Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer 2020 Netflix Breakdown and Marvel Easter Eggs

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer 2020 Netflix. Marvel Avengers X-Men Easter Eggs, References. Season 1 Ending and Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer ►
Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Netfllix ►
The Boys Season 2 Trailer ►
Batman Deleted Scene Crisis On Infinite Earths ►
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Covering new Netflix Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer 2020. Marvel Avengers X-Men Easter Eggs and References. Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episodes, Season 1 Ending Scene Breakdown. New Timeline, Umbrella Academy Dallas Comic Book Changes explained.

And upcoming schedule Summer 2020. The Boys Season 2 Episodes will be next, then Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Episodes, Marvel Avengers Falcon and Winter Soldier Episodes, Wandavision Episodes and lots more! According to Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer the series will be 2021.

Currently Marvel 2020 Movies and Disney Plus Series are Black Widow Movie, Avengers Falcon and Winter Soldier and Wandavision Episodes.

New Venom 2 Trailer, more Morbius Trailer videos coming soon. Marvel Eternals Trailer, Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer, Wandavision Trailer and lots more Spiderman 3 Movie news. So I'll try to post updates and big announcements between Trailer videos and Episodes!

Leave all your video requests and big questions in the video comments!

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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome:
Here's my new Netflix Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer and Easter Eggs! Post all your predictions in the coments. Here's my new Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer video too!
"The person" who is speaking to Five and tells him the world's going to end is an aged Hazel!
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
this show is so underrated, i can’t wait
fairy sasuhina130392
fairy sasuhina130392:
“Hey Klaus is Ben here?”
“No unfortunately ghost can’t time travel”
“Are you kidding me?!”
Lol I just love them. T-T
Kaitlyn Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn Kaitlyn:
Is anyone else not surprised that Klaus has his own cult 😂😂
This show's been on my mind since Season 1 ended.
I HEARD A RUMOR that this season will be awesome. Let's high five!
Andrew Jamison
Andrew Jamison:
hopefully, they do not treat Vanya like they did originally and actually help her try to control her power.
We need Ben back. I wanna see him be with the family physically
*8:17** What you missed is that #6/Ben closed the car door himself. Either Klaus is getting much better with his powers, or Ben is back! Either way I’m stoked.*
Thomas Gransden
Thomas Gransden:
I thought Luther got injected with something, didn’t have his head put onto the body of a gorilla?
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck:
Finally and I thought this wasn't a good year
Doom Patrol, Umbrella Academy, The Boys...we are living the moment of misfit TV. 😅
Robster_ Skip
Robster_ Skip:
Task Force
Task Force:
The first season was actually good hoping that this season turns out to be good too.
Trucker Ford
Trucker Ford:
this season is going to be crazy!!!
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson:
Ben can sometimes interact with the world around him. He punched Klaus before. That slap fight was probably real.
KT Studioz
KT Studioz:
According to a Nerdist article, Vanya gets amnesia because she’s hit by a car.
Can’t Allison just say “nobody will die” and boom problem fixed. Jk I love the show
Cally Cagney
Cally Cagney:
Luther got injected with something, he didn't get his head transplanted onto a gorilla
x Hikari x
x Hikari x:
These people really can’t catch a break huh 😂
Eduardo Lopez 3
Eduardo Lopez 3:
"Reign terror ain't over yet"-2020
"You sure about that"-the Boys and Umbrella Academy Season 2
0:48 Klaus: My cult, is going to be so pissed. I told them we had until 2019.
Five: We have until Monday. 😁
Cory Drummond
Cory Drummond:
Klaus is my favorite! Him and number 5!

I wonder what happened to Cha Cha (Mary J Blige). I hope she comes back!

I love Alison’s power. They didn’t showcase her power enough
Koby The Mauricio
Koby The Mauricio:
umbrella academy, the boys, and lucifer

