Vera Wang Is 70 And Gorgeous In Latest Quarantine Instagram Posts

It seems 70 is the new 30. When wedding gown designer extraordinaire Vera Wang posted images of herself in quarantine wearing streetwear and heels, people stuck at home everywhere uttered a collective gasp. Yeah, Wang makes 70 look amazing, and everyone's inspired.

Wang recently told Harper's Bazaar that she's currently holed up in a rather lovely location, saying,

"Unlike many New Yorkers, I happened to have quarantined in Miami after Paris Fashion Week with my workday fashion family."

She then shared a tidbit about why she might be looking so darn good right now, admitting,

"All of them are extremely fit, which pushed me to 'work out' most days."

Well, the hard work has paid off and fans everywhere are wondering how a supposed senior citizen is defying age so spectacularly. Wang says she loves playing with clothes, and her Instagram posts are the proof. Sporting a mix of athleisure wear and bling, the designer is clearly enjoying being the model for a change.

With their jaws on the floor, commenters shared their thoughts about Wang's impressive physique, with one writing simply,

"That body."

Other comments applauded Wang's toned abs and legs, while others begged to know the star's secrets for looking so amazing. Back in 2016, Wang shared her daily routine with In Style, and it may offer some insight into how she achieves her toned look. For one thing, she's not starving herself. The woman definitely eats - in fact, she insists it's important not to skip meals.

Wang said she juggles a lot of different responsibilities and has a high-stress job, so she probably isn't sitting still for very long at any given time of day, or night. As for her hobbies, Wang told the outlet she loves playing golf.

Well, whatever her secret is to looking so ageless, it's working! And speaking of secrets, Wang apparently has no interest in keeping her real age under wraps. Why should she? After fans went nuts over how a 70-year-old woman could look so youthful, one Twitter user went so far as to question whether the designer is truly 70 years old. Wang responded in a playful tweet, saying,

"Fact Check: Truth."

Of course, with her age verified, Wang's followers are even more rabid for morsels on how they too can age so gracefully. One Instagram fan asked what the designer's routine is, to which she replied simply,

"Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun."

As you may have noticed, one of these things is not like the other, and that's part of why people are going crazy for Vera Wang.

Meanwhile, genetics must have at least something to do with Wang's age-defiability. Because as Insider pointed out, the 70-year-old proudly shares in Instagram posts she's not afraid to indulge in more than just a cocktail. And no judgment here! Good for her for enjoying a giant donut while she's holed up at home.

In addition to snack and pizza posts, Wang also posts workout photos and videos, like when she documented a recent bike ride.

It turns out Wang has been living her best, super-sexy life for weeks and probably longer; people just may not have noticed until now. The wedding dress maven isn't new to documenting her ageless beauty on social media. Case in point: About a month ago, Wang shared a bathing suit shot with her growing fanbase on Instagram.

The gorgeous image just didn't break the internet quite like her newest fashion shots did.

Back in 1968, Wang competed at the US Figure Skating Championships. So, this world famous designer was a serious athlete before becoming a fashion power player and a household name. And she didn't entirely leave figure skating in her past - according to People magazine, Wang has been designing the Olympic figure skating outfits for more than 20 years.

Now, Wang is clearly embarking upon her latest project in a string of successes - at a time when it's so desperately needed, she's giving the world hope that there's life after 40, and 50, and 60, and 70. We can't wait to see what 80 looks like for this inspiring woman!

Watch the video to see how Vera Wang Is 70 And Gorgeous In Latest Quarantine Instagram Posts!


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The List
The List:
What other celebs do you think look really good in their older years?
Құралай Сұлтанева
Құралай Сұлтанева:
Sis really took Asian don’t raisin to a whole new level.
Cyber Lex
Cyber Lex:
I’m in my 20s and she’s in better shape than me!
Cammie x
Cammie x:
You know how some elderly people look weird when they try younger fashion? Not her, doesn't look out of place
It’s not just her being skinny, usually old people have very saggy skin. Her skin on her body, especially her arms/legs, is immaculate!
What amazes me is how she doesn’t even have the mannerisms of a 70 year old. She talks like any other millenial out there. 70 year old people would need walking sticks but she’s just moving like an upbeat 23 year old on the runway.
Connie P.
Connie P.:
Her face looks 70 but her body looks very youthful
amina khalid
amina khalid:
The secret is to not obsess, eat well and mind your business
Lin Rey
Lin Rey:
I'm 68 look 40 ish both body and face. Have younger men trying date me. Secret is start taking care yourself early in life.
Thomas Ebert
Thomas Ebert:
This culture is so youth obsessed
Ann Manaug
Ann Manaug:
Everyone: Her face looks Old while her body looks young.

