WATCH LIVE: Trump says he and the first lady have tested positive for COVID-19 | ABC News


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Michelle Callahan
Michelle Callahan:
They keep using the term "shocking" how the hell is this shocking??? The guy has practically been begging to catch it.
Kari K.
Kari K.:
Best news I’ve heard all of 2020
Denise Holmes
Denise Holmes:
He gets the best treatment..but millions of Americans don't...
Mason Farrell
Mason Farrell:
I don’t trust anything he says. He is pathological Liar. This announcement whether true or not will benefit trump in many ways -
Reduced tax return coverage
Reduced backlash over poor debate performance
Probable cancellation of next debate
Sympathy from his base and others
If he is faking he can pretend he overcame covid and claim it is no big deal as he has said
Remember he is a liar, he lies about everything,
Chris W
Chris W:
The Good Lord works in mysterious ways ....
So Mr President, from a conservative, how did that hydroxychloroquine treatment you said you're taking go?
Bloody Peach
Bloody Peach:
If this is coming from him, this is a lie. Period. Made to show himself to his followers as a super strong hero or whatever is his new strategy.
Junior e39 ///M5
Junior e39 ///M5:
He's either up to something or karma has finally caught up with him
Pierre Blaise
Pierre Blaise:
At least with a zoom debat you can mute him
luis manuel
luis manuel:
If only he hadn't taken the test, he wouldn't have caught it...:-)
Harold Pinteresque
Harold Pinteresque:
The first time Donald took a test himself ... and HE PASSED!
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired:
andre Buchanan
andre Buchanan:
This is a distraction he is up to something
“I WISH HIM WELL.” But i have a trust issue.
Harris Sarfaraz
Harris Sarfaraz:
Fox News disabled comments on the videos about Trump getting covid smh
yang ji
yang ji:
Trump: PROUD BOYS ! stand by for group hugs from your president !😂😂😂herd immunization baby !
Jerome Peters
Jerome Peters:
I’ve never laughed harder in my 40 year life
Corvus Corax
Corvus Corax:
Draft doging: Bone spurs.
Debate dodging: Corona
Miss Anne Thrope
Miss Anne Thrope:
I don't believe it for a minute. He's avoiding the next debate. Watch. In a short amount of time, he'll magically come out of it and be lionized as some sort of super hero or some other self aggrandizing delusion. He is full of it.
Jessa Morsicato
Jessa Morsicato:
Melania: “I Don’t care do you?”
Trumpy: “ it will’s a hoax”

Hey 45 !! how’s that hydroxyl chloroquine working out!! 😂🤣
Dan Ho
Dan Ho:
Media: Mr President, how did you contract the virus?

Trump: Maybe that's a question you should ask, Chai na...
MR intel
MR intel:
Has Trump's infection been independently verified? Or is he just trying to avoid more debates?
I thought he was taking hydroxychloroquine? Well it is what it is!
I'm sure he will find a way to write it off on his taxes!
Gregg Narcisse
Gregg Narcisse:
Take away his health care coverage, see how that feels.
Christmas in October!
vince baldwin
vince baldwin:
Only thing I'm concerned with is if Joe Biden for Chris Wallace contracted it due to Donald spitting on the stage!
Renee Lisette
Renee Lisette:
Wait he tweeted it... IT'S A LIE!!!
" It will disappear miraculously"
She has the virus.. " I don't care, do you"?
His Lil Panda
His Lil Panda:
Welp the simpsons did say he was gonna die so let’s see how this goes 👀
chris toey
chris toey:
He’ll probably just end up with the sniffles, more fuel for his supporters to say it’s all a hoax. Meanwhile, he’s probably given it to Biden at the debate and Biden will be the one who gets severely ill. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Alberto Ozuna Camacho
Alberto Ozuna Camacho:
I wonder if this is true. I'd like to see independent test results.
Hey, Melania:  I don't care. Do you?
Michu G.
Michu G.:
It is fake news guys. Because a virus can't catch another virus.
is it a trick to avoid the shame of losing the election?
Blade Runner
Blade Runner:
he's claiming mexico will pay for his medical bills.
JM McMasters
JM McMasters:
I hope he doesn't die...he still has prison to go to!
He gets to mock us all this time and we now have to be nice?
Yolanda Denny
Yolanda Denny:
Trump is floating another rumor. This is as valid as his voter fraud claims:, ballots in trash cans, and in rivers. In a week, he will come back and say he just had a slight fever and a cough.
I no longer believe a word out of Trump's mouth or his tweeter feed.
PROOF! We need a second opinion and official verification.
Nathaniel Anderson
Nathaniel Anderson:
If Trump thought we were the laughing stock of the world before, wait until this gets out.
Kari K.
Kari K.:
It is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Rajesh Kanungo
Rajesh Kanungo:
He is trying to get out of the debates and trying to distract us from the Proud Boys comments.
nancy gomez
nancy gomez:
From London I think trump said to inject bleach. Please be the first to do so. I need proof that it's working.
Luci C
Luci C:
Mr. Drumph I understand some Goya Beans refried in Lysol will clear your problem up. Please try it.
This must be the ONE time COVID has brought something good about.
Anders Pettersson
Anders Pettersson:
Let´s hope and pray that Trump did not infect Joe.
Now Putin can save him with his Russian vaccine
Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person
Vote Early in Person If You Shop in Person:
If Trump fakes his death I called this one months ago.
George Agdgdgwngo
George Agdgdgwngo:
Hate is NEVER the answer. Laughter and celebration is!
John Traylor
John Traylor:
He’s such a cheater it’s hard to find the truth. Avoiding further debates? Really has it? Anybody’s guess!
Coronavirus, the great equalizer. Now everyone who has attended his rallies are probably crying, “fake news!”
MR intel
MR intel:
My favorite comments so far:

This is first time during his presidency that Trump has been associated with the word "positive".

