Unseen moments from the Chris Watts confession tapes

These unseen confession tapes show the moment Chris Watts explains why he put the bodies of his family in oil tanks.

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I wonder if the girlfriend will be visiting him in jail for the rest of her life now. Or if she will find another married man and start all over again.
So cold. He talks about putting his daughters through those small hatches into oil like he’s talking about an everyday task. Absolutely no emotion.
"I'm not a monster.... I didn't kill, my babies." At that point I think he knows deep down he just admitted to himself, that yes, he IS a monster
Larry & Faith Kelderhouse
Larry & Faith Kelderhouse:
Ummm nicole was young but not hot. Ewww
Humpy And Bex
Humpy And Bex:
HOT girlfriend?? LOL
Nina Guerra
Nina Guerra:
I can’t believe someone can kill their own babies that they raised and have been seeing everyday just for another lady. He could chosen getting a divorce vs this. God help us, I hope this is a lesson to all adults out there. It is not worth it.
Linda Bell
Linda Bell:
Mama Watts must be so proud of the mutant she raised.
Ididntknowthat 05
Ididntknowthat 05:
But the thing is you are a MONSTER!!!
Monsters ALWAYS say "I'm not a monster".
Sonny Roy
Sonny Roy:
Evil. Monster. These words are TOO kind for this very dark being.
He could barely say "I didn't kill my babies"!! Two times he stopped before he said it! Before he admitted that he killed Shanann He said No Shanann would never hurt those girls she loved them. He so sick!!
Cademan Caden
Cademan Caden:
We can't do anything to help these angels. All we can do is sit back & watch the pieces of this case unfold. We can, however, promise NOT to buy NK's book if in fact she gets a book deal. She should not be gaining monetarily through the death of these innocent angels. That's what we can do for them.
Tamara Rawlins
Tamara Rawlins:
Is it just me, or does he have the eyes of a shark? Just dark and distant, no sign of life or emotion...
Lisa Whited
Lisa Whited:
True Narsissit, they can't take even a slight amount of criticism. " I am NOT a monster!"
Ngun Mang
Ngun Mang:
I wish now that he is seeing his wife and kids in prison when he sleep
RN- Susan
RN- Susan:
Him and Casey Anthony would be a great couple.
Shankill road Peace line
Shankill road Peace line:
He acted out his Mothers fantasy. She wanted her gone and so did he. Two rats.
‘Young hot gf’ oh please she’s a ming bat 😂😂 not hot at all 🤷‍♀️
He's a pathological liar. He lied to his wife, his mistress, and god only knows what else he's lied about. Does he really think they'd actually believe he didn't kill his "babies". He can stuff them in an oil tanker but "god no" he couldn't murder them. He lies about everything.
Hope and Truth
Hope and Truth:
Why have a camera showing just the back of his head?
Dirtbike David
Dirtbike David:
This dude makes no sense he acts sad and talks about how he doesn’t kill them but he sat there and put them in oil tanks wtf
Cassandra Kavanagh
Cassandra Kavanagh:
The proof he killed them is this :-Any parent who's children had just been murdered by the other parent (remember he was in the house at the time he claimed his wife killed them ) would ring the Emergency services in case they could be revived ! This would be an overwhelming hope ! Chris did not do this, because he had murdered them and he knew they were dead and he wanted them to stay dead !...Further more the tiny bodies of Celeste & Bella had no marks indicating that ANY attempt at CPR or revival had been made (even though Chris admitted during Police interviews that he had done a First Aid course for work). Any parent discovering their children unresponsive in such a situation would attempt to save and revive their children ! It would not just be a natural response but an instinctive one !....The fact Chris did not, indicates again, that he wanted his babies dead.... Furthermore ANY parent who's children had been murdered by the other parent would be so overcome with grief ,emotion and love ,that it would be impossible, to brutally force their bodies through 8 inch wide holes into oil wells ( consider the fact that Bella's body width was 9 & 1/2 inches !!),let alone even conceive of the idea ! He threw them away like trash ! Nobody who loved their children could dispose of them in such a horrific manner .People dispose of dead pet Hamsters with more ceremony & consideration !!! .... And then consider his interviews on camera the following day as he lies & lies again ,pretending that Shannan and his beautiful babies have gone away somewhere and are still alive ! His eyes looking straight at the camera are bright and cold with absolutely no signs of a night that should have left him ravaged by grief ,with eyes red raw with the weeping ANY loving parent would experience if they had been present when their wife had killed their children in their own home and he had seen the bodies !!!.... He can claim he isn't a monster but his actions betray him over and over again. He was prepared to let Bella & Celeste to rot in those tanks alone & undiscovered, while Shannan lay decomposing in an unmarked shallow grave with his son ;baby Nico rotting between her legs ( horrifyingly Nico was expelled in her death agonies) ....so yes he is a monster.