answer: she did not undergone any face surgery/filler and it is very hard to do push-ups and crunches using your face🤣
Jiemha Chow
Jiemha Chow:
Her face looks older than her body. Her mannerisms and her sense of style is still very youthful. I admire her confidence in everything she wear.
Cris Cali
Cris Cali:
Yes, for 70 she looks amazing! But also, let's be real the photos are suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper photoshopped, so much so that you can't see a wrinkle, however, these are obviously visible in video. She does look great! Genes, money, healthy diet and sports.
debra bolton
debra bolton:
Vera Wang is 70? She looks terrific. A very talented designer.
Susanna Lawson
Susanna Lawson:
If you are blessed to be living in your 70’s your looking good !
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro:
I can't help but "hate", LOL, sorry !!!...She is a millionaire, I do hold millionaires to a higher standard simply because they have everything at their hands to look their best !!!
Ok being Asian does not explain this. She must have drank the fountain of youth. Like the whole fountain.
Her face and hands look her age. Her hair, clothes, and body and attitude is very young.
Azel Joy Portugues
Azel Joy Portugues:
Her body doesn't look like a 70 years old.
But her face does, still better than my grandma.
But i believed she has dome something, probably Botox.
She have the money, and shes a fashion designer, which means she's always expose to the public .
Her pictures are obviously heavily photoshopped , which makes her wrinkles invisible,but during the video she looks old.
Look at her eye bags.
Alicia Pink
Alicia Pink:
She looks damn good. I hope when I’m 70 I can look like that lol
EuRice Queen
EuRice Queen:
Not impossible when you have the resources.
Bridgette Hattingh
Bridgette Hattingh:
She has never actually birthed children - I'm just saying, child birth takes it out of your body 🤷🏻‍♀️ many women out there would match up to this if they didn't have kids. Many with kids also look fantastic, but just saying, it's a contributing factor
Martell Malone
Martell Malone:
I clearly need to step my fitness game up.
She looks amazing. She looks very nice and tall and the healthy eating and exercise goes a long way.
its sad that western society teaches us to be so unhealthy. All old people could look like this with lifelong good practices and healthy body care
Sarah Carr
Sarah Carr:
She’s like Sarah in the Bible beautiful even into her old age the king kidnapped Sarah for her good looks when she was around 65 I believe
Miss Understood
Miss Understood:
No matter how great the video you always have those that look for the negative. Her face is beautiful. Youth is overall health and this woman looks good. Good for her. The ones complaining probably look twice their own age. Bitter bees 😒
Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri:
She looks young, but those circles around the eyes couldnt lie at all.
Daggie Nammie
Daggie Nammie:
Just imagine if all people will look young when theyre 70 or older. Also your grandparents🤔
Torgo Nudho Raj
Torgo Nudho Raj:
What I love about her is that she's not trying to stop her aging, but rather just aging like fine wine.
Asian Kepler
Asian Kepler:
When u take of yourself...specially you workout for many years and eat healthy.
You dont get old easily..but her face is obviosly old..but her body is not..due to working out...
I work at fitness for 5 yrs.
And there some clients
.look young 40 yr old look 20.
50 yr old look 40..10 years younger..and its true
Stranger Pilots
Stranger Pilots:
Wow damn she has the aura of a 30 year old...
Danni Adriano
Danni Adriano:
We asians have good food, exercise and discipline because if we don’t we’ll be a shame to our cows
Jim Villan
Jim Villan:
imagine every grandparents ever looks like that.
just imagine.
Abigail Famisaran
Abigail Famisaran:
i like how she didn't do cosmetic surgery to look young... please don't hate... too few do embrace aging... that's all guys... 😊❤️
She’s perfect. I refuse to submit to my age either or act like an old lady just because
ItzSachielYT Gaming Girl
ItzSachielYT Gaming Girl:
she's 70 and can wear bikinis while I look rubbish
Angel Gray
Angel Gray:
By the Gods... I'm impressed
N. A.
N. A.:
Not yet 40 and I just had therapy for my knee 2hours ago... 😭
Angelina M.
Angelina M.:
0:55 how she actually looks minus the filters...
Nicole Kobela
Nicole Kobela:
That’s totally freakin mind blowing ,,, I can’t believe it
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
She looks 30
JC Nash
JC Nash:
She's absolutely beautiful and amazing #verawang
Kk the pony 123
Kk the pony 123:
I asked how old she was to my brother and he said 13
Ems Roche
Ems Roche:
She’s slim that’s why she looks young but her face tells her age.
I’m 19 and I want that kind of Body, I have fats in my belly. 😔
Michelle Gousios
Michelle Gousios:
I never knew she was 70!
Harper Guo
Harper Guo:
we all know asians never age
dominique mcdowell
dominique mcdowell:
She was in Epstein’s black book, which indicates a friendship there & unfortunately we know what he liked to do.
Ames Holmes
Ames Holmes:
Man she's absolutely beautiful
Dalila Gonzalez
Dalila Gonzalez:
70 and gorgeous (adrenochrome)
Cheesecake soki
Cheesecake soki:
Asian don’t raisin😂.
She is such an inspiration in general! For me shes about pushing through adversity never giving up and having your true success story later on in life
Aida Baez
Aida Baez:
Stunning Vera!!! Stay safe and god bless...💃🏻🙏🏻❤️
Jen Danieles
Jen Danieles:
Her face looks old but still beautiful! I like that better than those whose done lots of plastic surgery just to keep looking young. 😊
fabio herrera
fabio herrera:
Tell us where the fountain of youth is 🥺
Evan McLean
Evan McLean:
Okay, imma going to have to start exercising!
Priska Wen
Priska Wen:
No matter how young looking is, ur bone is not that tough, i guess had to be carefully with that high heel🤨
Answer: adrenochrome
Fe Jobs
Fe Jobs:
Imagine your grandma is as stylist as her.

