Virtual parade for Columbus Day as Mother Cabrini statue unveiled

Derick Waller reports on the Columbus Day events.

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Arlene Iarossi
Arlene Iarossi:
why are you acting so holy when we can't even go to church in peace
Raphael Romanovsky
Raphael Romanovsky:
At 40 she came here from Italy with 6 other nuns/ founded homes for sick ones poor ones old ones & bums/ profferred soup kitchens hospitals & a fresh new start/ Mother Cabrini of the Sacred Heart
Thomas Vacco
Thomas Vacco:
Coming to come on so great they should make a statue of him
John Kellett
John Kellett:
So tell me how long will the Columbus Statue and Mother Cabrini Statue survive......We all know that both of those Statues are a sore spot to some groups......
Ronald Suarez
Ronald Suarez:
Thank Andrew freedom of people is finally be heard. I am pretty sure theirs other groups can stop the threat saying bad things happen to them only blaming everybody else of wrong doing and that might not be the case gobal. We are not being blame for what they were not here to see.
Cabrini is a fantastic role model for Italian Americans to celebrate as they seem to need this. To bad they couldn't have had indoctrinated themselves to her early on. Instead, they choose a genocidal maniac as their role model. Take down the CC state. Get rid of Columbus day. Enact Indigenous People day!
Rob Eason
Rob Eason:
I can't even leave a comment without it getting deleted censorship at its finest no one wants to hear the truth that we celebrate a murderer
Today is the day we celebrate the introduction of syphilis to America, the Catholic Church's enslavement of First People, and the theft of First People land. We don't need this 'holiday'.
RMM Martinez
RMM Martinez:
US is in turmoil because of hate and ignorance. Bunch of sad and crazy idiots that should learn the history.
lotarus wing
lotarus wing:
dems spread covid19 and h1n1 with parades that had no precautions, WHO smear the idea of canceling lunar new year travels, dems let rioters loot but punish non-essential businesses
Don't be afraid of your past. Pride from Italy.
Edwin Gutty
Edwin Gutty:
Count on a protest, the left loves Riots
I'm hearing rumors that Joe Biden is considering gov Cuomo as his Attorney general, anyone else hear this?
Straight Outta Markarth
Straight Outta Markarth:
In Napoli, people are not so happy for columbus, because he was from genoa.
Javier D.
Javier D.:
Viva España. 🇪🇸
October 12th. Spain National Day.
Roger Ward
Roger Ward:
Cue snowflakes
RMM Martinez
RMM Martinez:
Columbus was not a murderer. All you are!!!!
sergio Salvetti
sergio Salvetti:
and San Francisco tore down Christopher Columbus Statue. Pandering to the left, courtesy of Mayor London Breed.
Madeline Martinez
Madeline Martinez:
omg why do people still celebrate christefer columbus day like he killed people