Victorious Asmr
Victorious Asmr:
I literally can't wrap my brain around how he says "I wish I didn't lose control and get on top of shannan" ummm.....how about since you weren't going to confess to taking your babies lives... you at least say...I'm also sorry for dumping them! People say the devil is here on earth....THERE HE IS LADIES AND GENTS. his name is chris watts!!!!!!!! Beautiful family he had. I hope he enjoys his cell!!!!!!!!!!
for real
for real:
The "American Association of Sociopaths" should give him an award for longest acting, perfect family man! It took great fortitude for this sociopath to last as long as he did before killing his family.
Arianna Gower
Arianna Gower:
I think he's telling the truth about him not killing their Girls because NK did it
Abigail Holguin
Abigail Holguin:
He basically killed the wife buried her at his work and put both 4 year old and 3 year year old and put them in oil tanks and she was 15 weeks pregnant to a boy 😭💔💔🤬
She's alady
She's alady:
So many questions left unanswered
Jilly Bean
Jilly Bean:
And then he pleaded guilty to being a monster and killing his babies Bella fighting him for her life then stuffing their bodies through 8 inch gaps. Found guilty of being that monster. Case closed.
Love these detectives...they got it so right. RIP Shan'ann, Bella, Celeste, Niko. 💫❤️💫
"I didn't kill my babies." Probably telling the truth here tbh. I bet it was that NK.
“I’m not, a monster. I didn’t kill... my babies”. Say it again, with heart.
الحليم اذا غضب اتق شر
الحليم اذا غضب اتق شر:
I just dont understand how he killed his beautiful wife and babies, Shanann was too good for him.
Dj Alty
Dj Alty:
WHY....I wanna know why hes covering for Nichol. She deserves to be in jail just as much as him. She helped him and she tampered with evidence.
Joe Can
Joe Can:
We want the files. Not everyone's opinions.
Ronnie Grace
Ronnie Grace:
Psychopaths can go undetected their whole lives. And because they are natural actors and can pretend so well, sometimes it’s also hard for their own family members, friends and
co-workers to realize who they’re really dealing with. Because they structurally lack empathy and remorse, they are only sorry when they get caught, but completely disregard their victims. No wonder Chris Watts gave out effortless interviews pretending to be worried, no wonder the day after he killed his family he looked perfectly ok at work. He most definetively has the psychiatric disorder, and nobody seems to mention this. And make no mistake, this is no justification to his crimes, he should never under no circumstances get out of jail. Please be extremely careful who you choose to bring into your life, pay attention to their behavior, look out for red flags, and if you’re suspicious of dating a psychopath, search for help and get out of that relationship.
Christine Haigh
Christine Haigh:
Come on now, Chris, you are the MONSTER who did this!!!!!
Melanie Walker
Melanie Walker:
Yeah and this evil monster managed to stuff his face with pizza during this interrogation unbelievable!
Celah Johnson
Celah Johnson:
The mistress need to go to jail too. I'm sure she knows more.
BTS Kings
BTS Kings:
The fact that shannan was pregnant- i just cant... Poor soul
Angel Wings
Angel Wings:
First off.. Nicole was so not hot!!!she was a good in bed! Shannan was WAAAAAY better looking & Shannan was the whole package! She was faithful to her husband and children. She was smart,kind,energetic , focused . She obviously had to be doing something right in the bedroom , hence she just conceived their 3rd child 😳
"I'm not a monster....I didn't kill my babies...."
Except that you are and you did.
johanne Seay
johanne Seay:
She's guilty of helping him kill them
Wane felicia
Wane felicia:
He is a MONSTER!
Ella Binoya
Ella Binoya:
If he insisted that he dont kill the babies then maybe the mistress was there and she killed them..
Lando Oliver
Lando Oliver:
His is covering something
Michelle M
Michelle M:
Yes, will Denver 7 publish the discovery files in their entirety? Thanks
I never believed in monsters, until now...
Beth Jedd
Beth Jedd:
I think him and NK killed the girls before Shan'ann got home
Gangzky Libra
Gangzky Libra:
You are more than a monster.!.
The Alfonso Nation
The Alfonso Nation:
No no guys...he’s right. He isn’t a freaking monster.

