Vatican in Shock! Vatican Cardinal Becciu Resigns Unexpectedly! Top Cardinal Resigned!

One of the top cardinals of the Catholic Church unexpectedly resigned his Vatican position and the city-state did not give an explanation of the dismissal.

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Terrible voice 😖
Cletus Spuckler, Stable Jeanius
Cletus Spuckler, Stable Jeanius:
Vatican in Shock! ... ? ... Bahahahahahahahahaha
Springendedelfin 2008
Springendedelfin 2008:
city boy
city boy:
The money was just resting in my account.....a good long rest
Saadet'in El İşileri
Saadet'in El İşileri:
hayırlı cumalar
Hope 4-21
Hope 4-21:
This is why I only believe in karma, all this CULTS are just as corrupted as any governments!!!
Wouldn't surprise me if he learned of something that he could not moraly go along with an walked! Did not say this happened. I said it wouldn't surprise me.
Claimed no wrongdoing. Typical.
Cameron Tribe
Cameron Tribe:
yepp.....but really, the church is a massive financial and business organization. This is an uncomfortable truth that all members benefit from and must collectively hold responsibility for. They get one guy to be in charge, and they sacrifice him when this uncomfortable truth rises to public foreground. That's hypocracy and scape-goating. They've got bigger problems with sex abuse. Give Cardinal Bitcoin a break - he's got a tough job to do and a modern world to do it in.