Umbrella Academy Season 2: The Sparrow Academy Explained

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On October 1, 1989, 43 women around the world give birth simultaneously, despite none of them showing any sign of pregnancy until labor began. Seven of the children are adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves, and turned into a superhero team in what he calls "The Umbrella Academy". Hargreeves gives the children numbers rather than names, but they eventually are named by their nanny robot-mother, Grace, as: Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five (his only name), Ben, and Vanya. While putting six of his children to work fighting crime, Reginald keeps Vanya apart from her siblings' activities, as she supposedly demonstrates no powers of her own.

In the present day, Luther is a part-animal who lived on the moon for four years, Allison is a famous actress, Vanya is a violinist, Klaus has a drug addiction, Ben is a ghost able to converse only with Klaus, and Diego has become a vigilante with a penchant for trouble. The estranged siblings learn that Reginald has died and gather for his funeral. Number Five returns from the future, chased by vigilantes, and reveals that a global apocalypse is imminent. Meanwhile, the reunited siblings try to uncover the secret of their dysfunctional family while beginning to come apart due to their divergent personalities and abilities.

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Key Issues
Key Issues:
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the umbrella academy is the ceo of having the best and worst cliffhangers
Cris Almeida
Cris Almeida:
Here I go again. I binge watch a season in a day while spending the rest of the year watching videos and theorizing bout it... ;^;
Gamer M.D.
Gamer M.D.:
favorite moment is when Ben asks vanya for a hug. it give the feels how much he longs for his family 😭😭
jaylon wells
jaylon wells:
Favorite moment is Klaus and Vanya and Allison dance
Dillon Maynard
Dillon Maynard:
My favorite moment is when Five considers Reginald's advice and saves everyone by jumping back a couple seconds.
Cj Aem
Cj Aem:
but can we talk about the scene where five said "IM THE DADDY NOW!"

not a soul in the world:

not even Luther complaining about going to the moon:

not even the mute child:

not even Allison telling us a rumor she heard:


edit: thanks for the likes .!
my favorite moment of season 2? SO MANYYY
-Endgame style scene where all agents teleport in
-klaus/ben story line
- allison using her powers like a boss
- more actual character development for vanya/ her and sissy relationship
Bianca Arco
Bianca Arco:
Favorite moment was when the siblings got inside Vanya's car, I was literally bawling my eyes out cause the scene was so beautiful 😭😭. I honestly thought that they wouldn't help Vanya but they freaking came whaaaat. The Umbrella Academy sibs for life!!!!!
Jay S
Jay S:
That’s how every season will end is what I think. They’ll go back and make mistakes.
Caroline Kimani
Caroline Kimani:
I’m so hyped for season 3
Friscilla Angelica
Friscilla Angelica:
When five said " i can do this all day " while fighting with his self, all i can think is when captain america fighting with his self in endgame and said the exact same line.
Space Ninja
Space Ninja:
So if the sparrow academy is a version of the umbrella academy with different members that means they all have powers which also means they were all born on the same day as the umbrella academy members so why do they all look younger?
Sly X
Sly X:
Theory: the moment where Ben passes away when he is hugging Vanya, he is not passing away, since they changed the timeline he just disappeared because he didn’t die.
Maroon Sheep
Maroon Sheep:
who else watched it when it came out, slept late, when woke up FINISHED IT
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz:
My opinion Diego's fault when he warned grace about hargreeves possible involvement in the Kennedy assassination there relationship ended after she questioned Hargreaves about it
my favorite moment, I think, was when Allison and Klaus met by the pool after all that time. They were so genuinely happy to see each other and their reactions were just really heartwarming.
MusicallyPiano_&Awesome oof
MusicallyPiano_&Awesome oof:
When you binge watch the season in not even a day
I don't want some tears telling this...

