VP Mike Pence defends Donald Trump campaign rallies despite surge in coronavirus cases

Vice President Mike Pence defended the Trump campaign's decision to resume its campaign rallies despite a worrying spike in coronavirus cases. Pence spoke Friday during the first White House coronavirus task force briefing in months.

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100+ komento:

2B06 Dior
2B06 Dior:
"Slow down pregnancy tests, there'll be less cases of pregnancies"
If you listen carefully you can hear Fauci's eyes roll back into his skull
David Simpson
David Simpson:
I never seen anybody talk so much and never say anything.
Hey thought we where done with these briefings because COVID-19 was “under control”????
S M1
S M1:
Vote in November!
Someone please tell me what mask wearing and social distancing have to do with the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble.
Oklahoma's "positivity rate" has not declined. More hogwash.
Thomas Mccoy
Thomas Mccoy:
Outbreaks of STUPIDITY. CAN’T EVEN PRACTICE DOCTOR’S ADVICE! Stupid is as stupid does.
Lauren K
Lauren K:
When you go to the mat for a narcissist who is actively hurting people, your legacy will reflect that. We won't forget, and I hope the history books aren't kind.
Anonymous Man from the internet
Anonymous Man from the internet:
Yeah no one is surprised at this point with Pence.
This is unbelievable!!! Never do we get a straight answer.
"It will Miraculously go away. It's like the flu. It's only one case from China. IS IT REALLY?
Coronavirus Cases:
What Ever
What Ever:
None of this matters.
This is not a war between Republicans & Democrats it's a war between Globalist/NWO and US the MASSES.
dennis c
dennis c:
Behold what Jesus calls the Hypocrite, the man who sold his soul, you can see it in his face.
Pence, you fool. You're picture will be in the history books as a muppet who did nothing.
I. Sid
I. Sid:
He has to defend his master. He speaks only to defend Trump otherwise he is just silent.
Jeff Heriot
Jeff Heriot:
Pence is recommending to follow health official's guidelines such as good hygiene, however purposely doesn't mention the wearing of masks & social distancing.
He's telling everyone to get out and go back to their daily business while they test everyone who comes near them and have the sign waivers so they won't get sued. Do as we say, not as we do.
Chris Mallory
Chris Mallory:
So, are we going to shut down all the malcontents rioting and looting? Or are their large gatherings acceptable?
Fauci’s mask got the plague, we are screwed
J. R. Flores
J. R. Flores:
VP Mike Pence is the New “DAVID KORESH” . Be careful
JC 4 Evur
JC 4 Evur:
I know I feel "encouraged" by the news from Pence lol
The Fruitcake Munchers Club
The Fruitcake Munchers Club:
He's not even a convincing liar.
What happened to praying the virus away? I could've sworn that was going to work
Car Dusan
Car Dusan:
He talks like a father to reporters. Such a class!
David Thornton
David Thornton:
And mentions nothing about about face protection
Alexander P
Alexander P:
Pence always reminds me of an 2000s superhero movie villain.
P B:
We’re so far behind as kind as they vote then the hell with them!
Nick Rowsell
Nick Rowsell:
Poor ole Pence! History will record him as ‘almost a serious politician’ who, hung onto the shirttails of a demon
Action Jackson
Action Jackson:
All jesuit educated roman sold diers for popes agenda21 plandemic race war cash crash.
how does observing public health guidelines interfere with first amendment rights??? 😂😂😂
John Smith
John Smith:
Like clockwork, the left will open the economy right after the election.
Vivian Register
Vivian Register:
Todd Farkman
Todd Farkman:
"Remember, keep good hygiene" LMAO. He sounds like a gym teacher in high school. It's so obvious he refuses to recommend wearing a mask. What a giant turd ball. Making a life-and-death recommendation into a political stand. He's disgusting.
C R:
Until Mike Pence comes to resolution with his own homosexuality, he will remain an ineffective "leader". Personal, internal conflict is counter productive.
Lawrence Sullivan
Lawrence Sullivan:
rallies are not part of the "political process" but nothing but a PR show and all in violation of local health regulations.
What a load of crap! Every place he mentioned has expanding rates of infection. What dimension does this guy live in .
Minego Boom
Minego Boom:
lmao...literally zero from CNBC while folks were in the street "protesting" an imaginary oppression...now criticizing Trump for rallie (because Biden can't get 10 people to show up to his)
6000 attended while one blm protest had at least 100000 and that's one gathering in one city on one day. but yes any spike in corona cases is because of trump
Niuto Chophi
Niuto Chophi:
He has forgotten to add the word MAGIC
Gino Furzi
Gino Furzi:
hopefully corona virus will settle the Darwininan score in the 2020 election.
There's a RAID going on. $PLANDEMIC$. Ending it is easy, so where's Trump?
From one crook to another with love. The two biggest jokes that ever existed.
Dung D
Dung D:
Why ? Why? But why ? Trump had said : "It will magically go away in the summer, when the weather will be warmer...."
aaahhh !
A big head under beautiful blond hair. But it is hollow.
Xu Michael
Xu Michael:
humans cant even avoid a flu that cant be transmitted alone
Jeff Zabelski
Jeff Zabelski:
Deplorables: Ban all face masks and rubbers!
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3:
Lila Moon
Lila Moon:
Please vote in November to remove these jerks. They are disconnected from reality!
Henree Henry
Henree Henry:
So says VP Mannequin.