That’s too nice. He’s a f*cking devil.
Vicki Jo
Vicki Jo:
When he tells lies he pauses....."I didn't (pause) kill my babies....
full moon
full moon:
NK was there.....she is an accomplice...".alleged"
Tracy L
Tracy L:
Nope, No emotion anywhere, he just studders when under pressure, or like taking to his Dad, he fumbles his words ALOT!!!
Sound of Jesus
Sound of Jesus:
the demon in him killed his babies - but he chose to listen to demons so he's paying the consequences
"Being a dad was the best part of my life. Sh-I took it all away." Hmm
Sh- supposedly "She?"
https://youtu.be/pJ3MjSIpHHc?t=2403 40:03 of this link

Damn. I still am not convinced that the mistress (Nichol Kessinger) is not involved. On Netflix, Shannan told a story of how things were when they were about to fly back home. When Shannan called Chris while she was at the airport, the wife said "I hardly talked to him at all and he wants to work out. He started working out while he was on the phone with me." That is so weird, why would he cut off a call to suddenly work out?

Chris confessed he killed Shannan, but said he would never hurt his kids. He attempted to request for a DNA test on the kids' necks but of course that was rejected to keep the case from being misled. But requesting this shows he is confident that the kids' death aren't on him, he wants to be clean from that.

Even the mistress explained that they were already preparing to get an apartment for Chris and the kids, but that is weird. How sure were they that the kids will be under the care of the dad? I mean, unless if they were assuming from the beginning that Shannan would be 'gone.' Besides, preparing for an apartment when the house isn't even processed for selling yet, isn't that too soon?

In the follow up interview months later, Chris said he wasn't comfortable talking about how the kids died. So here it is, it's either the trauma after many months or he's worried that his statements from the past won't match. For some reason, I am inclined to believe that the mistress could have helped kill the family and that the kids were already dead when Shannan arrived home. They probably were killed that time he was 'suddenly working out.'

But yeah, I'm only one of those internet nerds who make conspiracy theories to further mess up people's heads lol

There's a rumor of Nichol Kessinger's dad being part of the freemason.... and you know how they are.
Jennifer 007
Jennifer 007:
Yes you did monster. you👈👽killed all of them.💔💔💔💙
Yeah, you ARE a monster!
I have no inclination as to why I am hooked on this case after watching the Netflix show.
Undistinguished Lyricist
Undistinguished Lyricist:
Chris watts looks like a lifetime actor whose role is Chris watts
Ma Aldana
Ma Aldana:
He knows only a monster will kill their own daughters,disgusting.
Sally B.
Sally B.:
Why did you put your little daughters in the oil tanks?uum... I didn’t know what else to do??? What innocent person does, and says that!🙄
Aqua Yogi
Aqua Yogi:
Murderous monster!
Alex Pasillas
Alex Pasillas:
This whole case..... breaks my heart... ya know I NEVER thought it would be possible to have my heart broken over someone I didn’t know, probably never meet, and would probably never speak to her, BUT this case crushed my heart 🥺 💔 God please be with Shananns beautiful family.. 🙏🏼 ❤️🥺 I just don’t understand how someone can just “get rid” of their family, to start a NEW one. NK is out here roaming free, manipulating who knows who. 😠 😡