But, my favorite moment is when Ben hugged Vanya. 🥺 So cute and too powerful to make me cry. 😭
Bubba R
Bubba R:
I think the sparrow academy might be connected to Harlan some way in the show because of how he still has powers at the end of the season and how he has that toy bird which I think is a sparrow.
Madison Morris
Madison Morris:
Great. I said to myself to pace out the season so I won’t have to wait as long until the next season came out. But. What the heck did I end up doing? Binged the entire season from the moment I woke up until now. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’d like to have a little self control once in a while....
No ones talking about the floating green cube and it’s stressing me out
My favorite part is when allison met klaus. She was so cute running in the water lol
Did anyone else laugh hard at that part where Lila stuck her tongue out on Luthers sentence 😌
El Michetto
El Michetto:
I like the fact Five talk with Hargreeves about his time travel failed plan and how Hargreeves that time really help him to sove the problem
All the series problem was Hargreeves doin wrong with the way he teach them how to use the powers
And see Five learning how to travel seconds and not decades was great and really usefull for the plot
Quikk Sticks
Quikk Sticks:
Every season so far “yeah um we are just going to leave this at a cliffhanger”
Its BS
Its BS:
My favorite part was definitely the two crazy fives
Five to young Five :"I can do this all day"
Everyone : "I understood that reference "
C. Marie
C. Marie:
favourite moment when The Handler kills all the Umbrella Academy without pre- villain speech bs that'd allow the heroes to survive (ik Five travelled back in time to save them and all but still)
Welp just waited one year to watch a season in one day, still Diego controlling bullets was worth it and the best moment (for me)
Caroline Kimani
Caroline Kimani:
My most favourite moment of season 2 was when number 5 had the awesome one on one with his younger self. Very complicated but fun. I followed everyone and subbed to the channel, keep up the good content and I hope I win
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker:
Favorite moment from season 2 is when Reginald Hargreeves is revealed to be an alien
My favourite moment from season 2 was when the handler teleported all the commission combatants and ba ya easily kills all of them.
Yahye Mohamed
Yahye Mohamed:
Here’s my theory: In the last scene, We see Harlan (The Muted Or Autistic Kid whatever) Make a Bird doll float, I think somehow, Reginald found Harlan and Teamed up with him, The scene where The Swedish guy says ”Inte mer” Which means Not more, Lila Runs to get a briefcase and travels back to 2019 (i think) But Then She arrives at the Academy at the Diner Table, Then No One knows anything about what just happened, like she didnt just Whoosh from nowhere, Then She Looks all confused but then Ben ask her if she’s alright. Long Story Short, Harlan and Lila are in the Academy, But I think Harlan is just their trainer
Just Bingo
Just Bingo:
Favorite moment of season 2:
When Reginald literally pulls his face of, revealing to us that he's something like a fucking alien
Jago Nexus
Jago Nexus:
Reginald is a very odd character. He really is part of the good guys but he just went about it the wrong way with raising them. With the sparrows still together, he must have seriously changed how he dealt with his adoptive children for them to want to be with him still. I just feel like this is going to be a typical: The new team is better than the old one( Reginald was able to traim them better) and they quit at first but then learned there are more aspects to their powers ( Hinted by reginald in season 1 and im talking strictly netflix versiom since the comics are much different) and they show that they are actually better than the sparrows.
London Aaron
London Aaron:
I feel like since been is alive that means that we will all be able to see the mission and exact moment Ben had died
Moo Floable
Moo Floable:
Ben's last words to Vanya that's my favorite moment ☹
tornike bukhrashvili
tornike bukhrashvili:
Helthiest long-term relationship in this family was when five was benging that mannequin
magistic maya
magistic maya:
i wish it was like the kissing booth where they said there was a 3rd part before we could breathe. i would love that
Kevin Waerd
Kevin Waerd:
My favorite moment of Season 2 is definitely Ben possessing Vanya, entering her mind, and going into the afterlife. It was beautiful, emotional, and I was so glad to see Ben able to talk to his family members again, even if it was short lived.
C C:
Number 5 going full on Tracer’s recall was definitely one of the highlight
Awts Gege
Awts Gege:
My favorite scene is when they fought Lila and the commission
Siddhant Kumar
Siddhant Kumar:
my favorite moment from season 2 is when the swede joins Destiny's children (Klaus Cult)
David Gregorye
David Gregorye:
I love this show but I will continue to say this number 5 brings bad ass will always be my favorite parts of the show
Ariel Martin
Ariel Martin:
Ok so the ending made me very confused but season 2's trailer made me very confused but they came thru so ima trust that they have a great way to explain all of this
Josh Orton
Josh Orton:
My favorite part of Season 2 was when Ben possessed Klaus.
Deisi Yunga
Deisi Yunga:
My favourite moment of season 2 was "Öga for Öga" just became a new classic!
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker:
I swear if they mess up the timeline even more in season 3....
One Bright Star
One Bright Star:
I literally yelled at the screen when it ended "WHAT DID THEY MESS UP THIS TIME?" lmao
crypto god
crypto god:
Wait if they stopped 2019 doomsday that means cha cha is real again!
A P:
My fave moment will always be Ben sacrificing himself to save Vanya. I was devastated when I realized what he was doing especially since he and Klaus were just starting to figure out the extent of Klaus' powers. I genuinely thought that was the last time we see Ben.

