Unboxing Apple's "New" MacBook Pro 13

This is the new 13 inch MacBook Pro for 2020. Apple's butterfly keyboard experiment is officially over.

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy:
How's it going? Where in the World are you watching from?
Harte TCur
Harte TCur:
Who else is annoyed with YouTube's comments location?
Alien YT
Alien YT:
Who here loves watching Lew unbox and review tech that you can’t afford? lol
I wish I wasn’t in love with Apple products
Cameron X
Cameron X:
Who’s here because the ordered one and is wating for there’s to come in ✨
Spongeboob Squarepants
Spongeboob Squarepants:
Who else still scrolls all the way down for the comments 🥺
Area of Interest
Area of Interest:
Its not ".. JumpED over the lazy dog"
Its "JumpS over the lazy dog"
As a film student.. i’m guessing that 13” pro fits me perfectly
oriol fuster garcia
oriol fuster garcia:
"Then, why don't you just go for the 16 inch?" Do I have to answer that?
MJones 10
MJones 10:
Apple need to bring back the glowing logo. It looked so nice when you have stickers on etc.
APPLE needs to dedicate more about cameras/pixeles. he's not alone anymore. there are good companies that make an awesome product now.
Anyone else keep forgetting that YouTube changed where the comments are and keep scrolling down for nothing?
Abby H 2025
Abby H 2025:
When will Apple actually make a new product, they’re just updating the old ones
Seema Sharma
Seema Sharma:
i love this dude because hes so honest. he's not scared to say if a product is bad just because its from apple. mad respect.
Tiffany Aleman
Tiffany Aleman:
I’ve had my MacBook now for 6 years, still great.... but I want a new one 😂
John Brocato
John Brocato:
“One day a computer will fit on a table” wow incredible
Thoufeeque Ahmed
Thoufeeque Ahmed:
Straight to unboxing.
Thank me later if u have some valuable time.
How do I see loads of students walking around with these things. They’re so fucking expensive even with student discounts. I really want one but imagine the pc u could build with that money
UrWeekly Random
UrWeekly Random:
Surprised it doesn’t have 5 cameras
The moment the second stimulus hits.
“Potato cameras”
Here’s my irrelevant thought: The less you see me, the prettier I look, the more you will like me. 😂 No one needs to see me in HD. You know why everyone in the 50s-80s look good? Cause they’re on that 420p dslr camera quality. For all you know I may have a giant zit on my forehead, but on your screen, I’ll have smooth skin. 😂 I may have something between my teeth, but all you’ll see are pearly whites. 😂 😂
Apple: the epitome of a company that believes they know more than their customers.
Jessica Ced
Jessica Ced:
who's watching this on their MacBook Pro 13in....me!!! lol just picked mines up today and I love it so much. In my case I'm upgrading from a MacBook Air 2012 edition 😝 so it was time to see the future and so far I'm in love
Ben Raddatz
Ben Raddatz:
"it's substantially heavier"
"it weights more on your lap"
You don't say
"The dream would be a 13-inch with some dedicated graphics in there"

Surface Book 3 13.5" with GTX 1650 laughs in the distance...
Lew: "if you are a regular human ..."
Me : "thanks Lew for reminding me how poor and ugly I am"
me debating on an air or pro for my sophomore year of college 👁👄👁
Juliet Hepburn
Juliet Hepburn:
“maybe it’s better if they don’t see my full resolution”😂
Cesar Guzman
Cesar Guzman:
Lue please do a review of the 15" Dell XPS lap top. Please man, I beg.
Tomas Idc
Tomas Idc:
6:05 it spoken to him in czech language😆
Ravil Shainidze
Ravil Shainidze:
"I believe the webcam on all MacBooks is the definition of potato camera"
- Lew 2020
Momoi Land
Momoi Land:
"New same product, but more expensive"
Smart Woods
Smart Woods:
I’ve been unable to access my my Mac , I was referred to *netoolz* on |tagrma and he fix my MacBook Pro perfectly....the dude is the greatest man
Smart Woods
Smart Woods:
I’ve been unable to access my my Mac , I was referred to *netoolz* on |tagrma and he fix my MacBook Pro perfectly....the dude is the greatest man
Benjamin Koloi
Benjamin Koloi:
"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy fox"😅✌️
The Imposter
The Imposter:
Apple: *Doesn’t reply to Lew’s email*