I really hope Luthers character develops, he’s pretty boring in season 1
Lyubomir Georgiev
Lyubomir Georgiev:
When the "matrix" knife dodge happens in the trailer and the knife sticks into the pillar you can hear quite a bit of water splashing noise which sounds purposefully in focus alongside the knife sound. Maybe its foreshadowing Diego using his infinite breathing ability since it wasn't really shown in season 1.
Ken Isabelo Leones
Ken Isabelo Leones:
Never read the comics but after watching the trailer, I quickly remembered Stephen King's novel 11/22/63 where the plot was basically a time traveller trying to stop the JFK assassination. Spoilers ahead but in the novel, he initially succeeded but that created a post-apocalyptic future instead. That's sort of like the vibe I'm getting from all of this so I'm guessing they need to actually get JFK killed. I'm also guessing that Five's supposed last mission (which he didn't do so he could bail out) was to help with the assassination. Or idk, time travel is confusing. Let's go, season 2!
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams:
Today has been a good day for trailers
K Eng
K Eng:
Aw they got it wrong the end of the world isn’t 2019, it’s 2020
Isn't the lady from the mental institution following Diego similar to the one in Legion? I just can't help but think that she's not real
Connor Surette
Connor Surette:
This season looks even better than the first! Can't wait to watch this July 31st!
Cristina Claudia
Cristina Claudia:
So, if they told Hargreaves to adopt them, what was that "scene" with him when his wife died and those glowing stuff shouting into the sky? I thought he was same alien or samething more wierder 🥺
Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol good stuff
You used Luther's comic reasoning for his look. Hargreaves injected him with a simian serum to save him from dying. Thus resulting in his physique.
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine:
Season 1 ends with them turning into kids but then they’re adults did they live out their lives in the past
"It's been a while since season 1." A while? It's been over a year.
Kristian Hall
Kristian Hall:
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 February 15 2019
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 July 31 2020
The Umbrella Academy Season 3 October 8 2021
The Umbrella Academy Season 4 October 21 2022
I literally just watched the trailer then saw this thumbnail when I closed it 😂
I've been waiting on this show since season 1 ended.
The Optimistic Pessimist
The Optimistic Pessimist:
My thought on them having their adult body's is that they did go back as children but something went wrong and they went further back than intended and had to grow up again.
Michael Nusbaum
Michael Nusbaum:
Can’t wait for the umbrella academy season 2!
Magdalena Sacco
Magdalena Sacco:
"I told them we had until 2019!"
Maybe they shouldn't prevent THAT end of the world. Nobody actually wants 2020 to happen.
Red Wine
Red Wine:
I’m the only person that I know that watches this show. I’m so happy you made a video about it
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera:
Hazel is the old guy telling number 5 when the world end ☠☠☠💥
KimAckerman 21
KimAckerman 21:
I've season 1 about seven times now I remembee everything
the batman
the batman:
Damn it why can't the boys come back in July too 😢
Matthew Quinones
Matthew Quinones:
Yes Charlie! I’ve been waiting for this vid literally all day👍🏼
S h o o k
S h o o k:
I literally screamed when Carmichael showed up, he looks exactly like I expected him to look like
Daebreon Buie
Daebreon Buie:
“End of the world November 25” Yo that’s my birthday!
Kevin Najera
Kevin Najera:
man I can't wait for this new season and it looks much action packed also they have a hallway fight scene so just take my time get it and hope we get an explanation of how Ben died
rashad razool
rashad razool:
Any klaus and five fans here! They are legends💯
Can we acknowledge how shook Diego was when Hargreeves dodges his knife🤣🤣
I’ve been waiting for a long time😩😩😩😩
R awr Hunter
R awr Hunter:
Bruh im so fast that the flash was by my side yess finally some news for umbrella academy
Michelle Watson
Michelle Watson:
This show is like the Munsters with superheroes. I love it.
“Aw man, my cult’s gonna be so pissed about this! I told them we had until 2019!”
“We have until Monday.”
Why is that so funny
Supreme IO
Supreme IO:
Comics books haven't been written for children since the comics code authority in the 50s-70s.
To the 1% of people who see this have a great day/ night and I wish you all the best stay safe and be grateful for everything in your life❤️
Josh Hoehne
Josh Hoehne:
This will be a great tide-me-over while waiting for The Boys season 2!
Ben spooner
Ben spooner:
4:00 am I the only one who noticed that the person is hazel a few years after he time traveled away.
NDT TvClips Reborn
NDT TvClips Reborn:
I heard a rumor there's going to be a season 3
Qazi Rabbi
Qazi Rabbi:
Took you long enough I was waiting for your trailer breakdown since the trailer dropped!!
Question: Do you think they will reveal that hergaves might be an alien!?
Lego Harry Potter Fanatic Deanna Joy
Lego Harry Potter Fanatic Deanna Joy:
I'm starved for new content! Finally. I know there was a rumor that we were getting a younger cast. I'm really glad it's the originals, in the past.
Righteous One
Righteous One:
I've been waiting for this... The Comic book is awesome....
Cross Verse
Cross Verse:
I have been waiting for this
been waiting for this <3
Nice vid, and season two is going to be epic
Xiao Yang
Xiao Yang:
Started and finished season 1 in a day, yesterday!! Loving it! By the way was Luther’a head transplanted? I thought he was just injected with the gorilla cell based recovery serum that made him all bulky and hairy. And I like watching your breakdowns as always! after I finish a show I’d always be sure to dig out your breakdowns in case I miss anything important! Keep up the good work!
Jose Palacios
Jose Palacios:
Never heard of this show but I'm intrested
Nikki DiNezza
Nikki DiNezza:
@8:17 I think it's even better than you said Charlie! I think Ben somehow comes back to life and reunites with the others this season! That's why he can close the car door and Klaus can tackle him! He couldn't interact with the physical realm for the majority of the first season, so i think these two scenes are relevant.
Jambette Frog
Jambette Frog:
i wonder what happened to cha cha. hope she comes back :(
Nicole _
Nicole _:
Vanya's gonna have nothing to do this season lol oh well I'm still hyped
Call 911pls
Call 911pls:
5:36 oopsie that happened in the comics. In the show he had a syrum injected in him to save his life and turn his body into a gorilla.