IF Chris wouldn’t have taken the plea deal, to No death row, do you think NK would have been investigated more, and possibly arrested? They said on television (Denver police) that since Chris admitted to the Murders, they had no reason to investigate further. 🤔 (sorry for the long comment)
Ill wait for the Netflix special or the podcast thanks wack news
Kung Pao Pizza
Kung Pao Pizza:
*”I’m not a monster”* -
_Every monster ever_
Morgan More
Morgan More:
He never loved them never
Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones:
NK killed the children! I’ll never believe otherwise!
Carole Stewart
Carole Stewart:
He will most likely never come clean and tell what really happened because he doesn't want everyone to "think less of him"!! I still cannot wrap my head around how he could have done this. He is one sick individual!
Tess Westbrook
Tess Westbrook:
Lies lies and More LIES !! I've been married from the age of 20 and I won't say how old I am but I have two grown children with families of their own. I Can't even perceive my husband hurting me or our children. Like my own Father and son they are Only Loving and protectors ...
This man violated every Law. The law of the land , Laws of the universe, Law's of Trust of a Husband and Mostly of a Father....
This monster broke the bones getting the kids in an oil barrels...
I have no compassion for someone or rather Something that wiped out his family to be with a Mistress... That chic knows more than she's telling....
Let's see how hot the affair is between bars and Glass.....
Humpy And Bex
Humpy And Bex:
Who left or entered his house at 1245. on that night??