Lew: So you have chosen death...
Throg Warhammer
Throg Warhammer:
"It's basically exactly the same thing ..." I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.
M Nas
M Nas:
Take a shot every time he says "performance" instead of memory or processor specs
Lewis Roche
Lewis Roche:
Everytime I hear that song he tests speakers with I'm like "plz put them in the description that sounds good I want to listen too it"
nicholas choo
nicholas choo:
Finally, you talk after the Hot Wheels! Love from Malaysia!
Greg Pantelides
Greg Pantelides:
I'm with you, we need a dedicated graphics card with the 13" or 14" display. And better than a 720P webcam :-)
Moonlight playz
Moonlight playz:
Macbook: grows 0.1 inches

Unbox therapy: *bought x10*
No one:
Lew: were stopping the youtube channel cuz... we already bought all the gadgets and devices in the world
keully Holanda
keully Holanda:
Man, all the devices you bring to the table are amazing mostly. However, what stands out the most for me is your discourse management.
LostSoul 571
LostSoul 571:
Lew: maybe we get dedicated graphics

Apple: make a product that improves in only one new generation!? Why would we do that
Avatarak 393
Avatarak 393:
20th century: cold war
21st century: Lew x Apple
When you're a "proffesional", you don't care about the quality of the Webcam lew, are you nuts!!!!😂
For me the 13" model it's ok for programming so I don't need a 16" model with a dedicated graphics card :D
For some odd reason this video got recommended to me while on the same 2020 model and I don't know why, but I am watching it lol.
Timothy Jan Garnica Ngaosi
Timothy Jan Garnica Ngaosi:
Watching this because I'll be ordering mine tomorrow omg 🥺
aamer hussain
aamer hussain:
Apple: you dont have enough apple videos
Lonevee Foneey
Lonevee Foneey:
Sir you have to type “jumps” instead of “jump”. Really there’s no telling the letter ‘s’ on that keyboard might be faulty. Just saying.
Shaun Tan
Shaun Tan:
So confused on what to get... imac or this. Ugh, apple’s so expensive
Bodi Games
Bodi Games:
Have the 2019 MacBook Pro for almost a year and still have no issues with the Keyboard?
Ince Juanico
Ince Juanico:
Wow, this is one of the best laptops for video editing. I hope I have the amount of money to purchase this macbook but unfortunately I don't have. I hope someday I could own a laptop. Someday 🤞🏻
saurabh singh
saurabh singh:
Apple: Here is our new MacBook.
Lew: what's new it it?
Apple: Name.
Lew, let me have that old MacBook Air, you don’t need it.
Azim Ruzimurodov
Azim Ruzimurodov:
I love it, wish had one of it
Exotics Of lS
Exotics Of lS:
Is this a good laptop for a first year undergrad student in comp sci? I currently have a MacBook Air from 2016
Prasanth Puthiyillam
Prasanth Puthiyillam:
at 5,19 screen protector sheet, Oh my god, it is really required to keep always when we fold the laptop else the screen gets all keyboard marks. (I use a normal A4 sheet)
Bum Chow
Bum Chow:
Another year, another apple product that only improved in one category and the same as the previous
Pedro Monteiro
Pedro Monteiro:
Hey guys, sould I buy this one now or wait until the end of the year for the ARM one?
Mine lasted 10 years!! It finally died on me and now watching this and I’m unboxing my new MacBook Pro 13inch 😭😭
20_Kylie Tow
20_Kylie Tow:
I'm too broke to buy new computers so I'm stuck at home just watching these types of videos 😢
Kian P.
Kian P.:
Me: Do i want to buy a Mac Book?NO
Me: Do i want Lew to tell me the details anyway? YEs
Jason Sanderson
Jason Sanderson:
Why am I even watching this, I own this laptop
Dylan Hameleers
Dylan Hameleers:
Apple: selling you the same crap since 2000
NABEEL shahid Ali
NABEEL shahid Ali:
Unbox Therapy Ahhh send me one of the laptop i want to chill on Netflix 😅🤷🏻‍♂️
