Warrior Nun Season 1 Netflix Review

Warrior Nun has arrived on Netflix and this is my spoiler-free review of this brand new adaption of the popular comic book series. Warrior Nun synopsis says Caught in the middle of an ancient war between good and evil, a young girl wakes up in a morgue with inexplicable powers. Her search for answers brings her to The Order of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society of warrior nuns sworn to protect the world from evil. While juggling her responsibilities as the chosen one with the normal obstacles of a teenage girl, this mysterious fantasy drama is full of mystery, action, adventure, and teenage romance, proving our main character might fight in the name of good, but she’s no angel.

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26 komento:

Zach Pope
Zach Pope:
Thank you all for watching this! Let me know your thoughts
Syed Johnson
Syed Johnson:
Yes Shotgun Mary, is a beast! And her story was so cool. “ she’s my sister of course I hate her” 😂😂😂
rochelle dacuba
rochelle dacuba:
This series is so awesome👏👏, it feels like the new Charlie's Angel. great twist and story so mind blowing 😍 HOPING FOR SEASON 2 😊
It really had a slow start! I thought please no teenage drama love story. That scene of her dancing in the bar where something happened..the dialogue was so off it just wasn’t convincing/realistic. I think that was what bothered me in the beginning some of the conversations made me cringe. Which almost made me want to stop watching. But i’m happy that it went into a different direction and i’m glad i continued watching it! The last episode was not what i suspected and that’s a good thing haha. Love shotgun Mary and the rest of the final “ team”.
Kristen Maldonado
Kristen Maldonado:
Totally think this show has so much potential!
Beatriz Manzano
Beatriz Manzano:
I just finished watching and really liked it. The main lead is so lovable and the side characters made me engage with them as well. No spoilers but I really liked the fact that will surprise you if you think you know where it is leading. (I really will say no more for fear of revealing anything). I also enjoyed the settings. I am from Spain but live in Dubai since 2008. So to see those beautiful locations so well shot to give you a sense of what they really mean, engaged me even more. Yes.....it is not great and they could have saved some clumsy scenes and dialogue. But well this is not a multi million dollars production and I praise the team for what they achieved. I really look forward to season 2! There better be one!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricardo Salavisa
Ricardo Salavisa:
Looking forward to watch this series!
Im from Portugal and im happy that a Netflix Show has a Portuguese main protagonist!!! Like other Portuguese one in the next Suicide Squad.
Lope López
Lope López:
Wow...for a little kid I thought Michael was amazing,,,he totally freaked me out and let me feeling I want to know more!
Roderick Hare
Roderick Hare:
At first I wasn't digging the show too much but once I got past the first 4 episodes I was hooked and the finale wow like holy shit, I hope this show gets a season 2
Betty Georgieva
Betty Georgieva:
Just found you chanel, love your review very energetic almost wish you would do spoiler review as well.
I enjoyed the show a lot it had some pacing issues but once the second half of the season started it was pretty awesome.
Loved all the nuns I liked how each one of them was so different and they were not all copy pased of almost the same character. The fights were pretty cool, however I wish there was more of them (Favorite fight has to be Beatrice vs the guards). I am intrigued by the story and eager to see more from those characters. Let's go season 2(already greenlit :) ).
Mary was such a badass.
SPOILER for episode 6: ..........(When she pushed Ava from that cliff...I was laughing soo hard. Favorite comedic moment from the show.)
Terry Sutherland
Terry Sutherland:
How would you compare the story to Witchblade?
hana marta jurčević bulić
hana marta jurčević bulić:
its grate ❤❤❤❤hope 4 season 2
Connor Diaz
Connor Diaz:
Loved it!
Alpha Philip
Alpha Philip:
I loved it..
Joe C
Joe C:
Sister Beatrice and Shotgun Mary are the best in the show
Dante Yoda
Dante Yoda:
It was actually really awesome to me.
Ruza Roos
Ruza Roos:
I'm on team Beatrice. Shotgun Mary was #2 for me.
Juku Kwaku Attionu
Juku Kwaku Attionu:
it should have been reduced to 7 episodes tho
Miracle Christian
Miracle Christian:
Shotgun Mary reminds me of HBO's watchman. Bad ass but a little too try hard.
Gareth Tomkins
Gareth Tomkins:
Struggling with this. Sounds better than is. Main character a bore. Korean shows more entertaining.
ahmed Ameer
ahmed Ameer:
The ending of season 1 was so stupid the black girl always dies like wtf
Nkululeko Sibande
Nkululeko Sibande:
Honestly, I found it boring, the main character was boring and the cheesy dialogue 😑
Mr Oleg
Mr Oleg:
Lol watched 3 episodes cheese yea ,nonsense and boring story as hell. But i heard action starts after 4th episode or so...:)
Brian Lespoir
Brian Lespoir:
Netflix done it again, they totally ruined it. It's a crappy teen show that even teens wont like. 10 EP's without any suspense and slow paced, with bad acting and way to much crappy dialogue. I have no idea what Zach has been watching, but man, dude, I expected more taste from you and I can't believe this was a honest review.
Kevin St-Fort
Kevin St-Fort:
So much potential, yet so mediocre. 🤷🏽‍♂️