And as ageless.
Baekhyun's Smile
Baekhyun's Smile:
Okay. This is my new goal.

Jack Bo
Jack Bo:
She is amazing woman and super designer in the history of fashion world.over billions of people love your design and wearing your designing.Thank you so for covering our naked body more gorgeously. You looks really 40 and elegant.I wish you a health and happy life.Big Love and hug.
Elle Soul Sailor
Elle Soul Sailor:
Apparently she eats a lot of fish + sashimi. Figures!
English Garden
English Garden:
I”d like to age with the time”s’ not stay stuck in a rigid inflexible body.
Alyse Hein
Alyse Hein:
not getting much sun is actually huge for keeping skin youthful so makes sense
joshy the hand
joshy the hand:
AMAZING.. you know who else was like this.. Joan Collins. I remember seeing a pic of her on her boat when she was in her mid 70s.. she had a tight, tone, and wrinkle free body. Like a 20 something
Amanda Archuleta
Amanda Archuleta:
She has, or had a fabulous jewelry line for Zales. I want to see more jewelry!
Mary Kimber
Mary Kimber:
Not only does she look so young but also moves like a 30 year old!
bree sabana
bree sabana:
She's younger than I am.... AND I'M 25!!!!!!
꧁ • ghilas ouguemat • ꧂
꧁ • ghilas ouguemat • ꧂:
i hope i can still still wear 2 inch heels at least, when am 70
koyi john blasio
koyi john blasio:
Having money is a good thing for the heart..
Linda Morena
Linda Morena:
But she's always been skinny her WHOLE LIFE!
R K:
Aren't we going to say "act your age''
Love My Doggy
Love My Doggy:
OMG, I dearly love this woman more than ever, thank you for such inspiration.
Sunshine Living
Sunshine Living:
She does NOT look 70 years old! 😳 Amazing!😃
Jamie B
Jamie B:
Wow I can’t believe she s70!! Then again she’s just kinda always been around. She’s amazing
Rebekka D.
Rebekka D.:
She's always looked good. I love her sleek svelte lithe body. Of course, she can afford it, so why shouldn't she? Good for her.
Charmane Henderson
Charmane Henderson:
You go head Ms. Wang looking good. Keep doing what you do. Beautiful 👏Yes !
Giddony S
Giddony S:
WHAAAT?! 70?!?! Is no one going to pull a “show ya the birth certificate?” 🤣🤣 if I grow up (because I’m only 34) I want to be like her when I grow up.
Karen A
Karen A:
How is she defying aging? She’s Asian duh lol
Nichole vanessa Canlas
Nichole vanessa Canlas:
She can afford everything to make her self look gorgeous...$$$$$
Amrita S Mukherjee
Amrita S Mukherjee:
I just simply love her .
She is an inspiration
Vera Wang, is just beautiful. Love her!!!!
I wonder how she feels about the WAP song floating around😳
Vivian Phong Ngo
Vivian Phong Ngo:
This is what happens when you follow your dreams and love them
Indranie Haripersaud
Indranie Haripersaud:
For goodness sake,, young ? I don't see anything tone just skin and bones
What a nice body. 😭
I can't believe what I'm seeing. She looks amazing!
I want to be like her at her age! I feel it in my heart 8 can do it
Fran Lawrence
Fran Lawrence:
I needed this. Thank you ‘The List’ and thank you Vera.
(Soon to be 59.... seriously... thank you.)
Her body looks like she is still a teenager 😲 How does she do this???
Natalia Lee
Natalia Lee:
Thick beautiful hair, nicely proportioned skinny fit body, great skin, youthful personality. Probably a young lover too.
Janice Bradford
Janice Bradford:
She has always been beautiful. I love the orange formal paired with the mask. She has maintained herself well
Haute Bella Experience
Haute Bella Experience:
Yaaaasssssss, I'm doing what I can to age just like Vera. 😊
Classiq Beautee
Classiq Beautee:
She eats the right foods & takes care of her body 🤷🏽‍♀️ she’s doesn’t even look “70” wtf
The Mom Life
The Mom Life:
I would love to meet this beautiful lady one day
Browne Sugarr
Browne Sugarr:
Luv ur work and I'm impress with your energy to keep going at 70...yeah! 👏🏾🙌🏾 But, I'm sure you are doing what suits "your" body ma'am. A hint to the wise.
Angela Hall
Angela Hall:
Life goals! Stay happy, healthy and humble! And work it!
Yummy Durian
Yummy Durian:
Asian genetics?
She's such an inspiration 💖