Melania, do you remember your jacket?
I concur.

Covid: "I did as you told me, Donald. I stood back, and I stood by. But it is as it is."

Donald, you should have preferred a virus which doesn't get caught.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the virus at this difficult time.

Covid-19 will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.
Kari K.
Kari K.:
I like Presidents who don’t catch viruses 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Conspiracynutsmakemechuckle outloud
Conspiracynutsmakemechuckle outloud:
Does this mean he is part Chinese now?
Kevin Holley
Kevin Holley:
shaneharau Harrington
shaneharau Harrington:
It's a hoax! Trump said "It affects nobody!" and I frankly believe him 👍😀
Sydney MacLeod
Sydney MacLeod:
Hope has given me hope!
None of them wore mask.. even his own associates..
Sherrill Sturm
Sherrill Sturm:
I'll believe it when they SHOW us the test results. It may be a show of strength, "See how strong we are, infected, but no big deal."
curandero verde
curandero verde:
Herd immunity?? More like Republican herd Darwin awards
Let’s be truthful most of us been waiting for this to happen for a long time!!
Why is everyone assuming Hope gave this to Trump ? Seems just as likely he gave it to her....
Were you asleep all this time? You left out from his rallies his own supportive politicians died "Herman Cain" and this is is only a well-known example: so what about others who have signed the waiver if contracted COVID and die Trump takes no responsibility. This is the truth. Why not mentioning this?
Corpus Gru
Corpus Gru:
How do we know they’re telling truth?
Is this where he starts a war with China for "ruining his chances at re-election"?
Uncle Mart
Uncle Mart:
Finally Trump passed a test!

David s
David s:
Just waiting for Trump's tweet about his own tweet... " Fake news"
Lowell Ebalo
Lowell Ebalo:
if he really does have the kung flu KARMA finally caught up to him and bit him in the ass getting payback. karmas name NOTORIOUS RGB!!!!!!
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy:
and so starts the cancellation of the Election, And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. wake uppppppp and prey
Buff Thompson
Buff Thompson:
This was his tweet not a Doctor...COME ON MAN!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Harshit universe
Harshit universe:
Is it a strategy or some sort of dirty politics,I guess both
Robo Story
Robo Story:
Not good enough... I’d prefer the headline ‘trump dies from covid’.
Miss Informed
Miss Informed:
What does God want to tell us with this?
It's a HOAX! He's in the bunker to avoid the debate - no wait, It's the media's fault, no it's all Obama's fault, no it those Chinese LOL
THAT'S what I call turning a corner.
What a good news, thank you virus
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin:
It's the first "positive" thing I have ever heard about him!
SoCal Kevin
SoCal Kevin:
He’ll probably blame Mexico for the “trump flu” and expect them to pay for it
Covid is like the Flu he’d be alright
Philani Hadebe
Philani Hadebe:
1 hour and 40 min just cause he tested positive?! hectic. He's not even dead
Thumbs up if you're rooting for Covid 19 👍
Lizard Whisperer
Lizard Whisperer:
Thoughts and prayers for a speedy non-recovery.
Well well well, how the tables have turned... 🤔
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren:
It's just another lie a distraction cuz he knows he's going to lose the election. He's just trying to make people think that the virus is nothing.
Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment
Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment:
When the entire human civilization collapses, and people drop like flies in a movie, TV shows, that is when the lower ranking people get the chance to get promoted 100 ranks in a short time.
Bada Rajan
Bada Rajan:
Simpson predicted his death years ago.
Sandra Salcedo
Sandra Salcedo:
I hope Biden will be okay. He was in the same room with him a couple days ago during the debate. Neither one were wearing masks, but they were social distancing. The problem is, it was indoors. Those aerosols were spraying all over the place from Trump's babbling.
Cinthia uwu
Cinthia uwu:
What a great news, I guess 2020 ain't that bad after all
K W:
Yes he’s running a country can’t do that from the basement.
John Thomas
John Thomas:
Let’s face it this is airborne, so a consequence of too much time on air force one of late maybe, caught him with his pants down, so to speak.
Or at the very least the absence of a mask the majority of the time, meant he paid the price. Not tax deductible needless to say.
I hope he doesn't die now, I want to see him in prison.
Fix News
Fix News:
I just came in from dancing in the street. You should have seen all the people cheering on the rooftops!
Donny Headroom
Donny Headroom:
maybe there is a god? WHAT DID HE KNOW & WHEN? that is Malicious intent if he knew & went ahead with Rallies & meetings, his 'WAVERS' will be invalid, Join the Lawsuit if you are infected, then the people can own trump tower & Rip it down
Mass Trauma
Mass Trauma:
Wow! ... First test Trump passed without cheating. 👍
Lizard Whisperer
Lizard Whisperer:
Pence is positive too, that's why he's avoiding the media. They don't want to tank the market.
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud:
"This virus affects almost nobody. It affects only the elderly, people with per-medical conditions and the obese...."DJT.

Wait just a minute... Trump is elderly, has undisclosed medical conditions classified as obese.... LMAO... Karma dude
Maria Kaifos
Maria Kaifos:
I don't believe for one second he has the corona virus .He is trying to hold off the elections.
Rajesh Sukumaran
Rajesh Sukumaran:
marquis international
marquis international:
Can't think of two more deserving people.
shawd thompson
shawd thompson:
Well, we all know that trump is a liar so I'll take his tweet with a grain of salt. But if it is, I won't wish ill will, not even on him. The world is thinking it though