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(Still) 2gether: The Series is an upcoming 2020 Thai television series starring Metawin Opas-iamkajorn and Vachirawit Chiva-aree, which serves as the sequel to 2gether: The Series. Directed by Aof Noppharnach and produced by GMMTV, the five-episode series start at August 14, 2020. 

Is there any need to wait 10 years to see if the love between Sarawat and Tine lasts? In these special episodes we will see their relationship in Sarawat’s point of view. How he chased after Tine, even when it was only fake. At least until it became real, and Sarawat could be with the one he had been in love with for years, while Tine was still unaware of this connection. Finally we can see the lives of the other couples as they continue to love and care for each other. Man and Type, Phukong and Mil, how are their relationships lasting after all this time?

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MC Jun
MC Jun:
We all were waiting for this.... I never thought I would cry this hard just for a single poster! Let's make it trend worldwide!!!
Rofiah Tyara
Rofiah Tyara:
Omg,I never tough will cry just seeing a picture, I'm damn crazy in love Whit them,I can't wait for 14 August,
Phoenix Silver
Phoenix Silver:
(Sun set down)

I just want to hold your hand to feel the heat of love
Im so alone waiting for you my love
And i want to hear your voice inside my heart
Ill be waiting on you till the sunset down
Ill be your voice inside and shout it loud
Cause we are meant to be please dont leave my life
I will be your soldier in to the night
Aya BrightWin
Aya BrightWin:
BrightWin world domination. Omg thanks to #gmmtv for promoting them. #winmetawin #snowballpower #bbrightvc #BrightWin
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Charvi Vyas:
i literally cried . i always wondered why would people cry in happiness i know it so well now.
i am so damn happy.
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laura hernandez:
Muero de la emoción apenas y puedo respirar ya quiero verlos
Finally 😭😭
Aries Concha
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Oh my god
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Nice poster.....
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Feel so, good.😘😘😘😘
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Elba Alfaro:
Ambos ,GUAPISIMO. Felicitaciones y mucho Exito en todo.
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Darlene Aparecida Teixeira Rodrigues:
Meus amores fofos. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Sayonara Saya
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BrightWin i love you💯💖💗💟😍👍
GGi C:
advertising is misleading, these bonus chapters are focused on growing Bright's popularity only and boosting her singing career, they're like 5 Bright's special shows. All the other characters will not be important, they will have so much participation, so that they do not have illusions of seeing something romantic
Sam Smith
Sam Smith:
I hope so