US virus cases pass 50,000 a day ahead of July 4 holiday

Coronavirus cases are surging in the United States, with another grim record set, more than 50,000 new cases in a single day. (Subscribe:

Among the areas seeing a rapid increase are huge states like Texas and Florida, often places which unlocked their economies early and wearing a face mask in public was shunned.

Health officials have pleaded with people to stay home during the weekend's 4th July holiday, but President Trump is going ahead with a firework show at Mount Rushmore tonight, the first one in a decade.


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15 komento:

What exactly had he really done apart from dividing people
Masked Man
Masked Man:
I wonder what the Trumpsters will say when Donny capitulates on masks?
Lodt let
Lodt let:
UnKnow Everything
UnKnow Everything:
Stewie, Is That You?!?!...😂 😂 🤣
Nasima Akther
Nasima Akther:
Fleur Bandito
Fleur Bandito:
Which virus? Covid 19 is a specific strain of coronavirus.
Thalía ML
Thalía ML:
When you get home please take a shower and wash the clothes you are wearing. Do not allow the virus to enter your home
Nameles Ray
Nameles Ray:
No Worry, if you are protesting and rioting, you are immune to COVID-19. Join in the Protest. :)
here's Carson
here's Carson:
I mean America has to be the best at everything (we don't count men's soccer)
Flat Accord Music
Flat Accord Music:
And still most don't know anyone who is sick. plandemic.
Trumps face will be carved into Covid 19 history
Jeffrey Weaver
Jeffrey Weaver:
The number of cases doesn't mean that they will all lead to death!
Michael Glynn
Michael Glynn:
How many dead - that’s what counts! Otherwise BS! Just like flue - small percentage die, a slightly larger number get sick and recover, but most get it and don’t even notice!
Mark Green
Mark Green:
Trump is responsible for not taking the virus seriously for far too long and his cult members are responsible for following his lead, ignoring social distancing recommendations and refusing to wear masks.
Dean Allen
Dean Allen:
Amazing when you TEST that many!!!!
How many of those died!
Stop trying to smear trump!