama w do hwan n moongayoung as lead characters
shamsa muya
shamsa muya:
I literally cried a the part where they hugged
It was so cute😢
"I just look at her face and time flies" I wonder if he internally vomited when reading the script