Both Shannans and Chri's phones showed an alert that someone had openedthe garage door at 12:45 - Shannan wasnt back until 2 so someone was either letting someone in at that time or letting someone out! As there is no way to let yourself in from the outside. Its in the Police report
He says he didn’t kill his babies and says their mother strangled them... but it’s been shown they were not strangled, rather smothered.
I’m leaning very hard towards someone else being involved in their murders. He assumed they were strangled because that’s how he ended Shanann’s (rest in peace) life. In court, it’s as if he’s learning how they were killed. There is a lot of his testimony unwittingly pointing at NIchol Kessinger, whether she likes it or not.
Pure evil
Misty Swayze
Misty Swayze:
When he says he didnt kill his babies, I think hes telling the truth. I think Nk did it.
He has something wrong with his mind for sure. If he wasn't always this way (he doesn't fit the typical pattern of a guy who's been psychopathic/sociopathic since childhood or teen yrs; since as far as I know he had no real arrest record or history of violence etc), then he somehow lost his mind so to speak, basically, more recently. He was, in the days just prior to the killings, Googling and saving images of volcanoes erupting, or of volcanoes in general. He searched, a few hours after the killing, the song and lyrics to the song "Battery" by Metallica (rather angry sounding tune really). His mistress was no angel, for her part. She knew he was still married. While his wife (now deceased) was so upset that he wasn't texting her back and he had become so cold, etc, mistress was Googling 'how to prep for anal sex', and watching porn hub before one of their dates, searching for 'double-penetration' sex vids (which, if people 18 or older want to watch that, fine whatever, but...she was sending, and he was saving, up to nearly the very day of the killings, nude selfies and so forth). She claims tried to tell him to stay with his wife, but she was also Googling wedding dresses. It's not truly her fault, this crime, but she may have been (at least inadvertently) some kind of catalyst.
Angela Becerra
Angela Becerra:
He's just like his mother a monster
Gloris Gonzales
Gloris Gonzales:
Good job Denver news and police for let the public know the monster among us .
Dianne Starnes
Dianne Starnes:
He is a liar! He couldn't afford the life he wanted with his demon mistress, if he had to pay child support and half of all bills. He has no heart and he sold his soul to the devil.
lisa m
lisa m:
Heartless cold monsters
He looks demonic. I can't stare at him
Kathy Demara
Kathy Demara:
I don’t think anyone can sleep while being strangled.
Lyn Croughan
Lyn Croughan:
i wonder if he didnt kill the kids and someone else did , he seems pretty adamant he didnt
Tess Westbrook
Tess Westbrook:
Also What Type Married Couple's says I'm going to a friend's house with the kids and Your spouse Doesn't says What Friend or Where At , even ask when there going to be Back Etc..... He thought he was so Smart but the cops were on to him Right OFF. When they ask what Friend? Oh I don't know.....
Most couple's talk in the morning about the day ahead and any plans for the evening..... He just said I don't know....
He's not just a MONSTER, He's a Idiot, narcissist and a Pig
Lily m
Lily m:
Can't get my head round this 😢😢😢😇😇😇😇
Mr Clean
Mr Clean:
May Those Beautiful Angels REST IN PEACE 💔
christar 95
christar 95:
Pathological, narcopathic Liar and yes, a Monster!
An honest sense of remorse comes with a sooner than later full confession. .but this devil has been lying all the way giving piece by piece of information of exactly what happened as he has been slowly exposed..he has not at any point up till the verdict given any sign of being sorry towards what he did..and i don't think even now that he has any sense of guilt..he's nothing but a self centered cold blooded murderer
Jessa Kristi
Jessa Kristi:
and named his son nico lee. really. he is insanely obsessed to this nicole.
Billy Ballsachs
Billy Ballsachs:
"The body of his family". Good one man.
Jacquelynn Adams
Jacquelynn Adams:
The trashy bit on the side was in on it and as for the monsters mother OMG ! The apple never left that tree 🌲 😡😡😡😡
EZ Victory
EZ Victory:
"I dIdNt KiLl mY bAbIeS".......ummmm but you did sooooo
Fifi the explorer
Fifi the explorer:
He didn’t kill his babies of course, it was the accomplice job, however he murdered shanann
Katee B
Katee B:
He lied to the mistress
Go figure and she's shocked
Danielle D. Minerva
Danielle D. Minerva:
This didn’t at all explain WHY he confessed to killing them. I’m still so surprised he didn’t just get an attorney. He had to have known he’d never see the light of day “when” caught. Why not stay silent? People look at you bad whether you can an attorney or not anyway. Silly amateur bull shit. This was so senseless! I really don’t even think he’s a monster. I think he grew up with shit for brains parents who built him up to be something he wasn’t at all. He wasn’t comfortable or confident in his skin. It’s so apparent in every piece of footage I have watched. He killed them all because people are disposable to him and I honestly blame his mom most. She’s a ratchet sick sick poor excuse of a woman. She was his cheerleader. She wanted him to make his family go away because she had some kind of power struggle with Shannan. It’s because Shannan has her number. She knew his mom was a waste of human sperm and she also knew her husband wasn’t that bright nor was he much of a man. And Chris grew to resent her because you people have to really listen and know all the info before really gathering your opinions. She let him when she was very ill. He is the classic Knight He wants to swoop you up and feel useful and be the one to save you. He did that with her then she got better and her powerful side came out. He realized she’s a very powerful capable woman and he knew she’d rake him through the coals. He just wanted this all to go away. He really is delusional and is not really playing with a full deck. This guy is the most simple minded man child you can get. The signs were all there but Shannan kept pushing and trying to make it something it wasn’t and would never be. She paid dearly for desperately wanting to keep the “show” going. She fell into the social media trap of making your life look better than it really is and I’m sorry to say but she did it for her biz. I’m sure she has a good heart and of course she loved her family but she really ignored sooooooo many signs. God be with them all!
Tina Bean
Tina Bean:
His multiple denials of Killing those babies before Shanann even came home...”no, no, no, no, no” leads me to believe that the detectives were on the money.
M T:
Damn. He describes everything in detail, except how he fit those babies in a small hole.
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo:
Love u man