'Umbrella Academy' David Castañeda Talks Knife Training Role Prep & Season 2 | In Studio

'The Umbrella Academy' star David Castañeda joins The Hollywood Reporter in studio to talk about preparation for the hit Netflix show, which included knife training, working with the talented cast, season 2, and more!

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100+ komento:

Ern Wask
Ern Wask:
"hes a kid in a man's body" wow the exact opposite of five
Pancakes McPan
Pancakes McPan:
Not to be dramatic but David can choke me.
Necole Ross
Necole Ross:
David is very personable and not awkward like some other celebrities out there. It makes him much more likeable.
Gearóid Pikington
Gearóid Pikington:
David was great in the Umbrella academy. His characters relationship with his mom was tragic. Diego is a great complex character.
David is a really great actor. All of the actors are great on the show, especially Sheehan.
The season was really interesting and they have plenty more material to adapt.

The interviewer is really great. Good job. The Hollywood reporter has some great journalists.
hanonym 13
hanonym 13:
"I wanted to join the show, 'couse i needed a job."

I do hope that this honest man keeps being employed 😁 can't wait for season 2 💩✌
how are people so pretty but also so easy and interesting to listen to? how can some people be so perfect? im offended?
Why am I getting such flirty bisexual vibes from the banter at the beginning
He looks serious here but when you go to his ig page you see a shirtless guy without a top lip lol
Jazmin Something
Jazmin Something:
Can dance
Can cook
Speaks Spanish (I don't even understand Spanish)
Likes MCR
AND also he be lookin' like a WHOLE snack

Uhhhhmmm can I please marry him
Nayla Deyuti
Nayla Deyuti:
david can punch me in the face and i would say thank you
arwen b
arwen b:
he’s out there looking like a buffet
Naveera Khan
Naveera Khan:
I could listen to David Castaneda talk about Diego all day

It's always interesting to hear the actor's interpretation of their character and I love that David did so much research to help develop Diego. Great interview!
Margies Life
Margies Life:
I’m pretty sure David can make any man go gay for him
beep beep eddie
beep beep eddie:
ok but david singlehandedly makes me proud to be mexican
im in love with the way david pronounces diego in the most spanish way possible like "dee-ye-go" rather than "dee-yay-go"
Lorraine Zea
Lorraine Zea:
I've been watching David's interviews for 3hours now. I think I'm starting to develop an unhealthy obsession with this man! Please send HELP!
Call me a dinosaur. I don't see flirtation in the interview. Just two friendly guys.
Kate Zebra
Kate Zebra:
«I was playing football and did theater »-Troy Bolton ,who ?
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant:
I can't believe David likes MCR and had an emo phase!
Tigris 797
Tigris 797:
what a snack
Niamh McGrath
Niamh McGrath:
not to be me but i think im ready to die for this man.
tessa hartman
tessa hartman:
its physically impossible for me to not smile when david is talking
Emily Escott
Emily Escott:
do i know if david castaneda is bi? no. does he radiate bi energy? yes.
sword butterflies
sword butterflies:
He played football and did theatre ? So his high school life was basically high school musical.
Also cassie casanada
Brian: Can I borrow it?
David: **tilts head** yeah

Do I sincerely hope that David asked the interviewer out to dinner later? Yes, yes I do
Notice that he's usually much quieter in interviews with other cast-members, but when its just him he's really charismatic and confident?
I'm binge watching all David's interviews both in English and Spanish because it is so enjoyable. He said in one of them that the whole doing a press tour and promoting something is very new to him but he is nailing it. He is so humble, considerate of the interviewers, honest, and keeps it funny but in a calm not over the top way.
bring me thanoos
bring me thanoos:
i think i’m falling in love with him
David is so talented and articulate. Ain’t gonna lie, I’m obsessed over him. I still remember he was a dick in the first few episodes but I told myself “Dang, I love this guy!” Diego’s sarcasm cracked me up and I love the fact that he is a softie but has a tough exterior. That’s why he is my favourite in TUA. ☺️
5:18 “can I borrow it” then he tilts his head “yeah” dude I’d be blushing so hard.
is david flirting with the reporter? it was really cute tbh
Rainbow In The Dark
Rainbow In The Dark:
uh...what a beautiful man.
Rain Fairy
Rain Fairy:
Gosh yes! Thank you for asking about the dance scene! I really wanted to know! He really got some moves there!
this is me
this is me:
You can really see how his personality would mesh with Robert Sheehan's.
Little Darling
Little Darling:
how is david so adorable
The Jaded Messiah
The Jaded Messiah:
1:15, 1:18, 1:20 the three times David says yes, with each one my knees get weaker. Such a soothing deep voice.. so calm... like damn. What a handsome and pleasant man he is.
Leslie Jimenez
Leslie Jimenez:
David Castaneda: yes
Bernard P.
Bernard P.:
I just got pregnant by looking at him ❤️
Gülcin Hasirci
Gülcin Hasirci:
"Maybe I have a job, maybe I don't" bro 😂
Champagne_ Swizzle
Champagne_ Swizzle:
Vanya: * is panicking *