His hair should be brown considering where he keeps his head most of the day.
Wendy D.
Wendy D.:
I like Fauci’s mask 😀 and what did Pence say? I listened a few times and didn’t hear anything
B B:
If Trump would show a picture of him wearing a mask while saying, "I'm capable of making mistakes. I am capable of being wrong." His approval rating would probably go up I atead of down.
125,001 dead...
Keep on congratulating yourself...
La Shah
La Shah:
Mike pence!
Kinda reminds one of Martin boreman
Inspired Jess
Inspired Jess:
The pandemic is back? Must be a slow protest day, huh?
Unlimited Outdoors
Unlimited Outdoors:
Like his boss, they are SO disconnected from reality
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus Prime:
They weren't rallying. They were peacefully protesting! 🤣
"we sent personal, and it declined," wtf does that mean? Testing doesn't stop the spread but they'll do everything in their power to make it seem that way...
Bella Nova
Bella Nova:
I feel so bad for poor Dr. Fauci. He's got his hands tied.
Nick Krikorian
Nick Krikorian:
big red wave in novemeber
Lendon Jennings
Lendon Jennings:
You were being honest about there being more rallys,weren`t you Pencillphant!
Peanut Butter falcon
Peanut Butter falcon:
This man’s gonna burn in hell for all the lies he makes. I guess that’s part of being a Christian and a republican.Watch Pence on face the nation today one lie after another. Trump speaks to the nation on television and in rallies talks about how he wants to slow down the testing. Pence says it’s not true he didn’t say that. What a joke I guess all Americans heard wrong.
Bill Jenney
Bill Jenney:
What a waste of time. Fine fake Christian.....arent they all ?
Bobo Bobo
Bobo Bobo:
Something must be done!!!!!! This is hard to watch...VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER....we will dance in the street on election night
Freddie Villa
Freddie Villa:
Sell out
Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt:
The look you get when you've out DAN QUAYLED DAN QUAYLE !! 👆
Steve L
Steve L:
Alwin Lang
Alwin Lang:
Your almond pastry are too big. A very severe problem. My grandfather is a confectioner in the city Atlantis.
Lendon Jennings
Lendon Jennings:
Rick T
Rick T:
He looks like he's about to start laughing at any moment like he's tired of bullsh!tting the public like "okay okay I can't do this anymore"... but alas, he's not joking.
Notice he would not mention masks or social distancing. Weird
Levi 1
Levi 1:
According to Mike here, everything is oki doki.
Old Tucker
Old Tucker:
Uhhhh .. uh ... uhhhhhhh .. ahhhhhh yes... uhhh ah uhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh
America 🦃
Arron Smith
Arron Smith:
According to the EU, these "out brakes" ....are.... the country, not select portions of it.
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk:
Forgot about this character 🤣
Defy Convention
Defy Convention:
Joe Biden said 130 million have died from coronavirus already, can we really risk the rallies?
Congress sold all their stock high in early 2020. Golden eggs and poop for you
Cobe Bass
Cobe Bass:
Remember to vote on November 28th!!!
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman:
Help......I need my wife!!!!!!
Tyler Wise
Tyler Wise:
CDCs ineptitude was exposed during this thing. They don't know what the hell they are talking about.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker:
wait but people aren’t mad about the BLM protests with huge crowds?😳
Vito Rotondi
Vito Rotondi:
Span L
Span L:
Split the nation in half. Smart in one area and dum in the other might as well. Thats what it looks like
Silky Tp
Silky Tp:
yeah, they're friggin OUTBREAKS
Scott Jordan
Scott Jordan:
Infect the tru mp supporters keep up the good work!
On strong hygiene!***
Jessica Malave
Jessica Malave:
Sounds like discrimination Am I 👉🙃
Henree Henry
Henree Henry:
“thanks for your leadership mr president”....So says Vice Mannequin Pence. Another DISGRACE! SHAMEFUL!!!
Legendary Saiyajin
Legendary Saiyajin:
The task force is back, after convincing the states to reopen prematurely - and playing politics with people's lives. Disgusting trash administration.
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy:
Start packing Don, nice knowing you
Kato Miler
Kato Miler:
Pence has completely lost touch with reality. His own experts standing right behind him. A few tough questions, and he runs away like Donny bone spurs.
Quill Maurer
Quill Maurer:
Beginning to 0:26 was brilliant, probably the most insightful and meaningful statement ever delivered by any member of this administration. The rest was pretty nonsenical, as usual.
paintgreat2002 Both
paintgreat2002 Both:
It’s so you know contradictory Fauci now wears a mask because the whole left and Democratic Party is insisting on wearing a mask and that’s because there are so many people are saying the dangers of wearing a mask and so now Fauci has this weird mascon oh my God
Jimmy Keech
Jimmy Keech:
Super job, Pence. It's nice to know where your loyalties and priorities lie.
That's classic Pence for you though. Obliviously cool calm and collected
andrew winkenwerder
andrew winkenwerder:
It’s really frustrating that they are allowed to say blatant lies like “yes we are having rallies but we have all sorts of measures to protect against the virus at these rallies”

That’s such a blatant lie but 30% of our population will wholeheartedly believe it without even looking into it. Checking people’s temperatures is the only measure they take at these rallies and it’s ABSURD. And it’s an easily verifiable lie.
Matt Giberson
Matt Giberson:
Y’all still defend the protests
David Feldmann
David Feldmann:
And the swamp thickens...