Aran Deo
Aran Deo:
hey, im starting university (COLLEGE ) what would be a good macbook or laptop to use for studying etc
Ron Falguera
Ron Falguera:
it's funny how they've been talking about small things for so long.
Is this the Space Grey choice or the regular Grey? I’m in love with the Space Grey models.
C. Curmudgeon
C. Curmudgeon:
I'm still rocking my 2013 macbook pro, amazing laptop, considering a upgrade. Is the 2020 worth it?
Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith:
I love the video it’s just I wish he would have not talked as much so we can enjoy the satisfying g stuff
visual roast
visual roast:
"A apple product a year make your money disappear "
Zev Klein
Zev Klein:
Hey let I’m a long time fan, can you do the surface book 3 and the new XPS 15?
Sanc Max
Sanc Max:
good, still rocking with my 2019 pro butterfly keyboard with the 4 year guarantee.
Audric Alvaro
Audric Alvaro:
I'm from Indonesia
And i'm always watch your video cause its very interesting for me
Troy Paul Apura
Troy Paul Apura:
From Philippines! Hoping to get one of that for my schoolworks. 'cause I don't even have one.
Kumar Siva
Kumar Siva:
Why isn’t the Apple 🍏 logo lighting up.. is this removed? I’m considering either this or HP windows laptop 💻
Giampietro Balia
Giampietro Balia:
Why would I want to get a Mac Book Pro at that crazy price when the DELL XPS 17 inches is coming out soon? 🤷🏻‍♂️
The CrazyBishop
The CrazyBishop:
We solved all the world’s problems; Apple keyboards is only one remaining ...
Pete Anderson
Pete Anderson:
Mine was permanently unlocked by Minzt3ch on ℹ️nstagram he's a genius in this field
Lew: i get "new" macbook pro 13
Me: i get "new" pc from 5 years ago
Almeer Kazi
Almeer Kazi:
Man I love that MacBook I wish I had it instead of the old one
J P:
At 06:00 - Lew selected Czech language. It's nice to hear my native language in his video :D
Trap Bunny
Trap Bunny:
Just bought the new MacBook Pro 💻 and I’m excited because like he said I’m going to become a student but I wanna dable in some creative stuff 😂
Hey Lew, I’m planning to buy my first Macbook Air. Since you’ve got a lot of Macbooks can you give me away one so I could buy a Canon M50?!!?!
JSisnear UcoolBro
JSisnear UcoolBro:
I can't afford anything this man reviews.
Peter Šipoš
Peter Šipoš:
you hit the keyboard and book speaks in czech language :-D
Eamon Brannigan
Eamon Brannigan:
I am getting my first Mac this summer for high school, and the keyboard switch makes me sad bc I love my sisters butterfly keyboard
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez:
Where in the US, are you? It would be freakin awesome in a few weeks/ months to tour your studio, man-cave, work space or whatever you wanna call your place!!! Please consider it or at the very least write back before I go full on Eminem's Stan on you lmao
I just found out your Canadian from Marques Brownlee’s video, I always thought you were Swedish for some reason....
Uma Sahu
Uma Sahu:
Best part was ......
When he realized that he don't need that knife 😂😂
I just need a 16gb version of this 😳 buh Apple playing
man i want a mac book so bad 😣but my family cant afford it ive been saving up for a while 😔
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez:
I’m saving up for an 100$ 💻
Innocent Happiness
Innocent Happiness:
I appreciate the work of kevinnick_hack on IG who fixed my MacBook lock💯
Me: so what games can it ru-

Apple: haha I’m gonna stop you right there
ward jasim
ward jasim:
11:02 you have a huge Bazel but no thikness, the camera need some depth.
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez:
when you say creative are you including music programs such as logic cause i’m a musician trying to get great performance with a one time buy that’ll last me at least 7-10 years