Thanks for this opportunity. Twitter: ayraness
Riley Verdict
Riley Verdict:
Just finished season two and am going to buy the Umbrella Academy: Dallas comic
My favorite moment was in the last episode of season 2 there is a scene where diego and vanya sits together on an stairway and lies their heads on each others shoulders.....😍😍
I felt happy that finally they both realizes that they always needed each other from the start to make it call a FAMILY.....😇😇
Fainteds Eboy Friend
Fainteds Eboy Friend:
My most liked scene is when we get the montage of Klause being the cult leader in ep.3
Ronsay Semilla
Ronsay Semilla:
My favorite moment of season 2 is when five said "IM THE DADDY HERE" i screamed so hard hahaa
Keeranbikash Patra
Keeranbikash Patra:
How could the whole time travel thing mess up the original academy's name, given that 7 landed in 1963 longafter Reginald had already owned The Umbrella Company?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Damn my favorite moment was when both fives were plotting to ice each othet lol
Christian Andrei Laplap
Christian Andrei Laplap:
My favorite moment was when Ben went to "the light" and saved (Vanya and the world)
Space Ninja
Space Ninja:
I really hope there's a Umbrella academy v the Sparrow academy episode in season 3 not as enemies tho probably just a training session or something
Krystal Smith
Krystal Smith:
My favorite moment is when Vanya and Allison reunite and Allison immediately hugs her even though after all they’ve been through.
Maybe lila is part of the sparrow academy or whatever academy she's in idk
Malik Tyson
Malik Tyson:
Favorite moment of season 2 when five murdered the board of directors. I mean we've been told time and time again that five was the best agent at the commission but I think this was the first time we saw it how deadly he could really be.
Simp AvOCadOs
Simp AvOCadOs:
Well now im hoping quarantine doesnt stop so i can binge watch season 3 peacefully in a single day next year lol
Eunhaneun Anae
Eunhaneun Anae:
Just finished watching the season 2. Damn what a masterpiece, can't wait for season 3
snehal sharma
snehal sharma:
The part where they find out laila is one of them. And also when you find out Reginald is actually something else altogether. And ofcourse when Ben saved Vanya.
Diego making Grace distrust Reginald creates the sparrow academy
Tgank you, been waiting for this
Johan Deleon
Johan Deleon:
My favorite part in season 2 is, when allison tried to manipulate lila by her power, ended up she's the one whose been manipulated.

