Types of Matter: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

What's the difference between a physical change and a chemical change? What are elements, compounds, pure substances, and mixtures? So many definitions to learn! Don't worry, Professor Dave will take you through the details.

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Professor Dave Explains
Professor Dave Explains:
To learn about a fourth phase of matter, plasma, which is what's inside stars, check out my astronomy tutorials!
Daniel Canlapan
Daniel Canlapan:
my teacher discussed for 2 hours not that good discussion this one is discussed in 4 minutes = remarkable results
Julia Luciani
Julia Luciani:
This is who I'm talking about tomorrow when I take my chemistry test and say "Jesus take the wheel."
whatever you say, Jesus lol
Doctor Phil
Doctor Phil:
I already love you Professor Dave.
Syed Ishtiq
Syed Ishtiq:
my teacher couldn't make me understand in 5 lessons, you did it in 4 minutes.
"He knows a lot about science stuff"
kos the lemon
kos the lemon:
what's even the point of the public education system when you have Professor Dave Explains
Summarized the whole unit in a 4 minute video. Real MVP
The Goodly Dragon
The Goodly Dragon:
Professor Dave: "Water is not an element."
Aristotle: TRIGGERED!
Connie Granados
Connie Granados:
POV: your here from your teacher
Alfredo Espinoza
Alfredo Espinoza:
how does this all of a sudden make sense.
Emily Engel
Emily Engel:
"Chemistry happened", Jesus 2015
Roger Lenard
Roger Lenard:
I saw 200k views and 150 comments so I thought on doing a comment in my science class in 7 grade I got a 26 out of 40 in my test and failed on the mixtures and compounds questions and have to do a retake so this may help pray for me guys
Clarissa Ranford
Clarissa Ranford:
Ahhh i cant believe that i just found out about this channel now! This has already been amazing and i love it instantly! :)
Eldrichjhon Gazmen
Eldrichjhon Gazmen:
who just went to this vid since our teacher said so
Channel: Professor Dave
Me: Professor Jesus
Science teacher: Annoying
Hotel: Trivago
Alex Airamaa
Alex Airamaa:
He looks like he is just about to make and experiment and he's remind what happens
thank you for this video! I learned a lot at 1:05AM.
Tomas Hollan
Tomas Hollan:
Damn Dave, where were you when i had chemistry in high school
Vemomat !!
Vemomat !!:
Literally everyone is here because the teacher tould us to watch this
dude you helped me out so much for my upcoming science exams, THANKYOU
Lyman Bybee
Lyman Bybee:
honestly I am surprised how much I enjoyed the opening
Adam Hak'em
Adam Hak'em:
3:55 look at this part with 2x playback speed lol, the music is great with it(:
For every day of school I ever wagged - I watch a Professor Dave Explains video.
Maftuna Maston
Maftuna Maston:
Thank you so much. My stupid head would never digest chemistry this well before 😆 you are amazing
please do make videos on all d basic concepts of physics...like torue angular momentum n so on ....u voice n clarity is makin us love d subject...gd bless u always..thanks
Welp i got this all in my brain now . The long conversations that teachers to i forget easily. But this ;-; is much easier to remember cause its short and sweet
Katherine M
Katherine M:
I’m from 2019 and pretty much I failed the test even tho The mixture compounds and mixture elements confuse me so much And I struggle because of that
Surya Sankella
Surya Sankella:
sir , the particles of a solid vibrate even though with very less significance . but u just said the are stationary ..
Big A
Big A:
Mom, can we have Bill Nye?
We have Bill Nye at home.
Bill Nye at home:
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman:
this helped me pass my test
Unbox It!
Unbox It!:
Bose-Einstein Condensate!
Pov: Your science teacher just sent you here, and now you're reading my comment... Check mate.
Sudhir Sadar
Sudhir Sadar:
hey, Thankyou so much.. i finally understood. for this i have searched many videos n apps to understand this concept but i now understood . so have a great day🤗👍
n ya this was really an important concept in science .
i wish u were my chem teacher :(
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Ls Hn:
Thanks for these video’s!
Thank you for this vid.
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errol carino:
thank you chemistry jesus <3
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Florence N N:
Thanks for making me pass my Exam You deserve a like and more subs if you guys wanna pass your tests
Mildred Gonio
Mildred Gonio:
I learned easy from you,sir.
Instead of reading thick book I would instead turn to your videos...precise and very clear.
Thanks much and more power!
Hyder Ali
Hyder Ali:
Breaking bad next generations confirmed by Vince Gilligan and he signed professor Dave as the lead.
earth dweller
earth dweller:
Crystal clear! minitest at the end is quite effective and is just few minutes👍
the great great duck
the great great duck:
Rajiv Dwivedi