Luther: Let me put you in a -headlock- hug
Have you ever seen a man so beautiful
diego was my favourite character i love his relationships with grace and klaus especially
does he have a stutter irl too? Ahhh our bb
"you got it right" *the editor leaves out the ñ in the video*
Good interview! David is a great actor and interesting person. Diego have much personality, I really like the show.
To me, Luther trying to restrain Vanya rather than helping her was more of a thing of him feeling like that was just the best decision, because he's always been battling things. And it connects to the fact that he's a bit arrogant about being "Number One" which came up a few times throughout the series. He felt like he was great and powerful and better, but the fact is that he's not. It also showed up in scenes like the Auditorium, where Vanya looked at Allison and smiled, and seemed like the might go alright for a while, but then Luther came out trying to be this big hero, and ended up making things more extreme.
when i saw this in my feed i read it as "The Umbrella Academy 'Dad' Castañeda" and now im dying
Rain Fairy
Rain Fairy:
Also David and Diego have my heart equally! We needa protect them!
GayMer_ Freak
GayMer_ Freak:
David Castañeda is my future husband.
Y'all are invited to the wedding. 😁
Koushick Talukdar
Koushick Talukdar:
David Castaneda is an excellent actor I loved his performance as Diego on Umbrella Academy
I'm in love with David lips
anonymous -
anonymous -:
This dude is an amazing Interviewer omg! This dude makes a super relaxed atmosphere, or maybe it's just David, idk, it just works
*S N A C C*
Elizabeth Coyle
Elizabeth Coyle:
The one dislike is Reginald
Reena Dixit
Reena Dixit:
Wow, David did so much work into his character and I appreciate that so much. I also love the fact that he's implementing small little things into his day to day life in order to be the best character for Diego as he can be. Playing with knives, his background in dancing, and all these different things just culminated into his version of Diego Hargreeves and I love that. I love that he used his background and who he is as a person to play this character. This shows his dedication and his hard working abilities as an actor
Schiffon Wise
Schiffon Wise:
His smile his face his hair. Amazing I love him hes the best
The best thing about this interview is David talking about Luther’s intentions for locking up Vanya
Fer Edits
Fer Edits:
David is a great actor, has a very charming personality and I couldn’t love him more ❤️
S. T.
S. T.:
He's so beautiful it hurts
Why on earth is this man so adorable... I can't even be thirsty I just wanna hug him...why's he so soft for... 😭😭
Michael Obiabumuo
Michael Obiabumuo:
Yakisoba Dreams
Yakisoba Dreams:
What an articulate young man! Loved hearing his thoughts about his characters and the show in general.
twenty one aliens
twenty one aliens:
i love how they just start talking about the interviewers last name,, ugh i love him sm
General Ramos
General Ramos:
Finally someone nailed his surname.
Nicholas Garcia
Nicholas Garcia:
These two were so into each other it was adorbs
Alejandra Acøsta
Alejandra Acøsta:
tbh i need a man like him, cool and badass but also with the mexican family background to make my grandma happy lol
Gabrielle Gama
Gabrielle Gama:
He understands his character so much. Such a great actor and a even better person ❤️
Melanie Conway
Melanie Conway:
I love that he actually made an effort to learn specific types so that he could stay true to the form(s)!
i said whoever threw that paper, your moms a hoe
i said whoever threw that paper, your moms a hoe:
God he’s so pretty 🥵😻💍
Glad to know he’s not an ass like Diego. Nope. David is just super genuine.
Zero dislikes. After almost 6k views? I'm impressed.
Rui Angeles
Rui Angeles:
I love the casting of the umbrella academy i love all the characters and the actors
He is soo cute! One of my favorites on the show ♥
Rodrigo Moreira
Rodrigo Moreira:
Gotta say the cast for this show was outstanding! I love each and one of them <3
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
Gorgeous Diego 😍
David is literally an angel sent from heaven wtf
December Winchester
December Winchester:
Omg David is so fine!!! I'd drank his bath water 👀. I have such a crush on him. I gotta get over it cause he'll never be mine 😥
Molly Gibbs-Verelli
Molly Gibbs-Verelli:
I LOVE Diego he's my fav! And David did such a great job in the show
"he was like 'kick me'" yEAH DAVID KICK ME
Clarence Hon
Clarence Hon:
He's so cute oh my 😳
Leticia Carrasco
Leticia Carrasco:
David has a great personality a big personality but calm one is just wow
the comments r so thirsty and its a mood
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer:
God, that man is gorgeous
faucet water
faucet water:
I want to be friends with him
He is great. I like him a lot
Emily Jennings
Emily Jennings:
i love how they just have a random conversation at the start
I love this interview so much!
Grace Victoria
Grace Victoria:
I really like Diego he’s my favourite he’s so masculine lol
Virginia Mooney
Virginia Mooney:
It's canon. Diego watches Fresh Prince
Zoe Is Here
Zoe Is Here:
God I love David
Sapphire Sky824
Sapphire Sky824:
This was such an awesome interview. The guy asking questions is genuinely interested and relates to certain things which makes David more enthusiastic and appreciative.
Mia Fairchild
Mia Fairchild:
5:18 HE IS SOOO ADORABLE <333333
Is it just me or he looks like jensen ackles. Therefore a total snack😍😍
Lovely Untamed
Lovely Untamed:
Omg.... I'm torn between him and Robert Sheehan. Like they're both so sexy
Raephaele Masirnille
Raephaele Masirnille:
I think I love him 🤣🤣🤣🤣 David was hot, sexy in season one but even hotter in season 2 with long hair. I want to marry him and have a bunch of his babies.😘😘😘
watching this again after s2 and it's always makes me so happy to see all the work that david puts in to make his character so amazing
Nessy Diana
Nessy Diana:
I think Brian should be in the bachelorette, then become the bachelor if he didn’t win.

Hey David, you are my fav cast by the way..
sad sunflower
sad sunflower:
he's hella cute omg estoy enamorada
Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary:
I would Pay David to hit me with a car, then i would apologize