Allison: i heard a rumor.
Lila: that you stop breathing

Hey i heard a rumor that i win your comic giveaway!
Christine Namuddu
Christine Namuddu:
We still don’t know how exactly Ben does thoooo
Favorite moment... Hmmm gosh there's so many! Well, my top 3 will be;
1. When Vanya needs to let go of Sissy. I felt the emotion of Sissy needs to take good care of the kid and not being selfish l throughout the series.
2. Vanya asks for her siblings' help when she needs to go save Harlan ( it's the part where she was turned down, and I thought, yeah family's really meant to let you down sometimes.)
3. When they all went to the car to save Harlan. Best part was when Luther went in the back. 😂
Tetsu Hatano
Tetsu Hatano:
Honestly my reaction to the ending was similar to the umbrella academy only instead of saying “s$&t” I said “F?$k”
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B.:
Lila grabbed a briefcase before the Hargreeves got one and went back to 2019. Maybe Lila messed up the timeline?
nightmare `
nightmare `:
they probably ended up in another timeline or a parallel/alternate dimension/universe.
Aldy Bandojo
Aldy Bandojo:
When i saw ben i said "EDGY BEN"
I think the last one of the sparrow academy is Harlan because he got shot by his dad and then his dad was the one who got shot
Marcus Henrique
Marcus Henrique:
If you want you see that the characters from the sparrow academy resemble the ones from the umbrella like the voodoo guy is the klaus of the group
tara gontkovic
tara gontkovic:
My favorite parts are definitely any scene with Ben and that whole Diego/Lila relationship
kerlyn simon
kerlyn simon:
Uuuggghhh this show is to much for me 😭 like we can’t get a break, I’m just curious who plays the children of sparrow academy and what are there abilities
My favorite moment is when the last triplet of the Swedes comes back and kills the handler
YuGo Asap4Ever
YuGo Asap4Ever:
my favourie moment was when Dyego asked if Lila was their biological sister, and everyone was like LMAO WTF
Dufunges 1
Dufunges 1:
Favorite moment was the finally were the umbrella academy battled lila and the handler. P.S can I please have the book
emon qc
emon qc:
my favorite moments would be when klaus first visited dave at the store where dave works, then when klaus approached dave at the diner and lastly when dave visited klaus at his mansion. i felt klaus' deep love for dave. i cried my eyes out during these scenes.
Emrik Thingelstad
Emrik Thingelstad:
My favorite part was when Ben took control over Claus
Bryan Crombach
Bryan Crombach:
My favourite moment of season 2 is when no.5 has to confront his older looking younger self and goes through the seven stages of paradox psychosis.
johnny looey
johnny looey:
i like how we’re all here confused about the ending and it hasn’t even been like less than a day and we all already finished binging season 2😭.
C. Scott Davis
C. Scott Davis:
It’s so hard to pick a favourite moment. This season was just so fantastic. I really liked season 1, but I absolutely loved season 2. If I have to choose a favourite moment it’s probably when Vanya is about go alone and the others get in the car, one by one. Beautiful moment!
Will Buk'em
Will Buk'em:
do they ever explain where the villains comes from?
maybe some of the other kids that were never found became villains themselves 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
Classic Car Fanatic
Classic Car Fanatic:
No one gonna talk abt the classic cars in this season?
My favorite scene the " final" battle of the season. I thought it was so cool to see them all use their abilities the way they do and finding out what hidden gems they've got. I never read the comics but I'm trying to get a collection going. The show is just so cool that I want to dive in deeper ❤️
Putri Edgina
Putri Edgina:
I literally just finished watching season 2 like a few minutes ago 😭😭😭😭
BB Slayer
BB Slayer:
I’m wondering about that floating box on the left...
Also never watch with a violin player, my sister was screaming about the season 1 violin playing
Ryan Yu
Ryan Yu:
Favourite moment of season 2 for me was when Diego realizes Ben really was possessing Klaus.
rich 527
rich 527:
My favorite moment is when allison rumors the swedish into killing his own brother
Hands down my favorite moment is when can ya, Allison, and allays dance in the salon. Just some family fun time before the end of the world ya know
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger:
My favorite moment in season two was when five killed the twelve members of the board. But, I do feel bad for him because he doesn’t want to kill anymore but, he had what he had to do to get a briefcase and try and get his family back to 2019 but, it didn’t work out so well. I mainly like it because it’s so badass. Also, I can’t forget about all the Klaus and Ben scenes. Klaus and ben are just so funny together, I love it. But, I’m sad about Ben. I have some hope that Ben will be there in season three, hopefully. Changing the subject but, does anyone want to share their least favorite character to their favorite out of all seven of them? Mine is, Luther, Vanya, Allison, Diego, Ben, Klaus, and Five. Ben and Klaus are basically on the same level of love, can’t choose one to love more.
My favorite moment was when there dad was threatened and was like nope i aint taken this and just straight up took his face off 🤣
Justin Aureo
Justin Aureo:
My favorite moment was when diego learned to control bullets that was so lit!!! Lol
Francis Chino Lopez
Francis Chino Lopez:
Favorite scene is when they finally meet their Father yet again it did not surprise me that in his eyes these gang is a disappointment and maybe that is why he had the Sparrow instead of Umbrella