Rajiv Dwivedi:
Very easy to understand. Thank you, Professor Dave!
Mariel Pagkaliwangan
Mariel Pagkaliwangan:
Thank you!! This helped me in my homeschool!! 💝
Victoria Nguyen
Victoria Nguyen:
Thank you for your videos! Wish you were my Chem teacher
Jasmina Ravshanova
Jasmina Ravshanova:
Omg the intro song is so cute ☺️
Raine_playsz XD
Raine_playsz XD:
you've been sent here by a teacher, or you needed to learn quickly
Sir Boyet Science Vlog
Sir Boyet Science Vlog:
Chemistry is life. Thanks.
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Shemariah Abatayo:
I only found this channel today and i don't regret it :))
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happy teacher's day!!!
TunAnimations-on break -
TunAnimations-on break -:
The kid who knows plasma: *I will end this mans whole carieer*
anyone forced to watch this in 2020
sanjay singh
sanjay singh:
Sir l have dour what is types of matter? Compound , element ,and mixture or solid ,
liquid and gaseous
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez:
how did you make me understand this so much better in 4 minutes
Loving Me
Loving Me:
Day two of class & already like bro ima drop.. this stuff too confusing lmfao but this video literally helped me so much 😭😭
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Kevin Afrifa:
whos still watching dis in 2020
Ms.Vargas sent me to this video );
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NovaMoonlight Pg3d:
when did russ start teaching??
Prof Dave Explains reveals the true meaning/definition of Matter including elements, compounds, and mixtures.
Farhanah Nabilah
Farhanah Nabilah:
I like your way in explain all the lesson and make it looks easy and fun, but please give indonesian subtitle, i hope, if you put indonesian subtitle, i could be more understand about the lesson. Thanks professor👍
Ethan WHITE:
look it is jeses
Adayan Salo
Adayan Salo:
thank you
Wait how did I just understand all this.
Derick Gonzalez
Derick Gonzalez:
Thank you!
Can you name a substance that changes his chemical components with a physical process?
morgan -
morgan -:
1:03 this is for later
Maira Rana
Maira Rana:
Why can't our teachers be like these youtubers😤
pheaktra home
pheaktra home:
The word
two atoms= two element?
I wish you were my teacher
i am in 5th and have to learn chemistry
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Uloma Olugbue:
Thank you Professor Dave
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Andrew Tenorio:
Thank you so much
very helpful thank you!!
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Alex W:
thanks professor dave!
Where did you get your Phd from?
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Kỳ Rubik:
So funny, 0:03
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Amardeep Kumar:
Nice video I understand everything thankyou sir
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Thank you professor
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Barefoot Farmer:
Thank u for explaining even i am slow
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Online classes are so much easier now
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Adriana Becerra:
This was very helpful. My teach is confusing. You make sense to me.
مسلم ولي الفخر
مسلم ولي الفخر:
I think I am the only one who watches this seris just for enjoying and gainig some knowledge..
i😂😂😅😅😆😆 cant really concentrate because i always play your intro over and over again it makes me smile job well done
Mahesh Kandgule
Mahesh Kandgule:
Your explanation is very good. Please make a playlist on electromagnetism and electricity too.
M Tahir Dars
M Tahir Dars:
is there other types of heterogenous mixture
Samah Bendada
Samah Bendada:
Do you mean by particles the molecules?
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omar mofed:
Thank you👍
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Michell Jones:
You literally saved my life. I thought I was losing my mind with my prof. You just explained an entire chapter in 4 mins for me. Bless you!!! lol
Thank youuuu, my teacher is so confusing but I understand you!
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Thank u made under stand the lesson
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Matthew Howe:
I'm only watching this for school.
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That one kid in class who knows Plasma .....
the quiz music was awesome! thanku for the upload
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I like ur intro though
Johnny Shumway
Johnny Shumway:
Wow I actually got the practice problem correct. Although I had to have Google tell me what the heck "ferments" means. I was completely clueless on that. Love the lesson I am practicing for my Chemistry Test tomorrow. Man college is tough.
Christian Sandlin
Christian Sandlin:
Great video man!
Hey, this question might be silly, is there any state of matter that has fixed shape but no definite volume? just curious.

btw, im only class 4...