Edit: holy crap you guys need to rewatch the shows. Half of this is comics only
Chris P.
Chris P.:
Doom Patrol
Umbrella Academy
The Boys
This year is finally getting better
Arturo Cintron
Arturo Cintron:
Yeeeeeesssss! This show is amazing!
Nick Milligan
Nick Milligan:
Klaus creating a cult is amazing, and I can’t wait to see more of the relationship between him and Ben
Priyanshu Ranjan
Priyanshu Ranjan:
I don't know about this but the trailer look damn good!🤩
LaToya Fulton
LaToya Fulton:
I can't wait. I never read the comics but LOVED season 1. This is MY kind of show!
Uninstall Cabal
Uninstall Cabal:
I forgot I ever watched this series, especially when you watched the boys
Rons Bin
Rons Bin:
Klaus can be a really good Jack Sparrow
Heshy Stone
Heshy Stone:
I heard that episode 6 of season 2 is called the mischievous 12
Five will never change out of that uniform lol
Brian Stanaland
Brian Stanaland:
This looks much better than season 1.
Neil Neazer
Neil Neazer:
Can't wait!!! (Same comment thousands have said).
Jeff Gavioli
Jeff Gavioli:
I always thought this series took place "out of time" or something to the effect. In Season 1 nobody had cell phones, phone booths were abundant, and nothing appeared modern per se. Now Klaus references 2019 talking about the cult. Can you explain this Charlie?
Five for me was the MVP in season 1
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy:
This is one of two of the shows i love, Umbrella Academy to The Boys are the best on streaming.
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy:
I’ll be binging all of this on July 31st for sure. Absolutely loved the first season.
I wonder why?
I wonder why?:
something i really cant wait for is the new soundtrack for this season! 1st season had such good music and there seems to be a new gerard song in the trailer so i really cant wait for it!!!
Kadar Abdullahi
Kadar Abdullahi:
"My cult is going to be so pissed" 🤯😂😂😂
Zipblock Archives
Zipblock Archives:
This and Doom Patrol need to crossover.
David Mayberry
David Mayberry:
I was just scrolling through my Netflix list wondering when and if season 2 would be coming.
Michael Josias
Michael Josias:
i really love this show. been waiting for an eternity!!
I think Ben actually comes back physically...
Perry Robitionate
Perry Robitionate:
@ 0:04 That's the (long closed) Avon Theatre on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton. One of the many single-screen cinemas the city used to have. Definitely a regular hangout back in the day.
Luigi Fan998
Luigi Fan998:
FINALLY! I have been waiting so long for this, that I actually got the first 2 runs of Umbrella Academy for last Christmas!
Mickey Johno
Mickey Johno:
I loved him in misfits I liked that show but I havent watched any of these so I'm definitely going to
I love this show and the season comes out on my bday can't wait
Tax the egg
Tax the egg:
This is the best show ever I have been waiting for this for ever I have watched this almost 20 times since release I’m going to have to rewatch to get prepared
Alisha Parker
Alisha Parker:
Can’t wait for season2☂️⛱🌂